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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

American Food Quest is looking for America's Most Interesting People, Places and Food

American Food Quest

Chef Robert Lewis, The Happy Diabetic, and award-winning film producer Paul Kakert are throwing down their foodie gauntlets in search of America’s most interesting people, places & food. Join these hungry questants on their adventure of a lifetime to unveil the nation’s yummiest hidden culinary secrets and discover fantastic American food, healthy recipes, and unusual places along the way.

Just another cooking or travel show? I don’t think so. After all, not just any show will take you on a Booze Quest to the banks of the Mississippi where Chef Robert will teach you how to creatively use gin and vodka in recipes shared by a small family-owned distillery.

What’s that? Spirited recipes not your style? Then tag along on a SPAM Quest. That’s SPAM as in pork shoulder and ham (not those nasty emails nobody wants). We find out what’s cooking in Hormel SPAM Town USA in Austin, MN.

Chef Robert and his camera crew (you’ll meet his cameraman, Paul, on many of the quests) are in for endless cooking and travel adventures as they embark on food quests that bring you the most interesting people, places and food across America.

AFQ is a web-based show, so our audience (that’s you) will interact with us through comments, ratings, and the most important interaction of all, the ‘Request A Quest’ where you tell us exactly what you want to see. Do you want to see Chef and Paul go on a quest for the smelliest cheese? No problem. Cooking with the Amish? Hmmm, we’ll look into it. Does your grandma have the best-kept secret family recipe for apple pie (and can you expose her secret on the Internet)? We’re on it. We want to hear it all. We will even let our website audience vote on some of the top suggestions we receive.

What’s The Show Really About?

We are tracking down hometown culinary America. We are searching for America’s best kept cooking secrets, from grandma’s famous apple pie that has been handed down for generations, to that middle-of-nowhere restaurant that people drive hours to get to just for their one specialty.

We’re also after that special ingredient or homegrown produce or livestock that beats the mass-produced grocers hands down. From characters to creations we want to find the unique, the tastiest, the healthiest and the just plain fun foods, places and people across the country.

Visit AmericanFoodQuest.com to discover all our episodes and videos and sign up for show updates.


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