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Friday, December 6, 2013

Do you have important Web series related news to share?

Finding the top news stories about Web series is hard. Yes, there are a few good blogs, but few carry every thing, and when they try to, the important news gets buried in the clutter. Also news that is, on the surface, only tangentially related to Web series (social media, technology news, etc, etc) can also be extremely important to understanding the context of Web series.

This is where crowd source information becomes invaluable.

To this end we have created a new SubReddit for Web series news: Webseriesnews

The purpose of this SubReddit is to help surface the most important news, of importance to Web series. This should not be confused with the existing Web Series Today SubReddit that focusses on news provided directly by Web series creators about their series. The new SubReddit is intended for more general news stories written by blog and news Web sites.

Participation is very easy. To add a relevant news story just hit the "submit button and paste in the URL for the article of interest. The SubReddit will even suggest a title for you, making the submission process a simple cut and paste operation. The second way to participate is to vote up (or down) the news stories that have been submitted. This is how to find out what news the Web series community thinks collectively is the most important news of the day. The third way to participate is to leave a comment. This is where the community can have a conversation around a new article exploring its relevance and implications for Web series.

Of course we hope that some of these conversations will extend into our Web series Today Google+ community for closer examination, but as always we leave the choice up to you, the community, to determine where best to discuss any particular news story.


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