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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Puppet Master of Cassieiswatching finally revealed?

Since 1996 one of the biggest mysteries facing the Web series and transmedia communities is who created the alternate reality game “Cassieiswatching”. Cassie was last seen in Second Life where a small group of “Cassies” still congregate every Saturday night to work on the unsolved anagram. Recently we receive information from an anonymous source that may lead to the identity of the puppet master behind Cassieiswatching. According to the source, the puppet master was none other than the illusive Satoshi Nakamoto. Yes, the creator of the Bitcoin may have been behind the ARG that set the lonelygirl15 community on fire.

It may be no coincidence that on March 6, 2014 an article that appeared in Newsweek claimed to identify Satoshi Nakamoto, as a Japanese American man living in Temple City, California. Temple City is a city in Los Angeles County in the west San Gabriel Valley not far from where the “Swimming” video from lonelygirl15 was shot in 2006.


The location of this video was used as the location for the first dead drop in the Cassieiswatching ARG. According to the anonymous source the dead drop contained code that could be used to design the Bitcoin crypto currency. Unfortunately due to a “game jack” the original drop went missing and when Cu Roi retrieved the drop it only contained a single tarot card. If in fact Satoshi Nakamoto did create Cassieiswatching it would finally pull back the curtain on one of the longest unsolved mysteries in the community.

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