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Friday, July 18, 2014

StillAlive09: Once More

Music: Unscathed (Dusty Brown Cover) by Kathryn Hoss

How did it get so late so soon?

#stillalive09 - Friday, 18th July 17:35pm (GMT)
YourFavoritePJ: hiiiii
YourFavoritePJ: I'm going to be bobbing in and out throughout the day
YourFavoritePJ: since I know everyone's got different schedules and stuff
YourFavoritePJ: and wanted to say bye to as many people as possible
YourFavoritePJ: though it looks like no one's here at the moment
YourFavoritePJ: BUT that's cool, you'll see this when you get back
YourFavoritePJ: and I'll be back! I need to get ready anyway
YourFavoritePJ: Clara's housesitting and the house has a pool
YourFavoritePJ: so, you know
YourFavoritePJ: I'M PUMPED
YourFavoritePJ: I'll see you all then. OKAY BYE



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