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Friday, September 26, 2014

The Student Body

Episode 5. The Pledge

Naomi Day you're friendly neighborhood awkward Black otaku geek is sick of being one of the guys.  She longs to be apart of a sorority.  Her wishes are answered when she bumps into Angel Judas AKA Big sister all-mighty.  Who convinces Naomi to pledge Kappa Phi Chi.  A surprise awaits Naomi at the of her journey, but will the sorority sisters make it out alive in this final episode of The Student Body?

Episode IV. Track Dreams

Carl Mercury is a former Prep phenom hoping to get back to his champion status.  But He has been set back by injuries, and his cousin Ben Knight who has taken his spotlight.  Will Carl do what it takes to get back his crown as one of the nations best sprinters? 

Episode 3. Teachers Crush

Carmen Clair is given a serious ultimatum by one of Nagrom States most notorious professors. After being found guilty of plagiarism. Will Carmen follow through? Find out in this episode of the Student Body.

Episode 2. Blood Lust

Jackson Carter comes back to visit his friends at Nagrom State.  Why is he sweating so much?

Episode 1. You ain't nothing but a stereotype

Is there one concrete definition of what it means to be Black? Well... Lil' Al thinks so.

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