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Sunday, November 22, 2015

DORIS SHADES travel spin off is up

AS Episode 27 of the Shades Of Bad dark comedy web series goes up this week, we cranked our output up, not as much as we would like, but on top of the episode, we loaded 5 travel films and set up the associated twitter account and also linked it to films we have already up on one of our feature film sites, Bula Quo.

The five places we have cover are Barbados where Doris had an overnight and went to Fish Night at Oistins, the beautiful Island of Bequia, Antigua, Port Canaveral where she walked down through Jetty Park and along to Cocoa Beach and Miami which could have done with 2 days.

So we are definitely not on the balcony watching the sun go down drinking a Banks Beer, we are back in cold, very cold north west London, in the edit suit working things through.

We hope to get at least two travel films up next week, maybe another on Fiji from the Bula Quo shoot and we need to look at the footage we did in Norway and Barcelona when we shot Doris episodes of Shades Of Bad there. The other cast, who are left in her kitchen will be shooting their portions of episodes 43 to 51 (Norway) and 58ish (Barcelona) before and after Christmas and in bits as cast have duties and pantos. However we are having a Christmas break and then going to the Three Valleys where yes, we will shoot the ski resorts with Doris before going back to the Carribean to do three more islands in March. Also next year we have a Denmark / Russia cruise then will get to do the Canary Islands and also have a few days in Dubai. It sounds glamorous, but it is all about the output and we do not hover.

If you have not caught up with Shades of Bad you might like to look at our first proper compilation of season 1, where Doris just recounts her best bits. We used to make these all the time when I was at Emmerdale, Emmerdales best Weddings, best punches, best whatever. The secret is having the product to do it because compilations are often as popular as the shows them selves. Take a look at Doris reflecting back on Season 1 of Shades Of Bad.

Might we ask you to drop by our YouTube Channel and hit the subscribe button, drop us a line if you wish to do a sub for sub.

We lost all our big numbers and subs when we were taken down and had to come back up as an over 18 site for many of our films. Some people just don't get dark comedy.

Enjoy Shades, and if you wish to start from Episode 1 and binge watch, two tips, hit the next button as it ends to jump forward and ship titles. And when it asks for a payment for number 9, just go to the season 1 playlist and find it listed there.  The very first episode is here, and we have been in the charts every week since, so thanks for your support.

PS - The ASK DORIS spin off is also still on the table, it is just time and Christmas.....

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