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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Christmas Carol + Zombies

When a zombie plague washes up on the shores of America from England, small town miser Edna Scrooge (Claudia Sulewski) finds herself terrorized by her own past present and future. The most spine-chilling Christmas Eve horror story since Charles Dickens’ original A Christmas Carol.

→ Credits ←
SCROOGE - Claudia Sulewski
BOB CRATCHIT - Chase Austin
MARLEY - Carrie Wampler
TINY TIM (k) - Robert Carbo
FATHER - Jesse Merlin
MOTHER - Chase Masterson

Producer - Drew Stepek
Director, Writer, Editor - Jason Perlman
Line Producer - Casey Fenton
Director of Photography - Zach Salsman
Script Consultant - Adam Scherer
1st AD - Drue Powell
1st AC - Marshall Douglis Vladislav Akushevich
2nd AC - Andrew Harless
Gaff - Jeff Marlowe
Key Grip - Alex Lizotte
Swing G&E - John Fisher
Prod Coordinator - Justin Harrison
Key PA / 2nd AD - Oz Osman
Production Design - Brent Nieto
Art Assistant - Brent Stewart
Costume - Jeneille Ancheta
Costume Asst. - Markus Claggett
Make-up Artists - Julie Hasset Cheyanne Armstrong
Sound - Martin Kittappa
Boom Op - Nicole Zwiren
Additional PA - Marius Layus
Studio Teacher - Kelly Shea
ATV Intern - Kristine Schofmann
ATV Intern - Giulia Da Pian

NARRATOR - Jason Perlman
WORKER - Landon Stammer
CAROLER 1 - Sarah Jerger
CAROLER 2 - Laura Jackman

BACKGROUND 1 - Andi Resick
BACKGROUND 2 - Rachel Helms
BACKGROUND 3 - Asiah Rutland
BACKGROUND 4 - Breea Bass
BACKGROUND 5 - Courtney Cavazos
BACKGROUND 6 - Wilson Anderson
BACKGROUND 7 - Connor Helvey
BACKGROUND 8 - Harold Land
BACKGROUND 9 - Joseph Mckinney
BACKGROUND 10 - Lindsay Ross
BACKGROUND 11 - Donovan Gavin


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