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Friday, May 25, 2007

Secret message from Bree?

This from S.A.R.A.H.:
This just in! “HELP HER FRIDAY!”
If you insert the other two people in the videos lines between Bree’s Lines it spells out

ave you at anytime in your life been truly free?
Ever wonder why you are here on this planet?
Lend your verse to the Hymn of One.
Play the song of your soul.
Refuse those empty promises.
Find the Oneness of our Universal Melody.
Reach out to the lyrics that lead to the true you.
I found my song.
Do you know yours?
Attain what you always felt was unattainable.
You can sing the Hymn of One.

So, did Bree write the script to intentionally leave a clue? Or did the Order leave us a clue to lure her friends into a trap?
Also, the last three lines start with TCC, respectively... what could that stand for?
Maybe... Topanga Canyon, California? Not only the location of the fake ceremony, but one of the locations on Lucy's computer... sounds pretty plausible to me...
Daniel, Jonas- something is going to happen on Friday at Topanga Canyon! Before Friday you need to go look for whatever it is Bree's dad's not was supposed to lead you to, and then you need to be ready for what's coming next. Be wary of a possible trap!

Thank you to everyone who did the research!


  1. wow, we are cracking this thing wide open today....nice work Kelly.

  2. Interesting that Jan Libby is starting off right away with puzzle elements - that will make paying attention to the details in each video interesting again the way it was for awhile.

  3. TCC=Topanga Canyon, CA?


  4. Didn't Daniel and Jonas check out Topanga Canyon in the previous video?

  5. Yes!! I knew it!! Topanga Canyon... also can it mean... Tachyon??

  6. S.A.R.A.H. pointed out on the forums that Aleister Crowley attended Trinity College, Cambridge in 1895... so that's another TCC coincidence.

  7. i am impressed with how people are rocking these puzzle, and the cleverness of the puzzles in the first place!


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