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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Clara from Maddison Atkins Ch2 was in IRC chat

Maddison Atkins Ch2 IRC chat

A log of the chat can be found here.

Selected highlights (LIVE coverage-has concluded)


who was maddisons adviser
her newscast project

if I go to Maddisons place
what do you guys want me to shoot

ive said it before. this all seems fairly simple. i know we see it differently

im just doing what my adviser says
i sat down with him a week or so ago
he told me that maddison and adam would be a good documentary thesis project
he told me to make a thesis statement
i did
im exploring the effects that the murders had on nac sfa and you guys
we have a meeting this week
not sure when
ive emailed him but i havent heard back from him

the local news media was covering it
Adam works for the school newspaper
they dont print in the summer
which is why i wanted to interview adam - adam said in his interview that his hands were tied because they weren't prinint

how come nobodys offended that you are comparing these deaths to those of a neighborhood dog - you sound just as insensitive as me

john davies is tough to track down (district attorney)

i dont have the passion for this you do
i admit it
i will go to maddisons apartment ill do it today
will that get you guys off my back

im not changing my major
this is the last thing i have to do to graduate
but if i change now - then ive lost this entire week
im not interested in journalism - im not sure where you got that

ok - maybe i could disprove ya'll's silly theory about this huge conspiracy

why do you need to relate to me

I need a C

now, I think we can ALL agree that proving us wrong is a much more interesting thesis topic than what she's been working on

no - if thats what it takes to make my thesis clear - then I am up for that

RE: Linc LOFISYNDICATE - musicmashup puzzle {16/07/07}
is it rude to ask for someone to explain it
what is it that happened to him
he said he knew her
is he part of ya'lls conspiracy theory
hmm - what are the numbers from that music puzzle again
3 3 5 15 anything else

ill try to post the apartment footage tonight

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