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Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Is flowersonmyhat in trouble, and is she the real new girl, or just another decoy?

for more of flowersonmyhat's videos, go to http://www.youtube.com/flowersonmyhat

Libra on the forum (with help from truncatedslinky) decoded it to:
"The prophecy spoken
The die has been cast
What once was foretold
Will soon come to pass
We want not your life
But rather your will
Your presence is vital We have now ish to kill
Only you hold the key
To arboreal jail
Their lives are at stake
If you choose to fail
To surrender yourself
And diffuse our threat
Meet us at dawn
After three suns have set
Choose wisely"



  1. Anybody cracked the code yet?

  2. someone on youtube figuired out part, but said they were too lazy to do the rest (@$$), and someone else said they had it and were messaging it to her (which means she does have the answer, which is good).

    I'll post the comment regarding the lazy guy in a sec on the article

  3. Decent camera and doesn't want to go to the cops. Sounds creatorish to me.


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