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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Connect the Dots... Before It's Too Late

Maddison Atkins Chapter 2 is on. We know that this time around, we must work with Clara, a Cinematography student working on her senior thesis. Through Clara, we must attempt to satisfy for ourselves, at the very least, the who, what, where, when, and why we lost Maddison and Adam.

Not seeing an obvious puzzle within Clara's story, the sudden and simultaneous reappearance of Linc "dehteraew" (now renamed "lofisyndicate") and a music mashup puzzle has brought about the question of whether or not the two are connected.

Let us not forget, Linc was on his way to save Maddison when she and Adam were murdered. Suddenly, he is receiving calls from a Boston area code (just a few miles from where the Marsh Chapel, Bosten University drop was recovered), with a message containing a music mashup and instructions to figure out where it leads by July 21.

Sound familiar? Mr. Zipp's instructions to Maddison gave her a deadline from which to solve the puzzles; failing that, tragedy struck. We have just over 36 hours until July 21st... what happens if we fail again?


  1. For the love of OCD! Please! I know you guys are busy, but can we PLEASE get a seperate page for all of this Maddison Atkins stuff! PELASE PLEASE PLEASE! I'm internet begging you guys to please do it! THere's just too much going on on the LONELY GIRL blog, and it's getting a bit confusing... just my opinion.
    -R. J.

  2. We cover all the news in the Breeniverse as it happens

    That includes KateModern, LG, Maddy, Flock, Facility J, Meepers etc etc. When there is news in any area we try to report it when its significant.

    There are linked pages for many of these series that have links to each series but we like to keep all the breaking news in one place.

    If you would like to write more LG stories you are welcome to sign up and participate.

  3. -R. J., if you have an LG story to add just send an email to [email protected] and we will send you an author invite. We would love to have more LG stories.


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