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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Who is Linc D?

Linc is an ex Op Aphid agent who is on the run from The Order. They have tried to shoot him, drown him, even blow him up, yet somehow he evades his foes and always bounces back. In his videos he communicates with the TAAG as well as Tachyon,Maddison, and other renegade Op Aphids.

When the Warpylol footage was discovered Linc fled to Texas to save Maddison, but was unable to get to her in time. He had helped Maddy and Adam, alongside the rest of us, to try and discover the mystery of Mr Zipp.

Linc has recently made a re-apperance with a new youtube profile LofISyndicate (his old profile dehteraew is still active), and has informed us that he has been abandoned by his leader, and is being stalked 24/7 by an evil pre-recorded phone message. He receives a phone call every hour stating a message that he has until the 21st, but does not state for what. When the number is called a music mashup puzzle is heard.

Whats the signifigance of Lincs story to the rest of the Breeni/Maddiverse? Will he ever escape The Order, or bring them to their knees?

Stay tuned to find out...

Lincs New Youtube Profile

Lincs Old Youtube Profile

Music Mashup Forum Thread


  1. I knew I liked this guy for something. I have always been curious about him! Great job Greg!


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