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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Esteed explains the London Drop - Star Wars

There has been a lot of confusion over what happened with the drop in London today. See the discussion thread on the forums, where Esteed puts it together with a Star Wars metaphor.

Esteed: I think I've figured out a way to metaphorically explain this using Star Wars. Think about it this way: In the beginning of the saga (Phantom Menace) we had two sets of people. The Jedi, the good guys, and the Sith, the bad guys. Now, we (and the Jedi) know that the Sith are there. But waaaay back when the Jedi pwned the Sith in a big war. After that the Sith were kind of inactive.
QtheC: Wait, Deagol is Yoda, right?
Zane: rofl
Esteed: So by the time of Phantom Menace, the Jedi knew the Sith existed, but really, they didn't think too much about them. They weren't a threat because really, what were they doing? Occasionally killed a nameless Jedi, that's about it. Then came the Revenge of the Sith, where the Sith basically came to the Jedi and said, "Fuck yo' galaxy, bitches!" and pwned them. Suddenly these bad guys that were thought barely existed were a HUGE threat.
QtheC: best starwars saga summary ever.
Esteed: So, now let's look at Maddy. In the beginning, we have two groups. The Pigeoneers, or whatever we're calling ourselves, consisting of Maddy, Adam, us, and Zipp. We also, through Zipp, knew that there were bad guys aligned against us. But did they ever even once do a thing in chapter one?
Zane: are you saying warpys darth maul?
Esteed: The only thing they did was come to Maddy and Adam and say, "Fuck yo' lives, bitches!" and kill them. Now we're seeing the bad guys turning to us and going, "Fuck yo' drops, bitches!" and messing with them.
Esteed: I think I'm going to paste that in the forums. Because goddamnit I'm proud of that.
QtheC: Oh, it's definitely going on LG15 Today blog. lol
Zane: so the last bit Fuck yo' drops, bitches!" is reveng of the sith?
Esteed: Well, you have to keep in mind, there was stuff after Revenge.
Zane: so is clara laya?
Esteed: Not unless she gets in the gold bikini. Then she can be whoever she damn well pleases.


  1. Maybe we should have a language warning...

    ,,,,,but other than that hilarious:)

  2. QtheC: Oh, it's definitely going on LG15 Today blog. lol

    best line, down with censorship


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