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Saturday, July 21, 2007

London Drop Found!

Thanks to Afo we believe we have recovered the London Drop. However suspicions are being rasied as to the vailidity of this drop.

Possible Gamejack? While it does not seem likely some players have speculated on a possible gamejacking because:

1. this drop is unlike the others before it in many ways.
2. the drop is addressed to Clara and this is very important because its the first time she has been directly mentioned
3. the retreiver went without operator control
4. the puzzle has been associated with Linc (numbers are 5 5 3 15), which would be a huge leap for the the story.

These reasons alone seem relatively weak and while Afo is a new player and picked up the drop without proper "operator control" this was more likely to be lack of proper direction. At this point the best assumpition is that things are on course and will only get more exciting once the puzzle has been entirely solved. We have previously speculated on a loose association between Linc and the Maddison Atkins story so perhaps we are beginning to see elements of a genuine story link.


Link To Pictures of the drop!

Afo on MySpace

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