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Monday, July 2, 2007

Lab Rat?

Lab Rat - itscassie

What did they do to me!!?


  1. ok this is an old video, and plus she's a bed actress, thank god she's gone

  2. Not to be a downer, but... Why is this here?

  3. That was sooo gay... lmao!

  4. Yah, I'm kinda confused this and the story below it are older but are on top.

  5. i think it's a nod towards Spencers account?

  6. Aww, I thought she changed her mind about ending the story. Wasn't she supposed to answer our questions? What happened to that?

  7. Ah I see. sometimes an explanation or a summary would be nice.

  8. Well there was a question mark in the title!!!!! Perhaps that was intended to make pple think about why the video was posted!!! Anyway, thank you Kill for restoring my faith in human mental ability:)

  9. I thought Spencer's account was saying he was a LA brat, not a Lab Rat. Whoops.


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