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Monday, July 2, 2007

Look Back

Find the happiness you had as a child. - Bree Faction: THE ORDER

"Friday early low tide yacht club parents slip"

Code Breaking research: dixiemccoy

Look Back on LGpedia

Once again this video ends with TCC.

The words before Look Back are "Friday Early Low Tide Yacht Club Parents Slip". Fans have speculated that this means on Friday, July 6th, at the early low tide, TAAG should go to the place where Jonas's (or Sarah's) parents parked their yacht.
TGIF stands for "Thank God It's Friday".

Early Low tide on Friday July 6, 2007 is at 8:15am.

Could this be the location of the slip?

Research: dixiemaccoy

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  1. text:
    What if everyday were like Friday
    A TGIF
    We work or go to school all week
    And wait for that special day to arrive
    Remember what life was like before you had to go to school or to work?
    Before your day started with an alarm clock telling you to get up early?

    Life was so easy then
    So full of joy
    So full of your song
    It was never a roller coaster ride
    You know how you can be feeling high
    And then your world shifts
    And then you’re feeling really low

    What if your life were as calm and as beautiful as a lake
    So many of us are thrashing about in the turbulent ocean of life
    Allowing the tide to take us any which way it floats
    What if you could remove the push of the tide

    Lots of money
    An expensive car
    A huge house
    That fancy yacht
    Designer cloths
    Celebrity friends
    Belonging to an elite club

    Does any of that stuff bring you the joy and happiness you had as achild?
    My first memory is walking barefoot through the grass and singing to my parents

    Every time I sing my eternal song with the hymn of one
    I feel that joy and happiness
    You can feel it too
    Take some time today and remember
    Don’t let the opportunity pass you by

    You can find your song today
    Pull over that expensive car
    Walk outside that huge house
    Sail that fancy yacht into its slip

    Look back at the time of joy and happiness
    And know that you can have it all again
    With the hymn of one

    The hymn of one sings to you
    Can you hear it?
    Contact the hymn of one
    And being yourself back to the joy and happiness you had as a child

  2. I only got the "last word" part - someone else got the idea to filter it by the background "look back" phrase...

  3. http://dixiemccoy.blogspot.com/

    That should help.


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