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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

RedEarth88 fans are also Lonelygirl15 fans

"THE MISSION" as suggested by Glenn on his BreeFM radio show.

Objective: to help mend any perceived divisions between the Lonelygirl15 and RedEarth88 fans.

1. The "Red Army" should take a little time and post some of the YouTube comments and speculation on RedEarth88 to the LG15 Discussions so that people can see them there. Throw some love to the LG15 site and make its a hub for discussions of the RedEarth88 series. They have been very generous if providing this space so take full advantage of it.

2. In "Comments and Concerns" section post something to the fact that you are a fan of both. It could help heal what is seen as a rift. If you have switched from LG15 to RedEarth88 then explain why and suggest what LG15 experience could be better. What could be fixed if you think something is broken.

If you would like to see things different let LG15 know so that LG15.com can become the "mothership".

Many people do not know what RedEarth88 and if we invite people in, perhaps there won't be any division any more.

Also take the discussions about LG15 Today and BreeFM site there and take full advantage of the LG15 site to let your voice be heard.

This will help the community that is built around both series.

Comments and Concerns thread - http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=14854
Remembering Youtube Comments thread - http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=154&t=14851


  1. "In comments and concerns section post something to the fact that you are a fan of both. It could help heal what is seen as a rift."

    Has this been done yet? I was purusing the LG15.com forum this evening and didn't see anything as of yet. I didn't want to jump on anyone's toes if this has already been done.

  2. It would help if someone could post a link to the correct section. A lot of us get lost in the necro so I would have no idea what thread to post on.

  3. Apo started a thread:

  4. Apo FTW!

    I started a thread for memories of the lost comments as well

  5. LG15 is a show Charles Manson stole from the Creators. We're stealing it back!

    LG15 Mutant Community Power Rangers Attack!

  6. "LG15 Mutant Community Power Rangers Attack!"

    I want to be the red one.

  7. "LG15 Mutant Community Power Rangers Attack!"


    Milo, you are the best :)


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