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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT? - Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Corrected version:

Glenn did a homage to Pump Up The Volume by playing Leonard Cohen-Everybody knows. We dont need "the man" shuting us down. When he played it he realised that it was a downer.
The Red Army blew up the last RedEarth video RedEarth video. It has now crossed 100,000 views which is a firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!!!!!!! RedEarth88 attracted some haters on comments. Someone has gone after the comments. It appears to be a "user created" glitch. YouTube is going to get things back. Who is doing this? If you have a problem with Glenn, then so be it. If you are pissing people off you must be doing something right, he says. However if someone messes with this community Glenn has a problem with that. The primary goal is to get the comments back and then figure out who did this. Forward any leads to [email protected]
Glenn says he needs to do a show on the "CW" so he can use the music he likes. What if RedEarth88 got picked up by CW????!!!!!!!!! Just think of the music. Glenn misses the old WB promos. He also liked the old OC promos on FOX. The
Band Stars....fantastic band.
Canon battle of the viral superstars.
That is what he was in NYC for. He was staying at the Soho Grand with Rickie Dork who was 2 doors down so " Lazydork" decided to become a guest on his radio show that week. The video from Glenn's team was pretty ambitious. There were ideas that did not make it into the final videos eg a riff on the voice mail blog. They were all mic-ed almost the entire 3 days so they all had to "watch" what they were saying. They got hooked up with Canon cameras. They all had a fun time together. Glenn might produce "beats" for Lazydork. What is wild is that Lazydork did his infamous LG15 video when everyone still "thought" it was "real".

The actress in their video was pretty cool. She was fantastic.

Glenn thinks the "team wolf' video is also pretty good so be sure to watch them both .

Glenn worked on shooting the video but had very little to do with the editing. He is obsessive compulsive about editing but he was basically busy with other stuff.

Trivia: Apparently Glenn likes Vegan food. Who knew?
Glenn talked about dealing with things you don't want to deal with. There are consequences either way. He likes to push himself into things that make him feel uncomfortable. Glenn says he currently works for all of us. If we are not paying attention thats what matters to Glenn and Jeromy.
Vote for the actress who will play the female role in the Cowboy video. This is a story Glenn has wanted to tell for a long long time. Its going to be pretty sweet!
"The Community Issue": Jeromy and Glenn are lucky that they can be in constant contact with the community and that is something they never want to loose sight of. Talk on LG15, Anchor Cove, YouTube etc all make a huge difference.
The scoop on how Glenn got involved with Lonelygirl15
What is interesting is how it came together. Greg talked about it at ARGFEST but left out some specifics. If you recall, around Halloween last year the biggest thing (beside OpAphid) was a drop. Cassieiswatching had gone away.

When Glenn started OpAphid he had two goals. He knew there were 2 things that could happen that would make it worth while:

1. It would be really cool if LG15 had almost no choice but to incorporate it.

2. If there was a statement that OpAphid had no official connection to Lonelygirl15

He never expected to accomplish both of these goals.

When OpAphid got its own discussion sectionon LG15.com it was cool. He had not heard from anyone at Lonelygirl15. When Gemma was introduced (still before Glenn joinied the show). He was involve with the twist of Gemma being evil. Gemma was very popular and was stealing some of the thunder from OpAphid. Once Gemma was in the story he was a little afraid that the window would not be there any more. When Gemma said the Order was not a religion Glenn was worried. Glenn's screen play had a secret organisation within a religion. He actually wanted Gemma to be evil from the beginning. One could argue that there was not a clea path in terms of what they wanted to do with Gemma. We are not sure when she turned bad.

Glenn wanted to dabble with Lonelygirl15 being influenced by fan fiction. Could OpAphid have some influence. Originally the GPS puzzle hinted at OpAphid keeping tabs on Daniel. He also had this idea of Gemma being evil which is why he included Gemma screen name on the papers that Tachyon stole from OpAphid. Neither worked in achieving goal 1. or 2.

On Halloween or the day after the OpAphid story was supposed to end around thanksgiving. It was time to do something more over the top. It felt stupid to Glenn at the time. He went on the OpAphid YouTube account and sent an in character message to the Gemma account. He did not know if they were doing in character interactions but he felt he had a better chance on this account.

We do not have the complete quote yet but we will work on it later:

To: Gemma

"Subject: Be careful dear

The I in APHID does not stand for intimidation. That being said be we greatly respect your efforts to protect Bree's involvement in the ceremony and hinder her attempts to back out. Perhaps Bree might be more easily persuade by her sense of loyalty to the Order. Does she really need to hear such rumor and innuendoes that suggest more for her to fear? Bree is already quite cautious given how spooked her friend Daniel is. Bree does not understand that we were meerly trying to protect ourselves from his invasive actions. Regardless, we do appreciate your involvement in both the operation and the Order. We shall see to it that university continues to be a pleasant and rewarding experience for you. Of course if your persuasion does prove effective to the dredger that Bree actually does change her mind well lets just say we will ensure continued success for you and your family. In addition you also have complete freedom from the Order if you so desire.

Be well Gemma for the sake of us all,

Some things are secret for a reason. There are people whose lives are dedicated to keeping it that way."

Unlike most in character interaction this was weird because he was treating Gemma like she worked for OpAphid.

He got a response:

This was apparently from Miles:


We are really impressed with your videos and the care and effort you are taking in telling your story. We would very much like to discuss how we could possibly join forces to tell a more compelling and complete story.

If this interests you please send me an e-mail.

Also Gemma thanks you for her good wishes. She wants you to know that she only has Bree's best wishes in mind."

Glenn wrote Miles and they exchanged numbers. Miles mentioned they were improving the web site. They did not get on the phone till that weekend. Glenn had a drop up coming. He was afraid of what he did next because he did not want to paint himself out of the continuity. By thanksgiving things became much better integrated. He was then able to test the "evil Gemma".

By december he was able to become involved in the LG15 arc where Bree's dad died.

Glenn would write up "white papers". For example he wrote one on "Free Will" which explains a lot. He came up with the explanation for how it would work.

He went from a fan to where he could take the story he already had and made it work within Lonelygirl15

In February he became story editor of the Lonelygirl15 series and had a fair amount of influence over the story.

The reason this worked is because the buzz on OpAphid was enough to make LG15 pay attention. Things are different now. Maddison Atkins was not picked up. Its a very different enviroment now. The drama of what happened with Glenn and all the speculation seems to have had an impact. What the fans build up the fans can tear down and people are now scared of interaction with the community.

There was a lot of hype about Glenn on the discussions. Some people felt Glenn has switched loyalties. Had he betrayed OpAphid by working on Lonelygirl15. Speculation ran rampant and it was a wake up call to LG15 that everything you do within the community is scrutinized.

The community is now much different from what it was 6 months ago. There was a lack of directions for the moderators. It was mismanaged on every level and Glenn includes himself in that. He was acting to protect the interests of others and it bit him in the ass. In life you dont anticipate such a perfect storm of occurrences. If it had been handled right the situation could have been salvaged.

They never expressed an interest in the characters of OpAphid or Tachyon. Glenn was shocked. The fans would expect some conclusion. With RedEarth88 Glenn and Jeromy have been able to work on the story they want to tell.

Trivia: The "voice of OpAphid" is now a substitute teacher.

Note: According to Glenn he is not under any NDA when it comes to anything LG15.
Anchor Cove: If you dont go there to discuss Lonelygirl15 you are missing out on an entire experience. Its an awesome sight. Glenn resists jumping into discussions because it might give it the aura of an "official chat". Speculation is part of the fun of the series. He does not want to clarify things to the point where there is no suspense.

Glenn also mentioned LGPedia in addition to the other disucssions on LG15. LGPedia is a great resouce and he complemented Zoey and the rest of the community for doing such a great job of keeping it factual.

Look for "shout outs" in future videos. There will also be a contest where you can "earn" a shout out. It will involve music from the series. Hint: any fans of the "Guitar Hero" series may fair very well. Think of it as a bonus for the community. Look for more next week or the week after. This will be known as an "off screen cameo"
When Glenn was from 14 to 29 he worked as a journalist. Since the internet he has basically been living his life online. He has blogged about personal stuff. The radio shows are intended to help demonstrate what goes into the creative process.

For example:

a) OpAphid has Glenn's sense of humor

b) Rachel is based on girls that Glenn is attracted to. Mesh had lived in the same town as Glenn and it makes Glenn wornder if they both had a crush on the same girl growing up. Maybe she is the inspiration for both Bree and Rachel. Two takes on the same girl. They had friends and enemies in common. Glenn had shopped at the book store where Mesh worked. You see this with bands a lot. Characters can be influenced by the same people. Glenn is puting a lot of himself out there. There is a fair amount of trust and respect in this community now. Glenn hopes that the fans have his back. Glenn and Jeromy cannot thank the fans enough.

(CORRECTED to read: Glenn had shopped at the book store where Mesh worked)

Jeromy and Glenn have tried hard not to contribute to a split in the LG15 community. They see RedEarth88 and Lonelygirl15 as complementary shows. He then suggested "THE MISSION" which is outlined in the previous post.
Send question to [email protected]


  1. Your summary of the show is very much appreciated, mm. Thank youuuuuu! <3

  2. most definitely, you rock mm!

  3. we're supposed to post in Anchor Cove, LG15.com, youtube, AND shaniko systems?! seriously.

  4. I think the idea is that you should be aware the all exist and explore what they have to offer. Some issues can be better handled in one format over the other and some topics are better suited to individual sites.

  5. Thanks for posting this. Lots of good insights.

  6. anony said :we're supposed to post in Anchor Cove, LG15.com, youtube, AND shaniko systems?! seriously."

    yeah, probably should just do anchor cove. :P j/k. everyone is ALWAYS welcome at anchor cove, but we can be crabby. we have a funny thread on "how many creators does it take to screw in a lightbulb" going right now though.


    anchor cove's ultimate vision is to cover multiple onlines series, including quarterlife starting this weekend, as well as lg15 and redearth, prom queen (now on hiatus), etc.

  7. Muchos kudos for this summarry! It's really interesting every week!


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