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Friday, March 7, 2008

Business Trip- masonishappy

Won't be seeing you guys til Wednesday! Have a good weekend! - Mason

(ps) look for my blog to be officially opened sometime Monday.

I assumed this was his blog.

With this video on his blog is this comment- Anyone know any good places to get a new rear bumper? Smacked the snuff out of mine on the job...


  1. Wow, that was subtle.

  2. okay... folder with a hymn of one drawn on.... didn't look professional like the other hymn of one propaganda we've seen in both LG15 or KM.

    I think this guy is entertaining... he has some good things to say- wants to be involved if he isn't already... but the "clues" in which he's placed in his videos are far too obvious sorta... I dunno what to think- are we still speculating at all? I suppose we are.

  3. Who wears a tie while washing their car!?!

  4. Didn't the Creators say they were going to make another spin-off of LG15 from the point of view of a Shadow or Watcher? I remember reading something about that on here. Could this be it?

  5. Found it, not sure how official it is. For some reason it didn't have a link, just do a search for Hiram Abiff:

    Monday, December 24, 2007

    Would you like to see a 3rd LG15 Series entitled "Hiram Abiff" in 2008, with a new cast of characters. Filmed in the Beautiful City of Toronto, Canada, Putting LG15 in 3 different countries. This particular series would focus moreso on the bad guys/the Order. Equating 2 more Drama, Suspense. and Action!

    a) Yes
    b) No
    c) Perhaps
    d) Hmm
    e) Awesome!

    Posted by DJM418 at 6:11 PM 5

  6. well it's a good theory... but that wouldn't make sense as to why he is "giving them advice" run stay fight offensive...

    that doesn't sound like any spin off series to me.

  7. Maybe Mason is washing 'shadow' off of his bumper.

  8. I agree with Q on this one. Washing off the front of the truck, opening a HoOfolder and crossing what may have been a name off the list..? Yeah..Q's got the good theory.


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