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Friday, March 7, 2008

What KateModern did next

Billed as a cross between Buffy and Skins, the supernatural drama's second series killed off its main character in January, and now everyone is a suspect.


Commissioning Focus: Have broadcasters found the plot?

The experiment begins next month, when Kate Modern's final 13 episodes will appear in one day.

http://www.broadcastnow.co.uk/commissioning/focus/2008/03/commissioning_focus_have_broadcasters_found_the_plot.html (free registration required to read the full article).


  1. I absolutely hate that article.

    The writing initially starts off somewhat positive about the show and then it's like.. why does the writer even bother... obviously they're not caught up on the whole ARG thing or series...

    Infact yeah... that writer was completely stupid.

  2. "...when Kate Modern's final 13 episodes will appear in one day."

    Final... as in, forever? It's ending for good?

  3. you would think they would end lg15 before KM but I dunno...

    maybe it's a typo? finale?

  4. how can they be announcing a finale already, i thought season 2 was just starting =s

  5. I wouldn't read too much into this. I've noticed a lot of outdated or inaccurate descriptions about LG15 and KM from the media.

  6. Here is the context:

    Although Kate Modern is conceived as a year-round feature of Bebo, the network is also keen to run dramas in short bursts in the hope of turning them into the equivalent of event TV. The experiment begins next month, when Kate Modern's final 13 episodes will appear in one day.

  7. Well English serials do tend to be shorter than American serials... =)

    Seriously if KateModern is over I'll be pissed... and if it's over they better rename is ChazonToast and keep the entire cast. If not... *shakes fist*


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