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Monday, August 4, 2008

Lonelygirl15 clue

Hey, what's up?

I'm a lonelygirl15 fan, but I received a weird email with a flyer attachment the other day.

Looks Interesting!

Here's the link:


The password is fighttheorder (all lowercase all one word). You may have to put in the password you may not.

Have a great day!



"The secrets of the man known as the Wickedest in All of the World are many, yet all that remains of his legacy are a few personal treasures. We at Willow Wood Auctioneers have been commissioned by an anonymous collector to share the High Priest’s belongings with those inspired by, devoted to, and intrigued with this legendary figure of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In the coming weeks, items from the collection will be placed online for your perusal, for the eventual auction to be held at a location and date to be announced. Amongst the Collection are personal items, occult objects, historical artifacts, and literary manuscripts.

We at the Willow Wood Auctioneers are devoted to the preservation and presentation of great historical and religious figures of the modern era. Our services are provided on a per client basis, and all transactions are kept in the strictest of confidence.

For updates on this auction, please submit your e-mail address in the form below. We promise to protect your privacy just as we protect the privacy of our clients."


  1. I got this same YouTube PM.

  2. This is pretty cool, getting a taste of it all before September. At least, that's what I assume this is flyer is a hint to. Perhaps instead of series teasers we'll get clues, like it never really stopped.

  3. who did you get the e-mail from? Can we be sure this is real?

  4. It could be part of the ARG for the Resistance. Or someone is joking around, I don't know. But I've registered with my emailadress so let's see what this is all about, when we get more emails.

  5. Note that anyone can send messages to people they find on YouTube "subscription" lists... I would be conservative about sharing any personal info. until the source is verified.


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