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Monday, August 4, 2008

lonelygirl15 Series Credits - insideLG15

Credits for the three seasons of lonelygirl15.

Music_Artist: Emma Burgess
Track: Massachusetts


  1. Way to totally forget Jenni Powell.

  2. Greg Gallows and Jenni Powell made appearances in bloodlines. Also, Frank Zajaczkowski (Miles Beckett's father) was one of the Order thugs in the elevator in Human Ransom.

    I'm sure someone will compare the lists in the video to the ones on lgpedia (I haven't), but those names were missing.

    LGPEDIA has several "various actors" (Watchers, Thugs, Seekers, etc.) who may have been left off the video since the had non-speaking roles, i.e. "extras."

  3. It made me sad too. For various reasons.

    But still, good memories.

  4. I like the condensed video footage form all three series, it brought back memories and was a good reflection on the series.

  5. What about Cassie?

  6. I have nothing to say...

    /me hugs Jenni Powell


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