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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter from the Chair- IAWTV Streamy Response

"While the IAWTV does not have direct oversight of the content of the Streamy Awards, it should and will moving forward."



  1. So essentially, NO ONE is stepping up and claiming to have been in charge. Typical.

  2. The buck stops somewhere over there.

  3. Looks like they didn't listen at all.

    No open discussion.

    No accountability.

    No credibility.

  4. We all know who is responsible for this. The Order and Hymn of One. Not so fun anymore are they.

  5. I'm guessing none of you read the full letter that Michael Wayne wrote. it also included this "I take full responsibility for what took place". maybe before commenting based only on a second hand source(even one that's normally good like this one) that you do a bit more research. they even give you the link to it

  6. ??? I think we all read the Michael Wayne letter. We then found out that everything was owned and operated by Streamys LLC a subsidiary of Tubefilter.


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