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Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Promote your Videos - Episode 2


  1. 1. When you give a shout out in the video add the links for the shout out channel and suggest that viewers take a look at and/or sub to those channels. It pays to be extremely generous on YouTube and people note the small things you do.

    2. One word of caution on shout outs. Be very careful with them and make sure you give them "fairly". There was an incident in lonelygirl15 where one section of the community felt left out by the shout outs. That led to a World wide boycott of their site for several days by those who had been unfairly excluded.

    3. If you are interested in web series, then sign up for a collaborative blog such as Web Series Today (Google it....). There you can help keep the web series community up to date with what you find interesting in the World of web series. By becoming active in the community others will become interested in you, your opinions, what you share and if you produce you own web series, that too!!!! Instructions are at the bottom of the blog and on the Facebook page.


  2. 4. VALUE your viewers time. THINK of it as paying your viewer $20/hr. That means that for a 3 minute video you need to pay each viewer $1 or create $1 in value for them. The longer the video the more the viewers time will cost you and the more value you will have to create for them. This means you have to make every second of your video convey some tangible value to the viewer or else it should not be there.

    5. Next think of a subscription as costing you $20. That is because a subscription has the potential to create repeat views. The more subscriptions you build up the more effective equity your channel has and this will translate into greater views in the future.

    6. Set your ambition high but your expectations low. It takes time and hard work to grow a channel. Be appreciative and responsive to every view, every comment and every subscription. In time they will build up but be careful not to "burn out" early on.

  3. Awesome tips and advice Modelmotion!


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