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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pink Slip- Part 3 - Christmas


  1. Model Motion, if we are speaking of drinking tea, why then Suzie. Max and Joey would always be drinking ESP Emporium Tea.....unless, you are speaking about the martini.

  2. Or if your comment was meant for Muriel, she always drinks coffee on the set while directing.

  3. It looked like a very "dark" Martini. Was it some special kind, or was it just the glass?

  4. Ahhh, that drink! Yes, it was a very dark looking martini, but it was actually a leopard printed martini glass...tres chic, tres fashionista Suzie! I wanted to create the feel of a jungle bar....we used four leopard sheets tucked into the ceiling of a bare white room, and a paper zebra tablecloth over the bar, and then of course that fabulous leopard martini glass. Did it work for you?

  5. Yea the bar was cool. The glass made it.

    My only issue is the length of the episodes. I prefer short 3min (4min max) episodes. It just makes them easier to watch for many reasons. I understand many people (particularly writers for some reason) do not agree with the short episode model, but you probably risk loosing at least 10 percent if not much more of your audience with long episodes and it will definitely make it much more difficult to grow your audience organically.

  6. Actually, I agree with you re: the length, but at the time we posted part 3 & 4, I don't think I realized it. I thought oh, they can take up to 7 minutes, so let's do it.....in the future, even though I wrote longer episodes, I wrote them so they could be cut in half, still probably too long. I appreciate your comments. By the way, here's an inside scoop on this episode. The reason that Max and Suzie hook up in the elevator is that we lost our location at the last minute, and hey, the elevator was free. You use what you have.

  7. Nice. You def need to use what you have.

    And yea, with Web series, at least when you are building your audience, its good to think in terms of making every single second count. There is zero room for error.....and by error I mean every second is an opportunity to loose a viewer......

    You will often see viewers who have become hooked cry out for longer eps. That is good, but when you are still building your viewership catering to that instinct will in all probability cost you viewership. The people who want longer eps will almost always stay with you when the eps are short but the converse is almost certainly not true.

  8. Now if only the writer had spoken with you before she created the scripts....and the new ones, parts 5 & 6 are fairly long too...uh, oh....maybe the editor can cut them to shorter lengths, but the question is will they stand without the ending written for them?


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