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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library Episode 5 "Edmund"

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library

Episode 5: Edmund
More clues and even more mystery: the secret to Ava's will is still out there, and Ruby is hot on the trail.

After a long, scary night searching for more clues in O’Deary library, Ruby and Hailey have learned at least one thing: the library is definitely haunted! Pursued by shadowy figures, floating books and creepy noises, the two sisters are seriously freaked out!

Luckily, their spooky night wasn’t a waste: more clues have led them to Ava’s email address, [email protected] To their surprise, the ghost of Ava answers their email, bringing them several steps closer to the Will.

Hailey’s Pink Lemonaid Stand in support of Because I Am A Girl  is set to begin in the morning. Ruby is hot on the trail of the Will.  But she’ll find herself making a hard choices – and seeking help from an unexpected source.

Solve the clues!  Study them at http://rubyskyepi.com.  Then send us your answers [email protected]!
Check out the O'Deary Library: http://ODearyLibrary.com
Ava's puzzle site: http://ODearyPuzzles.com
Follow Hailey's Tumblr and her fundraising campaign: http://haileyskye.com
Diana has a Tumblr too: http://mintchipgirl.tumblr.com
Meet The Mint Chip Girls: http://themintchipgirls.com


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