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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library Episode 6 "A Regular Sherlock Holmes"

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Haunted Library

Episode 6: A Regular Sherlock Holmes
Hailey is furious at Ruby – with good reason.  Which means Ruby’s on the hunt for a new sidekick in her hunt for Ava O’Deary’s missing will.   The mysterious, handsome Edmund seems to be volunteering for the mission.  Could life get any better?

Together, Ruby and Edmund decipher a few of Ava’s puzzle-clues and discover the locations of a few more. Then Ruby remembers Hailey’s Pink Lemonaid Stand in support of Because I Am A Girl and races off to help Hailey.  Too late!  Ruby discovers that keeping her sister up all night may have cost Hailey the contest!  To the heinous Diana Noughton, no less.

But Ruby has a plan to redeem herself in her sister’s eyes…. Or does she just want to defeat Diana?  Either way, it means raising money by joining forces with one of Ava O’Deary’s odd relatives in the hunt for the Will. 

Solve the clues!  Study them at http://rubyskyepi.com.  Then send us your answers [email protected]!
Check out the O'Deary Library: http://ODearyLibrary.com
Ava's puzzle site: http://ODearyPuzzles.com
Follow Hailey's Tumblr and her fundraising campaign: http://haileyskye.com
Diana has a Tumblr too: http://mintchipgirl.tumblr.com
Meet The Mint Chip Girls: http://themintchipgirls.com


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