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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Maddison's Apartment - Clara

Kind of strange. Her "War Nook" was in a small briefcase. Her desk and computer were gone. It looks like some grandma is coming in to decorate . . . but sporadically. Anyway. Sorry I didn't post yesterday.

Maddison Atkins ~ amblyopianne - "Maddison's Apartment" [07/18/07] Discussion


  1. I'm so glad that these video's arn't pre recorded or anything! Ya know we took a lot of time to make those explanation video's for Clara and she just flew by those things saying she didn't know what they were? At least the old BETTER Maddison video's were in real time.....seriously anyone else feeling pissed off? What did this video even accomplish?

  2. Just a suggestion - if you have a critical comment, it might help to sign your name, for a number of reasons.

  3. I didn't really get into MA1 but I did watch the vids. I have continued to watch the vids for MA2 and they are really . . . pointless? They don't give much. the only good one was MA's Father. And please can the audio be better than crappy? I can never hear anything Clara says, but I busted my eardrums with the opening and cosing of the briefcase *rolls eyes*

  4. I have no idea where exactly the videos are taking us but i feel this building to something Its a very different game from MA1, but thats what makes it interesting. We knew how to play this last time. In this one we are way into the game and we are still trying to figure out how to get to level 1. I can't wait for this thing to break open but, I for one am willing to be patient.

  5. To me it looks like the first puzzle is Clara herself. It is a social engineering problem. You want her to thoroughly investigate the murder; she just wants to finish her documentary and get out of school (and presumably get a job). I don't think going at this problem straight on and bombarding her with information will lead to a solution. Like how trying to use brute force to decrypt a file isn't a very efficient way to 'solve' the problem. I think you should try some more lateral thinking.

    The direction I think you should be going is trying to find out what she deep down desires and make her believe she can achieve that by doing what you want her to do. Like if she does have an interest in becoming a filmmaker pose as a producer and say you saw these pieces of her documentary online and would like to hire her but want a better sense of how she would handle the documentary if it went in this direction (the direction would be whatever one would help solve the mystery). In order to make this believable you would have to create a completely false identity though, make some fake webpages you can direct her to so she will believe you are who you say you are. In general I think you should be manipulating her into doing what is necessary and by giving her some more drive and motivation by creating more of a tangible reward for her (in my example a ‘dream job’).

    If you don’t know where to start pick up a copy of Kevin Mitnick's The Art of Deception.

  6. I _really_ like the way Terryfic is thinking about this. Remember, we've been told explicitly that Clara does not want to read; fans have provided detailed vids, but when she has the suitcase in front of her, she flips through the contents without any real interest or emotion (or even recognition?).

    Is Mr. Zipp Clara's father, who has developed this elaborate scenario as a way to bring his daughter out of her narcissistic (or partially autistic/Asperger's) state? I realize that's a wild idea. Even if not correct, I think that Terryfic hit the nail on the head- the first puzzle we must solve is Clara- how do we communicate best with someone who is disinterested in our favorite ways of interacting (writing and blogging)?

  7. I think Clara has a long lost sister ... Maddison.

  8. I like terryfic's idea - points for creativity and deception! ;)


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