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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Memorial for Maddison and Adam - elegantvoodoo

Oh Dear! How you will be missed. R.I.P.

Music by Jude Cole

To view other pixs from the video go here.

Virtual Sing-Along: Angel

I thought I would post this here to see if we can get any video sing-along chains going involving LG15 fans. Could be fun... or scary... or both. I am not much of a singer myself, but I had fun trying and figuring out how to put this video together. There are some notes on how to add your voice in the description of the video on YouTube and in the video itself.

~ QtheC

TIME Cover: The TIME 100 The Most Influential People in the World

Well, Miles Beckett did not make it but he did get to write about YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley



Prom Queen to Reign Viral Video?

"While it has yet to match sensation lonelygirl15, Prom Queen only validates the new genre"


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Bree finally tracked down Jules.

(Bree and Taylor in Taylor's bedroom. Taylor sitting on her bed playing with a soccer ball.)
Bree: So... Our spirits were a little low, but we've had a break in the case. The last house we went to... yeah, definitely not Julia's.
Taylor: Yeah... My bad.
Bree: So we've spent the better half of the day on Julia's Myspace page and we've cracked the code.
Taylor: She is going to be meeting with her tutor at 4 pm - this afternoon.
Bree: I'm gonna go there and... I don't know... talk to her and try and convince her that I'm not crazy, but what she believes in is. And I know how hard it's gonna be, 'cause if someone had done this to me, I would have thought they were crazy too.

LOL too true Bree! Remember all the hassle Daniel went through?

Jonas: All right, so we are at Julia's tutor appointment at this school and um... We're gonna try to catch up with her and Bree's gonna-- Bree's gonna try to talk to her. Nervous?
Bree: Yeah.
Jonas: Want me to go with you?
Bree: I dunno.
Jonas: No, I mean, we don't know what this girl's capable of. She could have flames that shoot out of her eyeballs or something crazy.

Or even worse she could start doing a rap...

(Cut to a shot of Jules walking along a sidewalk. She pauses to hitch up her backpack.)
Jonas: That's-- That's her. I think that's her. Is that her?
Bree: Yeah that's her.
Jonas: Well go! What do we do? What do we? Let's go! Let's go! Go, go, go, go, go!
(Bree runs up to Julia by herself and Jonas remains at a distance to film)
Bree: Julia! - I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.
Julia: I don't know you.
Bree: I know, I know, but I'm not going to hurt you, I'm not going to hurt you...
Jonas: She looks a little freaked out.

A strange woman has just jumped out at her - I'd be freaked out too!

Bree: Look, I know that you're going to do the Ceremony and I know that you think it's the right thing to do, but it's not-
Julia: Don't!
Bree: -Okay, no, please just listen to me!
Jonas: Listen to her.
Julia: Don't touch me.
(Julia tries to walk away but Bree grabs her arm and pulls her back)
Julia: Don't!
Bree: No Julia, listen okay. I'm not crazy, okay? Look! Just look!
(Julia shoves Bree away from her, drops her blue folder, and runs.)
Jonas: ...the hell?
Bree: Julia!
Jonas: What the hell was that, what'd she say?
Bree: She doesn't wanna have it, I said that she shouldn't do the Ceremony, and she just said "I don't know you, leave me alone."
Jonas: Great!
Bree: I know, I can't, I couldn't do anything more, she was just, she was scared.
Jonas: Let's just get out, Let's just get out of here.

Stay tuned...

Friday, May 4, 2007

We Found Julia!!!

Julia updated her blog and from that we were able to determine her location. We went to talk to her . . . - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Opportunities to chat online with Maddison Atkins creators

Further to the previous posting Maddy questions answered bv Jeromy! about video questions and responses from Maddison Atkins ARG PM Jeromy Barber, and actors Jason Zednick (Adam) and Faye (Maddison), there are two online chat sessions scheduled for Q & A with fans:

Follow the links for more details and to submit questions in advance.

~ QtheC

Message to Zipp

Click to Play:


Youtube starts Paying Top Creators like Lonelygir15

"Youtube is apparently ready to start a revenue-share porgram with the top creators on the video sharing platform"


Lonelygirl15 scoops an Internet Oscar

"Jessica Lee Rose, who used to live in Mount Maunganui, won the award for best actress at the 11th annual Webby Awards"


Congratulations to Jessica from all of us at LG15 TODAY and "comments".



"The ceremony will feature special guests Ask A Ninja and Jessica Lee Rose (LonelyGirl15), plus a special live performance of Eepybird.com's Diet Coke and Mentos Fountain. Light dinner and cocktails to directly follow at the After-Party."


The end of the road.....? - sneakygurl15

The date at the end was the original date of the cassia arg finale

Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Cryptic Celt - A New ARG Trailhead? (updated)

Yesterday lyriclyinclined went to their Snapvine and found a recoreded message and it was morse code for:

the morse code translated to "cassie used a small tiny one ytksgu"

which lead to a tinyurl (just like cassie used to use)


so the tinyurl was a pigpen cypher


which has the following message:

"02 May 2007
Arg Rule # 1

C'mon, this is an easy one!.
posted by Celtic Cryptic at 06:15 1 Comments"

so the blog asks what the first rule of arg is - the first rule of arg is tinag

the first rule of arg is tinag
this is not a game
the second rule of arg is
always check the source
when you do
just at the very bottom
you find this

lyriclyinclined so we sent off an email and got this as a response

Frank had "A voice within"...
This is mine!
Caitlins Silk.
rst two.
plus this year!

when we googled the name "caitlin silks" we came up with this


on page eight of that book
line fourteen
the first two words are stiff kitten



For historical reference can you hear her is franks blog

frank had "a voice within"



Happy 100,000 comments, LG15!

On the video "No Trespassing":

truncatedslinky (send note) Says:
May 3rd, 2007 at 9:08 pm
Look out for the apocalypse!!

Congratulations, LG15!

Location, location, location!

This information was sent to Bree via her forum board... view the discussion here.
physphile (send note) Says: May 3rd, 2007 at 8:16 pm
Jules updated her myspace. In there she mentions going to watch the Lady Eagles practice pole vaulting.
A preliminary search of high schools with the mascot “Eagles” turned up the, get this!!!, CROWLEY HIGH SCHOOL, only 56 minutes from Dallas, TX.
Perhaps Jules lives in Crowley, TX (how did we miss this?!?!?!) and went to the Body Worlds exhibit showing in, you guessed it, Dallas, TX.
*dances around room*

Jules's post:
May 3, 2007 - Thursday

SNAKES Current mood: giggly
so i wanted to tell you guys a bit more about myself. you know i have a cat (a cute one!), but i also love other animals. some of my favorites are reptiles, especially snakes!! some people think they're creepy, but i think they are cool.fun fact of the day: some snakes can have up to 300 pairs of ribs in their bodies! …..chili's baby back ribs... ha ha i bet you thought i was going to rap again. i learn a lot about animals from tv. my parents don't let me watch a lot of tv -- only 2 shows a week. i almost always watch animal planet. i LOVE the Jeff Corwin Experience. is that lame??? it's so cool! this week he is doing a show about the horned viper and the cobra of morocco. UNFORTUNATELY i'm going to have to miss it. i've got somewhere to be :(. anyone have TiVo? :-) i guess it"ll be nice to get out of the house (restriction is borrrrringggggg!)maybe i'll get to catch the lady eagles track team practice. those pole vaulters are crazy!

Who is this 'Sarah', anyway?

Speculations arose today on the possibility that Taylor's 'crazy emo chick' sister, Sarah, might just be Cassie from the OpAphid videos. Check out this comparison image created by bleedingtears96:

This image was sent to Bree via her forum... view the discussion here.

Also, see this overlay image of Sarah and Cassie's faces, created by Determination:

Maddy questions answered bv Jeromy!



My response to Kellylen's question about who was playing Maddison in the chat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAgYHSgY5JE

Dream 9: The First Girl (Bree)

In the beginning...

This video is the latest from Voyboy's excellent Dreams from the Breeniverse series, now featured in a new page by Luminous on LGPedia:

~ QtheC

LG15 Fans Come For the Booze

After just 3 days on YouTube, the recently uploaded video "Sloppy Drunk" has over 300,000 views. You have to go back a month and 25 videos ago to find another with such a high count. The thumbnail has a picture of Bree, so maybe YouTube viewers are curious whether Bree has become a sloppy drunk.

The recent "Quitting the Sauce" with Daniel starring is similarly popular, showing up on Revver's homepage in the Most Watched box today, albeit with some odd company.

Oddly, "Quitting the Sauce" and "What Happened To Us??? have been relegated without LG15 thumbnail logos to the old Danielbeast channel on YouTube, so have less than 10,000 views there each. And on the Lonelygirl15 channel, "Sloppy Drunk" and "A Solid Lead" are also missing the LG15 logo on the thumbnails (and the thumbnail frame inserted in "A Solid Lead" is crazy looking - looking very odd when you are viewing the video).

What does all this mean? Well, as for the odd thumbnails and video locations, maybe someone is filling in for the usual video uploading. But as for the numbers, who knows? Maybe it's just the old tried and true entertainment formula of Sex, Drugs, and Rock-N-Roll.

If viewers come for the booze, maybe they will stay for the show.

(click the images above to see larger views)

~ QtheC

Long Fuse Short Fuse Red Rock Blues Clues

Moving Pictures, Music, and Words.
Maddison Atkins ARG comments and questions.
Tags: Lonelygirl15 Maddison Atkins ARG Jeromy Barber David Morrison Nikki Bower Blues Clues Seuss Texas Tish Hinojosa QtheC

~ QtheC

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans saw Taylor and Sarah join the scoobies.

(Taylor and Daniel are sitting in backseat of a car.)
Taylor: That was really mature.
Daniel: They're both mean, I don't know why we ever came out here. Back to the initial topic, how did you even find Julie's house?
Taylor: I employed my wily powers of deduction.
(The camera pans to Sarah in the front seat.)
Sarah: You'll appreciate this, she, a--Daniel: Um, yeah, wasn't talking to you.

Daniel and Sarah don't get on SO much, that this blogger reckons they are destined to hook up!

Taylor: 2005 Zavalia All-Star Roster. It has phone numbers, but it doesn't have any addresses, so...
Daniel: Wait, wait, wait. How would you even get the addresses?
Taylor: Something a lot of people don't know is that water and power and the gas companies still use, uh, phone numbers to track billing. They're also all, like public utilities, so...
Daniel: Really?
Taylor: ...all their websites are archaic.
Daniel: (to the camera) She's S-M-A-R-T. (to Taylor) You hacked in?
Taylor: Well, hacking implies that there was some effort involved.
Daniel: (whispering to the camera) I'm gonna marry this girl.

Beast when will you learn? Every time you fall for a girl something bad happens!
Sarah, observing B&J outside the car then hit a raw nerve.

Sarah: Well, what do we have here? They make out all the time, don't they?
Daniel: What? No. No, why, why is everything about sex with you?
Sarah: Don't be such a prude. I'm just saying, they can't keep their hands off each other, it's obvious.
Daniel: We're all friends. Just friends.

(Music plays and footage of a house and fence are seen.)
Jonas: I think you should go over there.
Daniel: What, du--no, you go over there.
Jonas: I'm not going over there.
Daniel: That thing's the size of a fricking tank! You don't want me to get eaten!
(They are referring to a rather large dog)
Jonas: I'm not good with dogs. You're a beast, right? You should have like some kind of connection?
Daniel: What?
Jonas: I think I got an idea. We'll get the girls to, uh, distract it, and then we'll creep around in that side door. What do you think? Up top.
Daniel: (whispering) High-five. (high-fives Jonas)
Bree: Brilliant idea, Jonas.
Daniel: Are you sure they even live here?
Taylor: Well, according to her water bill, yeah, this is the address.
Sarah: You guys are ridiculous. Grow a pair.

Did I mention I like Sarah? OK I really like Sarah!

So it was down to the girls to attempt to B&E

Sarah: Well, who's gonna go through the window?
Bree: You can do that.
Sarah: So, we drew straws and I lost. No surprise there. I've never won anything in my life. Well, lots of grass, very interesting. Trees... paint falling off. I really don't think anyone would actually live here. Maybe Charles Manson, late, late '60s, I don't know.
Taylor: (running with the camera) Oh my God, we got to get out of here. There's definitely somebody in there. Oh my gosh, ok, crap, crap, crap. (someone else is holding the camera) That is definitely not where Julie lives. I don't know why it didn't work.
Daniel: Back to square one.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No Trespessing

We've been hanging out with Sara and Taylor for the last couple days...Taylor took us for some great BBQ. She's been trying to help us find Julia. By the way, beware of dogs. :( - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO


After the launch of his new radio show Yousef decided to chill with fans in the Maddison Atkins IRC chat of all placed. Didn't anyway tell him that thats a good way to get yourself hunted down and killed by some nasty Order. I guess some people just never learn:)


Today on LG15

Today on LG15 fans met Taylors sister Sarah, the happiest EMO chick ever!

Bree: No surprise, Jonas got us lost. Now we're here, it's ten in the a-m, we've got a girl to save, people to see and… what do you know. SLEEPS-A-LOT and SNORE-FACTORY are still sleeping. (To Jonas and Daniel) Wake up!
Jonas: (groans)
(Bree tries to wake up Jonas)
Jonas: (half asleep) Get me a coffee and some pancakes.
Bree: I'm not your slave.

Awwww they are so sweet...
So anyway after more marital bliss Bree explained the grand plan.

Bree: So I got an email from Taylor. She asked us to meet her and her sister at the park. So after we get ready we're going to meet them. I'm a little bit nervous.

At the park Taylor was nowhere to be seen. Sarah made her presence known however..

Bree: Oh my God!
Daniel: She's got a gun! Don't...
Jonas: Bree! Get back!
Bree: What do we do...
Sarah: Turn off the camera!
Daniel: Do what she says! Shut it—
Sarah: Turn off the camera!
Daniel: Turn it off!
(Cut to Sarah sitting on the bleachers, laughing)
Bree: Tell them what you did.
Sarah: I pretended this (holds up lipstick) was a gun, and held it up to Daniel's back.
Bree: (Turning the camera to Daniel) And what do you think of that? Daniel?
(Daniel stares at the camera angrily, but says nothing. Cut to Daniel in the middle of the park.)
Daniel: Who is this girl? The first time I meet her she shoves lipstick in my back and makes me think it's a gun and then, to top it all off, walking back here she pantses me! It's embarrassing! Look! Look! (Showing the top of his boxers) That's the English flag underwear! I haven't been able to do laundry and its the last pair I had. Glad it wasn't on camera...

OK just to make it clear, Daniels underwear was displaying the union jack flag (sorry to be boring but this blogger is British!)
So Daniel isn't too keen on Sarah? If I know my romance movies this could be the start of a beautiful friendship... ;)

Stay tuned...

Click To Light

Maddison Atkins ARG,
Tribute and Questions for PM Jeromy Barber

Also available on YouTube: "Click To Light"

~ QtheC

History of the Hymn of One?

Crazy Emo Chick

We got a message from Taylor to go and meet her. When we showed up, it wasn't exactly what we expected. Taylor wasn't there, but we were "introduced" to her sister Sara. - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Bucking Broncos - NBR Investigates

No Mixed Media with Miles and Greg tonight.

Sorry about this but…

Just got off the phone with Miles. They’re taking a red eye to London for 12 days, so it looks like a 2-week hiatus on Mixed Media…. but Yousef’s show the FOB Life premieres tomorrow night at 6pm pacific/9pm eastern!!!!


An inteview with actor Yousef Abu-Taleb

Inside Lonelygirl15 with hosts Rosieiswatching and Perky

A candid interview with LG15 superstar Yousef Abu-Taleb

A CUSOON Production


Maddison Atkins PM Speaks to Fans

See the following threads on the Lonelygirl15.com forums for more information about Jeromy Barber, the Puppet Master behind the Maddison Atkins ARG:

Warning: For ARG TINAG* purists, who prefer NOT to look "behind the curtain" the content of these posts and replies are, in the words of Jeromy, "as Out Of Game as OOG can be." This is what is known as a Meta-game discussion.

Jeromy writes:

This chapter of our story is over, and I'd like to briefly "step out from behind the curtain" and field some questions from the community. Because of the unexpected vested interest in Maddison herself, I felt it the very least I could do.

Jeromy also invites fans to ask questions:
So here's what I propose, please video your questions (1 question per video please), post them on You Tube, post the link here, in kind, I will video the actors, myself, or Whiskey responding to them, and post the links here.

Additional Info:

*ARG = Alternate Reality Game
*TINAG = This is not a Game (meaning pretend it is real and there is no puppet master behind the scenes).

See Unfiction.com for more information about ARG terminology and approaches.

~ QtheC

Monday, April 30, 2007

Liar Liar - itscassie

Aima made me this video. She is a bad actress, and I refuse to believe her. I could use a second oppinion though...


No evil I did, I live on

Hear Me Out

So I've been making these videos on youtube to very mixed reviews. I wanted to explain myself...the rest is up to you.

video from callmejules24

~ QtheC

Do the tags have a message?????

As soon as I wake up I check a message from Modelmotion to check Maddison's latest video. WE see someone shot her at Adam's Uncle Joe's. They will be sorely missed... Now, do the tags tell us the back story???


Is it an anagram for J DISTROY BAIT???

hmmm... It is uncle Joe a member of the Order??? His name starts with J...

Food for thougts!

Further research by Deagol indicates that the correct anagram is "IT'S A DIRTY JOB."

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 the Scoobies were all together for a vlog.

Bree: (wearing a cap, product placement? This blogger thinks so) So, last week a bunch of stuff happened. Over the weekend, Julia's MySpace blog updated and she included a quotation from the Hymn Of One weekly inspirational email. That's kind of obvious. I was much more sneaky than her. So now, we're headed to this teeny-inseey-weensy little town in Texas to meet up with Taylor because she says that Julia was in her soccer league last year. Small world. Jonas and Daniel got into this little argument about whether beef or turkey jerky is superior. I heard Jonas mention something about salmon? I'm sorry, salmon? So, it's just me and... this cactus. Well, cacti, it's plural. You know, they look all rough and not very nice, but they're all right. I've kind of felt like a cactus lately. I know, strange right? Last fall I was just, you know, minding my own business and now I'm on the run from crazy religion. It's exhausting. (Bree touches a cactus) Ow, oh (licks her finger), okay, enough cactus talk for one day. I'm gonna go find the boys.

Bree found the boys enjoying their jerky...

Bree: So, who won? Salmon or pigeon?
(Jonas laughs and Daniel howls.)
Jonas: Look, salmon jerky's actually pretty good, I'll have you know. (to Daniel) You like the turkey jerky, right? Huh?
Bree: I like turkey jerky.
Jonas: Back me up.
Daniel: (high-fives Jonas) I liked it. It was good.
Jonas: Thank you.
Daniel: (offering Bree some jerky) Want some of this?
Bree: Got some.
Daniel: Oh, you got your own, huh?
Bree: You're not tricking me--
Jonas: All right, let's roll. And I mean it literally.
Bree: Okay.
Daniel: Let's do it.
(Music plays and Jonas and Daniel push Bree around in the shopping cart. Cut to Bree and Jonas in the car.)

Bree: I was reading Jonas some facts about Texas. He got a little testy.
Jonas: No I didn't.
Bree: Yes you did.
Jonas: Ha, no I didn't.
Bree: Yes you did.
Jonas: No.
Bree: So I was telling him that the word "Texas" actually comes from a word in the Caddoan language. It means friend.
Jonas: See, that's B.S. right there. Texas, friend. Come on, give me a break. I mean, they weren't even part of the Union for what, like ten years they were their own country and then they were forced to join the United States. Forced.
Bree: Hm, well that's Jonas. He's our feel-good tour guide. The popular slogan "Don't mess with Texas"--
Jonas: See, that's, um--they don't want us here. (Bree laughs) I told you, they don't want us here. I'm turn--. I'm leaving, we're leaving.
Bree: The popular slogan "Don't mess with Texas" was actually created as a campaign to keep the state's highways free from litter.
(Cut to Bree alone)
Bree: I hope that Julie will talk to me. I hope I can even find her. I don't know, this could be a trap for all I know. I'm to the point where I'm just willing to risk it... to help her.

Will Bree meet Taylor? Will they find Jules? Where the heck is Nikki B? Has anyone heard from Alex? What about Bree's mum? What about Jonas's parents? What about Daniels family for that matter? Where is the story going? And who put this orange slurpee on my desk?

Stay tuned...


More Reassurances from the Creators


Hey everyone,

Although it makes me sad to read such harsh comments, I agree that there's been a lull lately. I'm 100% confident that we have the ability to create a compelling show even though we may not always fire on all six cylinders. Anyway, we hear you loud and clear and we're doing the best we can.

Whether you believe it or not, we are very overextended. Gone are the days when Mesh and I could write/direct/edit every video. Now we're going to meetings, dealing with payroll, building a website, flying to conferences, doing interviews, negotiating deals, and all while trying to produce an entertaining show. Add to that the fact that no one knows how this medium works... and well, you know. Interestingly, a lot of our problems are "process" issues surrounding how we maintain quality when many people are contributing rather than just a couple.

I can say this. We are fixing the problems. The plot will become more interesting. Most importantly, we care massively about this show, the characters and plot, and all of you, and we aren't abandoning you or giving up. On the contrary, because of KateModern and a couple other deals we have been working really hard to finalize we will be able to hire a bigger team. Then we will be able to produce great videos, lots of interactivity, compelling puzzles, and pull off a great show here.

On a personal note, I'm really bummed about the last couple weeks of videos. Our initial plan was really ambitious, probably too ambitious. It involved a lot of videos, interactivity, and puzzles. We had an actor drop out at the last minute and a series of technical snafus. We had to do a ton of last second re-writes and re-edits. That in a addition to a couple other problems destroyed what was supposed to be a very entertaining and interactive couple weeks. Oh well, we learn and move forward.

Anyways, just want you to know that I care. Probably too much. Hope you enjoy where we go with things. Thanks!


reported by
~ QtheC

Sunday, April 29, 2007

No More

A warning to others.

(Maddison Atkins video)

It has tags "Maddison Atkins Adam maddisonatkins Warpylol D in Aphid"

D stands for Destroy.

R.I.P. Maddy

You can light a candle for Maddison and Adam here:



~ QtheC

rpm...product placement or just Bree's fav?

You be the judge:

LG15 Today Commenter "amylynnpsyd" found this Interview with actress Jessica Rose on the online RPM Girls' Catalog. Great find Amy!

rpm - the official clothing line for people on the run from the Order? Or, will the "New Girl" also wear it? Stay tuned.

Its not the first time she has worn rpm. Do you know what the other video was???? Leave a comment if you know:)

rpm on myspace

Now, clearly this dude from the rpm catalog is in the Order!


So we decided to be proactive and get out of this BORING bunker. We've been driving NON-STOP for the last two days. Thanks for sticking with us these past couple of weeks. Things have been really complicated since Alex betrayed us and we were just trying to regroup. - Bree Faction: THE RESISTANCE Status: PUBLIC VIDEO

Yousef becomes a radio star!

Introducting F.O.B. Life with Yousef. 6pm Pacific time on Wednedsay.

A little bird told me that Jackson MIGHT be the guest. But, no, it was not a carrier pigeon!


Click here to join the show!

From True Free Will on Myspace

Transmission 04 - 34 - C29 Faction: TFW Status: PRIVATE

TFW would like you to add "Elizabeth" to your watch list.

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 J&D proved that science proves nothing. They didn't have P.monkey with them so this blogger is not sure how exact their experiment was.

Jonas: Okay, Daniel and I, we've have been working on this problem all week. And um, you know what we came up with? (Looks back at Daniel) What'd we come up with? (Looks back at camera) Oh yeah, nothing. Alright, you know what, we need to think about this scientifically. So what do you do when you think scientifically? You hypothesize... you experiment... and then conclude. I need a lab coat.

Bree has probably still got one Jonas, she has somehow managed to keep a huge wardrobe together even though she is on the run.

Daniel: Sleeping in similar conditions to where we were interrogated will help us remember the face of our interrogator.
Jonas: Mm, kind of weak. Okay, what was our experiment?
Daniel: We went to sleep.
Jonas: Riiight. Conclusion?
Daniel: Uhhh, I had dreams. And... bathtub faucets are harder than the human head.
Jonas: Yeah. Pretty inconclusive, I would say.
Daniel: Yeah, I'd say so.

If the interrogator turns out to be someone that Jonas and Daniel know, there could be a significant plot development...

Stay tuned...

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