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Saturday, November 1, 2008

YouTube Copyright Policy: Video Identification tool

The Video Identification tool is the latest way YouTube offers copyright holders to easily identify and manage their content on YouTube.


see also: Daniel's Ninja Video, Ninja video contest

Is the order trying to tell us something?


The destination is known, but the way is unclear.


Artist: Killola
Album: "I Am the Messer"


The YouTube version is now out but we are leaving the imeem embed as well so we can get feedback on how well their embed work with lower bandwidths and slower computers.


and on VEOH

Watch Chapter 7: TRICKS AND TREATS - LG15: The Resistance in Entertainment Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

What does it matter? - Bob (tC: WoW)

She's dead.

The sweetest, most innocent creature God ever breathed life into. Such a sad life she led. Orphaned, moved from home to home. Imprisoned by her own father-figure, dismembered, kidnapped, isolated and exploited by a psychotic bastard.

Yet she smiled.

Read the rest of the blog post at The Coalition here.

Behind the curtain news from Eldritch Errors

Original post can be found at TheNerdCorner

From: http://www.schmeldritch.com/2008/10/before-the-screaming-commences.html

Long time, no schmeldritch ... how the hell are you supposed to tell when we're being quiet on purpose and when it means something is kicking, you ask? When I feel compelled to get a quick laundry list out of details out, I guess. Bad puppetmaster!

Even more important, though, is a bit of pre-announcement on the Eldritch 3 Reboot. One of my goals for the Eldritch universe was always to have a structure flexible enough that we could have "guest puppetmasters" conduct entire Books in the sequence, much the way guest directors might helm an episode of an established television series. In this case, that means the best I'll be able to credit myself on this Book is as "series creator" or maybe "executive producer". Who's helming it then, you ask?

Brooke Thompson and Jan Libby. Boy are you guys in for a (trick or) treat. See you in the intermission ...

LG15: The Resistance Press Photos by HLA Photography

See the press photos here

Here is one, but there are more on the site linked above. Very nice looking shots.

Free - Nemarous (3rdTriad)

So, I decided a fun day was on the menu for Kendra and I.


UNDERGROUND MESSAGE - campbreezybeach

[email protected]



Friday, October 31, 2008

Eye on Estelle

Estelle is Reed's ex-girlfriend. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in her own apartment. He suggests visiting her in Motel Tryst. Sarah is continually jealous at the thought of visiting Reed's ex, and it makes her angry. In Secret Sauce, Reed remarks "Shoot, I gotta call Estelle," and Sarah gets jealous. When Sarah, Reed, and Jonas finally visit Estelle in Boo!, she and Sarah fight a lot and have different personalities.

Ashlyn Nicole Selich is the actress who plays the role of Estelle.

Estelle on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

Ashlyn Selich on lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Ashley Selich BONES

Special Skills
Fire Arms Training (12 years) Hand Guns and Rifles (22cal. 38cal. 45cal. 9mm) Stage Combat

(5 years) Quarter Staff, Hand to Hand, Swords, Dialects (New York, Australian, Cockney, Southern, British RP), 18 to play younger

The Cleaner -- He Knows

Felicia Day’s ‘The Guild’ Stays Indie, Season 2 Drops November 20th

"When we last left Codex, Bladezz, Tinkerballa, Vork, Zaboo, and Clara, they’d just battled and conquered the worthy opponent of Zaboo’s mother, only to leave Codex realizing she now may still have a warlock sleeping on her couch."

‘Sorority Forever’ Finale Arrives as Ladies Hit Global Scene

"Distribution partner MySpaceTV, who had a exclusive 48-hour window for new episodes, certainly delivered. They accounted for over 4 Million views for the series so far. TheWB.com hasn’t yet released viewership numbers for those shown on its own site, but it’s expected that they are at least over 1 million for the series."


Boo! - reedabook99 (LG15:TR)

Trick? Or Treat?


Artist: Killola
Track: "10,000 Pound Ego

My Thoughts on Halloween - Taffy Simpson (WtA)

Hey all,

Here in Venice, people walking round in crazy costumes is not so different than every other day! I thought I would say a few words about today, though, seeing there's always been this controversy about Halloween for Christians.

Read more at Taffy's Inbox and leave her a message with your thoughts!

Sorority Forever: Episode 40 "Aurora"

What secrets lie behind the Red Door?
Sorority Forever: Episode 40 "Aurora"

Emily's Vlog - How Do I Open Dylan's Vlog? - hookingup

Help me figure out how to open this link...please!

Here's Dylan's email to me:

Dear Emily,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dylan Winters, we met in July at the first Bask University Orientation session. I doubt you remember me, you were in high demand as I recall.

Im sure you realize, just as I did, that college is our first time to truly realize who we are. We separate the lies were told as children from the truths we find in ourselves. I was lucky enough to find truth in myself from my very first days here. Others, well, they have not been so lucky. Only very rarely are we able to speak complete truth, often after long nights drinking, hence the phrase, "In vino, veritas." In wine, truth.

Have you found truth, Emily? Have you found your "Veritas?" Maybe you have, you seem comfortable in your own skin. I cannot say the same for your roommate, however.

I will tell you my hardest truth: Im in love with Meg. I realize my methods may appear crazy, but let me tell you in complete honesty Im not crazy. Indeed, I am the only one telling the truth, and I intend to show you my truth, my own personal Veritas. I only hope that you can look through this and find an answer for yourself.

Megs lies are not only hurting her, but those around her. This Nick guy is only setting himself up for a harder fall when he finds out what his own Veritas is. There will be consequences for lies, I can only hope that theyre exposed sooner rather than later. However, as I found long ago and Im sure Meg is finding out now; truth can be hard to acquire, harder to hold on to, and nearly impossible to show to others.

I find it not a little ironic that in Roman mythology Veritas was a goddess. It was believed she hid in a holy well because she was so elusive. Ive taken a drink from that well, Emily, and Im hoping you open this link and drink deeply from it, too.


Perhaps afterwards we can both fully appreciate "In Vino Veritas."

Truthfully yours,

Dylan Winters


Hit me up on:




Come To Me - StormGenie (tC: WoW)

Halloween...the night spirits are allowed to roam the earthly realm.
Some spirits wander all year.

Riki and Rose How-To: Best LG15 Halloween Costume EVER!

Riki and Rose shoing YOU how to make a last minute DIY LG15 halloween costume!

Recap is postponed from Friday to Sunday!!! Stay tuned!!

Remember to check out:

Ep10: Busting Some Balls - The Hayley Project

This Darryl kid is tough to track down. But I learned from some people who know him that he likes to play softball in the park. Time to find Keira's drug dealer and learn what he knows.

And a special thanks to all of you who have been helping me!

BTS 1.4 Jessica Lee Rose - did

Includes Jackie as well.

Behind the Scenes of a Photoshoot 1.4 Jessica Lee Rose

MUA - Robert Antonio
Stylist - Darragh Marmorstein
Jackie Jandrell & Jessica Rose

Filming & Editing
Zachary Zdziebko

Many thanks to Eric as well for the location!

So comment, let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe :-D


Thursday, October 30, 2008

LG15:TR / SPOILER / Ch. 7 Tricks and Treats / Prerelease on Hulu?

It appears that the Chapter 7 weekly video is already up on Hulu (with a listed release date of 11/2). It includes tomorrows Friday video, plus more of the Maggie story, so don't watch if you don't want to see it early.


in case the vid comes down, here a screengrab of Reed and Estelle as a teaser:


All of us at Camp Breezy Beach would like to thank each and every one of you guys for the continued support and wish everyone a very Happy Halloween!!!

-Camp Breezy Beach

Free Music From Killola

GO HERE: http://www.killola.com/free/

Talk to LisaJohnnyK is LG15 IRC chat if you want details on Killola.


Add em: myspace.com/killola

SEX FROM 1-2-3 - privatehighmusical

As a show of apology for being so rude to Sandra in homeroom, Ashley Slutsky and her two sidekicks, The Kellys, show up at Sandra's house to give her a full-out makeover...and teach her how to get laid.

MaxterBexter: Artistic Extremes

Stan Glick (Max's Dad, aka Daddy G) challenges MaxterBexter to compete in a drawing contest!

Music - "Play Some D" by Brassy

Bare - HoN Blog (LG15:TR)


10.30.2008 12:26

Reed. Many thanks for your offer. But I’m not sure how much use I will be to the group in my current state. Physically I’m fine. But my armor has gone. I do not have my equipment. Or anonymity.

These things have been stolen from me. My resolve to fight is strong, but my ability has never been weaker.

I saw yesterday’s post. All of you are beginning to function well together. The dynamic is taking shape. I fear my intrusion will only serve to place your strengthening bonds off balance.

To join is to disrupt.

For this is not something she will do. And though she longs to remember the comforts of friendship, she cannot risk the lives of others in the process. Her enemy pursues her with more fervor than before. These nemeses will stop at nothing to see she is once again locked in their dungeons for another eternity. To bear such a horror a second time is beyond her imagination. So she will continue to run.


But what am I running toward?



The others in HoN will help. But I'm not sure what I can do. -- Maggie

Lucy is carrying a trait positive baby

....who is the father???? .......phama guy!!!!!!!

Greg and Amanda Goodfried of Eqal Inc announced that Amanda is pregnant.

Amanda said...

Thanks everyone! We're really excited!! And who doesn't want to see a big pregnant Lucy kick some ass?!

LG15 Halloween Bash!

Express Yourself LIVE

::::: STICKAM Halloween Party

View ALL the HALLOWEEN PIXS on Flickr.

-11:22:27- [AmandaG]: hold on :)
-11:23:02- [AmandaG]: can you see us now?
-11:25:44- [AmandaG]: hello darlings happy halloween!!!
-11:25:48- [AmandaG]: that was lex
-11:28:45- [AmandaG]: lex just told she's going to LACMA for halloween
-11:29:37- [AmandaG]: lex is a big dork
-11:29:50- [AmandaG]: she dressed up as millard filmore last year
-11:31:53- [AmandaG]: lexi is telling us a halloween story where she got in trouble
-11:33:18- [AmandaG]: does anyone have a question for Lex?
-11:33:49- [AmandaG]: yes she is
-11:33:56- [AmandaG]: but it's more red really
-11:34:31- [AmandaG]: i'm lex's gf
-11:34:33- [AmandaG]: :)
-11:38:52- [AmandaG]: barbie - her fave color is red
-11:38:56- [AmandaG]: DArk red
-11:39:00- [AmandaG]: like blood
-11:40:40- [AmandaG]: watermelon or strawberry poprox?
-11:41:31- [AmandaG]: no that's greg's not mine
-11:41:35- [AmandaG]: haha
-11:42:39- [AmandaG]: going with strawberry
-11:46:58- [AmandaG]: sorry you're not with us josh
-11:48:44- [AmandaG]: ok so i just challenged the stickam peeps to do the PB&J dance for an lg15 tshirt
-11:48:51- [AmandaG]: September2star wins!
-11:52:19- [AmandaG]: [email protected]
-12:03:52- [AmandaG]: Greg says HELLO
-12:07:55- [AmandaG]: the one with welcome party for jonas
-12:08:50- [AmandaG]: should greg stay or go?
-12:12:14- [AmandaG]: greg is going to eat a cupcake in 1 bite!
-12:28:13- [AmandaG]: hey guys!
-12:30:15- [AmandaG]: mystic fairy is the winner!
-12:30:18- [AmandaG]: yayyyyyy
-12:30:22- [AmandaG]: they were amazing!
-12:36:45- [AmandaG]: anymore questions for lex before i kick her out?
-12:37:20- [AmandaG]: a lot
-12:37:23- [AmandaG]: too much
-12:47:00- [AmandaG]: youre' welcome!!
-12:47:02- [AmandaG]: i loved it
-12:49:10- [AmandaG]: get your costume pics in now! [email protected]
-13:04:43- [AmandaG]: any questions for miles?
-13:17:36- [AmandaG]: seth say hello
-13:17:44- [AmandaG]: do you have a question for him?
-13:20:41- [AmandaG]: bex he's answering now
-13:21:30- [AmandaG]: seth says the strokes
-13:29:22- [AmandaG]: yes it is
-13:32:56- [AmandaG]: cat17 you got it!
-13:33:32- [AmandaG]: email me [email protected]
-13:39:35- [AmandaG]: did you send in a costume picture?
-13:47:19- [AmandaG]: no you cannot come - says Alexandra
-13:47:23- [AmandaG]: lol j/k
-13:53:25- [AmandaG]: we'll be right back to announce costume winner!
-13:56:36- [AmandaG]: we're back!
-14:01:32- [AmandaG]: bye everyone thanks for joining me!!
-14:01:44- [AmandaG]: stretch, lonefox, and bex are the winners of the costume contest
-14:01:56- [AmandaG]: thanks liv!
-14:02:02- [AmandaG]: thanks everyone happy halloween

Log Credit: BrightSilence

Ep 4: Welcome Wagon - withtheangels (WtA)

I have new neighbor!

Discuss this episode at the StrikeTV forums or send Taffy a message.

Sorority Forever: Episode 39 "The Red Door"

Sorority Forever: Episode 39 "The Red Door"

Julie and Joaquin attempt to open the Red Door.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time - agoodfried

Lunch time at EQAL.

ED: Found this on Amanda's Stickam page, lol, unintentional "Dance Off Challenge" entry?

Note: She will be hosting the Halloween Bash on that page today from Noon - 3pm Pacific, 3pm - 6pm Eastern time.

Pirate LG15 Style - VeelaValoom

A list of things I want to pirate and plunder

ED: See also LonelyPirates15

Lord Curruthers!!! - mitchcontrol

lol this is my costume for halloween:P Lol I probably spelled his name wrong:P ~Mitch

"OzGirl" Trailer

Trailer for a new web series that popped up today:

Join Sadie as she moves from the country to the city. Australia's first social web show!


If you go to the website, it appears they are looking at a late December release.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn voted by mail. Everyone should vote. He has been working on a project but he cannot talk about it yet.

Glenn loves bank robbery movies. "Point Break", "Set It Off". "Inside Man" was fantastic.

Tonight we have the return of the live "mix-up":

Glenn - October 29 2008 Mix-Up - Live and In Progress on BreeFM

Glenn uses winamp with shoutcast with MixMeister fusion for the mix-ups

There was a small technical error that caused the mix-up to end a little earlier than planned.

Glenn likes British TV. Look for a show called "No Heroics" that just wrapped up a 6 episode season. It is about super heros. It is pretty funny.

He has also been watching the Rachel Malloy show on MSNBC.

MTVmusic.com has 15-16000 music videos. It does not have high definition video like Hulu but it is pretty good. It has some unplugged episodes that have not been shown in years including some that were never released. They have added some social networking features which makes sense given their massive user base.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Ep 3: Sunshine Film Academy - withtheangels (WtA)

This is what started it all.

Discuss this video at the StrikeTV Forums or leave a message for Taffy.

The Do It Yourself Jonas Kit

Artwork by Brad

Source: insideLG15

‘Sam King’ Finale Marks Another Crowning Achievement for Beb

Additionally Bebo has committed to a launch of six new web series come early 2009 under the banner “Bebo Originals.


On Bebo Sam says.....

It looks like that’s all folks! For now at least…it’s been a crazy season and I’ll be back in spring next year when I’ve sorted myself out…if you don’t already know what that means then catch up on the episodes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It’s been a huge challenge keeping my record label a secret but it’s been slowly coming together. I've found my act, Karl…if he doesn't get nabbed by Greg things should go according to plan. But for the next few months I’m laying low and making big big big plans. Got myself into enough scrapes over the past few months that’s for sure! I reckon by spring 2009 I’ll be on top of my game ;)


Eqal: The Discovered?

See Anchor Cove for the discussion.

Sorority Forever: Episode 38 "Lust And Sacrifice"

Sorority Forever: Episode 38 "Lust And Sacrifice"

Madison checks out incoming freshmen, the past comes to life for Bridget and Joaquin.

Hooking Up - "Everyone Fakes It" (EP.6) - hookingup

The freshmen girls and guys do everything in their power to get into the local dive bar, from fake IDs to highly exposed flesh.


Ryan's Profile

Professor Klein's Profile

Meg's Profile

Nick's Profile

Emily's Profile

Halloween Party!! - Amanda (LG15)

On Thursday, October 30, LG15 will be throwing a Halloween party from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm PST (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST). The party will kick off on the comment board and in the chat room on http://www.LG15.com. I will also be broadcasting live on stickam from my very own haunted house (i.e., my office at EQAL) with contests, prizes, and more! For more details check out http://www.inside.lg15.com

twitter: LG15
stickam: http://www.stickam.com/agoodfried

Secret Sauce - Sarah (LG15:TR)

Some of us got choked up. -- Sarah


Artist Killola
Track: "All of My Idols are Dead"

And the winner is…

The winner of an autographed copy of the BRAND NEW Scissors For Lefty EP, signed by the band and the two cast members of his choice is…Daniel Jenkins!!

Source: insideLG15

Noami SPEAKS - Sorority Forever

apology pizza

I'm mainly posting this for people like me who didn't know there were separate character vlogs on the character myspace profiles. I also thought there was a great demand for more Noami.

(If I'm the only one who didn't know about all the additional content, I apologize)

Noami's profile

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PINK 17: Educating Rita - pinktheseries

Bunny and Nate prepare for their next mission. On campus, Nate and Rhonda acquire their own kind of target.

Mutual Appreciation - hymnofnone99

We received this video from Killola earlier this morning. We thank them for their support.



Episode 2 - Sunset Sunrise (WtA)

Things look better in the morning.

LG15 Halloween Bash!

On Thursday, October 30, InsideLG15 will be throwing a Halloween party from 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm PST (3:00 PM - 6:00 PM EST). The party will kick off on the comment board and in the chat room on LG15.com. I will also be broadcasting live on stickam from my very own haunted house (i.e., my office at EQAL) with contests, prizes, and more!

- Amanda “Boo!” Goodfried

Read more about contests and prizes on insideLG15

Reed is in LG15 CHAT

Reed (aka (emoCanonBo )is in LG15 CHAT

LG15 Chat

06:48 reedabook hey guys
06:48 reedabook Jenni!
06:48 reedabook how's it going?
06:48 reedabook hey Liv!
06:49 reedabook are Mouse or Veela in here?
06:49 reedabook hey model, whats up?
06:49 reedabook haha thanks Konstantine, maybe if I ever get my life back we can settle down sometime
06:49 reedabook hey roy
06:49 modelmotion howz my emocanonboi today
06:50 reedabook ugh, dont call me that
06:50 reedabook (even if it is kinda funny)
06:50 reedabook for you jennipowell, never
06:50 reedabook Hey Rose - how've you been?
06:50 reedabook just killing some time while Jonas gets directions
06:51 reedabook we're at a rest stop now
06:51 reedabook Sarah's grabbing some food and I'm just sorta keepin a lookout
06:51 reedabook Jenni - jonas isn't afraid of anything, EVEN asking for directions
06:51 reedabook crazy, right?
06:51 reedabook maybe next time Liv :)
06:52 reedabook shirley temples are hard to come by, bex
-14:52:14- [reedabook]: but if i find any more, i will make a video testament to their sweet glory
-14:52:27- [reedabook]: hey maddz
-14:52:57- [reedabook]: as soon as I can start vlogging some of my own stuff, definitely
-14:53:05- [reedabook]: haha
-14:53:22- [reedabook]: so has anyone heard from Maggie aside from Monday's post?
-14:53:37- [reedabook]: I really hope she can meet us
-14:53:42- [reedabook]: where do you guys think she might have gone?
-14:53:57- [reedabook]: haha, thanks bex
-14:54:01- [reedabook]: yeah
-14:54:11- [reedabook]: Jo - if she's in your basement I want proof!
-14:54:48- [reedabook]: royboy - good call
-14:54:50- [reedabook]: ill talk to jonas
-14:54:58- [reedabook]: see if he still has a list of those resistance safehouse places
-14:55:04- [reedabook]: she could be at one of those
-14:55:09- [reedabook]: though how HoN would know where they are, I'm not sure
-14:55:36- [reedabook]: ouch!
-14:55:38- [reedabook]: Chelsey!
-14:55:40- [reedabook]: careful!
-14:55:44- [reedabook]: :)
-14:55:55- [reedabook]: I've been sitting in a car for like seven hours straight
-14:56:25- [reedabook]: Jenni, why must you always be right!
-14:56:42- [reedabook]: trip's going well Rose, I mean, its still a little weird
-14:56:48- [reedabook]: still havent figured out how to explain all this to my parents
-14:56:58- [reedabook]: dont worry, bex, i wont
-14:57:07- [reedabook]: Jonas and Sarah are fine
-14:57:17- [reedabook]: getting along much better actually
-14:57:25- [reedabook]: i know chels
-14:57:30- [reedabook]: and the east coast aint gonna be much better
-14:57:58- [reedabook]: totally sept, if we get contact from her, we'll make sure any kind of meet up is safe
-14:58:11- [reedabook]: hahaha
-14:58:19- [reedabook]: dont worry konstantine, no bath tubs in sight
-14:58:29- [reedabook]: later Rose!
-14:58:43- [reedabook]: hey, there are hotel showers!
-14:58:56- [reedabook]: hey filthy
-14:59:22- [reedabook]: um, I'm not an expert on Jonas's shower habits, so...
-14:59:43- [reedabook]: sept - she's totally cool, Estelle and I have been good friends for a while now
-15:00:43- [reedabook]: thanks Liv!
-15:00:51- [reedabook]: X-Files is one of my favorite shows (at least, the first five seasons)
-15:01:08- [reedabook]: haha
-15:01:26- [reedabook]: crap
-15:01:28- [reedabook]: I gotta run guys
-15:01:33- [reedabook]: Jonas and Sarah are ready to split
-15:01:43- [reedabook]: thanks for chatting guys!
-15:01:47- [reedabook]: ill try to come back more often
-15:01:49- [reedabook]: later!!!

Chat log credit: BrightSilence

Sorority Forever: blog


Current mood: confused
Category: Blogging

it’s really late.. i can’t sleep.. it’s been a weird week.. i can’t exactly explain how i feel..sometimes i just feel like i can’t breathe, i feel like no one cares how i feel.. no one could ever understand whats going on.. i’m just trying to live my life day by day.. get through one day to the next.. and every day that passes is a day farther away from the past and a day further ahead to the future.. a bright future, i hate being so far away from home.. but luckily i have some great sisters here who will always understand and will help me through the hard times..

Phi Chi Kappa
From the outside looking in you could never understand
From the inside looking out, we can never explain


naomi :(

drop the 5000

hniwiagttmidanocid - nk


The answer to it is:

Halloween Night Is When It All Gets Told Taryn Monaghan Isn't Dead And New Offerings Come Inside Door.

Beantown Bound! - Reed blog (LG15:TR)

Beantown Bound!

10.28.2008 14:12

Maggie. It’s nice to be able to call you by your real name. I’m posting this for you specifically, and I’m hoping you’re able to see it once you have a chance to catch your breath.

Look, I know what it’s like to feel alone. I know what it’s like to think you have nowhere you can go. I’ve been exactly where you are right now. But I want you to know it’s not hopeless. Yes, we know who you are now. And that’s why we want to help you.

There’s no good reason for you not to join us in Pittsburgh (seriously, try to think of one -- I triple dog dare you!). We can help you. Like you said, this fight is far from over, and I know you don’t want to miss out on any of it. You’re motivated -- in a way that none of us could ever be; that makes you possibly the most important addition to our group that we could ever hope for.

You’re incredibly brave and incredibly strong. We’ve seen that. You’ve shown us that. All while being a guide to us -- you’ve helped us out of some really tough situations. All for a greater good.

Let us return the favor. We’ll be in Pittsburgh by the end of the week. You can PM us on lg15.com. You know how to contact us. We’ll be waiting for you.

Fingers crossed,

PS - In case you’re on the fence, here are my top five reasons you should meet us:

5. All the fast food you could ever want. On me. In short: yum.

4. You can take shotgun whenever we’re in the car.

3. I’ll be your new best friend.

2. Sarah won’t be your new best friend, but she’ll try really really hard to like you.

1. Jonas will give you a thai massage.

PPS - Okay, so I made that last one up, but maybe if I start bugging him now he’ll do it eventually.

PPPPS I made a “Maggie Meet Us in Boston Mix” on iMeem. Dig it.

We're Waiting...

Yes, we're en route to Pittsburgh. But if you meet us there or in Boston, you won't even have to pitch in for gas money. Honest. -- Reed

A Little Tour - escapefromhere07

like it says there and it also has some SNOW!!!!!

EP 1 - Life Of The Party (With the Angels)

Fish-out-of-water story of a small town Arkansas girl swimming in the freak-infested waters of Venice Beach, CA

With the Angels is also on youtube! If anyone didn't see the first episode on the beta site, here it is. Be sure to go to strike.tv for more information and behind the scene interviews.

Sorority Forever: Episode 37 "Anything I Can Do To You"

Sorority Forever: Episode 37 "Anything I Can Do To You"

After Bridget preps the girls for the Halloween Ball, Julie confronts Matthew about what happened to Taryn.

Sam King - Week 13 - Tuesday

Gary's Vlog - Rocking the Fake ID - hookingup

give students the penultimate guide to rocking the fake ID.

With The Angels Debut / Strike TV goes live

Strike.tv, the new video site created during the writer's strike, goes live (and out of beta) in less than one hour. One of the debut shows will be With the Angels, written by Lg15 Season 2 head writer Mary Feuer, and including Carly Jones (Mallory) and Sean Vincent Biggins (Dr. Hart) in its cast. Anchor Cove has a new subforum for anyone who wants to discuss the show.

The show is slated to run for 36 episodes, between now and Christmas.

Episode 9: Dealing - The Hayley Project

Thanks for your thoughts everybody. You guys are right about going after Darryl. I'm heading back to Wien Hall today to visit him and his lovely roommates.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Exposd! - Hymn of None (LG15: TR)

Now you know. -- Maggie


Artist: Killola
Track: "Strung Out on Sunshine"

Chapter 7 Music - Killola

This four-piece band led by the venerable and sassy Lisa Rieffel is the first we signed up for LG15: The Resistance.

Read more on insideLG15

Community Art

Artwork by september2star

Artwork by Javi

Source: insideLG15

Television is changing and you’re calling the shots

StoryLand invites new and experienced drama production teams to pitch for a truly creative 6-part drama series to be webcast in March 2009.

Pilot first episodes of up to ten new drama series will be commissioned by RTÉ and the audience will decide, by voting
on-line, which six will get to make a second episode.

For more info: http://www.rte.ie/storyland/

Sorority Forever: Episode 36 "Womanizer"

Sorority Forever: Episode 36 "Womanizer"

Mourning Taryn, Rachel changes Phi Chi history, as Bridget assigns Madison to her next task - Matthew.

Valleygirl15: Beer to Shirley Temples...Still Not Any Better

"Reed and Maggie need to go away. But at the rate this show kills of characters that could be any minute. Love, Valleygirl15"

Prof Jerry's Vlog - Dean's List Challenge 5 - hookingup

I deliver a multiple choice questionnaire on college life.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Join Mary Feuer, Carly Jones, and Sean Biggins on BreeFM

BreeFM: JenniPowell is hosting a very special radio show with Mary Feuer, Carly Jones, and Sean Biggins at 7pm, PST
Click here to listen
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JenniPowell is hosting a very special show with Mary Feuer, Carly Jones, and Sean Biggins on BreeFM at 7pm, PST.



Beginning November 3rd, an online graphic novel of 15 chapters will originate itself online to the citizens of the world wide web. The series, which will release a new chapter daily for 3 consecutive weeks, will act as a prequel to the upcoming web series, FOREVERGRACE, and also the first epic story told in the DHARMA RHODE : UNIVERSE, a fictional world in which many series of videos, books, and flash games (including FOREVERGRACE and THE CURE) will live within. The website will be live soon. Until then, subscribe to the youtube channel here: SUBSCRIBE!!


They are closing in. But so are we.


Artist: Scissors for Lefty

Creeper - (inConsciousness)

Okay, I just found this girls channel today as a response to Chapter's 5 and 4 of the new show. Could this girl be Reed's Ex in Pittsburg??? Could she be cannon??? You decide:)

The way we talk (or dont talk) - michiev

music - the maine, the way we talk
clips belong to EQAl

Sorority Forever "too deep" VO - jessicaleerose

Doing ADR for sorority forever episode 'too deep'.. more to come from different episodes :P
btw its one of my first attempts at editing so yea.. enough said!

Sorority Forever: Week 7 Recap

My first meeping blog! - Norwaycat91

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In Paradisum

Revealing moments all around, but no longer by one of the three...

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