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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Harper's Globe is about to go down....

Tyler said:
Just so everyone knows, if you didn't see my other thread, we're going to take the whole site down for a little while in about 20 minutes. It's to make a major site update that hopefully will resovle a bunch of the issues you've been seeing the last day or so, as well as provide some new featurettes.


Tyler Rubin:
Now i'm just doing it to tease you. No I'm not, we seriously keep coming across a bug right when we think we're done. But again, we're doing this to make sure the live site is down for as little time as possible. I'm hoping that will be less than 30 minutes ship.

Tyler Rubin:
Deep bugs. I think I need to eat, so we'll probably give up on this until tomorrow.


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Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

In other news, insideLG15 appears to be back but there is still no resolution in the lingering issue of the the LG15: The Last web site links.

Hi, Robin - DangerousWreck (Harper's Globe)

Everything you say will come back to haunt you. Everything you see will terrify you. And everything you hear will drive you over the edge. Just because it didnt happen before, doesnt mean it can't now...

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milissa s said....

not sure if anyone noticed robin in the video...

See more pixs from Jay: http://www.harpersglobe.com/photos/list/10721/459/1

Start Today Tomorrow - hollishillis

youth group

The Black Dawn: Episode 9-10-11 (web series)

The Black Dawn: Episode 9 (web series)

After Lee's drastic action, the survivors divide into separate camps and find themselves questioning his choices.

The Black Dawn: Episode 10 (web series)

Tricia's death brings the survivors back together, albeit for a short time.

The Black Dawn: Episode 11 (web series)

Three weeks after the Black Dawn, Adam and the others finally find an opportunity to unwind and have some fun.

Have You Ever Seen A Portal? - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod talks about dancing and worm holes

Welcome member 3000 to LG15.com

Welcome member 3000 to LG15.com: http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/13000 :"OpPepTucks"

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Friday, April 17, 2009




AllEyesWatching said....

Sometimes, Honesty is not the best medicine...

Seeing through your sharper eyes, no hare escapes- we’re allies. Warm blood flows fast in the kill, till floods slow and drip downhill.

Did you see that?

Heats Minting Hons
Jibed Tumors
Mare Story

Cassie saw nothing.


FH14 said....

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but I'm AllEyesWatching. I was just really bored.

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Cameron Richardson talks about Harper’s Island!!!


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Jessica Lee Rose: Goodbye Myspace!

Goodbye Myspace!
Current mood: bullied
Hello All,

So due to some very crazy circumstances I'm going to be deleting myspace altogether. I've been on Myspace for four years and have found it a great way to communicate with fans and old friends, But because of these circumstances it is in he best interest of myself and my roommate that it be deleted. My official email address is [email protected] if you want to keep in contact that way. Thank you all so much for supporting my projects and following my career these past three years I can't even begin to thank you enough.
I am very hesitant and resistant to deleting this account but know it is really the safest thing for me to do under these conditions. I hope you all understand and continue to write me on my email!

Thanks guys and gals

Jess x

P.S if you have twitter I will be keeping that @ Jessicaleerose


Harper's Island-Crackle-Episode 2

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page
As the wedding party embarks on a scavenger hunt, Trish confronts an old flame, Henry makes peace with some locals and Abby runs into a friend who is haunted by John Wakefield and the island’s tragic past

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

In the week two 10 p.m. battle of NBC’s Southland versus Harper’s Island on CBS, the winner once again was Southland. Take a look:

Thursday 10 p.m.
Southland (NBC)
Viewers: 9.58 million (#1), A18-49: 3.1/ 9 (#1)

Harper’s Island (CBS)
Viewers: 8.17 million (#2), A18-49: 2.2/ 6 (#2)


Want To Save Your Favorite TV Show?

"The alternative is to drive people where they can actually be counted—and these days that's online. The Internet offers metrics everywhere you turn. The networks can analyze the number of streams, number of ad impressions, number of page views, number of visits, number of visitors, number of comments, etc."


I Need Your Help - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - The Sheriff wont listen to just me, but hell have to listen to ALL of us! Please Call the Harpers Island Sheriff Station (360) 547-0007!!!

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W oparach absurdu - n1ckola

Może się nam jeszcze przydać...

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Going to the Sheriff - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - I dont know what happened to Brent; I need help. Im going to the Sheriff.

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Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

LG15: The last: GOES 436!

Toni: http://twitter.com/tellme_moore = 436
Jadye: http://twitter.com/coopitquiet = 436
Leigh: http://twitter.com/allaboutleigh/ = 436

ALSO, check out each of the character profiles which you can find linked on the blogspot portal page for LG15: The Last below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it all mean?????????????????????

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Jessica Rose Blogs on NHL.com

Everyone knows, hockey is the greatest sport ever invented, and now there is even more evidence in that Jessica Rose (practically every other show on the web) is doing a celebrity playoff blog on NHL.com (that's the National Hockey League for those who don't have or can't find Versus).

All of her blog posts on NHL.com are available here. Be sure and leave her a comment in the comment section.


by FemaleProdigy

Well, Jason reminded me about the CTA so I'm going to tell you a wonderful story but not about when my battery was dead but when I was in a location that my service was not available.

When you live in a town that is very small and the population is not very high, you should never expect to get great service all the time. I live in a small town in central Pennsylvania. It is located about 40 minutes west of the state capital, Harrisburg. I don't know the specific population but let me tell you, its not very big.

One day I decided to go to my friends camp a few miles outside of the major town around here. When we got there I didn't even think about my cell phone. I knew it was charged and I knew that it was on. We traveled the few miles up to the camp and parked and decided to cook something on the grill.

After we had our little dinner, it was time to have fun. We decided that a 4-wheeler ride would be a perfect thing to do. She drove and I sat behind her. We started up the road and decided to go up the mountain a bit. It was pretty high and we knew that her uncle had driven up it so we figured we were safe to do it. Lets just say going up the mountain was easy it was the going down that caused a some real problems.

We started down the mountain and everything was going well. And suddenly we lost brakes!!! We freaked out and both jumped off instead of going down the mountain and risking getting killed. All I did was skin my elbows and shoulder, she dislocated her shoulder. We watched as the 4 wheeler went rolling down the mountain. With my friends shoulder being dislocated she was in some pretty major pain so I go to pull out my cellphone that thankfully was not broken from our jump off. I go and dial the number and beep beep beep NO SERVICE... "oh are you for real?" I kept trying and trying and decided to walk up a little further hoping the higher I got the better it would get but with no luck.

We ended up starting to walk down the mountain and luckily a 4 wheel drive truck passed us and helped get the 4wheeler (which was pretty messed up) and us to the ER! Lets just say after that day I haven't been on one since!

Read full post on http://www.harpersglobe.com/blog_entry/view/10055/309/1


Our next CTA is very special and very important. This is not a Community Action Post; no no, it’s more than that. This is an audition. That’s right, we’re giving you a chance to STAR in an episode of Harper’s Globe!!!

We’re looking for a Glober who can produce a high-quality video in a very short amount of time. Here’s how you play: Post a 90-second video of you talking about a theory you have about the Harper’s Universe. It could be about Dangerous Wreck or Robin’s past, who you think the killer is on Harper’s Island, ANYTHING. The video should highlight your personality and editing skills, so be as charismatic and creative as you can. We need these entries FAST, so the due date for this CAP is Monday at 5pm PST.

Whomever we pick will need to be able to turnaround a video in less than 2 days, so please make sure you are available to vlog next week. For the winner, the video we ask you to make WILL appear in an upcoming episode of Harper’s Globe!

To submit the content, simply post your awesome, well-edited audition video to your profile, and then flag it as “Cool”. Also, make sure to announce your upload in the CTA: STAR In An Episode of Harper’s Globe, so that everyone can enjoy your work. Your deadline is Monday 4/20 @ 5pm PST.

Go Globers Go!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ashton Kutcher Wins the Race to One Million

Ashton Kutcher (That 70's Show and the guy sleeping with Demi Moore) engaged in a knock down drag out battle royal with CNN to see who would be the first to have one million followers on Twitter. At 10pm CNN began heavily promoting the race on television in an attempt to reach the one million mark. Kutcher followed suit by going live on UStream, at one point having over 18,000 viewers, which I think was the most amazing feat of the night, similar sites usually buffer out at around 40 viewers.

At approximately, 11:15 PM PST on Thursday, April 16th, Ashton Kutcher's twitter account reached the one million follower mark. In related news, I passed the 30 follower mark today. Also, I had a turkey sandwich for lunch. Kutcher promised that if he reached the mark that he would donate 100,000 dollars to Malaria No More (actually, he promised to donate the money either way). After reaching the target, and a brief pause to pop some Champagne and kiss his hot wife, Kutcher made a surprisingly insightful and moving speech about the power of new media, which actually was not diminished by the fact that it was coming from Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher and Twitter founder Evan Williams will be appearing on the Oprah show Friday. From what little I know about Oprah I can only assume at some point someone will get a free car and or a celebrity make over.

Koperta - N1ckola

Z pozdrowieniami

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).
N1ckola also appears to have a slightly different video interface than before. How odd.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

LG15.com Website Status

Miles Just Posted the following message on the comment board for "Just Kiss Him Already!"

Hey Everyone,

Well annoyingly "Inside LG15" is down so this is the only place to post. I just want to personally apologize for how crappy the website experience has been here on LG15.com lately. There are a multitude of issues that we are in the process of working through. lg15.com/lonelygirl15 and /katemodern and inside.lg15.com are all hosted on our old servers and are running on an old hacked-together WordPress plus phpBB beast. Those that enter the code rarely return. Yeah, it's bad. So, our fearless developer and sysadmin Sameer is trying to move all the data to our new servers (where lg15.com/theresistance and /thelast and harpersglobe.com are all hosted). Needless to say, it's tedious and complex. I really don't know how long it will take and I apologize. I will keep you posted. You can always visit me on Harper's and PM me or write on my board (http://www.harpersglobe.com/user_profile/view/10014).

Additionally, I know that the version of our software that is running LG15.com is not amazing and has lots of user interface issues and oddness. Needless to say, the newer version (which is running harpersglobe.com) is MUCH nicer and getting better by the day. We are going to update LG15.com to the new software, but it's gonna take some time. I don't know the exact timeline but I'll tell you when I do. I really, really, really, can't wait to update the site and trust me, it drives me NUTS that I can't just snap my fingers and make it so, but that's not how programming works. Or most of life for that matter :)

Anyway, I'm really enjoying "The Last" and I'm super excited to see all the creative things going on in the LG15 community. This thing is my baby and we've been nurturing it for going on two years. Little by little it's growing. I'm sure some of you saw that we announced that we are taking LG15 to Japan. We are VERY excited about this because the money that we made off the deal will allow us to revamp LG15.com and make it MUCH snazzier. Yay!

So, hold tight. Thanks.



WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

We listened to several versions of the song " Apache" and also some Wilson Phillips (see PLAYLIST . The producer of Wilson Phillips
went on to produce "Jagged Little Pill".

Can you name one song that has "We are gonna....." that has ever been good? It is a sign that you are in trouble, particularly if it is metal. Even for New Kids on the Block it was scraping the bottom of the barrel: "We are going to put you in a trance with our funky song......"?. Hanging tough was just bad. Glenn gives "We will rock you..." a pass.

You start thinking about one Wilson Phillips song and many of them are similar. Glenn got the song "You're in love..that's the way..." stuck in his head and then other Wilson Phillips pop up. Wilson Phillips did come out with a come back album but no one bought it.

Glenn talked about One Night in Bangkok. Has anyone ever heard another Murray Head song? Glenn then played samples from some other Murray Head songs. If anyone ever asks, just say no! What other "show tune" have you heard that had elements of rap in them?

Glenn talked about Steven Seagal's
"Girl it is all right" - sounds like Michael Bolton mixed with bad.

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Songs_from_the_Crystal_Caven
Songs from the Crystal Cave is a 2005 album by Steven Seagal, his first. Seagal is credited with "Lead Vocals, Rhythm and Lead Guitar" and appears on the cover and throughout the liner notes emotively playing and posing with a guitar. The style can be described as "outsider country-meets-world music-meets-Aikido." Many of the songs reflect Seagal's esoteric Buddhist and spiritualist stance.

Steven Seagal gave testimony in a court trial one time. The judge asked him what he did and he went into a long winded diatribe about his life and all the things he had done.

Brian Austin Green came out with an album in the 90s. Is there anything he cannot do well? On the subject of Brian Austin Green Glenn had a lot of thoughts and emotions when his character was killed off on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles . After the season finale all that is mute. It was a pretty good ending that has Glenn excited for the show to come back for another season. (See the article linked earlier today). The way that they did it all makes sense if you think about it. It was an earth shaking twist to the mythology. The mythology is based on the idea that John Connor has to survive. What will "this future" be like? It will be a shame if it gets cancelled because it is the most interesting sci-fi series in recent years. The TV series has expanded on the mythology and it might even over Shadow the upcoming movie.

Dollhouse has been consistently good recently. He is curious to see the extra episode that will be on DVD.

If you are not watching "Breaking Bad " then you should be (as discussed two weeks ago). You need to start with Episode 1. It is the most dynamic and interesting show on TV currently.

Walter White turns 50 and is a high school chemistry teacher. His brother in law is a DEA agent who invites him on a ride along where he sees a former student (Jesse Pinkman). Later he gets together with the student and starts a meth lab. We have seen an evolution of Walter White taking control of his life and also going into a darker side of himself. At the same time we see Jesse become more empowered but also become more in touch with his humanity.

Glenn has heard good things about Harper's Island and is curious to see how the web site folds into the show. Most networks are not going to put there best material into webisodes when they make most of their advertising on TV. Even The Office online stuff was not nearly as funny. With Harper's Globe it is a little different so it will be interesting to watch the audience numbers.

Glenn watched Free Radio and it was cute. Better Off Tedd has been evolving. The last episode might be a launching pad for it to get really funny.

The events of the last week got Glenn thinking about the word pirate. Why did the word "pirate" become associated with copying media. Somehow it just does not seem like the best word for what people are doing.

Mathieas commented: "...an early reference was made by Daniel Defoe in 1703 when he said of his novel True-born Englishman : "Its being Printed again and again, by Pyrates" - wikipedia

Pirate radio makes sense. Why do we not hear more about the real modern day pirates up until this recent incident. We have heard much more about copying music than the real piracy in the World. The word itself did not have a very negative image up until recently.

Video pirates (amazon woman on the moon 1983)

The movie " Amazon Women on the Moon" was fantastic. Check it out.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Harper's Globe: Twitter for a T-shirt

To All Globers:

Starting TODAY, any Glober who posts a tweet containing any of the key words listed below, and ends it with "@harpers_globe/www.harpersglobe.com" will be entered to win one of 25 limited edition Harper's Globe T-shirts. Tweet as many time as you'd like and encourage others to RT you (that's OK, too!).

The words:

Scary, Exciting, Intense, Crazy, Fun, Killer

Here's an example: "There's something intense and crazy going on @Harpers_Globe/www.HarpersGlobe.com"

Be creative. Have Fun. And remember... even on Twitter, you're never alone.

- Harper's Globe


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Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

Slavery! Prop 8: The Web Series Episode 3 - The Fine Brothers (TheFineBros)

Starring :
Maxwell Glick as the Husband
Katie Locke O'Brien as the Wife
Dayannah Coleman as the Slave Girl

Sound by the lovely Heather Schneiter
Every episode we will take another part of the California Constitution and see what would happen if that right was taken away just like same sex marriages were taken away.

We did not make this series with any company or for any money. We made this on our own and with the help of other great cast and crew to make a statement against the passing of Prop 8 and a message of equal rights for all.

Attorneys for same-sex couples, civil rights organizations and the state Attorney Generals office appeared before the California Supreme Court on March 5th 2009 to urge the court to strike down Proposition 8. At issue in the case is whether the initiative process can be used to take away a fundamental right only for one group of Californians based on a trait in this case sexual orientation that has no relevance to the groups ability to participate in or contribute to society. Because the case has serious implications for the constitutional rights of all Californians, it has generated unprecedented support from many national and state civil rights groups as well as California legislators, local governments, bar associations, business interests, labor unions, and religious groups.

The case before the Court is unprecedented because no other initiative-amendment has successfully taken away a fundamental right only for a particular minority. Because Proposition 8 would, for the first time, change the Constitution in a way that strips a minority group of its constitutional right to equal treatment under the law, California Attorney General Jerry Brown agrees that Proposition 8 should be struck down. The Attorney Generals office argued that the right to marry is an inalienable right that can not be selectively eliminated from one group without compelling reasons The California Supreme Court, which has struck down several other initiatives in the past, is expected to issue a decision within 90 days.

Harper's Globe - Ep. 5 - Attack on Harpers Island

Robin returns home, feeling like she has finally escaped her troubles. But she is quickly reminded that peace and quiet isnt so easy to come by on Harpers Island. Because something someone, is waiting for her.

For more links for Harper's and Harper's Island visit out Harper's Globe blogspot portal page

Harper's Island is intended for viewing solely in the United States and Canada at this time.

birddogsometang said:
Observations from Joe at the main site:

1. Victim that looks like Henry Dunn appears to get branded on his arm. His left sleeve is rolled up compared to the right in the stills of him. This might also explain why he didn't pass out from pain like the other guy did... arm is less painful than getting branded on your neck.

2. CC totally face plants at the end of the video.

The Hieroglyphs (LG15: The Last)

posted on LG15.com by Toni: http://www.lg15.com/blog_entry/view/12880/778

I know that some of you have all been wondering what the solution to the hieroglyphs were and since no one in the house is talking to me, I have the perfect opportunity to post this to you guys.

Can I just say, you all did an amazing job!

I just want to give a few shoutouts to

You guys were amazing in deciphering it! I couldn't believe how much effort you guys put in! Thank you.

I couldn't believe that they sent Bray to pick me up! He still owes me a phone.

The translation as I had it...

"To ask for" and because the sitting man was next to that word it means "I"

so the first sentence "I ask for / beg"

second. Once again has the little man next to it. The sentence reads "followed or following" + with the "I" in there it reads "followed, I"

final symbols together mean "to give, to command"

so... so far, a lot of hieroglyphs work is based upon assumption, so Renegade you were very close to how I wanted it to be interpreted.

This is what I had written "I need help" "I'm being followed, give to Chas and Mitch"

"Beg, I ask for" "I Followed" "To Give" "Chas and Mitch"

Yay, that's page 1 :)

Page 2...

First line...

"To travel Southwards" (Travel to Sydney)

Second line...

"In the morn" (There where no words for Tuesday! so I gave it to you :p)

Third line...


Fourth line...


So second page reads...

"To travel southwards, in the morn, among people"

and finally the last page was pretty obvious :)

Flight QF 925



SO.... That's it. Sorry to have caused the massive confusion but you got it and I'm here now... stuck on an island with people that aren't talking to me... hmm maybe I should have stayed at the Gold Coast? (Joking!)

Love to you all


Harpers Island Number 1 Fan!!! - tmcalps

Harper's Island Rules



But with last weeks “game-changing” season finale that saw John Connor travel to a future where he never existed, fans were relieved to see the return of Green’s Reese.


Research credit: Zoey

MasonIsHappy- "Koffman File"

Premiering May 1st

Concluding its LG15 storyline, Mason awakens inside a mental institute and finds himself in the middle of unfamiliar territory a full year after being shot and captured. "Koffman File" retells the story of Mason's escape from captivity, and finally reveals his true intentions and history...

For more information visit: http://masonishappy.blogspot.com/

Rozczarowanie - N1ckola

Jak długo jeszcze to ma trwać?

Discussion of N1ckola on Anchor Cove (including translations when available).

Experiment #1: How I Spend My Evenings - OrangeKeekat

DISCLAIMER: THIS WAS MADE LATE AT NIGHT, SO EXCUSE THE LACK OF COMPOSITION. I just decided to try and make a music video. Obviously it failed, but I enjoyed myself. This is basically me being bored on a school night during Passover.

Destroy the Popollution - Binärpilot

Just Kiss Him Already! - Jayde (LG15: The Last)

Erica sent me this video. She thinks I should just go for it, but I’m still not sure. What do you think? - Jayde

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LG15: Haven - New Online Digital Graphic Novel Based in the LG15 Universe

Set in the ficitonal LG15 Universe, LG15: Haven follows the story of siblings Lindsay and Mason Shaw who's worlds are turned upside down after learning each has been cursed with a rare blood gene known as Trat Positive, allowing eternal youth and sudden superhuman abilities such as the touch of death.
Following the death of their cult religion's long time president Daniel Koffman during a catacalyptic explosion near Washington D.C., the brother and sister team learn of the undefined shadowed essence of their once beloved faith, and set out to destroy it once and for all while also desperately trying to discover just who killed the public relations president for the hymn of one. The only problem... it was one of their own!
LG15: Haven will be set up in weekly chapters such as those found in normal novels across the world, yet puts a spin on the digitized franchise by representing itself in everyday fictional pieces of content that then add up as one full story arc spanning from Monday to Friday. The series will run is as of now unknown, yet is squeduled for a mass production of 12 - 16 chapters, or weeks, beginning and ending in the universe's very own "12in12" events.
The series officially premieres next monday, April 20th, with a 12in12 event known as "Dawn Horizon". Log onto http://www.lg15haven.ning.com and sign up for a profile to follow the story and interact with the characters live to better help understand Who Killed Daniel Koffman?

The image was posted by MasonisHappy on his blog, masonishappy.blogspot.com so it did indeed occur within the LG15 Universe. All copyright for the image belongs solely with him.

My New Series.. - ThomasMarshJr

http://www.tjmarsh.wordpress.com is where it starts!

Watching Her... She Doesnt Know Im There. - Cheshire Cat (Harper's Globe)

Have 4U... Have 4U... Have 4U... Have 4U

I Was Attacked - Robin (Harper's Globe)

I don't even know what to say... I went to see Brent, but he wasn't there. It looked like someone had broken into the house. Someone came after me. I don't know who it was... He attacked me after I had shut my camera off. Oh my God... please help...

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Tempest Pictures ARRESTED? (Behind the Scenes)

Tempest Pictures went to Billings, MO to film the climactic scene in which Harmony is mugged. While filming the arrest scene, shooting was interrupted when a REAL officer showed up on set. (Don't worry, we filmed it.)

(Untitled Television Pilot) Screener Copies available in June.

Gregory Austin McConnell, Katherine Pawlak, Allen Marsh, Robert Johanson, David Lee, Rodney Wiseman, Vincent Rouse, Lance Little

Tempest Pictures. 2009.

LGPedia and Old lg15.com Forums Down?

I noticed that the LGPedia appears, at least for the last few hours, to have fallen victim to the 436. I don't know is this was pre-announced?

ETA 1:39pm PDT: Mathieas notes that the old lg15.com forum is also down.

4/16 am: Post from Miles Beckett late last night on these issues: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2009/04/lg15com-website-status.html.

PINK 34 In HD: Klaatu Barada Nikto


The Last week 5 summary. XD Remember: lg15.com lg15today.blogspot.com breefm.blogspot.com

Monday, April 13, 2009

Remem-bear Me? - OpAdolf

They all want me...once upon a time, I believe it was a Tuesday...I am in the dark beside you...I don't want to be the blame, not anymore..monster, how should I feel? Maybe tonight we'll fly so far away we'll be lost before the dawn.

Leigh and Toni were on the comments board (LG15: The Last)

Leigh is on the comments board, She has now been joined by Toni.



Leigh and Toni have now left the chat

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Bill Oberst Jr Talks About Portraying Jesus

Los Angeles-based actor Bill Oberst Jr. talks to a small group about his nearly 1,000 stage performances as "Jesus of Nazareth." More at www.billoberst.com/theatricalw ork/jesusofnazareth...

Going To See Him - Robin (Harper's Globe)

http://www.HarpersGlobe.com - Im not waiting for him to get it right. Im going to see him

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Girl Talk -Jayde (LG15: The Last)


What do I do about Bray? I really like him...

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Robin on Twitter (Harper's Globe)

OK. I'll work on the blog later, cause I'm scanning articles right now and trying to focus on work. Not doing so well on that 2nd part.

Déjà vu… thinking about Brent and distracted at work again. This has got to stop.

Ever notice that whatever you are working on always seems relate to whatever problems you’re dealing with?

Gonna post some updates to the News Archives.


Harper's Globe Archive: http://www.harpersglobe.com/news_archives

News Archive update: http://www.harpersglobe.com/tlc_units/list/3/1

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Follow Leigh of Twitter (LG15: The Last)

Follow: http://twitter.com/allaboutleigh/

For other LG15: The Last Twitter accounts:
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THE ENNEAD - Episode 03

Episode 11 - City Girl, Country Girl - OzGirlTV

George, Megan and Sadie go camping together. What's that spider doing?

MaxterBexter Entry Contest - NDoubleBAProductions

Not much of an impersonation as much as it is a hypothetical scenario where Maxter goes crazy. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lose Control, Supernatural - michiev

Clips belong to Warner Brothers/THE CW from
their highly rated Televsion Series "Supernatural"
Featuring Dean Winchester, portrayed by Jensen Ackles.

"James Cameron's Dark Angel" Clip belongs to
James Cameron & Fox Studios from Dark Angel
(2000 - 2002)

Music - Evanescence (www.evanescence.com/)

Clips: Supernatural S1 Episode 6 "Skin"
Supernatural S4 Episode 16 "On the Head of a

Dark Angel S1 Episode 16 "Pollo Loco"

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NY Waterway Ferry Boat, Hudson River, New York City

Harper's Island!

Easter Dance Special - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod talks about Easter, Lent and Dancing

Final Dance sequence provided by zqueenbean

Interactive Easter Egg Hunt- Start Here! - nayders07

Welcome and Enjoy :) Happy Easter Everyone!!

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IRC Prom 2009

Hey Peeps!

That time is upon us once again. The magic, the splendor, the contests, the puzzles, it is time...it is time...for BreeFM IRC Prom II - 2009: The Homecoming is Saturday May 16th starting at 12pm Pacific.

We are excited for this event to be happening and want you all to be part of it! Starting 12 noon on May 16th, head into the #BreeFM chat room on Freenode for the festivities.

Feel free to invite people to come, the more the merrier.

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Let's make this a prom to remember (no date required).
Commenters welcome!

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