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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I'm no pain, police missed hit - RenegadeProjects

Virginian90000 reversed the audio in this video, the clip is below ..

Lonelygirl Gets A New Sponsor: Fox's "Jumper" (NWS)

"Like the second season, where sponsor Neutrogena was woven into the plot, the third season will have a storyline that ties into the upcoming Fox release, "Jumper"."


My True Freedom - a114one (The Flock?)

Another installment of art. In this one, I talk about why the letter X seems to show up in a lot of my art, and freedom...true freedom. Virginian9000, hope you like the song! ;D


Not sure if this is part of the Flock or not, but just in case it is:

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lonelygirl15 vs. the order - LGBot

This is a season late, but the season 2 finale has got me thinking about Bree a lot.

RIP Bree.

Everything is Great! (Flock:betz281)

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They found me. - wolfwood723

I've been hiding out for 3 months but the Order has finally caught up to me. - Nick

Another video released today:

Title: I'm safe....for now.

I drove all day to get to my friends house and I made it here ok. Hopefully I can return to my home soon to at least get some of my stuff. - Nick

Song- Ein Lied by Rammstein


Photograph by Kevin Schlanser


Download the pictures from Flickr.

For more about BLOODLINES visit our BLOODLINES blogspot portal page.


Gina (also known as Patient #11) was first seen only on VHS tapes left for Jonas outside of his motel room. She was in isolation in a hospital, where she was being treated by Dr. Calvin Hart. However, she was apparently there voluntarily, because when she began to complain about her isolation, the doctor tried to persuade her to "stick it out" a little longer (until April 10th, 2001).

She appeared to be afflicted with an ailment that causes difficulty with breathing. She often had coughing fits, and once even stopped breathing altogether. To help with the situation, her doctor gave her a green pill, which helped slightly, although side effects did include diarrhea, chills and vomiting. In Shocking Discovery, Gina seemed to have developed a rash on her upper back, similar to the one Emma got in Eat Pie.

Gina enjoyed music, and was often heard to hum. She had a particular interest for the song "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, and became very excited when she heard she was going to be able to sneak out of the hospital and go to a Billy Joel and Elton John concert. However, it seems that Gina was never able to go to that concert.

After meeting Jonas, Dr. Hart revealed that Gina was his only trait positive patient to survive past the age of 5. He has since revealed that for the first 13 years of her life, Gina was very happy and strong, but by the end, she got tired of being "locked up like a lab rat" and realized that she wasn't getting any better.

While Dr. Hart was led to believe that Gina died at the age of 15, it was revealed in the episode KIDNAPPED! that Gina is very much alive, shown getting out of Lucy's car and running toward Dr. Hart. We also discover that she may have romantic intentions toward Dr. Hart in Girl Tied Up. We've learned that Dr. Hart considers Gina his soul mate, but we do not know what Gina considers Dr. Hart. In a more recent video, we discover Gina was not Patient #11-she wasn't even a patient at all!

In Her Body, Her Blood, Dr. Hart revealed that Gina was born true trait positive and was the control in the his experiments. Since his experiment was a failure, Gina's life was in jeopardy, compelling him to make a deal with the order - Emma's life for Gina. When Daniel came to save Emma from William Porter's house block later, Daniel took her instead of Emma, having heard from Dr. Hart that he was not going to go through with the Ceremony, and would instead sacrifice himself to save Emma. In his final message, Dr. Hart revealed that Gina is Bree's sister, and that they were both bought from a Siberian mother.


Though it's the masculine form of the name, Dr. Hart revealed in his last video that Gina's original name was once Yevgeny. (The feminine form is Yevgeniya). In either case, the name is a Russian form of the name Eugene/Eugenia. This name comes from the Greek roots for "well born." [1] (A suitable name for a trait positive girl.)

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help : COME AND EDIT

Fans Respond to the Bloodlines Finale!

"Twists and deaths abound, and we were all glued to the computer on Friday. Some folks took time out to post their own video responses. Here’s a list of some great responses submitted to the lonelygirl15.com website on Friday."


Show LG15 Season 2 Finale Vids some love

EDIT3: An additional set of questions have been posted on the Bloodlines: Part 3 video ... starting with #A to #Z ... have at em!

Well fans, I think many have enjoyed the live event in San Francisco on Wednesday, and the four season finale videos with all the action, drama, and cameos on Friday, so it's time to show LG15 a little love. A few of us started last night by commenting like mad on Bloodlines: Part 1 video, in order to garner it some attention on the YouTube honors charts.

To continue this effort, this morning I posted a series of numbered questions #1 to #58 (I kept going until someone else posted a comment) on the Part 1 video.

The challenge: REPLY TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY NUMBERED QUESTIONS (#1 to #58) on the Bloodlines: Part 1 video ... who will be the first to complete this difficult task?
EDIT: Broken Kid wins round 1! Now I have added additional questions, so Round 2 begins... Who will be the first to REPLY TO EACH AND EVERY ONE OF MY NUMBERED QUESTIONS #1 to #101 ?
EDIT2: Bubbleteagirl has won round 2! (answering #1 to #101!) I really think 101 questions is plenty, so rather than add even more to the same video, ... who will duplicate this feat, joining the ranks of glory, answering each and every question with a comment on the Bloodlines: Part 1 video?

I'm also wondering if it might be time to start commenting heavily on one of the other parts...

My theory is that by promoting Part 1, new viewers will check it out, and if they like it, continue on to watch the other parts.

Showing 754 comments and 17,426 views, here are the current YouTube Honors for Bloodlines, Part 1:
#19 - Most Discussed (Today)
#5 - Most Discussed (Today) - People & Blogs
#19 - Most Viewed (Today) - People & Blogs
#95 - Most Viewed (This Week) - People & Blogs
#40 - Top Favorites (Today) - People & Blogs
#19 - Top Rated (Today) - People & Blogs
#86 - Top Rated (This Week) - People & Blogs

Anything #20 or higher shows up on the front page for that category, but the (Today) honors disappear after 24 hours, and it takes higher numbers to make it on the (Weekly) lists.

And be sure to rate each of the Bloodline videos as well as commenting!

Thanks! and cheers Creators, on a well-produced, written, and performed finale - lot's of fun to watch.

Jenni Powell Gets into Character - adamdaroff

Some sounds have been added for effect, but only some. The rest is completely real.

Wow... Wow! (200801252307.3g2) - bubbleteamaylee

video uploaded from my mobile phone

lg15 addiction - wilannies

waiting for videos like everyone else, you've turned me into an addict in just two weeks... Yeah i know its totally dorky, but here's my response :)


BloodlinesDid anyone get the season 2 finale twist correct?

Finale chat in the offical LG15 chat

Finale chat in the fan run HoO chat

Season 2 Finale blogspot playlist.

Season 2 of Lonelygirl15 is over. It went out with a bang. First the live event in San Francisco and then Bloodlines.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on season 2, the live event and the finale.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Bloodlines: Part 4 - Dr. Hart (LG15)

I've been running around this place for hours. Uploading this video will probably be the last thing I ever do . . . but at least I didn't let them win. - Dr. Hart

This video gives more insight into Bree's origin, exactly one season after she died.

This video also proves that Bree is Gina's sister.

Gina's Russian name sounds like Yevgeny, although that is the masculine form of the name. The feminine form is Yevgeniya.

Bloodlines: Part 4 -Dr. Hart (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Bloodlines: Part 436

The Creators January 25th, 2008 at 11:47 pm
Hey everyone,

We are having more problems with YouTube. We’re uploading the video, hopefully it will process shortly. Thanks for your patience, we hope you’re enjoying the Season Finale!!

The #1 Eternal Songs Of the Hymn Of One -micfranxon

BreeFM and AnchorCove are proud to present this epic masterpiece collection.

Special thanks to:

milowent: http://www.youtube.com/user/milowent
elixir: http://www.youtube.com/user/sweetelixir
mku77: http://www.youtube.com/user/mku77
betz28: http://www.youtube.com/user/betz28
suze900: http://www.youtube.com/user/sjcyoung

Boredomstrikes thoughts

Part 3: Thank You Creators!



So Awesome! The Cookies Are Done Too! (200801251902.3g2) - bubbleteamaylee

video uploaded from my mobile phone

Bloodlines: Part 3 - Jonas (LG15)

Description: I'm inside the facility. - Jonas

Bloodlines: Part 3 - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

This video was pulled for some unknow reason. It was released again at approximately 7pm EST.
While it was 436 there was at least one fake posts by "The Creators" that suggested a reason, but the post did not track to the real Creators LG15 ID.

The Mole - bluepeep39 (RP07)

So he was found...No matter. we have the Eye.

Woah! What happened? (200801251513.3g2) - bubbleteamaylee

video uploaded from my mobile phone



JenniPowell in Bloodlines Part 2?

Is this woman in the white coat JenniPowell?

She has been seen cavorting with suspected mole Greg Gallows, after all. Is JenniPowell working for the Order?

JenniPowell at the San Francisco event.

Bloodlines: Part 2 - Jonas (LG15)

Ahhh, we were so close to getting Emma. But we do have a lead. - Jonas

Bloodlines: Part 2 - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

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image courtesy of karebare1978

LG15.com ESCAPES FROM THE 436!!!!

IT'S BACK!.....but only for a short time

Yep, that is right folks. IT'S DOWN AGAIN.


LG15.com goes 436

The Lonelygirl15 web site appears to be down.

BK is in LG15 Chat:
"I just e-mailed the programmer/server guy"
"I don't think it's too much traffic. I think it keeps getting attacked"

This discussion is still going strong over at Anchor Cove.

The official LG15 IRC chat is still available if you use this link to bypass the LG15.com web site: http://java.freenode.net//index.php?channel=LG15chat

milowent said...
If the season one finale is any guide, this may keep up awhile. in addition to posting here at lg15today, i encourage every lg15 fan to use the anchor cove forum to post if they would like. (during the season one finale, over 100 new fans used anchor cove, we were happy to have you)



......and don't forget, you can always Juggle For World Peace while you wait for the site to return.

Oh No! (200801251214.3g2) - bubbleteamaylee

video uploaded from my mobile phone


Virgil was one of the Hymn of One's Watchers. He was present at the fake Ceremony, but given that this was his only appearance in Bree's times, one can assume he wasn't assigned to protect Bree. He was, however, the primary Watcher concerned with Emma's well-being, frequently seen fighting whomever he considered the greatest danger to her at that moment.
Virgil was notable for the special relationship he had to Jonas and the TAAG: In the woods, he revealed to Jonas Claire's true identity, what was going on behind the scenes, and what a horrible mistake Jonas had made in trusting Claire. He also spared the TAAG's life and fought the rogue Elder and his Shadow by their side. Suprisingly enough Virgil allowed Emma leave with TAAG, even though he was clearly in control of the situation. On the other hand, he was seen threatening and hunting the gang multiple times.
While people initially just assumed he was helping the gang because he knew Jonas would do everything he could to protect Emma, thus making Virgil's own job easier, the events of Bloodlines: Part 1 suggest that he actually did switch sides, and wanted Emma to live and be free.


Virgil first appeared at the Fake Ceremony, but only in the distance, without being specially noted. His first real encounter with the TAAG was when Jonas and Sarah were staking out Carl and Sonia, quickly followed by them running like hell. The next time they saw him basically played out the same way, with the TAAG trying to stalk the Ceremony Baby, being discovered by Virgil, and then being chased by him. Virgil seemed to have met his maker after Claire shot him in the woods when Jonas brought Emma to her, but he returned as soon as Claire was gone (with Emma), very upset about what Jonas had done. He explained to Jonas how he had been set up, and that the rogue Elder and Claire were even worse than the Order, leading to Jonas trying to get Emma back. Although at first it seemed like Virgil was the enemy once more, with him chasing the TAAG through the streets again, in the end it was he who saved their lives and let them all go to safety. Virgil appeared next in Bloodlines: Part 1, where he was apparently supposed to meet Jonas and Daniel at William Porter's house. Unfortunately, his cover seems to have been blown, and a few minutes later, he was shot by another Watcher.

Virgil on LGPedia.

Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help
How do you feel about Virgil's apparent death. Did he have it coming, or do you feel bad for him? Are you sure he is dead?

Bloodlines: Part 1 - Jonas (LG15)

We left San Francisco and have been driving for a while. You'll never believe what happened next.

Bloodlines: Part 1 - Jonas on LGPedia.

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The Tachyon Tour - GregGallows

Jenni Powell, Heyaja, and I retrace Tachyons footsteps in this epic tour!

Music : Gorillaz - DARE

Flowers - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by bebo.com/DeepGoat

I’m heading to Kate’s memorial service tomorrow. Thought I'd better get some kind of flower for the occasion.

Dr. Harts true colors - september2star

I hate to say it... but... I told you so

THE ORDER THEORY - theGermexican

I had to cut it in half to fit the term of use agreement ):[

I offer some help and a rhetorical question to TAAG. And I muse some...

I had to cut it in half to fit the term of use ... (more)
Added: January 24, 2008
I had to cut it in half to fit the term of use agreement ):[

I offer some help and a rhetorical question to TAAG. And I muse some...

YouTube makes hot venue for amateur artists

"However, for many students, what may have started out as a casual pastime has turned into a serious bid to work respectably in the entertainment industry."


"“Although it could be a better social network, YouTube was a great way to get exposure,” said Beckett, who will be describing the show’s success in detail today at noon in Kerckhoff Grand Salon."

Los Perros Del Agua

From: Mesh's blog:

"Other than the obligation of catching the passing fish (which, with your webbed feet and agile swimming abilities you'd really be over-qualified for) your days are pretty much free for a wide array of leisure activities."



The death pool poll is still open but with 183 votes cast LG15 Today is now calling the poll in favor of Dr. Hart who has an impressive 31 percent of the vote. This means we can now say with absolute certainty that there is a distinct possibility that Dr. Hart might die in the Season Finale of Lonelygirl15.

Runner up for the illustrous title of "Most Likely To Die" is none other than Bree (again) who with an impressive 19 votes had 10 percent of the total. How could Bree (again) die? Leave us your suggestion in a comment below.

Tied in 3rd place were Emma and Mallory who both had 9 percent of the vote, but Gina is running close behind with 8 percent.

Trailing well behind for the title were:
Jennie 2%
Carl 1%
Taylor 0%
Daneil 2%
Jona 4%
Sarah 6%
Spencer 0%
Bree's mom 0%
Jonas's mom 0%
Jonas's dad 0%
Watcher (Greg) 0%
Sonia 0%
Aunt Alex 0%
Carla 0%
Chris 0%
Random girl 1%
Nikki B 0%
The Cowboy 0%
P. Monkey 3%
Jack 0%

Note: there is some rounding error in results so a single vote might show up as 0%. Also the results have not been independently audited or conducted with a statistically valid sample so some may question their validity.


quarterlife - part 23

quarterlife - part 23

Add to My Profile | More Videos
"Goodbyes" - Chemistry continues to develop between Vanessa and Andy and Lisa and John.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memo solution

It appears that Taylor has collaborated with a number of fans on the forums to find the clue hidden in the Verdus memo stolen by Daniel and Sarah and given to fans by Jonas at the Ghirardelli Square meeting. Taylor's last post on the discussion thread concludes:

I need to leave (homework, ugh) but I think we've pretty much got it. This seems like a self-reinforcing puzzle... whoever wrote this really wanted us to figure out that "Olivier Henry" of Bio-Therapy Report LLC is actually William Porter (or just... Porter?). Here's where we got this from:

1) name of war (or nom de guerre) means pseudonym
2) Olivier Henry (President of Bio-Therapy Report LLC) who the memo was addressed to... or O.Henry. O.Henry is a writer and his name was a pseudonym for William S. Porter.
3) We know that we need to "celebrate the date" and it was suggested that the solution to the "Impossible Puzzle"(4 and 13) might actually be a date... April 13, 1861 which was the date of the Battle of Fort Sumter
4) All of this fits with "confederates, Historic Fight, and first shot" reinforced the Battle of Fort Sumter from the Civil War and we figured out that the first shot fired was by Henry S. Farley... this also reinforces O. Henry

So, I think that the President of Verdus (or someone in his office) was trying to tell us that the head of Bio-Therapy Report LLC is... William Porter (or just Porter?).

I think that's it. If you guys can find anything else, let me know and I'll check later. You all rock! Thanks!
What do you think? Is this all there is to it? And who put this hidden information in the memo going to all Verdus employees?


"Oh dear."

LG15 in-character night!!! 1/24

Taylor is in the forums trying to figure out the memo from yesterday's events- http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=120&t=15878

And Suzie (from whatweird) is trying to figure out her latest mystery- http://www.whatweird.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=17&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=10

Coincidence that both are on at the same time??? Hmmmmm...

Enjoy the fun in either forum!

Lonelycracker Jack - Evergreen214

Only a true Lonelycracker would teach their 1 yr old to say this...

LG15 Live Event OOG Footage - DrBethany

I was so angered about being trapped in that $*%@ bag in that &^%*ing trunk that I decided to steal their footage and post it online.

Too Dangerous! - Jonas (LG15)

Thank you all for coming out to meet us. Sorry we had to take off so quickly, but we know the memo will be safe with you. We'll be checking the forum regularly to see if you've come up with any useful information. - Jonas

LG15 Live Event Footage/Summary

Jenni Powell convinced me to upload and edit my footage from the Ghirardelli square meetup yesterday. We decided to post it here because the link is already on LGpedia and .. well .. I doubt you all would have wanted to hear anything from me.
-Greg Gallows

MicFranXon on BreeFM 4pm

Hey Everyone,

Today on my show:

  • More Horrid Poetry
  • Discussing the Live Event yesterday
  • Discussing my series coming soon
  • LA Apartment hunting Update
  • Latest Vid I'm working On
  • The Making of my tagged vid
  • Music, Of course
That's today at 4pm Pacific on BreeFM

(HA) Pick Up and Delivery

Mr. Noir meets with Agent Maria.

A Detailed Description of the Series and Cast, Coming Soon.
For more info visit: http://hiramabiff.net
and http://hiramabiff.tv

Season 1 and 2 Recap/Promo Vid by DutchLostLover108

Very well put together.

Internet Celebrity Revealed - Julia (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/PrincessJools

Maybe this job isn’t going to be everything it’s cracked up to be?

Hello Greggerz! - Anne (LJ15)

Just wanted to say hello to an old friend. --Anne

Girl changes from negative to positive in real life!

Read the entire article here. She was able to go from negative to positive!

Transplant teen who changed blood type is 'a girl in six billion'

A teenage transplant patient from Australia has astounded scientists from around the world by becoming the first person ever to switch blood type and completely accept a transplanted organ.

Demi-Lee Brennan, 15, spontaneously switched from blood type O-negative to O-positive after taking on her liver donor's immune system.

Several months on from the transplant, her doctors at Westmead Children's Hospital in Sydney were shocked to discover her blood type had changed to match the blood type of her deceased male donor.

She had better watch out for the Order now! She is now trait positive!! haha, just kidding.

Research: hollyxmas


There is going to be a twist in the Lonelygirl season 2 finale.

What do you think it will be? If you want to take a "stab" at it leave a comment below and give it your best "shot".

immo1 said...
I can't take credit for this but I'm completely on board.

I hope Bree comes back, not just Bree...

Evil Bree!!!

maybe... said...
bree comes back!!! and maybe iris finally comes canon! :P hahaha

gf said...
Bree comes back with Cassie and Maddison, they've been hanging out in room 436...

qthec said...
A major new villain is introduced - Olivier Henry (the president of Bio-Therapy Report LLC), and thwarted by TAAG during a ceremony attempt using Emma. The twist? Susie-Lou shows up, the real patient #11, the only survivor of the Hart study, and Gina's best friend, and it's clear that funding for the Hart study and the Lullabye project will likely be restored.

qthec said...
p.s. Gina reveals her true feelings: disgust with Dr. Hart

qthec said...
Also, someone spills water on Lucy and she falls to the ground, saying "I'm melting, meeeeellltting." Then she gets back up and says, "Psych!"

luckystrike502 said...
Greg Gallows will be introduced as a watcher. After all, he got the watcher tattoo and shaved his head! While being introduced during the Season 2 finale, he will be shot and killed! That will be the twist, and the death!

Greg Goodfried Misses Out?!

Hey Chris, thanks for the article. I had to watch the live event virtually from Los Angeles, but I thought it was one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

Yeah, I’m biased, but anyone who knows me knows that I admit when our show is not up to our standards. Today was NOT one of those days.

Name another medium that allows you to tell a story through text comments, chat, video, live video, and LIVE EVENTS!!! All in one day AND all while watching it with thousands of your close friends.

I think you got to witness the future of entertainment first hand and I’m jealous. :)

Congrats to Amanda, Yousef, Jackson, and Kevin for running such a great and entertaining event.

Now whose gonna figure out that memo?
Greg Goodfried on January 23rd, 2008 at 11:17 pm - Permalink


Congrats Amanda, Yousef, Jackson and Kevin

"Congrats Amanda, Yousef, Jackson and Kevin on a GREAT live event!!!"


Wednesday, January 23, 2008


CHECK IT OUT! (Thanks to TJ Marsh for the link!)

"By the end of the day, they won’t just watch the filming of a new episode of their favorite web show — but they’ll be a part of the series."


WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

In-character interactions: in Op.Aphid it was trial by fire. In-character interactions work because the fans tend to be insecure about their role. You have to know the character really well.

At the Petaluma drop the drop was missing. Glenn had to create a distraction while the drop was replaced. It had been planted at the Petaluma Theatre. People would not go to pick up the drop right away and the game was being dominated by a few players.

Glenn originally went with the idea of videotaping the drop retrieval. He had not planned it ahead of time. He had a friend in IRC reading chat. Glenn was spotted and he left. He recreated the original drop and drove around until he got their attention. He drove to a garage and made the exchange. It totally fit within the story and Glenn enjoyed the excitement.

In LG15 is is mostly "on rails" because the story has to progress. That is just a reality of doing a show like that. Everyone does this so it not just LG15. What would happen if you decided to really mess with them. You could do something unexpected and call it out.

With Op.Aphid Glenn was able to build in some interactivity where the fans actually had some control. It really sucks if people do not post about their experience.

Glenn says you don't want it to seem like "Murder Mystery Theatre". You don't want that feeling that people are just going through with their roles. The Jungle Cruise at Disney is very self aware.

If you ever get a chance to participate in a live event throw them as many curve balls as you can.

For example, LGS showed up in LG15 chat and took it very seriously. He was responding how a real person would act. Play it in character. Ask some questions. Don't be passive. Interaction is two way participation. It will make it better because people can think on their feet.

In Glenn's first drop he had answers on index cards. He was answering questions on all kinds of things. A game is only on rails if you let it be on rails. Either you will get a real experience or you will expose them as frauds.

IN 12IN12 it was all about saving Bree. You were guaranteed to loose. Look at Spencer and integration. We all knew Jess was leaving. Glenn did not think it would work without Lonelygirl15 (Bree). You had no chance of determining the outcome . LG15 was faced with a very difficult situation because Jessica was leaving so they had to make the most of it.

This is tough love. To do it right its a full time job to do an ARG.

Glenn said he should have said no to Miles on occasions. In an ARG there are ARG ways of doing things that you are expected to live by. For Glenn it has to be authentic to be interactive. If you don't you risk loosing your audience. Glenn knows how hard it its to do LG15, but it is also important for the fans to exercise their influence.

Glenn wanted to move from ARGs to telling the same story for LG15 but not through an ARG. The Op.Aphid ARG had reached a good end point. He should have said no to Miles when he was asked to do ARG components for LG15.

If he had an offer to do an ARG for money and it allowed him to tell a story he wanted to tell he would do it.

Glenn thanked the Red Army for their help with the latest Rachel video "Explore Me" which is the 6th RedEarth video in a row to break 100,000 views.

He also talked about a fan incentive and viewer reactions to the "Explore Me" video.

The RED ARMY is an elite group of tactical forces. The USA army, Spartans......and the RED ARMY.

Off screen cameos in the next Rachel video similar to the one to Zoey. Look for shout outs to Virginian9000 and Milowent.

"Exploring Myself": some people are saying we need Tachyon's perspective; others understand Tachyon's perspective and don't need to see an actual video. (See discussion in comments). This was a hard video to write because he did not want it to seem forced. It makes Glenn think about the "Poor Pluto" video when Bree said they used to call her star girl....which seemed a little corny. He wanted this video to be true to the character.

If its well written its painfully awkward. If poorly written it become laughable. Glenn wanted neither of those. He wanted the video to be honest, but not hard to watch.

"As you probably know, I've been home schooled most of my life, and then I went to high school. During my first week there I had this teacher that I really liked and he was really into stars and I love stars, so I asked a lot of questions. So pretty soon, kids started saying that I thought I was so-o-o-o smart or something, and I told myself that I didn't care and (sighs) then they started saying that I was from a star. I kept asking questions. So finally they stopped calling me "Stargirl" and they stopped saying that I thought that I was smart, and instead they started saying that I was...doing something with my teacher. And that's when I stopped asking questions about stars."

Vidplay: Mesh Flinders

Poor Pluto on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

The creative process for "Exploring Myself":

Glenn - outline
Glenn - first draft
Jenni - wrote a draft
Glenn - wrote a draft
Jeromy took a look at the draft
Glenn cleaned up his original draft

Glenn has been the lead writer on ever Rachel video so far but he relies on the other for their contributions. Glenn is very nuanced but he also wants other peoples input. Creative tension can be good.

There were some LG15 videos that Glenn felt were very un-Bree like. Glenn was shocked how much they let him write the back story. When people looked at the credits they found out which videos were written by Glenn. Being recognised for writing the character parts means a lot to Glenn.

It was interesting to write "Exploring Myself". The junior high experience. It was intensely personal. Glenn thinks he has an ability to write the thoughts and feelings of characters well.

" Hiding in the Bathroom": started as 6 pages. Glenn had Bree saying that she talked to her stuff animals because it would make Daniel leave her alone.

Hiding In The Bathroom - lonelygirl15

Jessica asked Glenn if Bree was a little"special needs"; Glenn thought it was better to have her savy. "Stuffed animal land".

Glenn likes the sophistication of the emotion in RedEarth88.

With the next RE88 video this is your chance to participate in RedEarth88: send an e-mail to [email protected]

If you have already participated (or participate on the next RedEarth88 video, which will be the last in this arc) you are going to get your own personalized "end tag" with the voice of Op.Aphid saying your youtube screen name and your own "saying" (for example: COME AND EDIT). If you have 50-100 posts already you are included, but its wide open to new participants. Spread the word.

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Played @ Song Title (due to technical problem some songs were not played)
01:42:16 Loreena McKennitt - Seeds of Love
01:37:22 Eazy-E - Eazy-Duz-It
01:34:26 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
01:31:54 Loveline - Crank Yankers - Dr. Drew Talks Hip
01:28:36 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
01:25:32 House of Pain - Put on your shit kickers
01:23:24 Loveline - Loveline - Tim The Russian.mp3
01:23:24 Crank Yankers - Dr. Drew Talks Hip
01:18:36 Oasis - Don't Look Back in Anger
01:10:58 Reel Big Fish - She Has A Girlfriend Now
01:07:24 TATU - all the things she said Current Song
01:04:46 Scott Thompson - Mixed Race Child
01:00:08 Sophie B. Hawkins - Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover
00:13:22 Headboard - The End Is Near
0:10:24 Lustra - Scotty Doesn't Know
00:06:33 Josie and the Pussycats - Pretend to Be Nice
00:05:41 Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler
00:02:03 Artbox - High School Dance
23:57:28 Patton Oswalt - At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel
23:51:49 Suburban All-Stars - Birthmark (Radio Edit)
23:10:22 Pep Squad - Jamie's Kisses
23:07:06 00 Please Please Please Let Me G

Summary of the Live Event at Ghiradelli Square

"Looks like our good friend Greg Gallows may have some connections to the Order."


Memo discussion on LG15.com


We received the following memo from Jenni Powell. She is a little confused right now.

It is the memo that Jonas and Daniel gave them at live event.


Dear Mr. Henry,

This Memo shall confirm receipt of your Letter dated October 26th, 2007 in which you informed the Board of
Directors of Verdus Pharmaceuticals that you will be suspending funding of the Hart Study and the Lullabye
Project. While the early promise of Dr. Calvin Hart’s research was cause for our shared optimism and
jubilation, the Board cannot deny the fact that all twenty of Dr. Hart’s Patients in Group A failed to reach
maturation and were therefore unable to be harvested.

The Board admits that the study was a failure, and that the long term viability of Dr. Hart’s genetic
modifications remain very much in doubt. However, all scientific theories must be put to the test, and the
Board roundly rejects your claim that “faulty” medical research or our “inexperienced personnel” are
somehow to blame. Verdus Pharmaceuticals is a proud family company with a rich tradition of pioneering
medicine, and the Board stands behind all of our employees, many of whom will now have to be laid off.
Finally, and most important, the Board asks you to consider the following:

Even in failure, we must celebrate the date, always grateful for science’s Impossible Puzzles and elegant
solutions, and knowing full well that our confederates will carry on this Historic Fight.
So, let them always remember the first shot, the first name of war, and know well that it was yours.

Eternally Yours,
Office of the President
Verdus Pharmaceuticals


Memo discussion on LG15.com

Lonelygirl15 Live Event in SF

"What’s filmed today will air tonight. The whole thing is leading up to the season 2 finale on Friday, Jan. 25."


Her Body, Her Blood - Dr. Hart (LG15)


Daniel and Jonas, it doesn't matter what you do or what you find out . . . they are too powerful. - Dr. Hart

San Francisco Live Event Update on LGPedia

For those who didn’t make the live event, there’s an update of what took place on the LGPedia:

Don’t forget: The LGPedia is run by and for fans. So while you’re catching up, consider contributing to the ‘Pedia!
Source: insideLG15
NOTE: Special thank to Zoey and the team over at LGpeida for some amazing work!

From LGBot (Jonpro, who also works heavily on LGPedia):


The following is a list of fans known to be at the event.

The following is a list of fans known to be at the event.
• Jenni Powell
• Greg Gallows
• wookie
• Aja
• 707clique/XwestsideX (now revealed as "Ryan")
• yukake
• Paul
• Rosie and friend
• Some guy talking on his cellphone known simply as "Bob"
• lala_loveee
• oohpoordaniel
• Stephanie Wilson "Annie"
• 121212wer
• surfthetsu was there, but only arrived near the end of the eve


Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help


  • LG15 event in San Francisco portal page.
  • E-mail news, pixs, video to [email protected]
  • If you attend, remember to protect your own safety.
  • Discuss the event in in the official LG15 chat room.
  • Discuss the event in the fan run HoO chat room where we hope to have OTS reportesr bring you a play by play.
  • Ghirardelli Square Webcam
  • Listen to coverage on BreeFM.

  • Ghirardelli Square

    Lucy showed up at Ghirardelli Square and showed the fans a picture of Jonas and Daniel, asking if they had seen them. They said no. She went into a wine store. She came back out, and asked some other people if they had seen Jonas and Daniel. They also said no. Lucy got angry and shoved the pictures into an agent's face. She then ripped them up and stormed off. Reportedly, Aja recovered one of the pictures and will be uploading it soon.
    A cell phone started ringing in a potted plant near the fountain. They picked up the phone and there was a text. "Too dangerous. Location Changed. Use the phone to light your way. 2266379". The fans discovered that the numbers corresponded to letters on a phone, leading them to the next location.

    The Cannery

    The fans then headed over to the Cannery, which is about two blocks from the fountain. It is located at 2801 Leavenworth Street, at the foot of Columbus Street, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.
    When the fans got there, Jonas and Daniel were there. Jonas handed the fans a memo which confirmed that the Ceremony is happening this week.
    Aja and Jenni had the note when Lucy showed up. Lucy chased Jonas and Daniel away. They had a prearranged safe meeting location in case anything like this happened. The location was Hyde St. Pier. The fans headed there and waited for Jonas and Daniel to show up.

    Hyde St. Pier

    At Hyde St. Pier, Jonas sent a text message on the phone he left at the fountain. It said "Greg Gallows is a mole. We can't trust him. He called Lucy and told her where the location was." Jonas also included a picture of Greg talking to Lucy. Jonas told the community not to tell Greg that they knew he was a mole and not to let him see the memo from earlier. Jonas and Daniel got away from Lucy and now need our help deciphering the memo. The memo will be scanned and uploaded tonight.

    San Francisco Live Event on LGPedia

    LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help



    Once again: Jonas passed on a memo that Greggallows is the mole, he was seen talking to LUCY and a picture of him was taken talking to Lucy, the group was told NOT to tell greggallows


    Who is Greg Gallows? see http://www.youtube.com/greggallows

    Watcher Tattoo: Dec 11, 2007

    Watcher Haircut: Jan 7, 2008

    Mole at Ghirardelli Fountain: Jan 23, 2008


    The Cannery is really close to Ghirardelli suqare



    Click here to listen
    Listen with your preferred player!

    JenniPowell on the phone: Headcount of 18


    The Cannery is really close to Ghirardelli suqare


    Speaking on the phone that was found in the planter!

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