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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Turtle Busted - fractured0

okay, sorry for the delay, I'm in it deep...the 'rents found out where I am, and I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna get a warm welcome...

music: "Kiss Me Again (stutter)" by Ben's Brother

Dr Rudolf Jones Jr. take on the "Free the Fuzzies" Movement


I hope i did not over do it. Hope to talk to you, Dr Bethany, soon!


Personal note:

This is the LonelyFrenchman15 episode for the week... We would've made two, but I'm going on a class trip tommorrow... TTYL Anne!



For more FuzzyMadness check out Deagols newest video :

A Front For Viral Butchers

He has been attempting, through puzzles, to explain to us what S.T.A.R.C.H. in OpaerationSTARCH stands for (OpStarch is a militant fuzzy organization whose ultimate goal appears to be overthrowing the non fuzzys.) Shortly after this video was posted, an anonymous source known only as Pound Nine posted this video, letting Deagol know that he had beaten him to "The C in Starch".

Byach This Anagram Sucks

Could Pound Nine have more information about the Fuzzy revolutionaries?

Ongoing Opositions Cravings Died Without Hostile Deadlyfight - LJWatcher


Jakki Jandrell in Closer - A Review by Jenni Powell

Myself, Mike Frankson, and Kira had the pleasure of catching the preview showing of the LA production of Closer starring Jakki Jandrell. We were greeted at the theater when we arrived by the assistant stage manager who informed us that they'd actually cancelled the public performance due to some crew issues. But he and the director, Vince Duque, invited us to stay anyway and witness their final dress rehearsal. They also invited us to come back to any other show we wanted during the run as well as bring one guest each (details on what we plan to do with these free extra tickets will be coming soon...).

The show was magnificent. I can't speak for my fellow watchers, but I can say that I was transfixed for the entire show. The cast worked together brilliantly, it's as if they were meant to be these four people affecting each other's lives in some of the most dramatic ways. Jakki was riveting. She played the role of Alice, a pathological lying, vagabond stripper who crosses the path of Dan (by way of a car which crashes into her). Neither of their lives are the same. Especially when you throw a professional photographer named Anna and a dermatologist named Larry into the mix.

After the show, we were invited by the cast and crew to join them for drinks. They all listened intently as we gave our feedback on the show, with Vince making copious notes in a series of notebooks he keeps with him. It is not often that a production is that open to feedback and it made us feel like we really could make a difference in the production. Not that they need much work. In addition to the stellar performances, the set and wardrobe design meshed perfectly and the use of lights and sound brought the entire production to an extremely high level of professionalism and emotionality.

I wish nothing but the whole-hearted success of this show. If you are in the LA area, I urge you to go and see it. And just to throw something in for the LonelyGirl fans...you will see more of Gemma than you had ever anticipated. Keep in mind that there are extreme adult themes in this show, so it may not be appropriate for all age groups.

Stay tuned here and on BreeFM for more of our Closer reactions and commentary.

Jackie Jandrell on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Jonas has old Bree footage! Ask him to post it.

Jonas says:

so sarah has really done it this time. db is pissed. he's in his room and won't come out. but i guess it's kind of a good thing since this woman could be someone connected to bree and gina... it's brought back some memories and feelings for me. but not anything i'm going to focus on. i'm trying to get my sh*t together and i don't want to feel like i did 6 months ago. so moving on...i just got a couple pm's asking about bree's house and how i've seen that woman before. well i've pretty much seen the entire place top to bottom through daniel's old footage. over the past year as we've run into dead ends daniel and i have poured over old footage of his. he's got tons of tapes with random stuff - lots of footage of them hanging around bree's house and goofing off. anyway, we've re-watched those tapes over and over again looking at the bookshelves, her dad's office, the papers, books, binders, the pictures hung on the walls. really anything that might give us a clue to something or someone. remember that vid "oh the places you'll go" when db and i retraced our steps to lucy's apt etc? we decided not to go back to bree's cuz we had all that footage and i'd seen "back at bree's" a dozen times. then when bree died i had hoped to go inside the house, but i found someone else living there. so i wonder what gina will have to say about all this? she went for walk... said something about needing fresh air. so there ya go. i've got a splitting headache, no one's really talking to each other, and the house reeks of eggs. same sh*t different day.


"The preparations for Hangover Hell began early in the day".

Source: insideLG15

Tokyo, meet lonelygirl15

by Randy (aka ThatFreakinRandy)

That’s the beauty of photoshop. You can pretty much bend reality.”

Source: insideLG15

Hangover Hell - Daniel (LG15)


No one should drink so much for so long. I think they've learned their lesson. - Daniel

See the drawings here:

Re: I've got mail - uniqueblaze

Video Cam Direct Upload

Lonelyjew15 Email

Anne has released her email address in the comments of her latest blog post. [email protected] . So, now there are two new in-character interaction tools--the blog and the email. Feel free to go to Anne's in character blog and leave a comment.

Sean Vincent Biggins as 'Dr. Hart' on "Lonelygirl15"

This is a compilation of my work in the role of 'Dr. Calvin Hart' on the popular web series LONELYGIRL15. I've tried to edit it in such a way as to preserve the story chronology. Thank you to everyone who works on the show. I had a great time.

From November - January I played the role of Dr. Calvin Hart on the highly successful web series LONELYGIRL15. Below is a compilation reel of my work on the show. When editing it, I tried to maintain the integrity and chronology of the plot as much as possible. It runs about 7 1/2 minutes. I am currently working on a dramatic demo reel which will include some of this footage, but will be much shorter. Thanks for watching.

From Sean Vincent Biggins' MySpace

Research: Zoey

Gina’s Drawings

Sarah just made the following post in the in-character section of the lonelygirl15.com:

“Here are the pieces of Gina’s ripped up drawings. Can you guys put the pieces back together?”

Can you help Sarah?

Source: insideLG15

quarterlife - part 31

quarterlife - part 31 - NEW EPISODE!

Add to My Profile | More Videos
"Home Sweet Home" - Vanessa's performance art causes a ruckus in the building.

Friday, February 22, 2008

. . . . . - MessyNessy89

"Parting is all we know of heaven,
and all we need of hell."

Here goes.... - MessyNessy89

Sorry the quality is so shitty. I had to use Johnny's iPhone, which I borrowed...and I'm not very technologically advanced...

I'll post again soon.

Boooooooooooooooooored - LonelyJew15 Blog


Isn't Los Angeles supposed to be full of glamor and glitz? I haven't even seen one movie star yet! Not that I'd recognize any of the current movie stars...but still!


Hello fellow lonelycrackers!Us fellow lonelycasters are are really pressed for things to talk about this sunday and we don't really have much to talk about. Perhaps you guys could help us out by pitching us some ideas for things to discuss. just leave a comment or an email.
[email protected]

Madeleine McCann - missing for 293 days

Lets not try to forget about her :(

(Posted also at http://tjmarsh.wordpress.com/)

Who Are The FTO? - Steve (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Rupert works in mysterious ways but by God does he get the job done!

'Rude Boots' by Burning Babylon

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hot Tubbing - Jennie (LG15)


I couldn't NOT post this!! :) - Jennie

Music: "The Line" by Something For Rockets

Hot Tub Hookup!

Jonas and Jennie on LGPedia <---needs your help to fill in the blanks ~Screen shot by Zoey Hot Tubbing - Jennie (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

I've got mail - Gregory Atkins (RE88)

I'm not sure why I posted this. Maybe this blog thing is catching on with me. Maybe I'm an egomaniac. That's certainly how I feel. Rachel's screen name is Redearth. A little trivia there for the masses


Glenn asked the "Red Army" to help promote this video. This is why the video has been scheduled for a specific time/release date. If you participate significantly in the comments for this video you become eligible for a custom RedEarth88 "end tag". If you have already participated you will receive a bonus "end tag".

RE88 Universe on LGPEDIA.

I've got mail - Gregory Atkins (Maddison Atkins) on LGPedia.

There is an ongoing discussion about the expansion and deletion of pages concerning these series. Please contribute here.

LGPedia: Maddison Avenue need your HELP!

Friends, Competitors, or Enemies?

"Jonas and Daniel’s relationship has been on the rocks since the group arrived at the cabin. "

Source: insideLG15

Download from Flickr.

Funky Monkey

By Sarah

LG15 Forum Username: Sirea


Bad Timing - A114one (The Flock)

Sorry, guys. Life's been CRAZY! I didn't have time to edit this, so I just put it up.

Follow the Flock on LGPedia
Discuss the Flock

Stiff Upper Lip - Julia (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/PrincessJools

I’m so upset. I can’t believe he’s gone.

New Maddison Atkins/RedEarth Crossover Video Scheduled

On his radio show Glenn talked about how RedEarth88 and Maddison Atkins both take place in the RE88 Universe. These operate as two series with cross overs. A new Maddison Atkins video is scheduled for Thursday Feb 21, 4PM PST and this will have a very significant cross over with the RedEarth88 series. This video will confirm some of the speculation about Rachel.

Glenn asked the "Red Army" to help promote this video. This is why the video has been scheduled for a specific time/release date. If you participate significantly in the comments for this video you become eligible for a custom RedEarth88 "end tag". If you have already participated you will receive a bonus "end tag".

A Heed Imps Pivot Lolls - WatchingOpAphid

Never odd or even.


Below is the reversed audio from WatchingOpAphids video

"Shall not buy condoms for Glenn"

Thank you Steve for solving the anagram in the title!

stevemedigod said...

OpAphid Still Loves Me


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Time to Make the Phone Call- Betz281 (The Flock)

I wanted to document as much of this as possible.

Follow the Flock on LGPedia
Discuss the Flock

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

All new setup. New mixing board. Level check from the voice of OpAphid, Mari Devincenzi. There was some chat in IRC about the voice of OpAphid so Glenn decided to "go public".

Also 3 years ago she was not only the voice of OpAphid, but also Glenn's personal assistant. OpAphid seemed "complete" when they started to work on the voice overs.

Glenn shot footage of the visual stuff. He has a white wall in his studio where he can shoot stuff. He layed out a seamless white backdrop.

Mari: She likes anything dark. She wondered how Glenn was going to get into another "game".

Glenn: he knew there had to be a game. That was the big gamble. He knew what ARGs were but he had never played one. He tried playing Cassieiswatching but he got bored after a day.

To create a puzzle he had to work backwards. If you want to figure out Glenn, look at Wikipedia and look at the "what links here" section. Mari helped with all the research.

Glenn would suggest Mari do "random errands".

In 2004, the precursor to everything that happened later took place an it was like a "sitcom". Glenn well tell the story in the next hour.

Glenn drew on random lines that Mari said that worked their way into LG15.

Additionally Glenn talked about the Red Army. As a bonus the Red Army is going to get "end tags" Mari will be doing the voice over as the "Voice of OpAphid"

Glenn has taken to calling RedEarth88 a situation dramedy. RedEarth and Maddison Atkins both take place in the RE88 Universe but as two series with cross overs. There will be "points of interaction." Tomorrow afternoon 4PM PST (Thursday) there will be a cross over Maddison Atkins video. He compared it to the episode of Booker that was a spin off from 21 Jump Street. The video will confirm some stuff that people have spectuated about in term of Rachel. Glenn asked the Red Army to help promote this video.

Suggestion: Check out the old WB show "Off Center" if you get a chance. It is one of the shows that has influenced Glenn

Dominic used to share an office with Glenn and he was around when Mari was helping Glenn with OpAphid.

Glenn and Mari talked about Erasure.

Mari has her own "cowboy story".

Glenn shot a test shoot for a pilot of a show called "Adult Material" which he planned to distribute via bittorrent. Mari helped by acting in the shoot. They chose Burlingame as an obscure city for it to take place in. It is a city in the Bay Area. People know where it is but they don't know much about it.

Glenn and Mari acted out a scene from the drama on his radio show. Dominic also played a character in the test shoot. Everyone was impressed by Mari's performance when they saw the test shoot.

As and aside, OpAphid has a supporting role in the "Cowboy Radio Drama".

Glenn described working with Mari as "inappropriateness squared" because of some of the amusing conversations they would have when working together. They would talk about relationships. Jessica Rose would tell Glenn about her bad relationships and how difficult it was to break up. He remembers similar situations with Mari.

Mari said "Oh Dear!" Glenn talked about how he would coach Mari on how to say it. They recorded a ton of OpAphid stuff that was never released.

Mari did both the OpAphid voice and the "Cassie" voice. In " The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful" Glenn started to hear the "character in his head" because of Mari's voice stuck in his head.

People who left voice mails got phone calls from the character of Brother in addition to the call to the park. If you gave up too much information you got a phone call from OpAphid telling you if you had passed or failed the test. This was the first time she said "Oh Dear!" and "Be well for your own sake".

In RedEarth88 we learn a little more about OpAphid. Glenn gave props to people in the disuccussion. They are on the right track on one issue and headed in the right direction in another. People have been speculating on the identity of 15over15 . This is one of the reasons why its hard to do an ARG because you have no idea how long it will take people to figure thing out. This is part of why Glenn is not doing an ARG any more. He enjoys having a public presence. In LG15/OpAhid he had to shill some answers because the plot needed to move forward.

Glenn believes the Cassieiswatching ARG came to a full and complete ending and Cassie cannot come back to help solve the anagram. That is why Glenn put up the anagram on the one year anniversary. Even without puzzles people are missing things in RedEarth88.

Mari "read lines" suggested by fans in the "Voice of OpAphid" including: "And as such you will face our wrath", "Bring me the head of Cassie", "I like applesauce" and "If you don't edit LGPedia, we will destroy you." Mari gave a shout out to WatchingOpAphid

Mari shot some of the video for the "Remember Me" video including the teddy bear and the balloon.

In response to a question, Glenn commented that he has not made a cent off RedEarth88, OpAphid or Lonelygirl15 so far.

Glenn wishes he could have finished up his plan to have OpAphid as Bree's Mom.

August 2004: Glenn was dating a girl and he thought she was cheating on him. He would talk to Mari about it a lot. When he would catch his girlfriend in a lie it had to do with her ex-boyfriend. She would say she was "hanging out in the city" but the caller ID would be her ex boyfriend's number. The messed up part is that he did not break up with the girl.

Glenn knew the ex boyfriend was on Friendster and he had seen his profile. He decided to make a female profile and become his friend to obtain information. He found a girls image that looked like Scarlet Johansen and knew it would appeal to him. Diana was the "characters name" and "she" started to talk to the dude. "Diana" asked a lot of questions.

Glenn explained all this to Mari because "Diana" needed to have a voice mail. He got a pre-paid cell phone. Mari had to do a "million" takes of the message. Glenn felt that he knew the character well enough to know how she would talk.

The dude had given Diana his number and decided Mari needed to call him. Diana was supposed to be from Burlingame and worked at a medical records processing office. Diana was the "Dan Kelly" of women. She was quirky, sassy and loveable. After the phone call Diana was "his best friend" and he wanted to hook up with her. Diana had an allergy to "latex" because Glenn thought that would help open him up in discussions.

Finally Glenn confronted the girl with the information he had collected. However, she baited him into an argument about how messed up his actions were. She used Glenn's methods to deflect the argument. She then confronted the ex-boyfriend and she attacked him.

Later that night Glenn received a call and it was the ex-boyfriend who was very mad and went on to delete his Friendster account.

When Glenn started OpAphid he referred to this incident in terms of how elements of the experience could be used in an ARG.

When it came to interactions with Brother, Glenn had a better understanding of how people would react based on this experience with the "ex-boyfriend"
Glenn's ARG idea: "I think my boyfriend is cheating on me" is the name of the game". A girl wants to catch her boy friend cheating on her. The dude is in a band and on tour. People could go see the band and collect evidence. Two or three weeks in, it is revealed that there is a "twist".

Call Glenn and he will set up the ARG for $10K.

Copyright 2008, Glenn Rubenstein

Mari on becoming a teacher: it was time for her to move on.

Mari built a steady cam for Glenn to shoot the LG15 videos in Vegas which he was never able to do. Glenn is sentimental and a lot more emotional than Mari. Glenn would have Mari purchase cards and presents for him to give. They had some amusing interactions because of their different points of views.

OpAphid on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
02:34:19 Patton Oswalt - Best Week Never
02:32:15 MC Pee Pants - I Want Candy
00:51:17 Nelly vs Jane Does vs Glenn Rubenstein - Grillz (Junkie RedEarth Remix)
00:51:05 Glenn Rubenstein - Stay Tuned for More Aimless Rambling.wav
00:47:48 MC Chris - dq blizzard (optimiss bright new day mix)
23:15:51 Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler
23:12:58 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
23:10:12 Glenn Rubenstein - 46 Mash-Up of Doom
23:06:55 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
23:05:58 Song Mash Up - Mix + Comp
23:03:39 The New Trust - This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me

I've Never Done This Before - Gina (LG15)

My first video ever, and it's a complete bust. - Gina

Fuzzy Madness Part 2!

The Free the Fuzzy movement continues to heat up...

I dun no how long I can keep these up... - anonymouse61806

Mister Deagol-Human-sir,
You feel into there trap, sir. They meant to get a Human with a berry big brain to figger out that last video. #6 said he knew it wuld be you, sir. You did the rite thing. If you haden't closed this e-mail, they would have gotten to scare more Human-people and recruit more angry Stuffies. I dun want to see any of the nice Humans to get hurt, sir. Which is why I uplode this video to YouTube. #6 sez yur just a pawn, Mr. Deagol-Human-sir, but I think yer a leader, sir. You have to find the other ones. Before it's too late.
I understood if you are too scared, sir. If you are, please find somune else to help me. The nice-Humans don't have much time. They could use yer berry big brain, sir. Pleazes to help?

NOTE: One of the mice, who is going by the name "Junior", posted in the comments: "Hi! I am Junior, one of the anonymouse. The others are no good wit online things. But I am. They make me post the YourTube video. They tell me how to spell and what to right to you. They don't even no how to use YourTube, so I can post this video without them knoing, but not four long. They first tell me that this videos would only be to tell the Earth that some Stuffies are treated not nice. Now they talk about hurting nice-friend-Humans. I need help! I'll be on here tomorrow round Five PM Specific Time/Eight PM Easter Time to tell you nice-Humans more. By!"

He may not be much of a speller, but he could be the only hope we have of figuring this whole thing out before March 3rd, or the Ides of S.T.A.R.C.H., as some are calling it.

Deagol then responded to anonymouse...

A-Z Atonality Scanner. Shit!

Add 'A'

Ongoing Puzzle: We guess this to mean we now have to figure out the "A" in S.T.A.R.C.H. Based upon previous puzzle solves (thanks stevemedico, GregGallows, and lonelyjewfifteen for helping me with the solves), we now know that S = Secure and T = Torture. Can you help with A? Peace between Fuzzies and Humans may depend on it!

Q&A: quarterlife’s Marshall Herskovitz

"We have 6 million views total — almost 4 million views on MySpace and almost 1 million views on our site."

"I feel that it was the right decision because [without MySpace] we could not have raised money to make more episodes. We were on YouTube for three weeks with no promotion and I couldn’t even find us when I searched. People tend to think that somehow you will just be found on the Internet. In fact, it’s real easy not to be found on the Internet. MySpace is giving us more than 5 million impressions, otherwise people would not of known about us."

"When we started to negotiate a deal with MySpace, CAA, our agency, went to advertisers and made deals with Pepsi and Toyota, and the commitment of money that they made enabled us to go into production. If we weren’t going to be on MySpace they wouldn’t have committed any dollars."

"Six million views in three months is really good so far — I know one or two people have beaten us."

"If for some reason we don’t succeed on television at all we could still go on the Internet. We love the television component — we want it but we don’t need it."


Vintage TV Shows Available on NBC.com

Looking for something to watch online?

NBC.com has a few "vintage" TV shows with full episodes being released and available online as a part of 'Way Back Wednesdays' including:

The A-Team (including the greatest mohawk of all time)
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Battlestar Galactica (these are very funny)
Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century
Miami Vice
Rod Sterling's Night Gallery

LA Woman - Anne (LJ15)

I thought long and hard about this. Bethany and I are staying for a bit.

Scene of the Crime - Steve (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Something incredible happened to me today!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Maddy!!!

Hey maddy, this video is for you. Sorry I wasn't there to release it! haha. Hope you had an amazing Birthday!

This Weds on BreeFM: Oh Dear!

Glenn Rubenstein says :

Be sure to tune in to BreeFM this Wednesday at 8PM PST for a "very special" episode of my radio show! Need a reason? Okay, how about two?

1. My guest for the evening will be none other than...the voice of OpAphid.

(And trust me when I say that it will be a rare opportunity to hear her as you've never heard her before, talking about her experiences and perspective on all things OpAphid, lonelygirl15, and REDEARTH88, plus all kinds of insight into me that she gained from the 3 years she spent working as my personal assistant).

2. I'll also be giving you the inside scoop about this week's upcoming direct crossover video between Maddison Atkins and REDEARTH88, and how YOU can help the "Red Army" to promote both series when it's released!

(Speaking of which, if you participated in the last "Red Army" effort and haven't gotten me your info yet, now would be a good time to do so - details here).

You can also email me any questions or comments for tomorrow night to [email protected] or stop by the #BreeFM chat during the show.

So please join us on BreeFM tomorrow night, Wednesday, February 20th, at 8PM Pacific Standard Time, for what promises to be an eventful evening!

See you there!

Glenn Rubenstein

Bloopers - LJacks37

My brother and I had a lot of fun making this video. So I thought I'd share some of the fun times caught on film. (He was also an LG15 n00b...so it took a while to get him to understand the background of the series and the story of Nessy so far)

Enjoy! =)
[we have strange senses of humor...just to warn you]

Andrewbeast weighs in


Nice Haircut

Coffee with Gregory Atkins - Marla (RE88)

I'm sorry, but this is long. I kept in every moment I could. Well, he's to-the-point, and I think the video speaks for itself better than I could describe here.

Jessica Lee Rose joined the LG15 chat this evening!


Hello all! Jess <--Jessica Lee Rose!!!!!!! Talk about Jessica's post in LG15 Chat

After posting in the discussion area of LG15 and then talking to a few fans on AIM, Jessica Lee Rose finally joined other fan in the official LG15 chat room. Shortly Jessica was joined by Becki Kregoski who plays Taylor in Lonelygirl15.

Jessica Lee Rose is the actress who played the character of Bree in the Lonelygirl15 video series. The discovery that Bree was played by Jessica prompted the Creators to come forward and tell their story.

Originally from Salisbury, Maryland (USA), much of Jessica's upbringing took place in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand where she attended Mount Maunganui College there from 2000-2001. She was then home schooled while attending an acting class at Studio 111 in Auckland.

In January 2004, at 16 years old, Jessica moved to Auckland to study cosmetics at The Academy of Film & Television Makeup. In addition to her academic studies, Jessica continued her weekly acting classes. At some point during 2004, she signed a modeling contract with the Clyne Modeling Agency and starred in the student short film, Dearly Beloved. In December of 2004, Jessica finally achieved a career goal of working with Peter Jackson; she worked on King Kong as an extras makeup artist for a week.

Closing credit from "Unleash the Fury"
After Jessica's parents divorced in 2004, Jessica moved to Salisbury, MD in May 2005 to stay with her father while saving for school, and then enrolled in the New York Film Academy at Universal Studios in Burbank, California. While at NYFA, she had roles in several student productions such as Unleash The Fury and "In The Deep".

Child of Anchor Cove

After graduating from NYFA in April 2006, Jessica lived in Los Angeles, California and sought after a professional acting career. Understanding the difficult schedule actors work under, Jessica made plans to work at a TGI Fridays restaurant. Later that year, she discovered a listing for an independent film project called The Children of Anchor Cove on Craigslist. She was one of approximately eighty actresses that auditioned for the lead role. After two callbacks, she was offered the role of Bree.

Jessica was asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and was told that the project would consist of a series of videos released over the Internet. She was initially disappointed, hesitant, and almost noncompliant. Although unsure about the future success of the project, Jessica felt she had little to lose. Soon after looking at YouTube and other video blogs, she became more comfortable with the project.

She was originally not being paid for the project, but as lonelygirl15 became more popular, she and co-star Yousef Abu-Taleb received a salary to support themselves.

Jessica's well-sculptured eyebrows were a major source of speculation about whether she was real or an actress before her true identity was revealed. In the series, Bree journeys from her birth in the United States, moves to New Zealand in early childhood and comes back to the United States in her teens. This mirrors Jessica's travels, and may have been written into the character to explain her occasional accent.

LG15 Related Appearances

Jessica was photographed by Wired Magazine for its December, 2006 article.
Jessica appeared on the Tonight Show to reveal to the public that the project was fictional. She also appeared in an interview with MTV News the same week.
On December 3, 2006 Jessica appeared on VH1's Big in 06 awards. She sparked some light controversy after saying to "Big Web Hit Award" presenter Jenna Jameson, a major pornography star, that "We should make a video together sometime".
On January 24th, 2007, Virginia Heffernan wrote in the New York Times that Rose "has become a truly terrific actress."
Forbes.com named Rose the biggest "Web-celeb" on the internet.
Jessica, according to VH1's "40 Biggest Internet Celebrities", is the fourth biggest web celeb.

Other Projects

Jess in "Greek."
After becoming an internet celebrity, Jessica said she has gotten auditions she probably would not have before. She had a small role in the 2007 film, "I Know Who Killed Me", starring Lindsay Lohan. She is also set to star in an independent teen-drama called "Perfect Sport" from first-time director Anthony O'Brien, in which she will play Tina, a 15-year-old girl discovering who she is.

Jessica Rose has appeared in a new TV comedy/drama series "Greek". It is about, among other things, a geeky college freshman who decides to join a fraternity. The show premiered July 9, 2007 on ABC Family.
Jessica Rose's character on the show is, the overly talkative but likable, Jen K. While her character was initially a minor character, her role in the series gained a great deal more significance in the episode, "Liquid Courage", that originally aired August 6, 2007. In that episode, Jen K. became close with one of the protagonists of the series, and this relationship was further explored in later episodes.

On April 2, Ms. Rose co-hosted G4TV's Attack of the Show. The episode, ironically, was about April 1st hoaxes on the internet, where it's sometimes unclear what's real and fake.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

CHAT LOG: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=83&t=16227

Cat Fight! - Daniel (LG15)

We'd been waiting for a blowout. - Daniel


From the set of Cat Fight!. Marcello, Melanie, Lexie, Kevin, Yousef, and Crystal. For the record, the alcohol is a prop.


Hello all! <3 jess

by jessicaleerose

on Tue Feb 19, 2008 11:02 pm

Hi everyone!
So so sorry I haven't been on to chat in awhile! I've been super busy and havent been back to the site in quite some time so now I have absolutely no idea whats going on but it make me miss yousef jackson lexie and bex although I see lexie a fair bit and jackson lives down the st..hmm..but I still miss them all! haha anyway I'm considering having a chat session on AIM or msn or what not but not sure which would be the best place to do so. I'm not even sure anyone will see this post! perhaps I'll go catch up on LG15 and start gossiping in the forums with you all hehe what has everyone been up to??

Jessssss xoxo


Re: Hello all! <3>
From iluuvme:

jessicarosechat (11:02:30 pm): I hadn't checked out lg website in awhile and I started reading some of the stuff on the bree section and saw that people really cared about her so I felt like I owed it to everyone to come say hi and not to mention I want to get to know these people that know so much about me

jessicarosechat (11:03:18 pm): oh and yes yousef is at the gym though and jackson didnt tb .. hes so fired.. He only lives down the road I might go bang on his door and yell haha jk

See all the post from Jessica Lee Rose!!!!!!

Real People Pick Oscar Best Picture - ReelzChannel


For the latest trailers, celebrity interviews and movie clips go to ReelzChannel.com!!!

Host of Movie Mob Sara Fletcher and star of RedEarth88 gets this weeks mob to choose their Best Picture of the year.


They mentioned Redearth88 in the description and the tags. Always nice to see.

Page 95 - MessyNessy89

Johnny found a message Cassie left for me. Can you help me figure out what she meant?

I scanned page 95 for you all to look at. You can view it here:

Greenlacebeauty won the Gina's bench - also LAURENSAV won a 2nd bench!!!!!!!

Greenlacebeauty won Gina's bench

Announced by Amanda in LG15 Chat:

09:10 Amanda THE WINNER IS...
09:11 Amanda GREENLACEBEAUTY!!!!
09:12 Amanda CONGRATS!!!!

Amanda: THE 2ND WINNER IS...
Amanda: LAURENSAV!!!

Re: RedEarth88.com

From Anchor Cove: http://forum.anchorcove.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=814&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&start=10

by Glenn on Tue Feb 19, 2008 1:20 am

I know how easy it is to read something greater into any "announcement." But rest assured, as long as it doesn't contain any language about wishing someone "the best of luck," you can at least assume that people aren't parting company.

As it's been since day one, Jeromy and I are pushing two "no budget," independent productions forward. He's in Texas, and I'm in California; It isn't always a model of modern efficiency, but it is our passion to continue our stories in this new medium. Together, we are driving and defining our productions, individually and collectively.

REDEARTH88 and Maddison Atkins compliment one another, but each hold a different appeal--as evidenced by people's own stated preferences here. And if you're already following both, we're not asking you to choose...

...and as the potentially lesser chosen of the two, perhaps I should beg you not to: So please, don't choose!

By the same token, we're not going to force the stylized, "situation dramedy" of REDEARTH88 on people who fall in love with the documentary-style realism of Maddison Atkins. And we don't want newcomers to either series feeling lost or frustrated by the perception of "required viewing" to catch up on both. This seems like the best approach toward developing the audience for each series, and through our continued crossovers and references to elements of our shared universe within each story, we hope that fans of one will discover and embrace the other.

I know that people look fondly on their earlier "sense of excitement" from realizing a connection between these stories, and that's not going anywhere.

So please, stay tuned!

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Fuzzy Madness!

Recently there had been an explosion of videos for Fuzzy support (and also some footage of fuzzy homicide.)

Update: A new video was posted from deagols account, this one led to a Tinyurl page ( http://tinyurl.com/ye4gy4 ) That has a interactive game involving torturing an innocent Teddy Bear. Things ... seem to be getting worse for the fuzzys. The title of the video is an unsolved anagram, the description is a palindrome, and the Tags (RANTS ITCH) are an anagram for T IN STARCH.

I Hint Very Indecent Acts

Are we not pure? No Sir, prisoner up to new era.


A video was posted on Deagols account, with an angrammed title (SteveMediGod discovered it to mean "A Crunched Fuzzy Resists") as well as an Angrammed tag (S in STARCH)

Such Zests In Crazed Fury

God damn! Mad dog


Anonymouse61806 released another video with "at gmail dot com" as the tags. Could he mean [email protected] ?

Anonymouse said on the comments of this video : "I have set up an account for you. Login immediately. You SHOULD know the password."

Can you help to figure out the [email protected] E-mail password?


You know what to do.
I'll be waiting for you.


MrJRWSloth posted a video explaining his work with The Society of Small Travelers.

Chaque a son gout

Chaque a son gout


And Finally Poknish posted a video of his Fuzzy going wild!

F*ck you, Free the fuzzies

This is what happens when you let My Fuzzie dog watch The Free the Fuzzies movement

Jerry goes to see Jumper!

Unlike Most People Here In Hollywood... I keep it real.



So yes, I have a new job! No more kitchen portering for me - Auntie Joan will be well happy that I'm not going to be using up her lavender soaps anymore. I'm getting paid more and I don't have to get the bus home smelling of onion rings. Oh and yeah - I get to work with me old mate Lee again! Should be a right laugh.

First thing I'm going to do is fix the website. Been broken for a few days apparently though I'm not sure why they're bothered - I don't think they've got anything to put on there anyway. And it's pink!

Tariq, mate - no hard feelings, yeah?


posted by Gavin


Research: Zoey

Do you have a theory?

Download from Flickr.

"every time Jonas wears a cap he does something crazy!"

Source: insideLG15

If you have a question about LG15 you will most likely find the answer on LGPedia:

At least one fan has pointed out that there may be a recurring theme having to do with characters wearing caps:

Cap on LGPedia.

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Group Hug - Julia (KM)

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/PrincessJools

Things have taken a MAJOR turn for the worse at JTV. I am too upset to type.


"Jackson Davis gets into character during filming of I Lost It. Also pictured: Kevin Schlanser and Marcello Daciano".

Source: insideLG15

Community Art

"Community Art by Holly: My picture was inspired by the latest video “I Lost It” when Jonas was talking about how he felt left out and abandoned by the rest of his family."

lg15 Forum username: hollyxmas

Source: insideLG15

Monday, February 18, 2008

I Lost It - Jonas (LG15)

Is there anything to say after the way I acted on Saturday? - Jonas

Who Killed KateModern?

By Michelle
LG15 Username: michiev


Jacqueline Jandrell in Closer!!!!!

Info and Tickets!

Friday, February 22 8:00p
at El Centro Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

The award winning play, set in contemporary London, explores the minutiae of sex and the geometry of relationships in the entanglement of four people; Dan (Mark Kay), a obituary writer about to launch his first novel, his girlfriend Alice (Jacqueline Jandrell), a young and mysterious erotic stripper, Anna (Kirsty Hinchcliffe), a woman in her mid-thirties who photographs portraits of strangers for a living, and Larry, a dermatologist, who claims to be a clinical observer of the human carnival.


Note: if you are planning on attending perhaps you can go as an OTS reporter and write an article about Jackie for us all to enjoy.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Jandrell is a friend of Jessica Lee Rose's and played Gemma in the Lonelygirl15 series.

When the first Gemma video was posted, people did not yet know whether or not Gemma was a canon character. Fans quickly discovered that Jackie and Jessica Rose were friends on MySpace, which led many to assume that Gemma was canon. However, the original placement of Gemma's first two videos, Nut Kills Man and Living In London, amongst fan contributions on the right-hand side of the website left others unsure. Days later, the confusion ended, as Bree posted the video Hi Gemma!, confirming that Gemma was, in fact, an official character.
Jackie's accent in the Gemma videos fueled much speculation as to whether or not she is actually British. Fans knew that she lived in Los Angeles at the time the videos were shot, as all of the actors, creators, and production staff were and are based in Southern California. Later, fans discovered that Jackie was born in South Africa and was raised in England. While living there, she attended Sussex Downs Park College. During the summer of her junior year, she attended Mount View Drama School, where she had a supporting role in the play's production of Two. The following year, 2005, she graduated from Park College with a degree in Performing Arts and received The Jazz Group Awards for Performing Arts. Later, she went to LA to do a course at The New York Film Academy, where she met Jessica and got the role of Gemma.

Since Jackie's character Gemma was evidently killed by Brother in the video Gemma [Part V] it seems unlikely that Jackie will be featured in the series again. According to a fan, Jackie said she had become busy with school and did not have much time to devote to the series. Later that year, Jackie headed back to the UK, where she attended the Stella Adler Academy of Acting and had the lead role in the school's performance of Mother's Dear. The following year, Jackie came back to LA and had a minor role in the film El Percance perfecto, as well as a leading role in the short film Animal Life. She is currently scheduled to appear in a performance of the play Closer at the El Centro Theatre in Los Angeles from February 22nd - March 7th, 2008.

Jackie Jandrell on LGPedia.

Closer in LA on MySpace

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Season 2 of KateModern and Season 3 of Lonelygirl15 are now well on their way. So now it is time for you to do your part. Yes, LGPedia needs your help in getting all the character pages up to date. Are you up for the challenge? Pick a character and jump on board with the LGPedia team (no pun intended).

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2/8 Life - Episode 3

Rayanne and Brian discover Angelas blog, and Jordan tries to avoid the musical mainstream at all costs.

George A. Romero's Handheld Horror

"This time around, Romero's commentary is aimed at the YouTube generation: it's about a bunch of college film students on the run who plan to share their verité footage of the zombie apocalypse with the world by uploading it to the Internet"




Vantage Point

Lonelygirl15: The Movie?????

Have you commented?

By Kevin

Username LG15 Forum: xovonchezio (lgpedia: SilverBULLETx3)

"The contest to win Gina’s bench will end in just a few short hours at 3:00 pm PST. "

Source: insideLG15

Lonelycast15 #2-The LG15 Radio Theatre Show

Christian can't be here this week, but that doesn't mean this episode lacks any fun or laughs! Join Katie, Lexi and our first ever guest host, 707clique, as we discuss the first week of season 3, and use our hypnotizing powers on you.

Sausage Sangas - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

You ever think you know who someone is and then they turn out to be something different? That’s happening a lot these days.

KateModern Season 2 Cast Photos

Download from Flickr.

From left to right: Tariq (Jai Rajani), Charlie (Tara Rushton), Gavin (Ralf Little), Julia (Lucinda Rhodes Flaherty), Steve (Giles Alderson)

Download from Flickr.

Check out the KM Press Photos on LGPedia.

Source: insideLG15/

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Let the Fuzzies SING!!!!! - maddemp

Maddemp helps her Fuzzies find their eternal song.

Free the Fuzzies and let them sing with the humans!!!

Potential Break-Up Song by Aly and Aj

Say The Word / Love Is Gone - Zarbod

Ugg. I'll fill this in later. Get over it.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sir Darius Higgenbotham - Marla (RE88)

Here are the links to the threads speaking about the letter to Dr. Arstcott.




'Jumper' makes the leap to No. 1

The film, which has series potential, popped to the top of the box office with nearly $40 million, followed by 'Step Up 2 the Streets' and 'Spiderwick.'


'Jumper' Hurtles Competition, Earns $27M

"Starring Hayden Christensen and Samuel L. Jackson in the tale of a man who can teleport himself instantly to any spot on the planet, 20th Century Fox's "Jumper" has rung up $33.9 million since opening Thursday, according to studio estimates Sunday."

"So I feel that there was much potential in the movie, so many avenues to be explored, but it seems like the script writer hadn’t done his/her homework."


REDEARTH88.com IS LIVE!!!!!!

Visit the new site: http://www.redearth88.com

Read Glenn's previous announcement regarding RedEarth88 and Maddison Atkins being two series within the RE88 Universe and how they will have a "collected continuity and crossovers".

The Maddison Atkins web site can be found here.

If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity