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Saturday, September 13, 2008

What do we know about The Resistance?

Eighteen months prior to this coming Monday's launch of the new series, "LG15: The Resistance," on March 15, 2007, Bree posted a video apologizing for tying Jonas up "in his own cabin" and shows us the document Jonas found - left by his parents in a storage closet there.

Sorry Jonas

Jonas, I'm so sorry about what I did the other week... but I thought I was doing the right thing. I hope that you can forgive me. - Bree

According to the LGPedia, the first mention of The Resistance was in the video just before this one, called On The Road Again.

For more on what we know about The Resistance, the document, and later discoveries by Jonas and Jennie in Hidden Treasures see http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Resistance

(others, please add to and improve this article)

Frank is not dead - aparkwefunk

47 6e 6f 6d 65 73 20 74 65 6c 6c 20 6c 69 65 73

Music by Puscifer "Indigo Children"

United Under One Banner

Taking up Q's call for header options. The style pays tribute to the mothership while being more representative of the content of the blog. Experimented a little with the colors to match the current color scheme. (The originals are larger.)

EDIT: Modified versions that fit the design dimensions - for your consideration. (note that the black frame of the blog would be added to what you see here) Click to see actual size versions. These images are 724 x 102 but only 722 x 73 is visible on the blog as the bottom is cut off. The vertical dimension is determined by the font size of the title text with a buffer around it. ~ QtheC

Here's one by Deviant Metzli:

Shelly PWNS Brent 3: "Just Like a Star" - sbort

Brent will be back NEXT week, as he's competing in his pageant this weekend. So i figured i'd get a jump start on the PWNING.

TONS of people have written me messages requesting i sing this song since like, NOVEMBER of last year. It's about time i do it. PLUS, it's a song that holds super duper special meaning to me.

L, this is for you : )

ED: Posted just because she's awesome...
For more great singing, and a couple of Lonelygirl15 spoofs see sbort on YouTube.

~ QtheC

Keep on Rockin' in the Free Worldfiles

A tribute to my favorite badass, Kris from Worldfiles.


Song : "Keep on Rockin' in the Free World" - Neil Young

Incompetence Will Not Be Tolerated - CreatureEnterprises (tC:A/A)

Life Lesson Two:

If you want something done right, do it yourself.

I swear I'm surrounded by such incompetence I can't even take some time off. This time I'm making sure the job gets done right.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Order Speaks - ACrowleyOrder (ACO)

Dreams in the Shadows
Season Two Episode One

For more great videos visit

In the beginning
There was only Heaven from where G_D ruled
He grew tired of perfection and created nature
A mortal universe sprang forth from nothingness
In time animals evolved from the chaos of nature
From nature and chaos the angels learned of sin
The most beautiful sat at the right hand of G_D
His sin was jealousy of the perfection of G_D
G_D was complete, both male and female
The Archangel Lucifer was incomplete
He took a wife and she was called Lilith
Together they populated the Heavens
A line of immortal angels was born of their union
They embraced the sin of their father
In a time before man, Lucifer rebelled against G_D
His children and their children joined their father
In Heaven there was War without Death
G_D held his crown and created Hades
Lucifer, Lilith, and their children fell
He ruled in Hell rather than serve in Heaven
Lilith and her children entered the pit
G_D walked upon the Earth and planted the seed of man
The first true man was called Adam
Adam was alone until G_D saw that he needed a woman
From Hell G_D summoned the Angel Lilith
He gave her to Adam and together they gave birth
This was the first Ceremony of Love
Their children were strong and mated
The Earth welcomed their mortal children
They were the first Demigods
Adam was still unhappy
His wife and children were stronger than Adam
G_D saw that this was not good and return Lilith to Hell
G_D then created Eve from the life of the Earth
G_D blessed them and their children with great fertility
The children of Adam and Eve mated with each other
They also mated with the children of Adam and Lilith
One pure line of blood maintained through time
A line of humanity which shared the Divine
The true children of Lilith repeated the Ceremony
Today the line remains clean of the blood of Eve
From this line our Leader was born of the Ceremony
In time her Mother died and her father vanished
Long live our leader, the living Venus
Her name is Erica and from Providence she rules
In peace with life she oversees the selection of the purest of blood
That pair will mate
From their blood a new leader will one day rule
Long live Erica and long live the unborn child
The child of the Ceremony
From her cousins a child will be born
The line will continue
A new messiah for a new age

LGPedia grows a new skin.....

....well sort of...


Monstorous semblance of a novel: LG15 and open-source fiction

LG15 not just reminds me of Pale Fire, but also Laurence Sterne’s Tristram Shandy, one of the earliest attempts at writing a novel. Shandy is writing an autobiography, but since he attempts to capture life in its entirety in all of its minutea, he is not able to get passed the age 4-5 in nine books. He calls this method progression by digression.


XobDNArts - revroundexe

Introducing Dr. Xavier O. Baird's groundbreaking treatment station. It will be invaluable on my mission

Sofias Diary Ep 130

Sam King - Week 6 - Friday

The fun begins on Monday

The closed beta test is ending and the new LG15.com will go live on Monday.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

9.12.2008 16:58

Thanks again everyone for participating in the beta test. As we've mentioned, it's very helpful and we've added a bunch of things to our list.

We will be shutting down the site and erasing the database at 6:30 PM PST. If there is any data on the site that you want, download it now.

We'll see you back here on Monday!



The EQAL Team

Introducing the Lifesblood Labs Strandbox - LifesBloodLabs

Introducing the next revolution in medical science presented by the fine people of Lifesblood Labs.

We are coming... - fade2blackx2008

....we will not be stopped.

The Sad Side. - michiev

music: State Of Shock - Different Day

don't forget to check out the new lg15 site on monday when it goes live
also. yeah watch the show when its on.

New Blog Header

I threw together a new LG15 Today Blog header today with the faces of the cast of the Resistance. Love it? Eh? Gouging out your eyes?

The old header can easily be restored or a better looking one installed if any of our community artists want to step up (assume for sake of design that the other blog colors do not change, but anything is possible). I can provide more color info (hex or RGB) if needed. Note: the black title "LG15 Today" floats on top of the .jpg header background image, which has dimensions 724 x 102, although the lower portion of that image drops out of sight (i.e. the bottom is cut off), so the visible height is less than 102.

EDIT: I just checked and the visible portion of the header is 722 x 73 pixels inside the black boundary. The vertical dimension depends on the font size of the title text "LG15 Today" plus a buffer around it, so it's possible (I'm not sure) that this may vary slightly from browser to browser (?) ... anyway, making the header graphic 724 x 102 and planning for the bottom to be cut off makes it work correctly on the blog.

~ QtheC

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Australian web series called scorched

CPN NEWS AND REPORTS - SYDNEY TRAGEDY | More than 500 dead, over 6000 homes destroyed. Premier stands down amidst corruption alegations. Murder for Water scandal erupts around Argon Energy and H20 Transport Group.

By e-mail:

Hey lg15today,

Just wanted to tell you about a newish Australian web series called scorched.

its set in the year 2012 and revolves around a serious water shortage throughout Australia.

The website is www.scorched.tv/ and has three different stories that you can follow

One follows the life of a girl called Cassie Hoffman. the second are news bulletins and the third is the views of the community

Only the Cassie vids are required for watching to follow the story but the others two are good aswell.

Just thought i would let you know


For Sarah - 1789K

Forget them Sarah.

home siiiickkkk :^( - tehmaggster

the wiz made me stay home today because i was sick... and i got really bored. FEATURING XTINA'S PJ PANTS

Sofias Diary Ep 129

Sam King - Week 6 - Thursday

Predictions for LG15: The Resistance

What U.S. cities will be featured? Will Aunt Alex return and use her womanly wiles to seduce Reed, only to disappoint him as she did with Daniel? Who else will hook up? Will Maggie turn out to be Emma's long lost sister? Will Sarah be loyal to the resistance, or turn out to be a plantcake yet again? Will something evil climb out of Taylor and Spencer's tell-tale heart box from the life raft? Will any of the other characters not featured make an appearance? Who will be kidnapped? Who will die? Who will be trait positive? Who will join the Order? Will LifesBloodLabs go public with an IPO? Will we meet Lord Carruthers? Will Lucy add a little color to her wardrobe? Will Jonas ever fire his gun? And most importantly, will Zombie Bree and Zombie Gemma make a cameo appearance for their long awaited kung-fu fighting battle?

Now, before things get rolling, it's time to make your pre-season LG15: The Resistance predictions!

What do you think is going to happen in this series?

Here's the Deal - theskyisempty99

I got some nasty emails and had to respond. - Sarah

LonelyJew15 Season 2 Finale Trailer

Anything can happen on October 8, 2008!

Music: Pi by Hard 'n Phirm http://www.hardnphirm.com

FoxVerse Playlist

For all the people out there who are fans of "lonefox101" and "wilannies", who can't catch up because they're posted on three accounts, also including the "xred74x" account, the solution has arrived! On my YouTube page, www.youtube.com/user/snl06, I have made a playlist of all the videos in order! This is the place where all the videos from the FoxVerse will be posted in one place, so, to keep track, subscribe to the playlist and you will be set in watching videos from the FoxVerse. You may think that because lonefox101 is over, and wilannies is almost over as well, that the FoxVerse will not exsist anymore. I can tell you that that assumption is wrong, and the FoxVerse is just getting started, with a few more series on the way. So, if you like the FoxVerse, this would be the perfect playlist for you! Bye!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seeking Help - SmythesAngel (FallenAngel)

I have followed some advice.

Cassie's Surrender - MessyNessy89 (MN89)

Warning: Viewer Discretion advised.

Bleed Me An Ocean - RevenantRed (RevRed)

"Tyger, Tyger, burning bright
In the forests of the night,
What immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?"

The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ... so help me, god.

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.
Stream is:

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

The 2 year anniversary of Cassieiswatching is only 2 days away. We will be talking about it tonight. Glenn has dug out one of the original voice mail messages. We will talk about the history and a few things that Glenn has noticed. He might just have some insight into some of the behind the scenes info.

Next week we need to figure out how to collaborate online with Rock Band 2 and play some jams.

Glenn watched " The Sarah Connor Chronicles" on HULU and recommends watching it.

Glenn had an "awakening" or a change in heart. The episode Blink of Dr. Who was really good. Glenn is now someone who has an interest in Dr. Who. However he still makes fun of the Tom Baker years. Blink was written by Steven Moffat. Up until 5 days ago he did not know the dudes name was not "Dr. Who". Wikipedia has extensive coverage of Dr. Who. David Tennant is charming and quirky. Blink is awesome. There are statues and if you are not looking at them they can move and send you back in time. Parts of it reminded him of "Back To The Future", but it is really awesome.

This week Glenn prepared most of a "mix-up" ahead of time which allows him to fine tune it a little more. It is one of Glenn's favorites. After the mix we will talk about CIW.

Glenn then performed a 64 minute MIX-UP that was made of awesomeness.

Glenn - September 10th 2008 Mix-Up is Live and In Progress on BreeFM

Two Year Anniversary of Cassieiswatching
Two years ago we had the first mention of Cassie in the swimming video. Not much was referenced except for the exchange between Daniel and Bree. Around this time Virginia Heffernan had posted on the old Anchor Cove board that someone had sent her a message via skype. This coincided with the first video from CIW. There was an audio clue released and analyzed on "Anchor Cove". That trail went cold. It was the original trailhead that predated the first video by about a week. "WatchingCassie" took down all their stuff so Glenn has not been able to find a copy of the message. It would be interesting to put this piece into the context of everything else. Why did "Cassie" choose to contact Virginia Heffernan first?




"2. From “Cassie,” presumably the character Bree mentions in the “Swimming!” video:


take nobody at face value.

there is more than one girl.

that’s just unconscious knowledge."

The audio was e-mailed from "cassiestruggles18" to Virginia Heffernan so it all started before the first video. If anyone has it then it would be great to have a copy. At the end it was dismissed but perhaps it should be more closely examined.

This Is My Story Now captured everyones imagination because it was very well done. What was left at the dead drop? We saw a bag being dropped. Cu Roi recovered a Tarot card leading to a message from CIW leading many to believe that the drop was jacked because of the message left on the YouTube account: "TOO SLOW I DON'T PLAY CARDS YOU ALL FAILED I HATE YOU" A lot of people watching were not standard ARG players and there was a lot of confusion.

Cassieiswatching was a subtle ARG. The story was to stop Bree from doing the ceremony. Cassie became distant and did not interact with the audience a lot.

The first video had "i was here" and "come and get it". Glenn then played what he thinks was the actual voice that recorded "i was here" (slowed down a little to expose a male voice). Glenn thinks it was the PM or someone who worked on the ARG. He then played "come and get it". You can hear the female voice that is part of the message under a graspy dude voice. It sounds like a girl on a late night chat show. The male voice matches the voice in "i was here".

When Glenn did OpAphid he was Brother, Mari was the voice of OpAphid and they had a professional model play the role of OpAphid. In other words, you use what you have access too.

The first CIW video was brilliant. It was creepy and scary. We do not know for sure fact from fiction. Did someone get to it before Cu Roi?

In the 2nd video, When I Get To The Bottom Where I Stop , the inclusion of the Manson murders lost a lot of people. Manson followers believed they were saving who they killed. The ARG seemed to focus on the fact that Bree might die while the deamon of Cassie was being exorcised. The video seems kind of standard, featuring only the park. It used 3 simple effects. They walked from one area of the park where the pay phones are to the playground. It is 30-40 ft. They sped it up and used an "inverse effect". Glenn does not think the PM had advanced knowledge of the location. It is not nearly as elaborate as the first video. It seemed thrown together and impromptu.

With OpAphid Glenn had experience finding locations. Sometimes you know the perfect location. Sometimes you get recommendations from friends Sometimes you just get lucky.

A phone number was recovered on the bible page puzzle. Glenn heard a recording of the outgoing message which he played. The video had the Beatles song Helter Skelter. Glenn thinks the 2nd drop was "filler". The music on the phone message was another clip from Helter Skelter. It sounds like the voice says, "wait".

You have a puzzle that was not very complex. You burn out the numbers on a page in the bible that has a lot of numbers and that leads to a phone message that says "wait".

Glenn does not think CIW became a serious ARG until Oct 1. After the 2nd drop we got morse code puzzles that basically said wait. From sept16/17 till Oct 1 the PM basically took a break. It was drawing in people and attention. The PM realized that he had an audience and decided he needed to get their act together. Frank was introduce to move the story forward and serves as an in-between. We saw his introduction with the oct 1 "reboot". After that something was happening almost every day up to 2nd Life.

Glenn has kicked around the theory that someone on the LG15 team was involved. People at LG15 did not seem to be involved and they did not think Grant was involved. The Breeiswaiting video was an official ARG from the creators. Glenn no longer thinks Grant was the PM. It is possible it was just a fan of lonelygirl15. It may have been their first ARG. If they had been more experienced it would have been a smoother ride. It was however inspired, and helped inspire OpAphid as a way for Glenn to market his existing story. It is possible they have done other ARG's since and do not feel a need to take credit for it. A lot of people are still angry about the ending of CIW. The ending is actually tied up nicely and Glenn thinks the ending says "game over". As an independent ARG it is quite remarkable.

The Game Jacking
Someone hacked the voice mail message. Glenn played the original message. There were 2 "game jacks". Glenn then played the 2 game jacking messages. Glenn is sure whoever did it has paid for it "karmically".

We will talk more about CIW over the coming month.

There is a remix album coming out in a couple of weeks featuring a lot of Johnny Cash songs. There is a contest for a bonus track and Glenn played a track that he might enter.

"Johnny Cash - Cry Cry Cry (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)"

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Shut Up and Let Me Hop! - Jenlight & JenniPowell Dance Off Challenge!

I embarrass myself for JenLight's amusement...will she return the favor?

It's My Turn - Wilannies

I bet you didn't think you'd see me any time soon...-Adam

Hacked? - Virginian9000

Double u, Tee, Eff. I can't win for losing. Will I never be able to figure out what happened that night?

See this video for why I'm having so much trouble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DfqEYBrcxI


Fan video for the Redearth88 series. Check out:

Music: "Emotional Ambiance" by Glenn Rubenstein


I wouldn't take anything for the experiences I've had in this community in the past year. These have been great memories. Its been a wild ride, hasn't it? To everyone who I have interacted with over the past year, thanks for everything!

People that have entertained me, and to whom I'm thankful (I know lg15today isn't complete, so I apologize if I missed people) :

Community series that you should check out, immediately, from the sidebar of lg15today.blogspot.com.

3rdTriad : 9A7V3E
: Acrowleyorder : AliasMousey : Apocalypse Now : ApotheosisAZ : Ashland Chronicles : Community Video : Creature Inc : dr bethany : escapefromhere07 : Facility J : forevergrace : GemmaReturns : Grigoriamongstus : j0v13r : jamienov81 : Logu15 : lonefox101 : lonelycast15 : lonelyfrenchman15 : lonelyjew15 : lunasapphire : Maddison Atkins : masonishappy : MaxterBexter : messynessy89 : NileiNDeNile : OpAphid : Redearth88 : RevRed : revroundexe : RNA : RP07 : The Coalition (thank you, Mary. I didn't get you killed, so, there's that) : The Flock : The Rearden Files : The Solars : theGermexican : TheLoneliestTraveler : UGC : valleygirl15 : Willanies : Willow : WillowWoods : xred74x

Non-series videos identified on lg15today with the UGC or Community Video tag. Almost all of these are youtube accounts, so be sure to subscribe and watch them all!

: 6A616E65 : 914191145Beauty : alainanoel : acidfingers : addmusic3039 : Aerinthia : Alcon835 : AlliBean07 : Andrewbeast : AndrewBrackin : angelprincess6879 : Annieansible : anonymouse61806 : apotheosisaz : aphrodite71492 : Betz28 : biglawson13 : blackbirdsingingxx : blondefairy1975 : Boredomstrikes : bubbleteamaylee : caravelle42 : caravelle46 : cheddarcheese09 : cittiecait : Cloudax : cr8zycookiie : CrimsonCrow518 : DaannB : DarkIceXIII : DeagolTheStoor : DutchLostLover108 : Edapeech : EmiB : Emilymadcat : emoBooks : EscapefromEdenPark : Evergreen214 : faceintheclouds488 : Gablcjp : gadgetgirl700 : greggallows : historyoftommorrow : hopefulsemblance : hotdude926 : HowdyHeyHello : Iluuvme : Imbealkariel : Imdjdan : Imperkydammit : introductiontofilm : JamieNov81 : jennipowell : jerrypwjr : JerryUnknown : Jo162 : JonatJoutur : kericanfly : koipyro : laurensav35 : leglessnotlegolas : LGBot : LG15Trivia : LimePeng1 : livelovelaugh12 : LJacks37 : Lonelyfairyprincess : LuckyStrike502 : lyriclyinclined6 : maddemp : meepersanonymous : mitchcontrol : Mulder724 : MuserrrRy : MicFranXon : michiev : milowent : mku77 : modelmotion : MsWilsonsWar : OldLass : OmegaXP : OMGitsjocelle : OnePhoenician : Paulmark18 : pikales : Poknish : RoastyToasty13 : RebelAyla : Renegade15 : RenegadeProjects : Rockindanceteacher : RoseCrowley : Rwaskippy : Saffryn : sammi22faced : SaturngalA : schneidz124 : seeker13 : September2star : sheetzjunkie : SinCities156 : Skunkwaffle : Snl06 : SonofaStitch : Smog1050 : Ssskinner : Stretchandmayonaise : sunfollow : SurfTheTsu : Tasder1992 : Tastytomatoes : TevilP : ThatFreakinRandy : theaterjunkie8716 : THENEW8 : ThomasMarshJr : Timetruthheart : TraverseTown123 : TwilightIndigo : uniqueblaze : vanessaminer101 : videogameluver21 : WatchingOpAphid : wolfwood723 : YouWish8 : Zarbod : ZoeyDahling

Keep up the great videos, one and all!

Lonelygirl15Trailer - GregGoodfried

lonelygirl15 - Season 3 Trailer

Sofias Diary Ep 128

Sam King - Week 6 - Wednesday

Don't Stop Reedin'

Lyrics by Milowent (thanks for lettin' me butcher them sir),
Vocals by Jenni Powell
Edited by Greg Gallows.

Just a small town boy, livin' in a lonely loft
He does the night vlogs to stop being bored
Now a city boy, stuck in the chicago loop
He probably takes the "L" when he's goin anywhere

A vlogger in a sterile room
A smell of (white) wine and emo tunes
For a smile he can share the night
He vlogs on and on and on and on

Lonelycrackers waiting, up and down the forum's boards
Their mouses are clicking all night
lg-15 people, just have to know if its canon,
Reed's hiding, somewhere in the night

(IMPROVISED VERSE by Jenni Powell)

Dont stop believin'
Hold on to that Reedite feelin'
Reedite people

Free Bird - LonelyJew15 (LJ15)

Please don't be mad. --Anne

Pants Pants Revolution - reedabook99 (LG15:TR)


Seriously. I just want to comfortable.


Artist: Warner Drive
Title: The Shocker"


With the Angels - Episode 3

Now playing on Strike.TV


NOTE: Strike.Tv is still in a private beta test so you will need to sign up to view the video. If you need an invite send a request to [email protected].

With The Angels on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who am i? - AliasMousey

Life before my curse was revealed.

We're going to be taking a travel through my life, are you ready for the journey?

A Call From 413? - 9A7V3E

Here's where to get 413's audio file:


And that's not all. I put a code in the audio file's title, remove some letters and numbers, and find the next tinyurl.

Once you've done that, be sure to Message djpplanet (Seth Matthews) as much as possible and warn him of what you've found from the second tinyurl.

One zero in the title will be used.

I'll be waiting.


The Cast of LG15: The Resistance

Jackson Davis as JONAS
Alexandra Dreyfus as SARAH
Marnette Patterson as MAGGIE IMBD -MySpace
Brett Ryback as REED IMBD - MySpace - Blog - website

Download these photos on the LG15 Flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lg15/


Executive Producers: Amanda Goodfried, Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried
Line Producer: Lynn Kramer
Director: Yusuf Pirhasan
Camera: Kevin Schlanser
Head Writer/Executive Story Editor: Josh Fialcov
Staff Writer: Jim Campalongo
Editors: Jerry Pyle and Chris Ryder
Music Supervisor: Seth Jacobs
Production Assistants: Ram Paul Silbey and Andrea Aguilar

Source: insideLG15

Marne Patterson Portfolio - modelografia

marnette patterson sucking lollypop in nip tuck

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marnette_Patterson

Marnette "Marne" Provost Patterson (born April 26, 1980 in Los Angeles, California), is an American actress best known for her role as Nicole Farrell on the NBC series Something So Right, starring Mel Harris and Jere Burns. She also starred in the short-lived WB sitcom Movie Stars and the made-for-TV movie The Stalking of Laurie Show. Outside of television, Marnette has also appeared in films such as Camp Nowhere (1994), Who's Your Daddy? (2003), Pope Dreams (2005), and Cloud Nine (2005). She also voiced Lucy Van Pelt in "It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown" and "It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown".

Patterson is 170cm (5 ft 7 in) tall, with blonde hair and hazel eyes, and is a longtime animal lover.
In October 2005, she guest starred on the hit WB show Supernatural as a young high school student caught in the wrath of Bloody Mary. She also appeared on the hit WB series Charmed. She played a character called Christy a powerful witch and older sister to Billie who is played by Kaley Cuoco. Marne plays a twisted witch who is out to stop the Charmed Ones at all costs with help from the Triad.

In 2004 Marnette also appeared on the TV Series Grounded For Life as an underage drinker.
She also stars as Holly Little in the 2008 film Starship Troopers 3: Marauder.

She made her first tv appearance as a volleyball player in the pilot episode of 3rd Rock From The Sun.

Brett Ryback - "How Come No One Ever Says..."
Brett Ryback sings his song "How Come No One Ever Says..." at "Just So You Know, I'm Kind of a Big Deal (on YouTube) at the Laurie Beechman, April 26th 2008, 7pm.

Brett Ryback - "Hymn for St Anthony"
Brett Ryback sings his song "Hymn for St Anthony" at "Just So You Know, I'm Kind of a Big Deal (on YouTube) at the Laurie Beechman, April 26th 2008, 7pm. Part of the Spotlight Cabaret Series.

Marnette Patterson plays Maggie in LG15: The Resistance. She was raised as an only child by her mother in Los Angeles California. She made her acting debut alongside Sharon Stone and William Baldwin in the film “Sliver”. She starred with Christopher Lloyd in “Camp Nowhere”, and has had four TV series including NBC’s, “Something So Right” and “Movie Stars” for the WB. She did the final season of “Charmed” and has appeared in “Nip Tuck”, “CSI” and “That 70’s Show”. Over the past two years she has starred in five films including “Remember the Daze”, “Kush”, “The Standard”, “Pope Dreams” and just released and filmed in South Africa, “Starship Troopers Marauder”. Next, Marnette will be starring opposite Teri Polo in “The Beacon”.


Brett Ryback plays Reed in LG15: The Resistance. An accomplished actor and composer, Brett is also a multi-award winning playwright. Since age 5, he has worked extensively with many renowned regional theatres, including: South Coast Repertory, Laguna Playhouse, Reprise! Broadway's Best, Milwaukee Rep, The Skylight, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Milwaukee Shakespeare, and most notably Center Theatre Group in their production of The History Boys at the Ahmanson Theatre. He has appeared on television on Cupid (ABC) and House (FOX), and numerous commercials. His music has been performed all across the country from the Waimea Bay Music Festival in Hawai'i to various cabaret houses in New York City. He holds a B.A. in music composition from UCLA.


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


the resistance CRE
Fun Things To Do in Hiding - Volume One SIE
Hetlevan is Here LBL
The Beginning of the Beginning ???????
Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Dos! SIE
Hipster Hell ???????
Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Three! SIE


Hooking Up Promo - Jessica Rose

Check out HBOlab.com for more updates on Hooking Up.

HBO’s Latest Experiment: ‘Hooking Up’ YouTube Stars To Make A Web Series

Launching October 1st, Hooking Up is a college-based series set on the campus of fictional Bask University, “where the guys and girls are always trying to hook up via their social networking sites, IMs and texting, but never seem to really communicate.”


Sorority Forever Episode 2 - Terrible Mistake

Sorority Forever: Episode 2 "Terrible Mistake"

Sofias Diary Ep 127

Sam King - Week 6 - Tuesday

Tara Rushton says:

"I'm loving the States... and my lovely buddies out here!"


Sophie's Bebo page hacked

The Hymn of None strikes again.

The Gap Year is now on YouTube!

The Gap Year videos are now on YouTube, so if people prefer they can watch them there.

The first week is up now and the rest will keep appearing until they are up to date.


Blood lust - wilannies (featuring some strange, far out voice!)

I may have played a role in this video. :D

You can't ever understand



Patient 15
September 15-25th
Watch the last two weeks unfold of Annie's life and make some shocking discoveries with her. Who is lonefox101? Is he Jason or Ethan, What is a Carrier? Has the order really taken control of Gavin and Tariq's software? and who has committed some of the murders in the lg15 community, was it really the order? or possibly someone else. Wilannies ends on the 25th with ten consecutive videos. Join and watch it unfold!

"Lonelygirl15" takes another shot at Web fame

I have no reservations about being a Web star if that is what I am and I can make a living from it to pay my rent and feed my dog, who is the love of my life," Rose, 21, an American-New Zealand actress, told Reuters in a telephone interview.


Research: Purplepassion

A few things... - j0v13r

a response to some messages i got,
and an update on whats going on.


Sarah says....

From Sarah's MySpace blog:

this squirrel didn’t see her shadow

Something's going on here. Just cause I'm in hiding doesn't mean I'm not watching. Between that Crowley auction, this Hymn of None weirdo, and these LifesBlood smarty-pants, you know trouble's brewing. So naturally, I want in.

And no, jerk, not to do evil stuff. I want to help. You could call it redemption if you want to, but personally I don't think I need to redeem myself any further. The proof's been documented. I was on that boat too. I risked my life to get my friend in and out of there safely. And what do I get in return? Solitary.

Well, that's not good enough. Not after what I've lost. I'm through giving a crap what people think of me. I'm doing this because I want to. If there truly is a Resistance coming, sign me up. I mean, I've already been pegged as a "disciple," right?

(Though I have to admit, 'disciple's a strong term. Sounds a litttttttttle fanatical. And 'follower' makes me sound like sheep. Let's say supporter. Or better yet, her royal supporter -- though I guess anything's better than 'sidekick'.)

It's time I come up for air anyway. I'm sick of being on the run. Sick of getting the stink eye on the boards. It's clear to me now that no matter how much I write or type or argue, I'm not going to win. It's my actions that are going to count.

You guys want to call me out, so be it. Just don't be surprised when I call back.


UK issues with Sorority Forever

I see from the lg15today comments that some outside the US are having trouble viewing the Sorority Forever videos. According to here, Sorority Forever will be available on a 24 hour delay at Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh. I know the delay isn't the best thing, but its better than nothing.

In the meantime, be sure to send emails to [email protected] and let them know about the problems you are having.

EDIT, I just tried emailing them myself about this issue, and i got the email returned as not a valid email address, even though this is the address listed to send issues to.


PF5: The Meepers

Over the last few weeks, we've been hard at work refreshing the LG15 website, waiting for the latest installment in the LG15 Universe, LG15: The Resistance. The story has already thrilled and confused us on LG15.com and around the web. Who or what is the 436? Why is it disrupting a variety of video serving websites through the known Universe? How is this connected to our browser caches? Where do flash incompatibilities between PCs and Apple computers fit into all this, and can java be trusted? Why is our logo a shade of olive green no one has seen since 1970's tupperware? If Sarah is bored, imagine how we feel. Most importantly, why is Jonas so angry all the time? Come on, he totally dissed Jennie in the series finale, and Jennie is incredibly hot, and now we know Sarah was the real plantcake. Will she rejoin the fight? And what the heck was in that tell-tale heart box Spencer and Taylor had in the life raft? Will Jessica Rose ever appear in something not involving a Sorority?

PF5: The Meepers explores the continuing adventure of LG15 viewers as they rapidly refresh the comments page over and over, in the vain hope that today will be a two video day, juggle for world peace, try to avoid falling into any plotholes, update the LGPedia, visit chat, the forums, InsideLG15, Anchor Cove, and LG15 Today, all while fighting against trolls and the mysteries of Crowley's weird taste in old furniture that may pose an even greater threat...



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Monday, September 8, 2008

Fallen Angel; A New ARG?

Check out the first video, Dream Journal 1

Discuss at the Forum Thread

Indiana University Combats the Freshman Fifteen with "Skeleton Chase"

From ARGNet:

Sometime early in the semester, a group of 90 students in the freshman living and learning center at IU will begin to play an alternate reality game named Skeleton Chase, designed by Lee Sheldon.

Full article here: http://www.argn.com/archive/000764indiana_university_combats_the_freshman_fifteen_with_skeleton_chase.php

Lg15 Lve Beta FAQ

Has anyone been sent a reply yet? I sent them an email to [email protected] 2 minutes after the post, and still havent recieved a reply. Why not?

Sarah's SECRET Message

In the latest video, "Fun Things To Do In Hiding - Volume Three", Sarah spells out "Lord of the Rings" as LOTH. She also touches the clock numbers "5" and "6". We need to decode this fast, she may be in danger. Try to connect it with the other video clues!

LG15: The Resistance private beta

The first 250 people that send an email to [email protected] will receive an invite.


A New Wiki Launches

Vampire fans around the world can now enjoy a new fan wiki brought to you by HBO as part of their new series "True Blood".


Also check out http://www.bloodcopy.com , a blog created by characters from the story.

Sofias Diary Ep 126

Sam King - Week 6 - Monday

Acidramen Tutorial - Acidfingers

Since Sarah mentioned eating Ramen noodles in her latest video, I think Sarah and all of us need a reminder on how to make Acidramen. Enjoy:

Fun Things to Do in Hiding - Volume Three! - theskyisempty99

The trilogy ends here. - Sarah

Artist: Hyper Crush
Title: Robo Tech


[102] What bad boys say - worldfiles

When you have no turning back, is it wiser to keep moving forward? I guess I'll know soon enough.

Imaginary Juggling for Real World Peace - jenlight

I'm too poor to buy balls. Or I can't juggle. Or both.

Dream Journal 1 - Fallen Angel

9-5-08 (I have no idea who this is)

Sorority Forever - Episode 1 "Sisterhood"

Sorority Forever: Episode 1 "Sisterhood"

Sorority Forever on TheWB.com | MySpace

From the MySpace channel:

"Series Description: Phi Chi Kappa is the hottest sorority on campus. For every freshmen girl, getting in seems like a dream come true, but there are mysteries around every corner of the Phi Chi House. Behind the sex, the drama, and the beautiful people lies a terrifying secret."

On the MySpace page for Sorority Forever, there are links to individual character pages, such as Jessica Rose's leading character, Julie Gold, who writes,

"hi im julie! im pretty awesome, but i dont like to say that right away, first impressions you know... oh damn, i did it again! lol also, ive been described as a really girly tomboy... whatever that means!?"

Julie wants to meet you (queue "interactivity"):

"Who I'd like to meet:
you! and people who are not too caught up in their own crazy lives. i like meeting people online. its nice to be able to talk to someone with messages because there is actual conversation going back and forth... not just loud interruptions from people trying to talk about themselves. that's who i want to meet, i guess."

     Looking for shows to watch online?


Recent Additions: Afterworld, Epic Fu, Robin Cook's Foreign Body, Gemini Division, Imaginary Bitches, Mr. Deity, My Damn Channel's Wainy Days, Pink - the Series, Sorority Forever, Tiki Bar TV, Unleashed, The Writers Room

30 minutes away from Sorority Forever premier!

From NewTeeVee:

New episodes of Sorority are out daily at 9:00 a.m. PDT on the TheWB.com, and MySpace TV, which nabbed the rights to show new episodes 24 hours before they are distributed to other broadband outlets.

So, I guess we'll be looking for the premier in about half an hour.

Breed - TamesWas

They found me. Again. I'm on the run and have a lot to be worrying about at the moment.

So why is the only thing I can think of Whitley?


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Juggling for World Peace... or something like it. - MsWilsonsWar

Help Juggling For World Peace by Making Vids Showing Your Talents (with juggling, or any other thing) and posting them as a response!

Or not at all. A proposition for you all!


The New Look Of Eqal Censorship! / (Really Only "Privacy Protection"?)

"Update from the LG15 Universe
September 7th, 2008
As you know, we are preparing for a re-launch of the LG15 website that will include a new homepage (this is live now at LG15.com), the launch of the LG15 social network (holding page is live at LG15.com/theresistance), and a re-designed look/feel for Inside LG15 and the LGPedia to match the rest of the site. We’re really excited about the new social network and the new look/feel. One thing that we are doing as part of this process is to bring as much official information into the LGPedia as possible.

From the very beginning we created the LGPedia to be the #1 source for information about the LG15 universe and we chose to use wiki software so that it could be edited and improved by the fans. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Zoey and other contributors the LGPedia has flourished. It’s truly amazing. What we’d like to do going forward is to provide as much official graphics and information as possible so that the LGPedia is up-to-date and as thorough and exhaustive of a resource as it can possibly be. Additionally, we’ve had requests from cast and crew members and EQAL employees to put some guidelines in place concerning the inclusion of their personal information in the LGPedia. We really need to respect people’s privacy and thought this was a fair request. With this in mind Broken Kid is in the process of placing certain pages under administrator-only control so that we can protect people’s privacy and provide accurate information. These pages include all the cast, crew, and EQAL employee pages, and anything that refers to real people and real events/locations.

Please understand that the VAST majority of LGpedia will remain 100% community editable, including ALL of the pages and sections that refer to the fictional elements of shows in the LG15 Universe. We’re very excited about the increased profile the LGPedia will be taking within the LG15 universe, including the link on the homepage, and eventually inclusion throughout the site in a more integrated fashion.


source: insideLG15

Community Art

By Bianca23

Source: insideLG15

On This Day in LG15 History: The "Message From The Creators" (Sept. 7, 2006)

Two years ago today, the folks behind Lonelygirl15 came clean that Bree and Daniel's videos were actually a fictional show and not reality. This was a momentous moment in the history of LG15, and frankly, the internet.

The announcement was made in the infamous "Message From The Creators", posted at the "new" lonelygirl15 forum at 3:32pm PDT, by a new user and admin named "The Creators". While some immediately smelled another hoax, fans who had been put in charge of the forum (without knowing who ran it) made clear that no one else had authorities to make admins or create new subforums.

The revelation was immediately cross-posted at Anchor Cove (then known only as "Alissa's Lonelygirl15 Discussion Forum"), and the initial reactions there were soon reported on by the New York Times.

Early fan Comments included:

west: “This is like R2-D2 poking out and saying ‘hey look I’m just a midget’ at the end of the ceremony during the finale of star wars.”
clueso: “I don’t know if it is real, but I like the message. What else were the detractors looking for? Did you want Bree jumping out of an exploding cake with a response to every question all at once? Isn’t the truth kind of cool? They are saying the board and the fans were indeed part of the show, and will continue to be. A great new art form.”
Hyemew, the Dauntless Dean of All LG15 Fans: “I knew it was fake, but I didn’t want THEM to tell me! Investigation seems a little less fun now that all parties involved acknowledge its fake.”
Terryfic: “I feel this is their attempt to get their project back to what they wanted it to be about. Personally, I have always found the mysteries in the videos more interesting than trying to find those responsible. I thought discovering the 10/12/06 clue was far more exciting than figuring out where the fauna in their videos come from. I do not think this was the most exciting way to do this, but it would be hard for them to do it any other way. They could not put it in a video or on a YouTube profile or anything as that would not fit the storyline. The character Bree is not meant to know she is a character, thus she cannot talk about that fact.”
John Green: “We are just like you.” Well, just like us, except most of us aren’t repped by CAA.

A few hours after the infamous Message was posted, it became clear why it dropped when it did: The LA Times broke a story about how three lg15 fans had determined that "Bree" had been sending myspace messages from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Hollywood, which they had determined by using an IP tracker on a fake myspace page. The CAA would not deny that they represented Lonelygirl15.

But fans still wondered - who is Bree? Her picture appeared on the front page of the LA Times the next day. It would be five more days until the identities of those behind the show were confirmed.

EQAL cracks down on LGPedia!!!!!

Banning users from editing certain pages?

I see Broken Kid has been editing a number of the pages that relate to the crew of the new show, and protecting them, i.e., notations say "EQAL-specific (not show-specific) info is locked for editing so that EQAL.com becomes official source of information." Edits appear to include the removal of pictures and other selected information about these persons. Now, I'm not the most active person on the LGPedia, but I do keep track of it generally. Was this change discussed at all, and if not (or even if so), what do people think about it? Locking numerous pages from editing makes LGPedia something different than a place to "give the fan community a place to collect information about the project," as the main page currently says. The possiblity of this happening is always a concern with a fan-wiki hosted on an official site, I guess. --Milowent 12:58, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

This isn't so much banning users as locking pages for EQAL staff and cast/crew. I've been asked to lock these so that the users or the company can make sure the information on these pages represents what the user wants. The only information that has been removed so far are pictures that they did not supply, ages/birthdates, and personal myspace page links. Because these pages are indexed and found via search engines, people have complained about the inclusion of information they don't want associated with their work on EQAL shows. So these are being updated, and admins can keep those pages updated. Broken Kid 13:09, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

Thanks for the quick explanation, BK. I didn't mean users are being banned, just banned from editing these pages. Even though I understand the rationale here, it seems like some policy needs to be put somewhere to explain that these pages are not subject to user edits. That's important, because one of the primary theories of a wiki is that it improves with collaborative input of an entire community. So, you can expect pages to be full of information, but not always 100% accurate or logical at any one time. On the other hand, pages that are not edited by community collaboration can be taken by readers to be "official information", and thus interpreted in that light as EQAL's official position. There are tons of pages on the LGPedia which are written in ways very different than they may have been written if done by EQAL staff, but with just as much (if not more) love. --Milowent 15:32, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

Banning users from editing certain pages?


What do you think?

Bree Is Lord Curruthers!!!

Hehe not really, this is a screen capture from Jessica Rose's new show "Sorority Forever" That premiers on myspace 9-8-08 so check it out!

Hover Cars, Time Machines and The Tiny Conspiracy - Jenlight

I have some free time since TR and Anonymous have been all buddy buddy so I thought I would make this little video on a subject about which I am particularly passionate.

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