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Saturday, September 20, 2008

zerodrop - 9A7V3E

the end, is near.

Tie for Mr. Cheshire - ThEmptyCheshire (tC:A/A)

I love getting ready for work. Don't you?

Letter Bag!!!

Hey Campers,

Here's our latest letter from atkrby21 from Youtube:

y dont u try looking for jenny in the forest,in the lake or on the other side of the lake

write back plz

We are still sending search parties and we definitely plan on hitting the East Woods and that side of the lake before dark. We'll keep you posted on how this goes!

- Tim

Lost and Found - MessyNessy89

The Order must be trying to erase my memories. They brought me home for the weekend, but I'm locked in here. I have to get out before they come back for me and try to finish the job.

I think someone wants to help, but he/she is afraid of being discovered. My mind is too foggy to figure out what this person is trying to tell me. Can you?

Start with the Basics.
12 17 16 5 23
Remember that infinity is just an 8 that fell down
-An old friend"


Puzzle discussion is here:


CHAPTER 1: A CALL TO ARMS - LG15: The Resistance

http://www.lg15.com Time is short. Lives hang in the balance. Action must be taken. The Resistance rises TODAY. www.lg15.com Music: Film School Album: "Hideout"

It's my honor to be the first to post the first episode of LG15: The Resistance, don't forget to meep!

Puzzle discussion in progress: Asterix codes in Chapter 1: A Call To Arms

CHAPTER 1: A CALL TO ARMS - LG15: The Resistance on the lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Veoh: LG15: The Resistance
iMeem: LG15: The Resistance
MySpace: LG15: The Resistance

dehteraew said...

Disembodied voice for a shady group in hiding.

Yeah. Sure. That's worked in the past. Sign me the hell up.

This is to easy. - fade2blackx2008

at least put up a fight.

||Atreyu - Shameful||

Don't forget...

Don't forget, today the first "episode" of LG15: The Resistance will air. Contribute any way you can, tell a friend, tell a relative, tell your pet ferret (unless you're in California, since I hear that's illegal there) and meep your hearts out!

‘Sorority Forever’ Review: …Getting Better

At episode eight I was sufficiently freaked out by the handheld ritualistic video Julie (Rose) watches on her computer.


the best i ever had. - michiev

the many relationships of LG15!
featuring music by......

(no copyright infringement intended)
tell me what kind of video to make next xD

Friday, September 19, 2008

Thank You Everyone!

Today we had a record number of views for our most recent video. (The last 24 hours anyway.) As a result we received our first Youtube Honor for views. (All 8 of our previous Honors were for subscriptions.) We are 60th among Canadian Directors for most views today. We wouldn't have gotten anywhere close had it not been for the LG15 community representing. Thank you so much and hopefully the series will continue to grow from here.

Thanks again Campers!
Camp Bloody Beach

Jonas on LG15.com

Jonas posted this on his LG15.com blog:

out of breath
9.19.2008 17:16

safe now. not sure who to trust. staying off the grid for the weekend. will post next week if possible.
I also noticed this reply from Jonas on another user's board:
Jonas Wharton

Spoke to Emma a few days ago. Can't say where she is. But know that she's doing well.

9.16.2008 13:23
Has anyone learned anything else of interest in their recent interactions with Jonas on LG15.com?

Community Video Response Approved on Canon LG15 Video

This is a follow-up to the previous article here reporting that some community videos had been removed as responses to the early canon LG15: The Resistance videos on YouTube.

Today, one of my videos has been approved as a video response on LG15's Call to Arms, so it appears that at least some community videos will be accepted as response videos. None of the other canon videos has any non-canon response videos at this time.

Mary Feuer's blogs

Former Lonelygirl15 writer Mary Feuer has recently started blogging with a personal blog and a story blog.

On Mary Feuer's Blog, in a post called "My Character Arc," Mary writes:

There's a reason I'm on this topic. There's a reason I decided to start blogging in the first place. I've been feeling a little flatlined lately. Maybe this is because I spend my day writing about fictional people's lives, so there's not a lot of room left for my own. As my characters' buttons get pushed by the others around them, as they grow and change the way all good characters do, I sometimes long for a deeper connection with someone, another human who can make me uncomfortable enough to grow toward something. We in the biz call that a character arc - it's a key component of every good drama. What my arc is, I don't know. I guess I'm here to find it.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Or maybe I'll just entertain you with the random musings of someone who thinks too much, and has to dump all that thought somewhere. If this were some interactive web 2.0 production I'd have to let you vote on which one you want. But it's not. It's a dictatorship. So you're stuck with my whims, suckers.
Beyond all that, it appears to be about her daily life, SCUBA, and her two dogs.

On Mary Feuer's Story Blog, Mary writes:
I wanted a place to post all my little homeless stories that have nowhere to go... And some of the others, once they've been published and I'm allowed to do what I want with them again. So if you want to read some of my fiction and other prose, this is the place to do it.
If you share my view that some things are best expressed by the written word, you may enjoy checking out these blogs, by someone who knows something about writing. Good stuff.

You two deserve each other - fade2blackx2008


Spread the word - ApotheosisAZ


Also, please check this discussion at LG15Today


Bloody Beach is now on Justin!

Hey campers!

Just letting everyone know that Camp Breezy Beach's videos can now also be found on JustinTV. http://www.justin.tv/campbreezybeach Check us out Campers!

Sam King - Week 7 - Friday

Poster competition for Perkins' 14

Katherine Pawlak, aka Emma from Lonelygirl15, recently won Massify.com's "Ghosts In The Machine" competition, winning the leading role in the upcoming film, Perkins' 14.

Massify is now calling those with graphic talent to submit enties in a poster design competition to promote the film. There is a link on the site to download movie stills to use in the entries, and the deadline is in about 30 days. Here is the email message massify sent out today about the competition:

Are you a graphic designer? Design the official poster for
Perkins' 14! Win a Wacom Cintiq, the must-have tool for graphic
designers, and the chance to see your poster play a pivotal role
in a major movie promo campaign.

You saw this movie evolve on Massify - from a concept needing a
cast to a real production by After Dark Films. Now use your
design skills to create the defining image for the film.

Learn more on http://www.massify.com/competition/poster

Judges will pick the top 5 entries, but then there will be community voting for the winner after that. It would be great to see someone from the LG15 Today community in the running.

Split - hymnofnone99 (LG15:The Resistance)

Will you run forever, Jonas?

Artist: Film School
Track: "What I Meant to Say"

Split - hymnofnone99 (LG15:The Resistance) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Miles Beckett, Eqal Interview - BeetTV

Attention "Lonelygirl15" Fans: Jonas and Sarah Return for New Web Series

HOLLYWOOD/NEW YORK -- The creators behind "Lonelygirl15" and the UK-based "KateModern" have produced a new web series based in the LG15 universe, "LG15: The Resistance," set to premiere September 20. It's been a long journey since the pretended non-fiction debut of "Lonelygirl15" in 2006; the creators have formed social entertainment company EQAL and raised $5 million in venture funding.

The finale of "Lonelygirl15" left questions unanswered and many fans grumbling, but the new series will reveal more information about the mysteries of the show's universe, EQAL CEO Miles Beckett says. I interviewed Miles in Hollywood yesterday via Skype.

Characters Jonas and Sarah, played by Jackson Davis and Alexandra Dreyfus, will return to join the resistance against evil secret society "The Order"--and perhaps an even higher threat.

A new storyline and two new lead characters will help make the plot accessible to new fans as well as old, and viewers unfamiliar with the mythology of LonelyGirl15 will still be able to follow the plot, according to Beckett. (Although if you want to catch up, NewTeeVee's Liz Shannon Miller has a brilliant 300-word synopsis of the series' 500-plus videos).

The US-based series will run for twelve weeks, with daily videos and text posted by characters throughout each week to build suspense for the new episodes airing Saturdays. This is a marked difference from the inconsistent publishing schedule and year-long run of "Lonelygirl15". The monetization model, however, will remain mostly the same: As with "Lonelygirl15", EQAL will integrate brand sponsorships into the content. The more than 150 million views of "LonelyGirl15" and "KateModern" give sponsors incentive to get involved in the new series.

The interactive show aims to break down the wall between viewers and creators, letting viewers solve puzzles for the characters and make suggestions to help advance the plot.

the morning after featuring: JUCY! - michiev

haha, i used the fan term coined just earlier in the comment board for sarah's last video (cheer me up!) this must mean its canon.. oh wait its ..canon anyway, because its

.... anyway, music is

Snap Out Of It

TR sends a couple of her best men to cheer up Jonas.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Valleygirl15 Recaps The Resistance!!!! - valleygirl15

Watch while I LIKE reenact Jonas's binge drinking and Sarah's sluttiness!!!

Welcome to the first 1000 members of LG15.com

Membership of the new LG15.com web site has just passed the 1000 mark. Go LG15: The Resistance!

Special thanks to Tyler, Aaron, Eric, Sameer and the rest of the programming team that brought us the new site. We know you are working hard to bring us new features and we all look forward to what the future will bring!!!!

So who was number 11001 you ask? Why PharmaGuy of course!!!!


Join now at http://www.lg15.com

next15seconds - next15seconds

Infinite possibilities.

This could go anywhere,anywhere at all. People can agonize about what each item means or ignore them altogether.

Established is that a male person has come into the location,a female is already there,he had some items in his pocket, etc... you saw
I don't need to tell you about it.

I wanted it to be very vague from the start so that I barely effect the story leaving it wide open.

I am more interested in seeing it develop than controlling what it becomes.
Basically it's fan fiction of nothing but itself.

There has to be some consistency to make it work as a whole piece in the end but I also want people to be able to develop the story in any way they want as long as it somehow links to the prior 15 seconds in an easy to understand way.

We will decide together.

Add your 15 seconds now.

Lonely Girl Seeks Money

"This series is different. While 12 short weekly video episodes will be syndicated via sites such as Hulu, Imeem and MySpace, the main action will take place on the new LG15 site. That’s where fans will drive how each weekly show is edited for its weekly debut: by interacting with blog posts, short videos and puzzle-solving."


"The two said last week that ad deals are close but remain unsigned."

Pimpin' the Dragon - theCoalitionComix (OOG)

Sean "Will O' Wisp" Wise and Carmine Terrine at Dragon*Con to promote the brand new COALITION COMIX.

Online NOW at www.theCoalitionTV.com

The Many Links of LG15: The Resistance

Just a week ago, InsideLG15 posted eleven canon links for LG15: The Resistance. Today, using this list, I went to update my wwwShows blog listing to include these links and any others related to the show, including LGPedia pages and character profiles on the new LG15 website. I had over 30 urls before I realized I forgot to include Lonelygirl15's original YouTube account.

Here they are (also available at wwwShows for future reference):

     Looking for shows to watch online?


Cheer Me Up! - TheSkyIsEmpty99 (LG15:The Resistance)

Let's get Jonas off his @$$!

Artist: Film School
Track: "Sick Hipster Nursed by Suicide Girl"

Cheer Me Up! - TheSkyIsEmpty99 on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Sam King - Week 7 - Thursday

Message to TR - CallMeTR

Hello TR this is anonymous.
Please return our calls.
TR, we love you.
Oh God we promised ourself we would not cry.
Be strong Anonymous.
Was it something we said?
Please, talk to us.
Anonymous is alone.
Anonymous is frightened.
We are sorry we hacked your YouTube account.
Anonymous was angry.
You stupid bitch!
How could you do this to Anonymous? We did not mean that. We take it back. You make us so angry.
Why don't you love us anymore?
We cannot live without you.
We have seen your video. We are not happy.
You slut! Oh... we are so sorry. We cannot help ourself.
Was it all a lie?
We have seen this Zarbod follow. We are not impressed.
After all we shared how could you do this to Anonymous?

You have not returned our calls.

We miss you.

Please do not leave us.

We need you, TR.

You complete us.

Dear Jonas (9-17-2008) - September2Star

Your reasons to fight are inside.

Linkin Park- Leave out all the rest

The story so far...

In 1966 Camp Breezy Beach closed down when the founders died of cancer. For the next 12 summers the camp became a haven for poachers to hunt and sell illegal game of all types.

In 1979 the Camp was slated to reopen and the poachers staged an armed standoff to prevent this from happening. Twelve staff members were killed, 4 children and at least 10 RCMP officers were also killed in the standoff before the military was called in with orders to "shoot to kill." All but one of the poachers were killed with the exception of Fred Gordon, the leader of the operation.

Over the next 6 summers anywhere between 3 and 6 children were reported missing and never recovered.

In 1984 Chad Baker 11, was kidnapped. He reportedly ran away over undisclosed reasons was never found. His parents were called in to join the search party but they were killed in a car crash on the highway.

In the fall of 1987 Fred Gordon's body was found covered in stabwounds.

Between 1988 and 1993 Camp Counsellors went missing every year until the Premier ordered the camp closed following the summer of 1993.

In 2008, Tim Appleton successfully convinces the Province to allow him to reopen Camp Breezy Beach.

Camp Breezy Beach reopened amid a lot of controversey but also with 5 staff members; Tim Appleton, Mandy, Rick, Randy and Jill handling about 35-40 campers.

The camp's reputation as "Camp BLOODY Beach" preceeds them as Steve, one of Randy's campers, tends to drive everyone crazy with his fake blood driven pranks.

Soon Jenny, one of Jill's campers goes missing during a nature hike.

The camp is currently still trying to find Jenny as we speak.

Can you help us find Jenny? Our email is [email protected] and our website is http://www.myspace.com/whoschadbaker.

Decision Time - Fallen Angel

Wow I think this is really weird - Angel

Guys respond with what you think I should do - James

So I think we need to tell James what to do next.

Thank You For Hating Greggerz! (LonelyJew15 BTS Video)

The full community video submissions from the LonelyJew15 episode "I Think Jerry Popped a Vein or Two". Thank you all so much for your hard work, it means the world to us! --The Historians

PaulMark18 http://www.youtube.com/paulmark18
Dr. Immant http://www.youtube.com/immant
Zarbod http://www.youtube.com/zarbod
Sheetzjunkie http://www.youtube.com/sheetzjunkie
Stonedog http://www.youtube.com/stonedog67
Lord Greystoke http://www.youtube.com/lordgreystoke422
MessyNessy http://www.youtube.com/messynessy89
jenlight http://www.youtube.com/jenlight
snl06 http://www.youtube.com/snl06
Greg Mason http://www.youtube.com/masonishappy
ApotheosisAZ http://www.youtube.com/apotheosisaz

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?..Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn kicked off the show with a mashup:

"A-Ha vs Oasis - Take On Me, Wonderwall (Glenn Rubenstein Mash-Up)"

With multi tracks you hear some subtle differences.

We will have a new mix up again this week. Again it will be partially live.

GLENN then performed a LIVE MIX UP:

Glenn - September 17 2008 Mix-Up - Live and In Progress on BreeFM

Sometimes the suggestions from MixMeister fusion are "dead ends". It is just hard to mix your way out of some situations and every couple of weeks Glenn hits one of them.

Glenn continues to watch the Sarah Connor Chronicles. He likes that this season the episodes have their own self contained story. Glenn watched the first season in blocks and that was a very different viewing experience in terms of enjoying the payoffs. Shirley Manson and Brian Austin Green are in it. You can check it out on Hulu.

He watched Fringe and says the first two episodes are well worth watching on Hulu. It reminds Glenn of a UK show in terms of tone. It has a good vibe. He likes the characters. He wants to know what happens next.

Glenn does not think "Pink " takes good advantage of the web medium because it is shot like regular TV.

We will soon have the 2 year anniversary of OpAphid and the one year anniversary of Glenn's radio show.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Non-canon community video response videos removed

On the article comments here on this blog for Call to Arms - hymnofnone99, it was noted yesterday

QtheC said...
This video appears to be accepting non-canon video responses on YouTube (not sure if they are by approval or on auto-approve)
Virginian9000 said...
Yes, I did appreciate seeing community videos there and being able to attach mine. I hope that becomes a habit, that new community videos during that week are able to be attached to the lg15 video if so desired. I mean, I first started watching lg15 myself because I found a video that was attached to an lg15 video way back in 2006. I always thought it was the smart way to go to let community videos be attachments, and I'm glad to see that being done on this video.
Today, at least three non-canon video response videos were removed from Call to Arms and replaced with the next canon video, Jonas' Last Words, which has One Evil With Many Faces as a response.

Chaining the canon videos together in this way could help viewers follow along across the various channels. Allowing non-canon videos can lead to confusion and irrelevant stuff, but may help generate a viral effect on YouTube and inspire more fan video creation.

Note: We don't actually know what the plan is at this point (whether no non-canon responses will be approved, or whether some will be approved after the canon response is in place, or something else.)

What do you think the approach to non-canon video responses on YouTube should be?

Jessica Rose on POPTUB

UPDATE 9/17/08 - (TR)





Lonefox Prequel Delayed

Hey everyone, it's snl06 with some unfortunate news. Annie, the creator of wilannies, cannot post the lonefox101 and Wilannies prequel videos until next week. The electrical wiring in her house is acting crazy, and it ruined her laptop, so she needs to fix and re-shoot some things. We hope you guys aren't disappointed in the wait. Also, make sure that you come in #FoxVerse to chat with the characters when we announce it. Thanks!

Lost Promises. - AnnieAnsible

"The greatest danger, that of losing one's own self, may pass off quietly as if it were nothing; every other loss, that of an arm, a leg, five dollars, a wife, etc., is sure to be noticed."

Feline Feariousness - reedabook99 (TR)

They are among us... -- Reed


Artist: Warner Drive
Title: The Shocker"

Feline Feariousness - reedabook99 (TR) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


In the latest of a series of invasions into Sarah Palin’s personal life, hackers have broken into the Republican vice presidential candidate’s private e-mail account, and a widely read Web site has published screen grabs from it.


I Think Jerry Popped a Vein or Two - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

We get by with a little help from our friends. --Princess

PaulMark18 http://www.youtube.com/paulmark18
Dr. Immant http://www.youtube.com/immant
Zarbod http://www.youtube.com/zarbod
Sheetzjunkie http://www.youtube.com/sheetzjunkie
Stonedog http://www.youtube.com/stonedog67
Lord Greystoke http://www.youtube.com/lordgreystoke422
jenlight http://www.youtube.com/jenlight
snl06 http://www.youtube.com/snl06
Greg Mason http://www.youtube.com/masonishappy
ApotheosisAZ http://www.youtube.com/apotheosisaz


On May 14th, 2003 our daughter, Margaret Ann Schaeffer was kidnapped. Maggie was a kind, quiet, devout girl, devoted to her faith and her family. She was abducted from our home in Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania by her primary care physician. Both have not been heard from since.

Please, if you have any information about the whereabouts of Maggie, we beg you to contact us at [email protected]


Puzzle solution: http://www.lg15.com/bbsposts/list/2/29/89/1

The competition for LAST!

In case you have not seen, everyone on the old main lg15 board is competing to the LAST post before the board is locked. Come join the competition.


One Evil with Many Faces - hymnofnone99

We have hacked their servers. We have found their secrets. We will not let LifesBlood Labs get away with murder.

One Evil with Many Faces - hymnofnone99 on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

ATTACHED FILE: http://www.sendspace.com/file/x6s05o

Copy of contents: http://pastebin.com/f38466a34

From Deviant Metztli

deviantmetztli said...
I'd like to add that I so think that's the device that was making all that humming that taylor & spencer were holding on that boat!


Name-Al Farheeneena \
DOB-September 28 1982
Phase 3C

DOB-October 7 19993
Phase- 1
Status- Coma


The above spreadsheet has been decrypted by the following soliders: KatieModern, Liv B., SouthSideHope and Kelly Lenahan
Puzzle solution: http://www.lg15.com/bbsposts/list/2/29/89/1

Hymn of None has placed a copy of the spreadsheet on their profile here:

Sam King - Week 7 - Wednesday

Sofias Diary

It's Sofs. I wanted to let you know that I'm taking a bit of a break from the diaries. I've finally realised that studying is not going to do itself and, everyone keeps telling me this is a 'critical time' for school work. So it's time to get my head down in the books. Grrr.

But I promise I'm not deserting you. I'll be doing some really cool diary specials over the next couple of months and I'm gonna be back up and running 14th Feb 2009, as a kind of Sofia's Diaries Valentine gift to you!

In the meantime all the diaries are being shown again on Fiver at 4:00pm and I'll keep all the diaries right here in case you want to take another peek.

Sending you all some luv,

Sofs xx.


Coming Soon - "Connected", a new ARG, NEED CHARACTERS =) - solostinlost

This video is a bit old (from July. Ancient in internet time.) but here it is. I posted one of the preview videos earlier.

Click for more!!!!

I'm actually pretty excited about this. It's a show of my creation, and it's kinda going to be like Lonelygirl15 with incharacter interaction, a forum, etc. More info about the story is in the video!

Want to audition? Follow these steps:
1. Send an email to [email protected] with the character(s) you wish to try out for. (Emilie, Elliot, Rachel, or Dylan)
2. I'll reply to confirm that I received your email and I'll send you a paragraph for you to read as your character.
3. Make a video (like a vlog) of you being your character.
Hint: Follow the script! =)
4. Send it through YouTube to ConnectedSeries
5. I'll review the entries and notify the people who got the roles first, then send emails to others about the turnout.

-Even if you don't get one of the four main characters, there are plenty of opportunities for you to come in later as different character. I'll let you know.
-Auditions aren't just based on the acting. I have a general picture in my mind of how the characters should look. :)
-The characters in this show will most likely not be together in person because of safety, money, time, etc.


Dear Jonas (9-16-2008) - september2star

This is bigger than you think and
we need your help, but you also need us.

Flobots- Stand Up

PINK Season 2, Webisode 1: No Good Deed

Young Nate makes a promise to her Daddy. Wilson gives Nate an ultimatum as she recovers from the Marko mission.

No More Lonely Nights


LG15: The Resistance An Anti-Revolution?

::::: SPOILER ALERT:::::

"The first episode’s focus is on dragging Jonas (Jackson Davis) out of Order-fighting retirement, a plot point which starts out relatively subtly (with a mysterious message from The Hymn of None, a code name for one faction of the Resistance) before getting jackhammer repetitive with the appearance of Sarah, the only other lg15 character to join The Resistance, and right out of the gate its most grating member."


Colony Theatre to Present LA Premiere of 'Mary's Wedding'

The Colony Theatre Company presents the third production of its 2008 – 2009 season, the Los Angeles premiere of MARY’S WEDDING, written by Stephen Massicotte and directed by David Rose.


BRETT RYBACK (Charlie) appeared most recently in the world premiere musical Imagine at South Coast Rep.

Brett Ryback plays Reed in LG15: The Resistance. An accomplished actor and composer, Brett is also a multi-award winning playwright. Since age 5, he has worked extensively with many renowned regional theatres, including: South Coast Repertory, Laguna Playhouse, Reprise! Broadway's Best, Milwaukee Rep, The Skylight, Milwaukee Chamber Theatre, Milwaukee Shakespeare, and most notably Center Theatre Group in their production of The History Boys at the Ahmanson Theatre. He has appeared on television on Cupid (ABC) and House (FOX), and numerous commercials. His music has been performed all across the country from the Waimea Bay Music Festival in Hawai'i to various cabaret houses in New York City. He holds a B.A. in music composition from UCLA

Brett_Ryback on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Community Art

by Deviant Metztli

War is over - michiev

Happy Christmas (War Is Over) - damien rice
no copyright infrignment intended

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Resistance head writer Joshua Fialkov visits the comments

LG15 / The Resistance / Chapters / Chapter 1 / Comment 1314

"Hey gang,
Just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU! I'm thrilled you guys are here and can't wait for you to see where we go next. You're in for a wild ride, that I guarantee.

Your friendly neighborhood head writer,


Letter Bag!

Here's a letter from someone interested in our camp, check it out:


Can you give me more info on your camp?? I may want to send my son there.

My son is a dog, by the way. His name is Buddy. What do you think?

Thank you for your time.

Very Sincerely,


Thanks for the letter Jenni. Unfortunately we don't like dogs here at Breezy Beach as my wife is allergic but we definitely love Buddys! We can't squeeze your son in for the first half of the summer as we are booked up but we'll certainly have a few openings next month. It'll be a gosh darn good time he'll never forget! - Tim

CONNECTED - OCTOBER 1, 2008 - connectedseries

Connected is unprofessional, different, and about you.
It's a mystery, solved by you.
And it begins, October 1, 2008.

Tune in here, and go to http://www.freewebs.com/connectedseries

Axis of Comedy To Launch with 8 Hit Shows

There’s two from Hayden Black: Abigail’s X-Rated Teen Diary and Goodnight Burbank. FYI’s set include Break a Leg, The Patrice Oneal Show and Kyle Piccolo. Rounding it out there’s Dinosaur Diorama’s hipster satire The Burg, along with The Retributioners and Kirby Ferguson’s Goodie Bag TV.


Eye on Seth Jacobs

Seth Jacobs was in LG15chat earlier tonight. http://lg15chat.blogspot.com

Screen name: eqalseth

08:50 eqalseth: "k guys, I'm actually writing the week 2 blog. gonna get back to it. But really, ENJOY the site, comment on theblog (Feel free to tell me how bad the music is), stream on Imeem and just do what you do. You guys are amazing, as usual"

Seth Jacobs is the Head of Music Development at EQAL and the Music Supervisor on Lonelygirl15. Seth started his media career in high school with Simpson Bruckheimer Productions and later worked for Warner Brothers in the Theatrical Legal Department. In 2006, Seth started a music management company with producer/director Steve Binder.
Trained as an entertainment attorney, Seth has a background in Film and Music Law. He holds a B.A. in Communication Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. He received a J.D., with honors, from the University of San Francisco, School of Law.

Seth Jacobs on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Last Words - JonasTKO

I'll say this only once. -- Jonas

Last Words - JonasTKO on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

silverblue said...
See this comment?

dehteraew (2 hours ago)

Call me when you're drinking Jack.

We're all "done" and they drag us back in. It happens. But it never ends.

September 16, 2008 7:24 PM

jenlight said...
Whoa! Linc's back?!

See: http://www.youtube.com/user/dehteraew

Sam King - Week 7 - Tuesday

Eye on "The Samsaran Doctrine"

Item #13 is The Samsaran Doctrine. It is considered the catalyst for Crowley's admiration of the peculiar religion known as The Hymn of One.

The legible text in the Samsaran Doctrine tells the story of an Egyptian girl and her mother. The young girl was taken away from her mother. Her mother chased her daughter’s captor’s screaming, as the girl was her only blood relative. The mother’s fears were alleviated seeing that her daughter was not being harmed, but instead, placed on a throne in a temple where a fountain had once stood. In the temple, there was an ancient carving that was a depiction of her daughter, called by the people: the “Divine Pillar”. The pair was told stories that the temple was the land of Ta-ynt-netert or Tentyra, the land that would become Dendera. In this land, the fertility goddess, Hathor, was first worshipped. To give thanks to her follower’s she created a fountain from the purest water on Earth. The water alleged to be pure of disease or sorrow. Many people flocked to the fountain, but the water lost it’s purity in three years time, and famine fell of Tentyra.
On the Samsaran Doctrine, the word "lifesblood" is marked in an olive green colored stain.

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New Serial Drama from the Creators of lonelygirl15 to Premiere Online Sept. 20 - "LG15: The Resistance"

On the doorstep of the 20th century, a small group of freemasons and occultists discovered an ancient secret that had been lost since the time of the pharaohs. They learned that a select number of girls are born with a rare and valuable genetic trait that imbues their blood with the ability to extend the life of anyone who infuses it into their body.


Monday, September 15, 2008

New Bloody Beach video coming soon!

That's right kiddies, the new video is expected to drop in the next few hours so be ready!!! This week we find out about the killer who destroyed Camp Breezy Beach back in the 80's! Get the campfire ready because this is going to be one scary ghost story!

The True Book - ACrowleyOrder (ACO)

Season Two Episode Two

Watch more great videos at:

LG15 on iMeem


Just How In Trouble Is Dollhouse?

"A person familiar with the thinking of some Fox executives told TelevisionWeek that there have been concerns raised inside the network about the fundamental underpinnings of the show."


Is T Out There? - 9A7V3E

I notice the icon...

Tachyon, where are you?

Please get into contact with us.

LonelyJew15 Season II: Double Finale

On Thursday we made a very exciting announcement: LonelyJew15 Season II Finale
Mark your calenders for Wednesday October 8th for the start of the finale, far more epic and awesome than last years! Announcing: 3 in Pi. Three videos in 3.14159265358979323846ect. hours! A very exciting event filled with twists, turns, tragedy, comedy and even behind the scenes awesomeness as this chapter of the main series comes to a close.

Seems really awesome already, right? But wait, there's more.

On Thursday there will be a brief intermission filled with character interaction and puzzles all setting up for the second act of the LonelyJew15 Season II Finale, an event that will officially begin Friday, October 10th, and last well into the weekend.

An event known only as "Fuzzlines" took place a decade before Anne ever picked up a webcam, a group of rebel strangers ventured forth to fight OpAdolf, the history of which thought to be lost, but on October 10th OpAdolf's greatest secret, over half a century in the making, will be reveiled. How long will this Double-Finale last? How many videos will be posted? Who knows! Any thing can happen on 10.08.08.

Call to Arms - hymnofnone99

Our fight begins now. -- HoN

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Sofias Diary Ep 130

Storytime With Ziola (The failure of James) - Ziola (tC:A/A)

Nice try, James. Better luck next time.

Something Strange - SmythesAngel (FallenAngel)

Have you ever had a sense of dejavu?


James posted the following video on his own Youtube account in response to Something strange...

So Now What - JamesNodal

This girl is beautiful but I don't want to scare her away. What should I do?

Sam King - Week 7 - Monday

Bloody Beach has a Myspace!

Check it out at http://www.myspace.com/whoschadbaker!

Also send us an email with any suggestions at [email protected]!!!

Community Shows on LG15

On the new forums on LG15.com Casey Klebba posted:

Each of these shows now has a forum on LG15! To get a forum for your show, please post on this thread.

LG15 / LG15 / Community Shows / Community Shows on LG15

The post provides links to show websites and show forums on LG15. The initial shows listed include HOOBS, The Coalition, Lonelyjew15, MessyNessy89, and Lonefox101.

New LG15.com goes LIVE



9.15.2008 5:40

Do not close this window. Do not refresh this page. An irrefutable awakening is upon you. And it begins now.

By the end of this document, you will know all there is to know. You will be prepared to join our army.

Right now you are under their control. You are subject to their influence. You are prey to the whims of men who have infiltrated the social, economic, and political fabric of our society. These men hide themselves behind a religious cult known as The Hymn of One. They fill the world with trite, empty words; filled with mixed metaphors and circular logic.

Behind this “innocent” veneer, pulling the strings, there is a powerful force of evil. Some have discovered this evil is known as The Order. They are pulling the strings. You are their puppet. But WE will not be manipulated. We are the Hymn of None. We are dedicated to documenting a clandestine horror. We authenticate and record this conspiracy so the world will know. And we fight back.

For over two years many have tried to battle the atrocities of the Order. But they lacked resources, resolve, and a better understanding of truth.

That changes now.

We in the Hymn of None are growing stronger every day. We will bring down an oligarchy of few that seek to control all. We will expose the truth.

This truth begins with a girl.

Unbeknownst to her, she possessed the key to the fountain of youth. Many have heard of this girl, but so few know what happened to her. How she lived. How she died.

The girl had been raised a loyal servant to the Hymn of One.

She and her friends would soon discover, however, the sinister machinations that lay beneath its surface. Many of the Hymn’s followers are innocent victims, continually succumbing to the Order’s lies.

The religion is nothing more than a recruitment program; a scheme designed to evade detection while manipulating its believers to serve the purposes of a select secret society.

The Order’s goal is everlasting life. Through this girl and others like her, they continue to achieve it.

They have found their fountain of youth.

The girl’s friends, like you, initially thought the story far fetched. But they soon began to believe when those around them disappeared. One by one. Their greatest fears were realized when she was murdered -- killed by the Order in a ritual bloodletting ceremony.

Make no mistake, The Order’s origins are rooted in a history as dark as it is ancient.

Many believe the Egyptian city of Dendera once held the true fountain of youth -- a woman, born to carry what we believe is a regenerative gene in her bloodstream. This trait positive gene has been passed on to her descendents throughout centuries.

The power of Dendera’s progeny lay dormant for decades. Until discovered by a man seeking immortality; a man considered the wickedest creature of our modern era; a man named Aleister Crowley. He was able to harness the secret of Dendera to create the Order, compromised of a clan of Elders -- mortal men who continually extend their lifespan by absorbing the blood of trait positive children; mortal men who are imbued with unspeakable power as a result of sacrificial innocents.

These innocents -- most of whom remain unaware of their birthright -- are scattered across the globe. These girls are unwitting targets.

But there is hope. Some, like us, have already begun to fight back. There is one in particular whose heritage enables him to not only oppose, but lead. His name is Jonas Wharton, and he is the key to the future of these girls. A generation ago his parents formed the first Resistance, a counter-organization to combat the Order. This Resistance ultimately collapsed. But the son swore to uphold its principles.

His journey has not been easy. He has experienced obstacles; attacks; the pain of setback; the death of loved ones; and deceit. One girl in particular endeared herself to him...Sarah, only to betray him and his friends in their darkest hour. She was a mole, sent by the Order to infiltrate, misinform, and destroy. But this woman was not without reason. She had been blackmailed by the Elders, who had kidnapped her family. Despite this, she still cared. Now her’s is a quest of redemption.

Though the two have parted ways, it is likely they will meet again. Our journey with them is far from over.

Jonas, if you are out there, we need you. The Hymn of None is calling upon you to lead once more.

You are not alone. Sarah will be with you. We will be with you. We call on you now to serve in your first mission.

Soon there will be an auction -- one encompassing various Aleister Crowley objects. One item in particular is of great importance: a handbook known as the Samsaran Doctrine. It contains Crowley’s most valuable secrets. It is considered the bible for the Hymn of One. The Order believes there will be no one to vie for it.

But they are wrong. One corporation has already made plans to seize this book. We discovered them through a series of code and surreptitious surveillance over these last few weeks. They are a medical research and experimentation company known as LifesBlood Labs.

We do not know what these people want with the Doctrine. They seem to oppose the Order, as well... Yet, they may also pose a threat to us.

Jonas, you must attend this auction. You must retrieve this handbook before anyone else. We have already launched the first strike.

The Order and its associates will know us soon enough. With your guidance, they will also learn to fear us.

We are the Hymn of None.
We are the Resistance.

Hymn of None http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10004
Jonas Wharton http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10005
Sarah http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10006
ReedABook http://www.lg15.com/user_profile/view/10007

No Soup for You! - mswilsonswar

Still under the weather, but the family receipe seems to be working it's magic

KateModern - Season 2 trailer

KateModern Season 2 in 2 mins!

"The Created" part 2 : Pudding Time

Breaking news from the Breeniverse: The strange story of Dr. James Blundell and the origin of Lonelygirl15, part 2 of 2.

"The Created" part 1 : Confession

Breaking news from the Breeniverse: The strange story of Dr. James Blundell and the origin of Lonelygirl15, part 1 of 2.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Two Years Ago Today : LisaNova Does Lonelygirl15

A spoof of MSNBCs report on Lonelygirl15...Exclusive behind the scenes footage and extended interviews with the creators.

Help us find Jenny! - campbreezybeach

This is the latest installment of virtual letters home from the newly reopened Camp Breezy Beach. Unfortunately one of the campers went missing and we need to find her. But first, check this out! - Tim

Resistance Report Promo - ResistanceReport

This is the promo for the new official news channel for "Resistance Report," the brand new news show covering everything related to "LG15: The Resistance". The cast is soon to be announced. Stay tuned for the first episode coming in a few weeks!

I Have a Crush - callmeTR

Isn't he the cat's meow?

The Gap Year - Week 16 Highlights

THE GAP YEAR IS NOW ALSO ON YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGapYear2008

The Brand New Freenode Channel

If you like the FoxVerse, and want to chat with the characters, come to #FoxVerse, a brand new channel on Freenode! This is where the characters will be during Annie's prequel, the new shows, and random times when they decide to pop in! They will not be in #LG15Chat, so make sure you're at #FoxVerse for all the interacting with the characters you could ever want: Adam, Tiffany, Dr. Monroe, Silver Viper, and more! Hope to see you there!

It's A Small World - Mitch

This video is for all the nutcases out there... ~Mitch

Too Late. - 6A616E65

- T.

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