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Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Mystery of Maddison Atkin's Account

Late last night Clara uploaded the video "Gregory Atkins called us" (see post below) to her own YouTube account amblyopianne). In the video Maddison's dad gives Clara the passwords for Maddison's accounts. Early this morning the following video was uploaded with the name "Hello.." to Maddison Atkins YouTube account (maddisonatkins) which has been dormant since her brutal murder:


The video is identical to the "Gregory Atkins called us - amblyopianne" video in the post below except for the account name, the video title and the video description.

On Maddison Atkin's YouTube account the video is called "Hello.." and bears the following description:

"If you don't already know. I'm Clara. I've been doing a documentary on Maddison Atkins, and it's only with her father's permission and encouragement that I'm posting my work. I knew Maddison . . . a little. You can see all of my footage at http://www.youtube.com/amblyopianne"

This can be seen as an attempt to reach out and contact some of Maddison's old friends who may not know of the documentary she is making.
From the YouTube comments on Maddison's account:

clara if you read this come back to irc, woman! please <3

not tonight. im not ready to come back into chat. i kind of humiliated myself already.


Gregory Atkins called us - amblyopianne

This is Adam typing for Clara. Hey. She's gone, but asked me to post this. It's uh from awhile back

The Finale - xmarlasingerx

Arche/Trav - video upload - In an attempt to assist the TAAG and Nikki Bower in reaching Bree before the Ceremony, Marla and Trav go to the Santa Monica statue, to offer assistance. Daniel seemed to have everything under control, so we kept our distance. Ultimately, the mission failed, and as we know, Bree met an untimely death at the hands of the Order. We will miss you Bree!

Clara says... (in IRC chat)

10:35 amblyopianne cops everday

10:37 amblyopianne beeps blkkep

10:38 amblyopianne her she comes to sav teh day . .

10:38 amblyopianne acid youre rap stinfs

10:39 amblyopianne stikny rapp readi ngwords

10:40 amblyopianne nope brit you?

10:41 amblyopianne Jenni Po boo hooooooooooooooooooos!

10:41 amblyopianne work.... sllllllleep

10:41 amblyopianne Tivo!!

10:42 amblyopianne passwords

10:42 amblyopianne meh

10:43 * amblyopianne eats celery!!!!!!!!12 celery

10:43 amblyopianne stuck in my busyness

10:43 amblyopianne ma teefh

10:44 amblyopianne borin. bye elllyn

Full log of chat.

In memory of Bree

Posted by Brooklynxman
From robbing the jewelry store to sneaking out, from the motel to warwalking, jonas house and your father and daniel being taken, from tachyons badass training camp to Las Vegas, frem the bunker to Zavalla and beyond.

You will be missed sorely, grieved over, and remembered always.

But your death will not be in vain. I can promise you we will all protect those girls, every single one of us will protect every single one of them.

Nikki Bower IRC Chat log for 12in12 LG15 season finale

During the 12in12 season finale of LG15 we provided you with live coverage of Nikki Bower from the HoO IRC chat room. If you missed it here is a log of the activity:


Research: Acidfingers

Jess Rose-lonelygirl15 and beyond

Hi all,
By now I'm sure all of you have seen the 12 in 12. I just wanted to write a blog expressing my thanks to every single one of you that watch lg15 and supported me and the rest of the cast along the way. This has been the most incredible year of my life, Plenty of ups and downs but LG15 has definitely been the highlight. It will always be something I'll look back on fondly, and I am so thankful for all the continued support I have been receiving from you guys. Lonelygirl15 had come to an end for both me and my character, we had been discussing for awhile where to go with Bree and ultimately decidedly that it was best to part ways with the character. I still have a great relationship with all the Cast and Crew of the show and hope to remain friends with them for years to come. We all believed in one another and that counts for something I say! Miles , Mesh and Greg THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have to say a special thanks to Yousef. We have been through such a crazy experience together and Yousef has truly become like a big brother to me and without him I don't know what I would have done for the past year!!! Thank you YOUSEF!! I will miss you all so much!

I hope to continue working online, I have been developing a web comedy that should be out sometime this year.. It's still all very new, But I'm very excited to be creating, producing, starring and co-writing a project of my own! I have plenty of ideas for a bunch of shows that will hopefully be able to produce online. I would like to still remain a part of the online community and still firmly believe that the Internet is the future of entertainment. Actually it's not the future.. It's the NOW!
Of course I am still venturing into the mainstream side of the entertainment industry, Teaming up with David Garrett, Taryn Southern (from hot4hill) and Stevie Ryan (from Lil loca) to develop what will hopefully become a TV show ?. I will be keeping you all updated via bulletins and blogs on this account, on that note- I need to point out that this myspace will be run by ME (Jessica Rose) not a publicist or assistant (I don't even HAVE an assistant!) I changed to this one simply because the URL is easier for people to remember.

Anyway again thank you all for a great year and for all your support, I have the best fans ever! : P


posted on the blog on Jessica Rose's new myspace, myspace.com/officialjessicarose

Dream a Dream for Bree - jerrypwjr

Random thoughts. Some closure. Mourning.

Open letter to The Breeniverse:

"However, in spite of the series’ initial popularity and vivacious cult-following, LonelyGirl15 has since become comparable to the war in Iraq."

LG15 Finale goes live on YouTube

You can now watch the season finale of LG15 on YouTube

We have added a special season finale player page so that you can watch all the finale videos in one page. It should go live once all the videos have been added to YouTube or possibly before:) Look for the "LG15 Finale Player" in the right hand menu --->

This is how you felt......

Shortly after the ending of the season finale we asked you how you felt. Here is what you had to say. :::::WARNING:::::, there is some explicit and blunt language so if you don't like that then just skip this article and read "What else is Jessica Rose up to?".

However, some of the content is so compelling its worth reading. Judge for yourself:

teenagemom said...

john said...
You mean she died for them to be free from the order, then told them to keep resisting the order anyway?

I'm confused.

greggallows said...
Very Very pissed.

anonymous said...
total crap, did you reall honestly thing we would like that ending, ok i understand you killing her cause she's leaving the "show" but that was just so stupid. i'm not watching the next season if there is one, and to hell with your Kate whoever..i'm sure it'll end jsut as stupid

anonymous said...
Bree is dead. OK Fine. But Kate Modern sucks!!!!

monicababy20 said...
I feel like I'm done with this show now.If Bree is dead the show is dead. Just let me know what Jackson is getting up to next and I will watch that instead. Bye guys!

morgan/momo said...

anonymous said...
I started watching this series because of a pretty girl who liked 'Proving Science Wrong' and teasing her quiet Danielbeast. She's not supposed to be dead - she isn't supposed to be gone. Where can 'LG15' go without the person who was the basis for the series?
I'm so disappointed.

destrin41016 said...
Some parts were great, some parts were...well terrible...im not gonna just put the creators down though. the early parts were captivating...in fact the only parts i didnt like were...12...it just...i dunno. didnt excite me. as much as the rest did...

anonymous said...

morgan said...
seriously, if you think about all the answers we were seeking, WE GOT NONE.

kerm said...
if bree in fact is dead then i am never watching another web story again. it just goes to show that this form of media cannot come even close to competing with the media outlets. there is no doubt that jessica rose left because her year was up and the creators couldn't afford her anymore.

what's going to happen with kate modern? the exact same thing.

i can't handle watching a great storyline turn to mud because of behind the scenes reasons. done.

anonymous said...
You can't save me, the Order is everywhere....but go save all the other girls the Order wants.



anonymous said...
i second that bree, taylor,sarah go byebye then daniel shows finally he recents jonas for sleeping with bree and the bree message said that she loves him just like a brother(daniel getting drunk as i post) i wanted bree to said she was inlove with both of them and couldn't decide or something sarah gave up on daniel and alex long gone so poor daniel poor hurt sarah and taylor

anonymous said...
to sad to speak

joe said...
Not surprised they screwed it up in the end. But it would have been nice if they didn't.


anonymous said...
i dont know if ill keep watching this im not to fond of katemodern :/

anonymous said...
I think it was an incredible day and necessary ending. It showed how evil the HoO is at the core. We all like fairy tale endings, where everyone will live happily ever after, but that is not what the HoO is about. It's sad that these kids know too much already and will never have a normal life. But in season 1, it appears, Daniel and Jonas lost the battle, but perhaps over time they will win the war.

anonymous said...
LG15 is dead, and I don't really want to go through another 'season' without Jessica Rose. I mean, she's the reason any of this got off the ground.

Maybe they couldn't convince her to stay, that's okay, but to kill her off forever, that's too far. I mean all this stuff they put us through has been for nothing. So what's the point of watching anymore?

I really wish right now that the series had stayed a simple innocent girl with normal everyday problems.

parvastella said...
i'm pretty pissed that i wasted my whole day online for this shit. the earlier videos today were awesome...full of adventure. but this last one was SO BAD. such a bad ending. so cliche. and i don't think i'll watch kate modern if it's just more of this, which it looks like it's going to be. grrr.

allibean said...
Hopefully this email from Bree will explain what this "ceremony" was and why on earth she thinks they can do any better at saving the others girls when they couldn't save her.

I feel like we're still left hanging here.

anonymous said...
I don't even know what to say anymore.

I guess this is goodbye...

(thank god for 15over15)

charles phoenix said...
where is the email... and how does she set them free and ask them to help other girls
August 3, 2007 7:02 PM

eliza said...
First time I've commented on an lg15 vid, and unfortunately probably the last...I guess the creators had to write around their actress jumping ship, and there probably wouldn't have been any better way to remove Bree from the plot, but for most of us it means that the series is effectively over...in mourning :(

zoya said...
This was stupid. They should have just quit while they were ahead instead of trying to continue without a protagonist. We didn't learn a thing, we just saw a lot of blood.

anonymous said...
Disappointed, never watching again.

anonymous said...
I don't know what to think.
I almost want to say I'm disappointed... but I liked the videos.
I guess I just really wanted Bree to come back.

anonymous said...
...you know, the more you think about it...

Maybe she's NOT dead?
And I say going off of only one point:
WHY would they make this big scene of Spencer breaking the serum, and having to go get more, just for them to... what, NOT use it?

That's a plot hole a little too big for even LG15

anonymous said...
Stupid. I hate that Jessica Rose is abandoning the show that made her a star. I will not be watching her in any other median unless I am watching for another reason. I would hope Greek would get canceled except for the other actors don't deserve it.
And how is it that they can't save her cause the order is everywhere, but they are supposed to be able to save other girls. She wanted them to be free, but oh yeah, spend your life on this little thing for me. I think the Creators did what they could, it is not their fault. Stupid.


anonymous said...
I understand all the people who say they aren't gonna watch anymore. Because its hard for them to deal with lonelygirl..without lonelygirl..

I dont care what the haters say. or what the people who are pissed about the way this season ended say...

I have my own opinions about this.. and it was beautiful..i dont care about plot holes..twists.. things left unsaid...things that seem so stupid and little compared to the rest of it all...

But those last two videos made me think of alot of things in my life, my friends, my family..there are people in the world who go through things that physically and mentally break them... things happen to people and they have to make horrible heartbreaking choices...choices that can kill..

But i just have to say that.. this is the plot. and they may have things planned that we dont know about and that bree didnt explain in that voice message.

monicababy20 said...
Way to die for nothing Bree. "The order is everywhere, you can't save me. Im just gonna bend over.But please, go risk your life saving those other girls that no-one gives a crap about!"
Yeah, makes sence to me. I'm off to drink 436 orange slurpees.This plotline is as dead as Bree, Bree's dad and that one shadow combined.

lizzy said...
It's hard to know...what we are supposed to be feeling right now, I mean, we are mourning Bree...she shouldn't have died. But Anger isn't going to help anything.

If Kate Modern is season 2 (which I don't think can happen) I won't be watching. I've only been watching kate modern to see how it related...to...us. But if lg15 is done, there isn't really any reason to watch kate. I guess I will wait until monday...to see what is happening with the second season.

zoya said...
Oh, and if the Creators want to have any sort of career they have to learn how to deal with behind-the-scenes issues in a satisfactory manner. This is like the Glenn thing but 100x worse.

anonymous said...
I'm not surprised that Bree died, but the logic in her is def flawed. So are Sarah and Taylor really gone?

anonymous said...
I'm confused more than anything. It started out promising, then it seemed to drop the ball at the end. As much as I hate to say it, this is my feelings on both the series and the season finale. Both were interesting and captivating, and then got melodramatic and tedious. I stuck it out on the hopes that it would get better, and I'm gonna at least start the next season to see if it gets better, but if it doesn't I'm gonna stop watching.

anonymous said...
Ok I remember that they can make the other girls trait negative. But Bree did NOT know that so how did she think they could help when they could not help her?
And the Order is dumb to kill off their willing slaves. Just take a little blood at a time, morons!
But again, I know the Creators had to do this.

~Erica Rocks

cracked egg said...
Let me awnser your question with annother question (which is EXACTLY what the creators did to us!)
*are you looking forward to the next season?
*have the majority of big, burning questions that were posed during the majority of the series been awnsered, but leaving you with a NEW and interesting question?
And, if if your awnser to any one of the two is NO , then the entire purpose of a season finale has been lost, and thus is a totall flop. My awnsers to both: NO.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Anyone who didn't like that Bree died should blame the people who rooted for the Ceremony killing her. We do run the show, after all...

I wonder if she thought of herself as dead weight for them. Like, with her, the Order will always look for her and know any place she might hide. But without her, they can move more freely in the shadows with the Order assuming they just went emo and went home.

C'mon Tachy!!!

(I was afraid she'd be killed and they'd keep it at LG15 "in memorial")

anonymous said...
I am sad, nostalgic and very annoyed. This series, I connected to Bree. She was the girl in the bedroom everyone could relate to somehow. She was always happy about the situation (except in the case with Jonas). She was just such a likable character (commentators on youtube would disagree).

I watched the entire series this morning with my friend who hadn't seen it before. It was really great, I was so hyped for the finale. I regret doing so now, because it just makes me feel all the worse that she had to die.

I'm so pissed at Taylor, Sarah I can understand, but Taylor? I thought she WANTED to help Bree. Talk about bullshit. I'm pissed at all the important clues the creators abandoned (Remember the whiteboard in the bunker?). What the fuck was the point of all of this that they went through if Bree was just going to give up and get herself killed knowing the Order wouldn't be done. "I'm sacrificing myself to save you guys but for my dying wish I want you to go and put yourselves in danger again by helping other girls"? What?

I don't even know anymore lol. I'll stick around for the next season to see what happens.

house said...
Pissed. And, done!!
Today was bullshit. Too much fucking drama for not enough information - same as always. Jonas' injuries were not even realistic, nor was the treatment,...which, in most shows you'd cut some slack for, but isn't one of the creators a doctor? Seriously! WTF?!

Way to be a dick tease, guys. Is this your passive-agressive way of acting out the aggression towards all the sex you didn't get in high school? For a year, you've led people on about 'the ceremony'. You've made three or four promises about when/where the answers would be revealed...and, once again, you screwed it up.


anonymous said...
Eh, I'm ok with Bree dying. More annoyed at the girls' behaviour and the lack of ceremony.

I challenge anyone to understand the logic wherein Bree sacrifices herself to get the Order to stop following the boys, then asks them to try to help the potential ceremony girls though. Cause that couldn't possibly bring them into contact with the Order, right?



anonymous said...
It's Erica Rocks one more time, sorry, but I want to mention I will start watching next season just to see what the Creators can piece together from this mess.

anonymous said...
We still have to see what the email to Daniel says.

liz said...
I feel angry and betrayed. No questions have been answered. Meh. I give up.

anonymous said...
Oh cry me a river you whiny bitchs. It would have a crappy ending if it ended with a complete happy ever after type thing. Since this only a season not series finale.

anonymous said...
oh i cant bear to comment, dissappointment doesnt cover it, but i did love nearly all of the twelve videos.


anonymous said...
I think we're all going to miss Bree, and it was a sad day for us. I could have cared less what the sisters were feeling, in video 11 of 12. It was DB & jonas I cared about at the end, and I feel like the sisters (in general) just came in outta nowhere, distracted the boys, screwed stuff up, and left. I will certainly be watching next season, and plan to watch KateModern too.& Thankgosh for the IRC chat otherwise we all would have been LOST today. :)nite

ash said...
Alright, wtf is this anymore? The plot died with Bree. They turned this into some save the world to avenge dead Bree crap. I can't believe I wasted my whole day online. I'm flying out tomorrow at 8 am and I haven't packed because I've been watching this. What a load of crap. I hope this series dies.

anonymous said...
I'm not upset that Bree is dead. I predicted it as soon as I read Jessica Rose's Myspace Blog where LG15 got mentioned 4th in her update only ahead of a magazine article. She obviously has moved on.

What bothers me is all the promises we were given that never were kept. All the story points that have been left unanswered and you know will never be mentioned again.

I know what the creators will say though. "Thanks everyone for making this such a success! We know some of you are upset but we promise you if you hang in there, blah blah blah"

They've been telling that one for so many months now it's a joke. You could have done so much and yet you totally messed up.

Oh yeah let me also add to the number who say, Bree goes back to the Order to protect Daniel and Jonas but then tells them to go save girls from the Order? Yeah that makes so much sense.

~M of Many

joe said...
The LG15 Myspace video has raitings, the Mission Alpha, Beta, etc... videos have a higher raiting then the 12 in 12. The 12 in 12 are in the low to mid 60s. Good enough for a presidential election, not good enough for TV or whatever this is.

opcasschyon033 said...


*The Creators tell lies*

anonymous said...
OK... so the order couldn't take a little blood every day and keep her alive? WHACKNESS! WTF Creators... W. T. F.

bianca23 said...
I feel mad! We didn't got answers and now the creators think we will watch that kate modern show? First I want answers, otherwise I'm not watching anything. We all deserve to get answers after a whole year watching lg15.

And what's up with that save the other girls thing?? Bree gave up her life for them but she still wants them to save other girls?? You can't beat the order, so why bother then? It just doesn't make sense.

zoya said...
I just can't wait or the forums to be back up tomorrow so we can all lay into the Creators directly. And no, they will piece nothing of value together from this mess. Did they do anything with the end of Oppy? I can't believe how muh they fucked this up. I am embarrassed for getting my friend interested in this show only for it to end so badly.

what direction said...
I can't believe she's dead.

I think I'm in the first stage of grief.
1. Denial
What's next?
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

Her last message made me cry like a baby. I just can't believe she is gone.

As much as I hated to see her go...someone needed to die. It made us all realize how evil the HoO truly is.

Even though I am in shock and sobbing, a BIG round of applause to the creators. This finale was absolutely riviting.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
I said b4, they could have answered a lot of things if the box at the camp contained footage of previous ceremonies and other dossiers. We'd see minimal footage and hear more sound as the gang watches, because their faces will tell us it's too gruesome and terrifying to show on the site. All of it would culminate with the tapes ending and the TV in static and Sarah going "Ohhhhhh F**************************CK...." and Jonas saying "Guys, we gotta move out."

Hey! Anyone wanna write an ARG? ;)

rikki said...
I agree. This is slightly insane. The message Bree left MUST connect with the E-mail, otherwise it's just a stupid way of saying ;I'm dead, you failed, but carry doing the same thing for another year on another girl anyway'.

And if Kate Modern does tie in with this, thats a bit difficult seeing as in she lives in a completely different Country! What next? They can stop the Order online?

I guess I'll have to wait for the e-mail, dont get me wrong, the videos were great, but the Creators left the whole secrecy thing going for way too long. We finally thought we were going to get some answers, and yet again we were left with tons more questions. WE need some sort of conclusion to something PLEASE!

anonymous said...
I think it was pretty obvious that jessica rose was leaving the show. she was doing other things with her career. good for her! I like kate modern!

anonymous said...
I feel like I just got fucked over. This was such a waste of time. They didn't answer anything. Instead they raised new questions and killed their lead character.

anonymous said...
Oh cry me a river you whiny bitchs. It would have a crappy ending if it ended with a complete happy ever after type thing. Since this only a season not series finale

I don't care that they killed Bree. I didn't even really want a happy ending. I haven't seen many say that they're sad Bree died. What people are saying is that this was a fucking disappointment. A year of puzzles, riddles, blah, blah, blah, and Bree conveniently sacrifices herself so that no one else has to do the ceremony that doesn't freakin' exist. The ceremony and Bree's part in it was the carrot that kept people nibbling for a year... they dangled it and then pulled it back one too many time. That's the problem with the rythym method - sometimes, in all the excitement, you lose focus on the goal (in this case, making people give two shits) and blow your load prematurely. Not only did the Creators blow the load, but they didn't even remember to re-read the directions on the condom package...so, now the whole deal is jacked up because we were all excited and ready, but they fumbled. This series is now, officially, in the crapper.

brooklynxman said...
Like crying

a90 said...
i feel cheated...i feel helpless.

We watched her cross the line of innocence to resistance and she will always be missed. The one thing I clung onto was the hope of justice and her return.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
:looks at the anonymous comment @ 7:18pm:

Jessica? Is that you??

randehmann said...
Why, Bree?
She could have won.
She could have lived.
She could have defeated the order.

Bree will be remembered forever.

elizabeth said...
I think the creators deserve kudos for putting together any kind of narrative at all through this medium, and double kudos for making one that's been this interesting. I can only imagine how tricky it is to build a plot using 3-minute segments and a large and diverse group of narrators. The story arc has been pretty neat, and I'm looking forward to seeing how things move on from here. Nobody promised that Season 1 wouldn't be a tragedy. Given the body count thus far, it makes a lot of sense.

anonymous said...
Are they going to rename it lonely boys 15? lol Anyways i knew bree would die. She is way too busy now to stay. I was kinda disappointed and i am kinda dreading the next video cuase now it is going to be compleatly different.

anonymous said...
oooooooooooo watch the "next girl" will be kate!

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Um, I can honestly say I could have written a better script in the bathroom.

...in the shower...

cause dudes, THAT'S where all the good ideas come!

txpup55 said...
That was a bad ending. And I can't actually believe their main character is dead. It's just really hard to believe.

Also, why did she give herself up so they can finally live their own lives, when she's asking them to find all the other girls? Why couldn't she just have stayed with them and fought the Order? I don't really think it makes much of a difference.

The only reason, to be honest, I'll be watching season 2 is how the heck the creators expect to land on their feet with this one.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Might be cool if we leave LG15 and make our own show with anti Orderites connecting on the Net and, like Gemma originally did, give each other info and share their separate hardships and stuff.

Also proves the Order's worldwide reach!

I'd love to help write the scripts.

debbie said...
- i'm thrilled that the creators pulled the 12 in 12 thing off.
- i'm not totally shocked that they killed bree off.
- like a bunch of people have said the whole martyrdom then putting her friends back in danger to save the other girls thing doesn't make much sense at all.
- i'm very dissapointed that we didn't at least get some more bree screen time before she died. seriously 12 episodes and not a single line on camera??

anonymous said...
wait. this ending isn't about the order or the plotholes. i don't blame the creators, it wasn't about them either-- cut them some slack, if they had it their way jess would probably still be apart of this and would have never been away for so long or died at the end. if it's anyone's fault, it's hers.

i guess she just felt like there were bigger and better things such as one-liners in "greek" every other episode or a "small role" in what's called "the worst movie of the year".

anonymous said...
So the forum is up and running where everyone can talk about the season finale. But not comments, they're all gone from every video.

anonymous said...
Yeah, Bree's death wouldn't have been so hard to take if she'd a) said something, anything- or b) acknowledged the guys' presence for one millisecond of her final hours.

anonymous said...
So if Jackson or Yousef gets a better deal, the Creators will have them killed aswell?

anonymous said...
I feel as if I have not only wasted a beautiful, sunny, South Texas friday with my family and friends, I have wasted over a year of my life investing my time, energy and emotions into emptiness.
I came to watch LONELYGIRL15, now SHE is dead. To top this HUGE fact off.... no questions were answered. What we have now is MORE questions to be answered and no lonelygirl15. Many of us hung in there when the videos got absolutely boring!
I think from now on I will invest my time in a series that has proven its worth among its viewers and created MORE excitement in its few months of existance than lg15 has in its year online. Maddison Adkins!
LG15 has been a string of contradictions and Bree's final words pretty much sum that up. You can't leave your friends so the wouldnt have to continue running from the Order, then ask then to continue to fight the Order!


idk said...
Sad stuff. Bree's gone? I suppose I saw it coming, given Jessica's current situation, but... It's still sad.

I really liked the earlier videos, and I'm glad we finally got to see the 'Ceremony'... But there are still loads of unanswered questions.

A lot of people are bitching that we didn't get enough answers... DEAL WITH IT! If we got all the answers, the series would end.

I'm still going to watch the series--I mean, it does only take 10 minutes a week--but I'm not sure how well it'll do without Bree. I'd like to see it wrap up within the next 6 months, preferably with a bunch of answers (and maybe another cool event like today--BTW, it was great, Creators!).

(But if Taylor just goes home, I'll be really disappointed. Too good of a character to just leave behind. Ditto for Sarah. Besides, they are both great actresses. It'd be a shame to lose them.)

Anyways, all-in-all, I think the Creators put on an awesome event. Yeah, we would've all liked to have seen Bree saved, but in the end, it wasn't meant to be. Who knows? Maybe this really was the Creators' intent from the beginning.

And if their intent was to make us sad... It worked.

Anyways, people are saying that Bree's sacrifice doesn't make sense if she wants them to save the other Ceremony girls. Uh... Once TAAG is no longer associated with Bree, the Order won't care about them any more. They can operate in secrecy. In other words, now that Bree's out of the picture, the Order will ignore them (unless they find out Bree's plan) and they can help other girls.

A bit convoluted, but it makes sense if you really think about it.

anonymous said...
If they can bring JR back (not her the guy from the TV show Dallas) then they can bring Bree back.

laur said...
i just realized something while in the shower...

that was the, order of denderah, weird language, cult order, since the beginning of lg15, training, ceremony!??!?!?!

come on

nieriel.manwathiel said...
How can there be a Maddison if Maddison's dead?

Again I say let's write our own. I'd love to help with scripts.

[email protected]

anonymous said...
you're right laur. and what about the steps?? i didn't see any of that. i think originally it was supposed to be something different until jessica rose wanted out.

anonymous said...
it should have been the series finale. as much as i liked the remaining four, i don't know that they can carry it alone. they struggled this summer, i felt. i'm kind of left with an empty... "what now?" feeling. i dont know if i'll watch it anymore or not.

overall, unsatisfying.

erin said...
TOTAL LET DOWN. I feel like it was totally half-assed. A main character may have died, but in a weird way this was all filler. We still don't have any answers, they just want us to keep watching. Do you really think we're that stupid?

You'd think that in 12 videos we would have gotten at least a couple answers out of the dozens that remain, but we didn't get any. The Ceremony happened and we still don't even know WHY it happened. I can accept that we can't know everything for a series like this to continue, and I can even accept killing off a main character in a series finale. But in order to keep people interested, you have to throw us some answers! We all had an invested interest in Bree. We cared about her as an individual. To continue without her to save other ceremony girls seems like a totally contrived and GREEDY effort to keep the series going.

It's best to let a series run its course and end it at the right time rather than let it drag on and on and get terrible. You have to know when to let it end. Some would argue that it should have ended long ago. I personally believe (and I know I am not alone) that this should have been the end of the series. It could have been nicely wrapped up with most (if not all) of the answers answered.

It was also a really bad move to kill off Bree when we have barely seen her for months. They missed an opportunity to really make a big impact with her death. But instead they waited until she was nearly a stranger.

I'm done with lonelygirl15. And I urge others to stop putting up with this BS. If we didn't get answers tonight, we never are. This was just one colossal waste of time.

charliebrown said...
I miss you so much already Bree! Your the whole reason I watch LG15. I think the Creators made a big mistake and are going to lose quite a few viewers.

sparky said...
whew !
thank goodness Jonas is OK!

layne said...
I've been waiting for months for the ceremony, I wanted to see it!

After Jonas got stabbed, I was expecting them to infiltrate the ceremony, Bree also covered in blood and already dead. And then Daniel holding her in his arms shouting, "Noooooo!" while Jonas chases after the watchers/shadows/Lucy. And then cliffhanger until Monday. But she died in what looked like a hospital bed with a sound of her flatlining. Pretty anticlimatic, I think.

Bree had to die, though. First of all, Jess Rose is definitely done with this series. Second, the story had gone so far out that we would never get our old Bree back, just the lame HoO one.

I will still keep watching for Jonas *swoon*

anonymous said...
How do you light a candle? Sorry, I'm dumb!

anonymous said...
Kudos, Creators. Only well written stories can create such intensity of emotion.

chris said...
Don't think I'm going to be watching LG15 anymore. (That should have been our first clue, when they started calling it LG15 instead of Lonelygirl15--they cut the girl out.) Kate Modern does NOT do it for me at all; TweedleDee, TweedleDum, amnesiac, australasian.

Everyone: watch 15/15. Did you hear Tachy's back?

nieriel.manwathiel said...
See my siggy?

"So long, and thanks for all the fish (aka red herrings!)"

anonymous said...
Jessica bailed out on us months ago -- so Bree's "death" today was not unexpected.

I'm mostly shocked at how badly her demise was written. Hell, the Creators actually let Jessica phone in her last performance.


I'm so disappointed in this whole mess...

anonymous said...
actually i think the series is going good so far. If jessica rose is leaving, which we don't even know that she is, there really isn't too many options the creators have in phasing out her character. It could be that jessica rose is getting more opportunities for her acting, and she asked the creators for more money, and the creators, who are not professional directors and on a limited budget, could not afford her anymore. So she was in less videos and her character is gone.

So, the creators are actually making a great series, based on the resources at their disposal. I think we should let the series take what course it will, and maybe loose ends will be tied up as the series goes.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Wait, did someone say "well-written" stories?!

We're ticked 'cause they DIDN'T give us the well-written story they've been baiting us with!!

qthec said...
Management 101: you never fire someone on a Friday...

Going on the assumption that the actress, Jessica Rose, chose to leave, this season ending finale made a lot of sense to me. The choice to do 12 videos in one day was cool. And they needed to do something big for the end of Bree. But I was surprised we did not get to see her speaking on video during the finale, whatever narrative device would have been needed to make that happen.

I would have liked to have seen the religious ceremony we have been hearing about... or received more insider information from within the Order... video tapes from "Deep Throat" revealing some secrets etc.

Let's face, Jessica Rose made the show, and her departure is a huge challenge. The Creators are trying to keep things going with the deals they are making, the expanding cast, etc. They may succeed or fail, but they should not neglect viewers on any of their channels.

More important, the story has floundered in many ways (loose ends, plotholes, logic gaps, lack of connection at times between videos). The need to keep the excitement of the early 12 in 12 videos, and add some better organization of the larger story - keep the quality high - in order to succeed.

It will be interesting to see what happens. I still hope there is a twist yet to come that will allow Jessica Rose to make some (even limited) appearances, but that seems a stretch at this point.

Alas, ::::: Gemma vs. Bree Kung-Fu Fighting ::::: is not looking likely.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
They did plot holes till the end.

"That's the guy who trashed the lab"
Uh, how do YOU know that? Did you let him in on your way out to play golf?

"Sarah's a mole!"
But let's accept what could be tainted medical supplies when she didn't even say she got the serum from about 20 minutes away.

*assuming, not actual LG writing* "You know, instead of having Jessica in a few minutes of ceremonial walking with blood all over her, let's take that same amount of time, ease and budget and have her lay on a hospital bed!"

I'm serious. I will help someone show these jerks how to do it right.

anonymous said...
Point in fact, boys and girls, youre pretty much all teenagers with a small handfull of folks in their 20s and 30s so how can you think logically with all of that anger and all of those hormones racing around at the momeny with all that has happened over the last year. But I'll break down as much you'll not like it...

This show was outstanding. And Im thrilled they killed Bree off. Jessica's character was getting redundant and she knew it too Im sure. She lucked out by getting other offers to take her away from the show. So, YAY CREATORS ON HOW YOU KILLED HER OFF.

Now I will say that there are a lot of loop holes left for us to to deal with... sure... ok... um, hell people... this is TV/Entertainment... drama even, we will get what we want and when it does, you'll be thankful and feel really ignorant for all the nasty things you've been saying.

Now, the point that Im needing to clear on is that YOU'S ALL NEEDS TO CHILL THE F*CK OUT. Its just a TV series online. Sure, you invested a lot of your year into it. I have too but here's the kicker... IT WAS JUST A SEASON FINALE. I will lay odds that you all have had the same issues with something on TV with a show you were watching. My gosh, you all seem like little kids fighting over candy... MINE MINE MINE, ME ME ME. Reading all of your words were like nails on a chalkboard.

One final thought, did you know that we did have a part in the storyline? Oh you did you know that? Well, guess what? We had a hand in the way the story went. Sure, The Creators controled it all but WE set things in motion. Granted we wanted answers but The Creators kept us wanting more. And we kept eating it up. So before you blame The Creators for everything remember the following...

When throwing all of the stones that you are now, youre not only insulting The Creators, youre insulting the actor because theyre a part of this as well. If it werent for any of those folks, we wouldnt have a LG15 story, screw anything that we might have had a hand in.

And oh yeah, I know KateModern is moving a bit slow but its gradually picking up pace one video at a time. I guess what Im saying is, if you dont like something, thats ok! I totally get that. I have things I really dont care for as well. But please, for the love of God, show some respect instead of throwing anger and hate everywhere. Noone wants to read that crap and noone wantes to feel it, let alone deal with it. And especially, The Creators dont deserve.


anonymous said...
Ummmmmmmm what?

I don't think LG15 is so without Bree. I <3 Jonas but he didn't get any time with Bree. And now she's dead?

She'd better be coming back. I don't believe she's dead yet.

August 3, 2007 8:09 PM

amy said...
I'm just confused...and I can't believe the ceremony was so lame...

The whole season finale was just really really dissappointing...

You were wrong creators-from the looks of it, most of us didn't "love" what you had in store for us...

anonymous said...

I'm 35, loser. Not a hormonal teenager.

And try editing your rants before you post them. Your typos make you look like the clueless one.

longtimelurker said...
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I never started watching KM !!! I am done ..I am sad....I am dissapointed.... My hubby doesn't "get it",he said "what is Bree, Debris now ??" GRRR!!!

milowent said...
i miss bree.

i have for months.


lg15.com forums are going up and down again as usual
anchor cove is up: threads with links for all vids, etc. http://alissabrooke.proboards56.com/index.cgi
August 3, 2007 8:16 PM

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Wow. Um, someone has issues.

If we're all just teeny boppers (which, by my count, most of us are 20s and older), then why get so upset and write a 5-paragraph tirade?

The Creators were selfish. THEY were like little kids screaming "MINE! MINE! MINE!"

~ First they they to get their claws on an ARG that was more popular than they were.
~ Then they write up new mysteries without solving the old ones with a lack of attention to detail that seems to mock the serious problem of A.D.D.
~ They would rather whore themselves out (I think that's a pretty accurate term; they sold crucial spots in their "body" of work for money) then wrap up loose ends.

Jessica is also to blame for wanting horrific do-nothing parts in lame projects than stay with what made her a star. Kinda trecherous.

Oh, and we're insulting the good actors as well? Well last time I checked, the actors didn't write the scripts!!

I would agree they had something in store if they threw us a bone. The only "bone" they threw was killing Bree and getting Sarah the crap outta there.

Gah; they didn't even get Jonas to take off his shirt.

anonymous said...
So sad. What a waste of time. The Creators just distroyed their show. There are just too many holes in the plot. I mean, come on! Bree should have know that Daniel and Jonas would be risking there lives to save her, but she still went through with it...to save them? yet she wants them to help these other girls? And (duh) risk there lives?? How on earth is that saving them from the evils of the order? This email best be a novel, because she's got a whole lot of explaining to do. Oh, and was the serum thing just a waste of our time?? and what about deep throat? who the heck was that? Also, I want a little more closure on Taylor and Sarah. Were they at all connected to the order? If stupid ass Sarah was so in love with Daniel why did she push him away? LOTS AND LOTS OF QUESTIONS...I'll give them a little longer, but if the Creators leave these gaps open much longer I'm outta here, and from the sounds of a lot of other folk's posts, they're not gonna have an audience left.

anonymous said...
The acting was great. Maybe not everyone liked how the season finale played out, but that was how it maybe had to happen. But the quality of the ending was really well done. And even though Daniel said bree died, no one really knows for sure, no one saw what happened to bree after they closed the door. The actors and creators of the series should keep up the good work. But maybe, the creators should have a long-term plan for what the rest of the series will entail and how it should end...

nieriel.manwathiel said...
XD perfect!

"This email best be a novel, because she's [Bree] got a whole lot of explaining to do."

I think this is what describes those of us who have a dim ember of hope for some decent form of resolution.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
I'd love to make a video spoofing LG's lack of writing abilities (There's a difference between a tasteful amount of loose ends and enough loose ends to knit a blanket with!!) with the song "So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish" playing. ;)

idk said...
Ah, yes, I agree. The acting was superb, some of the best we've seen in the series. I was emotionally involved in the Finale from beginning to end, thanks to the writing and the acting. Even Spencer's actor did a pretty good job. :)

Yes, there are plotholes to clear up. Yes, Bree's actions seem a little confusing--but she's a teenage girl! She's passionate, she's full of emotions--just like all of these characters. They won't always do the most sensible things.

It probably looks like I'm defending the series, and that's because I am. Like I said, it shows that Bree was such a great character because everyone's so upset that she's dead. It's just that most people are choosing to be angry rather than sad. Instead of being sad about Bree's death, they're looking for people to blame.

And right now, I just want to light a candle for Bree.

(The candle, of course, will give me light to read the mysterious email.) ;)

theinfernumflame said...
What I have to wonder is this -- how many of the people who say they'll never watch again are doing so because everything wasn't wrapped up in a neat little package? THAT would be cliche. What we got her? Yeah, still kind of cliche. But I'll take an ending like this over the perfect disney ending any day (despite the flaws in logic).

anonymous said...
i realized that the reason i am so upset it because the whole thing has lacked closure. killing someone off is not closure. it could have been if it was done properly. the people who are saying we may not have needed all of the answers, but that we did need some of them are completely right. and i feel like we deserved that information too. we were there right alongside of all of them through the whole thing and we're left in the dark about sooooooo many things.

idk said...
That's the thing--there shouldn't be too much closure, because the series isn't over. If there was too much closure, a lot of people would just drop off and stop watching. The Breeaholics would have no reason to keep watching. This way, they have to keep watching to find out what exactly happened to Bree.

anonymous said...
Well, Maddison Atkins's second chapter is minus Maddy, and it's doing pretty well. Of course, they do have a pretty awesome team putting it together.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
There's a different between "No candy! You'll spoil your appetite!" and "No breakfast or lunch, and only bread for dinner for the next three weeks! Cause I might win enough money in the lottery to pay for someone to feed you."

I didn't want every answer; but they starved their loyalists away.

e said...
Okay maybe I'm stupid and being way too damn optimistic.. but isnt there a chance Bree could come back?

I mean TV shows usually end on a huge cliffhanger that leave you with questions and wondering what will happen in the future.. and if Bree is really dead then ther is none of that.. there is really no incentive to watch the next season what so ever..

I know there has been an absence of Bree in the past couple months, but she still is the show. Bree is lonelygirl15.. Its like killing Jerry off of Seinfeld or Dawson off of Dawsons Creek.. not that those shows were praticularly violent lol- but those characters were what was intrical to the show..

And I'm sure this show takes a lot of work to make- but to be blunt there are usually no more than ten minutes of actual video loaded up on the site every week- there is definitely room for Jess to keep doing this show with her other projects she has going...

I mean I'm sure theres tons of situations that could have happened? Bree had a plan but she didnt plan to die- nobody knew what the ceremony was- she could have been fine. And her reason for dying- really was stupied and a waste- for the guys to be free, which would be honorable, if it werent for the fact that she still wanted them to keep fighting. If Bree is really dead that will be the crux of the next season- and thats stupied. Who wants to see the saving start all over from square 1 with some girl no one cares anout?

Bree said she sent the boys something that would make everything make sense or whatever- but if thats the case that she had all the answers suddenly, why would she still sacrafice herself? It doesnt make sense..

Hmm.. I'm trying to be optimistic until the new season starts... but maybe I'm just too sad about it to accept she's dead, and the show has basically died with her.. :(

nieriel.manwathiel said...
Thinking about it, it's also pretty infeasible.

:Two Elders over a bong:

Elder 1: I got an idea! Let's start an international cult so we can take blood from random teenage girls so we can live forever!!
Elder 2: And do what?
Elder 1:... Find a cure for the munchies?
Elder 2: I'll smoke to that!
August 3, 2007 8:54 PM

house said...
Like I said, it shows that Bree was such a great character because everyone's so upset that she's dead. It's just that most people are choosing to be angry rather than sad. Instead of being sad about Bree's death, they're looking for people to blame.

Not even close.
I, for one, am not upset that Bree died. I'm upset because the creators keep building and building, but never finishing. At this rate, it'll take a feature length film to tie up all of the loose ends. I'm upset because for every 1/2 question answered, there are 20 more questions. I'm upset because I thought we would receive something more than violence, blood, and "OMGZ! RUN!" I expected a story...the story wasn't there. They didn't deliver.

apotheosisaz said...
Bree's death was tragic. It was a neccessary devlopment for the advancement of the story.

While I certainly respect many of the opinions here, some of them seem a bit harsh.

The Creators are portraying The Order as a powerful and malevolent organization. They prepared everyone, and they made a great group of videos for the purpose of killing off their lead character.

It's great drama, and the performances we saw today were outstanding.

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

laurie said...
I think I'm done. Really. I'm certainly not happy about the ending to this season and I just feel like overall, my interest is now over. I'm not really into the Maddison Atkins stuff but maybe I'll watch Kate Modern. Oh well. I guess I get an hour a day back now. The shark has been jumped!

x-tweeker said...
Honestly... We all saw it coming. We knew that this was how the series was about to progress. I'm okay with how the season ended. It seems to me to be the right choice.... That being said.... This should have been the SERIES finale as opposed to a season finale. Have her die so that her friends may live a normal life and have that be that... Boo Hoo we're all very sad... The End.

The show does indeed feel over.

aponi said...
Well on my bebo I uploaded a vid explaining my feelings which are basically: it's upsetting, hugely.
And also i'm not sure about season 2 but i'm giving it a chance. For now.

anonymous said...
Note to the LG15Today mods:

You might want to post a link up at the top of the blogspot that will start people at the first episode of 12 in 12. I know I'd be annoyed if I woke up in the morning to catch up and the first thing I see is a candle to light for Bree.

But great job on posting the videos. If not for the blogspot, I wouldn't have been able to watch throughout the day.

allibean said...
Well, look on the bright side. With tv you have to wait months and months for a new season, but with this we only have to wait until Monday. :-)

anonymous said...
Sad and lonely. The group seemed to fall apart once Bree was dead. Hopefully not like the series. I thought the beginning of the finale was amazing and the ensemble was energizing and dynamic and then in the last two videos, the continuity of the writing and the motivations of the characters just lost their way. It's easier to analyze than get mad now. The writing was kind of a train wreck in the end.

But the acting WAS superb. I commend all five of them. Brilliant work YJBSM!

anonymous said...
oops, i mean YJBLM

:o sorry lexie

anonymous said...
one year...
she had to die. jessica left, and that’s a great opportunity for a great ending.
i did like the idea of sarah truly being in love with daniel and turning away from him the moment she felt she'd never be the most important girl to him - but even that was ridiculously acted. so was all the running and hiding. ever heard of whispering, at least?
there was just too much today that was too much.
the watcher chase started great and ended okay with the fire extinguisher, but what kind of watcher is he if he cannot find a bunch of arguing teenagers in the only rooms in a completely empty warehouse? within two hours? or was it three? why the hell did they send sarah on her own? even if they trusted her, it would have been nice to have some support from any of the other four. how could they care for jonas in a room without a door for such a long time without being noticed? they must have believed that the order still cared, having been attacked by a shadow. and after the car crash, how can you look as if you were dipped in a tank of blood and run and argue like that? even john mcclane is decent enough to be in pain AND to wipe off his blood. at least a little.

could have coped with that if there had been some story. heading off in the morning (including some discussions), being told where to go, getting more hints, having them solved, going somewhere else, waiting for someone to reorganise the serum, and finally seeing her die from a distance, after having been distracted by a little stabbing...
what exactly was the point of telling that in 12 vids? “please don’t go, i… i love you” costs you thirty seconds, being chased and fighting a shadow/watcher another minute, finding bree another one, and then… something. just something. after having been put off the scent so many times, you can expect something more like a beep and a closed door to be convinced.
if they had at least had the balls to cut some loose ends. what about jonas' parents, alex, bree's mom, tachyon and all the rest? was there any clear cut at all, apart from gemma or bree’s dad, which were both not even that clear?
it all looked as if there had been a concept for two or three vids, and they just extended it. and shot it in real-time, though.
the 12 in 12 thing was just like the complete series. good start, you got the point what might and might not happen, you expect some things to have happened at a certain stage, and they simply do not happen at all, but everything is delayed and postponed by distracting to all kinds of stuff, and when you need the big bang, when you just cannot avoid the big bang any more, all you get is a little puff.

regret if that sounds harsh. i spent unbelievable amounts of time with lg15 for more than one year, and i loved it. really, i loved what you did, and i’m still happy i could be part of it. the last months, however, i started to notice i was just watching to finally witness the development towards a clever ending that links all the great storylines. just had a stunning experience with harry potter and was still hoping for something – not similar, but at least the same direction. i know it’s difficult to demand that from a project that is meant to last and to grow for an indefinite period.

will make it easier to quit.

take care,

birdie said...
I'm mostly angry that we got little to no answers. After Jonas got stabbed it went downhill from there. I wish we got to figure out what they were doing. The ceremony was just them killing her then? And why?

imbealkariel said...
I'm incredibly sad that Bree is gone. Next week, will be the a crucial week for the creators to keep the story interesting and moving.
I believe Bree was going to die eventually, but i hate all the plot holes and things unfinished.

Still, i'm too sad to be completely mad.

anonymous said...
It's hard to express what exactly i'm feeling after watching these videos. When I started watching, I was really enjoying it. I kept thinking to myself "this is better then the finales on any national TV show!". Then, I felt as if I was riding a bike downhill really fast, and someone decided to smash me off the bike with a baseball bat. I could only sit and watch the last few videos going, "Bree's going to run in safe, right? ....right??"

I've always said I hate when books, movies, games, ect end with the main character's death. It, almost 99% of the time, feels like the whole journey was pointless. In this case, it certainly felt that way. You got Daniel, who's thrown from being an average person into this on-the-run lifestyle. He's tortured and brainwashed. All for what? For Bree to say, Well, I love you as my best-best-best friend! And then she puts him through hell? Not to mention Jonas, who loses his normal lifestyle, sanity and a lot of blood to help a girl who pratically split the moment they were getting a relationship. To me, Bree pratically threw Daniel and Jonas around like old rag dolls. If the creators were trying to make Bree seem to love the boys, they did a terrible job. She came off as an ice cold person who really did it because SHE was tired of running. Screw the fact these boys have been running around for you. Screw the fact they'd die for you (which is what they almost did). Screw the consiqences of her doing the ceramony. She was tired of running, so she quit, leaving Daniel and Jonas to rot. Terrible! Just Terrible! And, what was that last message? It's like she was saying: Well, guys, I don't want you running for ME, but why don't you find someone ELSE to run around for? Doesn't she remember the last time they tried to help a ceramony girl? (If she WAS one to begin with?)

*sigh* I'm not quite sure how I feel about a second season. If they decide to use the same characters (meaning Jonas, Daniel and possibly Spencer- since he really didn't leave at the end like the girls did), it's going to be a whole different series. It's NOT going to be lonelygirl15. One of the things that made this series great is the character relationships and how far they would go to save Bree, but... Add a new girl, and all that chemistry is gone. Instead, what you have is two emotionally distraught boys guilted into protecting a stranger they could care less about. Not to mention this girl would have NO trust of them whatsoever. At least Bree had Daniel.
If they DO use new characters, how will they make it not just a remake of LG15 season 1? It's hard to capture the magic of the first season without having clones. KateModern does a good job as a STANDALONE series. I think LG15 and KM should never cross. KateModern is too different of a storyline and characters (among many other obvious things) to even compare it to LG15. It's like comparing Casablanca to Harry Potter. There is resemblence whatsoever. If they try to do another lg15, it's NOT going to be even remotely close to the original.
I'll watch the new season. Maybe i'll be pleasantly suprised. Maybe not. Either way, i'm going to miss a series as good as LG15. Rest in peace Bree! And my prayers are with Daniel and Jonas that they can get through such a hard time in their lives. <3

anonymous said...
As disappointed as I am about the lame ending of the 12 in 12, I want to tell Yousef and Jackson that you guys were AWESOME! You really made today compelling.

I hope the Creators will give you the writing you deserve in season 2.

nieriel.manwathiel said...
The article revealing what happens in the finale gives more info than the vlogs!!

"In her last appearance on the popular and influential Web show, Bree, portrayed by actress Jessica Lee Rose, lies lifeless on a table while her blood is transfused into one of the cult's elders."

Uh, no one said it was an elder. I figured it was an old patient or something.

Man, this is falling apart like wet TP; old guys taking advantage of young girls to live forever? WHY?! (and how cheesy-ass!)

The Creatatrons have quite the pit to dig themselves out of...

anonymous said...
This was terrible. Totally sucked. I will not watch lg15 again. I will continue to watch maddison atkins though.

I cannot believe that after watching over a year, OVER A YEAR!, that this is what it ends with. They didn't even show the whole "ceromony". This was pitiful.

sfcalgaddict said...
sill in denial...

sfcalgaddict said...

sfcalgaddict said...
will keep fingers crossed that monday comes and it was all just a bad dream

gf said...

anonymous said...
Omg Nieriel, what article did you get that from? When Bree died, it wasn't very clear, but now that I think about it, she was transfusing her blood to some old guy.

A great twist to the end of this series was that Aliester Crowley founded the whole Order and is being kept alive through the blood of young girls.

anonymous said...
Ok, I found the article. It really was more informative than what we could gather from the videos alone.

I was a little disappointed the last hours of the finale, but I'm over it and probably going to keep watching. Unless they bring Jules back, then I'm out.

sunflower said...

Complete disbelief.

The phone message.


abigail said...
Wow! I wish we could have seen more of Bree to see what she was actually going through. That is what the second season will be about right? At least we should be getting answers in the second season.I mean that would make sense. Bree,you were so brave, sweet, caring, loving. Sorry to see you go, but at least you are with your father. Brilliant acting by everyone, especailly in these last 12 hours...

lisa//starlightandpoison said...
i am incredibly bummed. while the idea for 12 in 12 was amazing, the action was intense and the acting INCREDIBLE, i have to say i am dissapointed. i mean, i understand killing off bree is an easy way to let j.rose go from the show, but come on, i really feel let down by a lot of things. the time spent on the serum only to have it not even get to be used by bree. the fact that she said "i did this to free you but keep on fighting" like, what is that?? she's basically contradicted herself.

i'm really just sort of sad about the whole thing. and really, sarah & taylor are awful characters. they didn't add much to the plot or help the main characters all that much. and in the end they didnt want to help bree they only wanted to be with d.beast and jonas. lame!

but i must say STELLAR performances by yousef & jackson. i really felt their emotions right along with them.

but seriously, now that bree is dead, the name lg15 is basically incorrect. ugh. i'm so torn on this! i want to keep watching, and i think i will just to see what happens, but things will never EVER be the same. and i will still always miss the BDJ episodes, before all the sarah/taylor/spencer nonsese. and esp. the very early vids, before we all even know this was a show.

sigh. :/

dream. said...
We knew Bree was toast before the 12 in 12. JR wanted out of the series, so Bree RIP. Though she could have made the effort to actually take some part in the finale. What bugs me most is that we again got no answers. Instead we got a heap more of logical mistakes (which I'm sure have been pointed out by now, haven't read all comments yet). I mean, the best moment of the whole finale was Nikki B hitting the incredibly strong super-enhanced shadow (or watcher or whatever) over the head. That says something. I guess I'll switch sides and watch 15over15 from now on.

betz28 said...
i thought the finale was absolutely thrilling and kept me glued to the computer all day. i am very sad about bree. we all loved her and i certainly did not want to see her go but i knew going into this or thought i did that jess was not returning to the show...she would either get killed off or leave in some way. i'll miss bree! i'll definately continue to watch the series.

anonymous said...
I can understand how some people have decided to stop watching the series, especially on the "I fell in love with the character, not the series" front. And to be honest, I'm not really sure how well the rest of the series is going to fare compared to what I've been around to witness (only the last five months, but still). I will continue watching, though, especially in hopes for some answers.

Regardless, 12 in 12 was a good concept, but kind of messily executed. It did feature some awesome acting, though.

Bree/Jessica will be missed.

anonymous said...
Are they ever going to put comments back on the main page? I'm sad, it feels like the end of an era.

morgan said...
I was telling my b/f how the finale ended (he doesn't even watch). I tell him Bree dies. He asks how. I say, "...."


-----------below are posts that have been added since the original post-----------

Anonymous said...
If the creators really believe that Kate Modern will be better if not just as good as lonleygirl WAS then they are sadly mistaken. I'm already annoyed at the Kate Modern videos.

I really have no words about how Bree died other then i think the creators need to change some things (even though more then likely they wont)
They just go about like nothing was ever wrong with the series.
Well there was just something about how this ended that just wasn't right.

I'm going to watch the beginning of next season but if Sarah and Taylor end up being the new main girl characters I'll stop watching. i cant stand those two. They only add unnecessary drama to something already overly dramatic.
bah very disappointed.

DarkEyed87 said...
I think Yousef and Jackson's acting was pretty amazing and they deserve some kudos for that! *claps* Even made me shed a tear at the end! However, I agree with the comments about Taylor and Sarah being too selfish, they could've tried to see it from their perspective. I mean taylor & sarah cared so much for jonas & danial, they were putting their lives in danger to help them.. like the boys were for bree!

As for the story line, it was great upto the last few videos... 'The Ceremony' was the main centre of the entire series, the whole fight was them trying to save Bree from it, not knowing what 'it' was... A blood transfusion?! Come on man!!!

HOWEVER... everyone complaining that bree was killed off - i seem to remember that everyone was complaining that it was a tedious pattern of bree getting captured & then rescuing her again & again?? Well.. they changed it up as requested!

The only good part of the plot was finding out she was faking the whole 'eternal song' rubbish to save D&J. Asking them to then save other girls?... Rediculous. Agreed.

I can't help but think there is a plot twist to come though, I look forward to reading this e-mail.. assuming that we will get to know what's in it!! :S I hope we get to know more about what the 'ceremony' was actually for! And why the caped dude took her body away.

Oh and also very disappointed that Daniel & Bree did not get a last 'moment' :( he was there from the beginning & should have had more love from bree in her message than jonas.

AIRC said...
The day started off with some high drama, well done, but ended poorly. The Bree death scene was a letdown.

Lonelygirl15 was an interesting idea but at this point it's simply a soap opera with some interactivity (and some of that was contrived), and the star has been killed off.

I'll be folowing Jessica Rose's career...but not Lonelygirl15 any more.

Raz said...
I feel like The Creators panicked when Jess said she was leaving; I even think there was something in one of her other contracts that prevented her from having an on-screen speaking part. That's why they had to do the phone message. It's a shame. A great parting shot would've been to have her on camera just like all those original vids.

I get that the show will now be about Daniel & Jonas, and hopefully at least one of them will stick around for the duration. It's kinda moved on to a situation like when George Clooney left ER (though it wasn't named after his character). I think The Creators probably have learned their lesson as far as a 250-episode season as well.

Thank you all for sharing!

Add you comment to the original story.

What else is Jessica Rose up to?

The earlier article on this blog cited an article (:::: Contains SPOILERS ::::) by AP writer Gary Gentile that discussed Bree's fate in the 12in12 Season 1 Finale, and also goes on to say this about Jessica Rose's future on the internet:

Rose hasn't totally abandoned the Web. She is developing a new Web comedy that should launch online later this year. And she has signed on to a TV project entitled "E-lebrity," along with fellow online stars Taryn Southern and Stevie Ryan.

Also, on Jessica Rose's new official MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/officialjessicarose, there is a blog entry that says
July 31, 2007 - Tuesday

Hi all,
As some of you may have noticed, I have a new myspace page. If your wondering why - well its an easier URL to give out! and I can start from scratch. I will eventually delete the other account. Anyway here's a little update on whats going on..

As some of you already know I am on the new ABCfamily show 'GREEK' my role really starts Monday Aug 6th at 9pm. If you don't have abcfamily DONT WORRY! you can download the episodes of 'Greek' for 1.99$ on itunes!
IMDB- http://imdb.com/title/tt0976014/

This is an independent film I am starring in. The release date is to be announced, But I'll be sure to let you all know! I'm very excited for it! You can check it out on IMDB too for updates!
- http://imdb.com/title/tt0969648/

I have a small role in this independent feature which was released July 27th
- http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0897361/

As for lg15 :) Be sure to check out the 12 in 12 this Friday Aug 3, There will be 12 videos in 12 hrs - you don't wana miss it!!

I will also be featured in the OCTOBER issue of NYLON magazine


You can watch Greek on the regular ABC TV channel Fridays at 9/8c, although episodes may air after they have aired on ABCFamily channel.

Here is the Greek website on ABC: http://a51.abcfamily.go.com/shows/greek/
(Jessica Rose is still not listed as a cast member, so keep expectations low as to the size of her role).

NOTE: I added an RSS deed for Jessica Rose's MySpace Blog to the right side, just below the LG15 and Kate Modern RSS News feeds --->

From Tariq on Bebo..

I'm missing the West Ham pre-season friendly against Roma right now... no wonder they're losing.

Well, I'm not sure what to think. Again.

Last week, I thought my girlfriend and I had begun to come to some sort of understanding... But then she has a dream, goes to see her Ex. Why?? I had a dream about a giant bear eating my lunch once, but I didn't to go the mountains to have a chat with a big Grizzly, am I?

So what was I supposed to think? Maybe I'm being precious, but she's not exactly been straight with me before.

Then, I thought I was getting the cold shoulder... But I've just seen her 'missing day' video: Maybe she blacked out or something? Or is just overtired? He phone didn't respond. I love her to bits but I'm not sure if I can deal with all this- I really hope she's (at least) telling the truth. I don't know. I want to help but I'm not sure I know how. Maybe the blood doctor can refer her to someone who can help with her head...

Ralf Little interview

Ralf being interviewed yesterday on British tv show Richard&Judy

Friday, August 3, 2007

2 characters being cast for LG15

::::::SPOILER ALERT::::::
This article contains details of possible future LG15 characters that some viewers might prefer not to know in advance. Only read this article if you are comfortable knowing such details.

From Jena:

2 characters being cast for LG15.

My friend Jelly found it a few days ago. I believe it was at first a listing looking only for "Virginia", and then they added "Scott", and if they would be recurring or contract roles. I figured now that the 12in12 is finished, we need something less depressing to think about!


"Lonelygirl15 is an interactive web-series about an evil secret society and a group of teens fighting against it. Casting in Los Angeles, August 2. Recurring Role. Must be Legal 18. Please submit headshot and resume via email.

VIRGINIA - Contract Role / FEMALE / 15 TO 18
[VIRGINIA], 16 years old, she's the pretty girl next door. She has an innocent appearance, but looking into her big eyes you see a girl who has lived more than just 16 short years. Her small frame and quiet demeanor make her seem vulnerable, yet VIRGINIA has a toughness and street smarts that has come with a hard life. Despite her rough past, VIRGINIA is charismatic and charming.

SCOTT - Recurring / MALE / 19 TO 24
[SCOTT], 19-24, is an attractive and athletic all-American guy. He entered the military to see the world, but got more than he bargained for. SCOTT is strong-minded, a gentleman, and believes in love at first sight. "

Web show 'LonelyGirl15' ends first season with...

"This was a character who was meant to do the ceremony," said Miles Beckett, one of the show's three writer-producers. "It's going to give the show a lot more space to breathe."


You need to register to read the article but its free. However make sure you watch the entire finale before readin it!

You can read it here without registration: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/n/a/2007/08/03/entertainment/e190502D27.DTL&type=printabl

Research: riptide

The end of Bree... - kellylen

The order won. RIP babe. We'll love you forever.

and yes I know this is just a show but I had to get some things out.

Take a moment to reflect.....

........and then Light a candle for BREE

...and tell us how you feel, in a comment below.

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 12 of 12 – 7 pm

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 12 of 12 – 7 pm

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Description: We just got this message from Bree. I guess she sent it through a delayed messaging service when she was in the woods a few weeks back. Sounds like she had a plan all along . . . now we know what we have to do. I’ll miss her forever. Music: “Chip off the Block” by Ima Robot http://www.myspace.com/imarobo

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 – 6 pm

Description: I can’t find the words to describe our feelings . . . Music: “Tigers” by Lisa DeBenedictis http://magnatune.com/artists/debenedictis
Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 – 6 pm

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LC - xItsMx


NIkki Bower is back in IRC chat!

08:42 nikkibowerreport what? fake?

08:43 nikkibowerreport i'll go meet them at the diner

08:43 nikkibowerreport that would be kinda funny

08:48 i am wondering what the kids will do next

08:49 ahh thanks greg

08:49 nikkibowerreport hopefully they make a quick gettaway

I can't remember anything! - katemodern

Watch More Videos       Uploaded by www.bebo.com/AbstractHeart

NIkki Bower is back in IRC chat!

08:11 nikkibowerreport right here

08:11 nikkibowerreport speechless

08:12 i felt so good earlier today. getting clues, rescuing the kids with Jerry... and now this.

08:12 nikkibowerreport From my investigations, it seems like "ceremony" is more for the HoO

08:12 nikkibowerreport while it looks like it's just a medical procedure

08:12 nikkibowerreport it seems like propaganda

08:13 nikkibowerreport when in reality it's just this blood thing whatever we saw

08:13 I don't want anyone to die, but I'm more concerned about Jonas right now

08:14 nikkibowerreport is that terrible of me to say?

08:14 nikkibowerreport ok... poor bree

08:15 nikkibowerreport Thanks everyone, I feel better. So what about Bree? Alive, or...?

08:15 nikkibowerreport odd? he's my boyfriend

08:16 nikkibowerreport Why didn't Sarah and Taylor do something?

08:16 nikkibowerreport I hit a Watcher over the head with a fire extinguisher...

08:16 nikkibowerreport you'd think they could try and save dying Bree

08:17 nikkibowerreport That's true. And they're very young. I understand they must have been in shock. They still must be!

08:18 nikkibowerreport I'm just in shock. What do ou think is happening now? Is the Order going to get them?
Talk has now turned to Aleister Crowley!!!!

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 – 5 pm

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 – 5 pm

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Description: Oh . . . my . . . God!

NIkki Bower is back in IRC chat!

well i am called a "character" quite often

i'm kind of speechless right now. i don't know what to expect next.

what was lucy doing to bree?

i think i saw a needle yikes

good someone else saw it

well i do know that lucy likes to match

she was wearing white afterall


Please go back to the site and watch the remaining vids. HOPEFULLY EVERYONE LIVES!!!

ok go back to talking


Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

daniel will need some serious therapy after this

*slurps the martini* ahh much better

*Nikki hands JALG a botttle*

what is going to happen???

I don't know where they are. I don't have Taylor's number. I'm such a failure.

daniel = therapy asap

I should have stayed with them. Daniel insisted they needed to go alone.

did you see the way taylor was all touchy touc

true. i'm glad taylor was there for him. looks like they've become good friends.

lol ya if jerry hadn't gone back to work...

right here!!

i wouldn't know where to start :(

redrevolver must stay!

i dunno

just hate to see you go


J/k go to bed :)

I was really a member. It was kind of fun in a tom cruise way

*please keep it down*

No one comes to IRC except me

I'm leaving. I don't want to hear all of this negativity. Just not now... it's so insensitive.

Then let's get back to what's really happening

::::Nikki has left the chat:::::

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 9 of 12 – 4 pm

Description: Time is running out, we MUST find Bree!!! Sarah, if you read this, please get back here with the serum and some medical supplies for Jonas
Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 9 of 12 – 4 pm

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Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

I'm back from starbucks what did i miss?

pregnant? obviously i missed something

yikes i'm not preggers

Jules was just a pawn. She's living on a compound in Texas somewhere.

Marla update!

marlasinger: we're just sitting tight in palisades waiting for a signal.

We the undersigned....

...Would like to seriously thank Modelmotion for all his hard work uploading the videos on the hour every hour so we can watch them, despite interferance from the weather channel and the main LG15 site going down.


Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

how is jonas going to save bree if he's dead?

how did u know i love gummie candy?

*praying for jonas & his abs*

*may there be no scarring*

I don't hink I can wait 35 more minutes!

jonas better not die. if he does i blame bree. lol

i don't have a numner :(

hey. must get food. be back in a few minutes.

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 8 of 12 – 3 pm

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 8 or 12 – 3 pm

Add to My Profile | More Videos
Description: We are in big trouble now! Sarah, we really need your help.

Nikki Bower says........ (in IRC chat)

nikkibowerreport: Hey it's Nikkiagain

nikkibowerreport: I really think that Daniel or Jonas, etc. would contact us if they needed help.

nikkibowerreport: So far there have been clues, locations, etc. Right now there's nothing to go on

nikkibowerreport: I don't want Marla running all over the place w/o a lead

LesterG: Nikki: do you think Deepthroat could be someone from the Order baiting them into another trap?

nikkibowerreport: I hope not Lester

nikkibowerreport: Marla, you should have kept going. The kids were in the alley near the statue.

marlasinger: Thanks betz - it was only a few seconds, but you saw DB running - we were concerned about him but stayed back like Nikki asked us to.

marlasinger: I'm sure they can take care of themselves.

nikkibowerreport: Dani

nikkibowerreport: you've missed SO much today

nikkibowerreport: i've been beating up watchers!

nikkibowerreport: *blushes*

R1kk1: Nikki, how did it feel to finally deal some damage back to the Order?

nikkibowerreport: It felt really good. It's about time!

marlasinger: we're going into town again. love you guys, i'm signing off irc.

This morning was so exciting... Santa Monica, Downtown, Santa Monica again. Now I feel so useless. I hope we get an update soon!

It's almost 3:00 pm. Didn't Deep Throat tell Daniel the ceremony is at 4pm?!

ahhhh I'm super worried

the hanger better be the right location

the ceremony is at 4:00... unless it's a trap. uh-oh

oh, that reminds me!!


Jonas asked if I would take care of his car LOL

I said anything for you gorgeous

so i called a tow truck! can you believe that?!

it didn't look very good.

yeah they said the watcher hit them from behind

LOL i don't think he's called his insurance. glad i'm can substitute for AAA

I think Nikki hit the watcher from behind harder than the watcher hit Jonas's car.


I am SO nervous right now

Marla update!

marlasinger: we're at topanga - there's nothing here.

marlasinger: any other leads???

marlasinger: where should we be??

nikkibowerreport: Marla, I told you not to silly girl :)

Sarah - Afadas

Bad lighting, I know.

Received by e-mail to [email protected]

merry breestmas scoobies gone crazy or what - thecooler22

i never video vlog but enough what's with this sarah looking for the serum bull$#!7"....

Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 7 of 12 – 2 pm

Description: Well, the information from Deep Throat led us to this abandoned hanger.
Lonelygirl15 Season Finale 7 of 12 – 2 pm

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An Appearance - xmarlasingerx

We caught a glimpse of Daniel at the Statue. He seems to have everything under control. We will keep you all updated.

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For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

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