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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Streamys not Digg-worthy on Jimmy Fallon's Late Night

It's no surprise that there was no mention of the Streamys when Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose from Diggnation appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Friday, April 16, the duo however, were announced as "award winning." The pair spoke, among other things, of their exploits at SXSW. One could not help but wonder had Streamy weekend gone differently if they would have spoke of it instead. The exposure of pointing Fallon's mainstream desired demographic to a showcase of web tv's best would have been invaluable and was a huge missed opportunity. Oh well, maybe we should be grateful the appearance didn't occur one week earlier where they would have had the opportunity to direct Fallon's audience to watch the Streamys live.

I Heart Vampires: 2gether 4ever

Season 2 Ep. N3 — (Rated: TV-PG) Watch episodes one week early at http://www.take180.com/vampires

Corbin and Nick share their feelings for each other.

2010 Streamy Awards Disaster! - MediocreFilms

The best thing that can be said about this video is that it's 3 hours shorter than the Streamy Awards.

Special thanks to Shane Dawson for hangin' with me in this video.

I say funny things on Twitter:

And I have a 2nd channel too. You can totally sub to it:

Thanks to all the cool people appearing in the video: Kim Evey, Phil LaMarr, Brittani Louise Taylor, Tay Zonday, Rhett and Link, Dave Days, Felicia Day, Sean Becker, Shay Carl, Patrick Duffy, Paul Scheer, Naked Cock & Balls, Greg Aronowitz, David Faustino, Benny & Rafi Fine, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox, Joe Penna, Ryan Higa, Chris Hardwick, Lisa Nova, David Wain, The Gregory Brothers and Sarah Gregory, etc etc etc...

CONGRATS to all the Streamy nominees and winners!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The "Vortex Of Death Spiral"

The Streamys have passed. The dust has settled. But one question remains? What happened? No, we are not talking about the drama, but rather a phenomena much more important.

In watching and reading about the Streamys one thing seemed to pop out. There was a "transition moment." Strangely that happened because of a technical "phail". Ironically, while tech phails are not a good thing, virtually everyone who commented or wrote about it did not attribute the tech phails as the major problem. Why then was this particular tech phail which interrupted the Streamys so relevant?

The answer may lie in the nature of what are called cooperative process. Some of you may remember chem lab where you placed your carefully crafted "pure compound" into a tiny tube and measured the temperature at which it melted. This melting is a classic example of a cooperative process. There is a change in state; in this case from solid to liquid.

Cooperative processes take place because one entity affects all other entities around it. In the case of a large pure crystal the melting is almost instantaneous because each molecule is closely aligned and affected by its neighbors.

How then does this tie in with the Streamys and the so called "vortex of death spiral?" and why is it important? It would be reasonable to assume that the "pause in the ceremony" gave time for those watching in the theater and on the www to reflect. In doing so they talked to each other. They looked at their cell phones, or their Tweetdeck etc. They saw what others were thinking and contributed their own thoughts. Each person affected others in their social network. In doing so it probably created a "feedback loop" and affected more and more people, just like a crystal melting when it reaches a particular temperature. There was a change in state.

Rather than the analogy of melting where a compound melts at a particular temperature, the "feedback loop" appears to have created an almost instantaneous "change in awareness." The vortex of death spiral had begun. The web series community had begun to question everything that had gone before.

Not all cooperative processes take place instantaneously. In the analogy of the compound melting it depends on the purity of the compound and the complexity of its structure because that affects how tightly each molecule is associated with its neighbors. Likewise at the Streamys the key change of state took place over several minutes. To a degree there was a long tail to the change in state simply because of how social networks are arranged. To complete the change it takes time for all members in the social network to be influenced. For example because of time zones there were "after shocks" as each region of the World came "on line."

OK, big deal. Why is this even important? We have moved from an industrial age to an information age. With that comes a fracturing of the mass market and the development of a more pluralistic society arranged around "common interests" The "web series community" is a classic example of such a grouping and the vortex of death spiral is a harbinger of things to come; especially from Generation Z which has grown up entirely in an Internet based society.

There will probably always be "mass events" such as the death of Michael Jackson. However much more significant and much more powerful are these "micro-events" that take place within tightly knit social groupings. In this case the vortex of death had a negative spin to it, but just imagine the power and social change that will be unleashed as social groupings evolve unfettered by the constraints of geography or political boundaries. Welcome to the future. Welcome to the World of generation Z.

Image source: http://thesamerowdycrowd.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/black-hole.jpg

The term "Vortex Of Death Spiral" came from a comment left in iJustines blog in response to the Streamys.

Thanks to those who contributed to this article with your helpful discussions and insights.

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode Eight

The Chosen One reaches Sunland, but the journey seems too easy to be true.

Web TV Toolkit: Red Camera Stays Ahead of the Curve

He sees Wavelet flavors becoming the standard to view files and web series’ within the next one to three years and believes that those web filmmakers keeping tabs on the latest editions will be in a good position to suceed.

Read the full post:

Dark Prophecy: A Level 26 Thriller Available for Pre-Order!

Posted by Anthony E. Zuiker

The important thing is that you pre-order the book and NOT wait until it’s released because the first 500 people that pre-order the book and send us an email to prove it, will receive a special gift.


The Annoying Orange: The Most Popular Web Series In The World

Perhaps you haven't noticed it, but its true. In the first few months of 2010, the YouTube comedy sensation The Annoying Orange has rapidly become the most popular web series in the world.

In March 2006, California independent filmaker Dane Boedigheimer began posting comedy videos on YouTube. In December, he posted what became his first viral hit (now with over 6 million views) --"Screaming Eggs"-- a 60 second video featuring talking animated eggs with human features (and which had previously won film awards earlier that year).

After experimenting with similar videos featuring eggs, apples, pumpkins, etc., (in addition to other comedy vids), Dane posted his first "Annoying Orange" video on October 9, 2009. It was another viral hit (over 13 million views by now), and as subsequent Orange videos also took off, the separate RealAnnoyingOrange channel was created on January 11, 2010.

Since then, well, its been a meteoric rise for the mouthy (and, yes, annoying) Orange. For February 2010 views, the Annoying Orange smashed to a first place debut on the Mashable "Top 10 Most Watched Web Series" chart with an amazing 29 million views. And then it racked up 52 million hits (and another 1st place showing) for March 2010.

Without question, The Annoying Orange's sophomoric comedy is certainly annoying to many adults, but Dane has hit a sweet spot with the youth and teen markets, a success not seen since the equally-annoying-to-adults FRED broke out in 2008. The volume of views is phenomenal, and highlights the difference between the type of comedy "webseries" that draws huge views and those typically featured on sites like Tubefilter, whose one mention of the series called it "pure, pure unfunny highly concentrated, in droplet form."

What do you think? Funny? Annoying? A sign of the impending Mayan apocalypse?

Helpful Links



The night was seamlessly, technically and personally. We all had two minutes to speak on why we love working on the web.

#CelebrateTheWeb Changes The Post-Streamys Conversation

But with a new official hashtag — #celebratetheweb — a new tone was also set for the night, one that refocused the discussion on what makes this medium so powerful and meaningful to those who work tirelessly in it.

Celebrating the Web and Stepping Back From the Ledge

.....in her acceptance speech at the Celebrate the Web, post-Streamys gathering, Felicia Day said, “We want to be authentic to ourselves,” as why we work on the web. So I’m going to pound a Red Bull and write this with the honesty it deserves.

CELEBRATE THE WEB live event - honouring web series in 2010

-- This is that kind of ceremony. StoryGas

Celebrating The Web: Take 2

"Celebrate the Web was designed to wash away some of the bad taste left in the mouths of attendees and viewers of the Streamys by getting a community of content creators together in an intimate atmosphere to enjoy the things that got us here, with no distractions of pageantry, awards-style comedy bits, or pretension."


Streamy Do Over: Celebrate the Web

"Let's make lemonade out of lemons," explained Kim Evey as she addressed the crowd of the local L.A. web tv community to explain how she and Jenni Powell were motivated to organize Celebrate the Web. Jenni revealed that the order of speakers would be determined by random draw. Sandeep Parikh took the stage to open the festivities. More subdued than we've seen him on his blog earlier this week, he set the tone by trumpeting what draws him to creating on the web. The whole show was streamed live and is available to view but there were, in my eyes, some stand out moments.
As fate would have it Sandeep selected Dan Strange (Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis) as the first speaker. After the debacle of the past weekend not only did the audience leave with a bad impression of the fledgling industry but those who work in it were cast in a shadow of shame for working in it. Dan talked passionately about having pride in doing what you love to do and was met with emphatic (and empathic) applause, in effect helping to lift that very shadow.
A unique part of the event was that the winners that could not be in attendance were afforded the opportunity to provide a video. Jeremy Redleaf (Odd Jobs) worked the show names of Streamy winners into an uplifting speech. It quickly had become apparent that these videos themselves were compelling representations of what we are trying to achieve in the industry. These videos are a better showcase for the industry than any celebrity presenter could ever hope to be. The videos will be uploaded and available to view.
As fate would once again have it, Daniel O'Brien and Michael Swaim (Agents of Cracked) closed the show on a high note expressing heartfelt gratitude for the audience which earned them their award. Specifically stating that they built that audience one at a time which was received with empathic (and emphatic) applause.
The elephant was still in the room all night. A few looked at it and pointed it out but it wasn't going anywhere. The big question on my mind was whether anyone associated with the Streamys would make a statement, either live or via video. Sad to say no such statement was made. Too soon? Hard to say. I think a message would have been politely received but I guess we'll never know. Streamy host Paul Sheer however, was in attendance. Love or hate what he did this past weekend, you have to admire the guy's fortitude.
All week the blogs have been alive for calls of a smaller ceremony that was unique to the medium and captured the independent spirit of the people who work in it. I have a feeling many people are going to refer to this as that kind of ceremony. As important as it is to heal the collective creative spirit of all working to build the web tv industry, we must not forget the image to the outside world has been tarnished. Business partners we currently work with or potentially would work with. Loyal viewers who champion the cause and those who have kept a curious but cautious distance. The challenge now is to take this renewed collective creative spirit and make them believers once again.

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil: Afterlife, Streamys 2010, and more on TWIYT #91

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrate the web – everyone is a winner!

The Acme Comedy Theatre was host to an amazing gathering of top web entertainment talent who came together to honour each other and their audiences.






Supernatural Spinoff Ghostfacers Brings Funny, Lacks Freshness

Ambyr’s bimbo-ness is at least an interesting source of conflict on the show, but her storyline is a big blow towards the series’ chances at originality.


Magical Streamys Remix - schmoyoho

A mysterious website is discovered. Joy ensues.

Featured artists, in order of appearance:

Zach Galifianakis (Between 2 Ferns): http://bit.ly/LIsqt
Brigitte Dale: http://bit.ly/cGvXib
Michael Buckley: http://bit.ly/338PJm
Shane Dawson: http://bit.ly/P8bAx
Philip DeFranco: http://bit.ly/Mj3PC
Justine Ezarik: http://bit.ly/IUFQ2
Ed Helms (Subtle Sexuality): http://bit.ly/2YfCeR
Robin Thorsen (The Guild): http://bit.ly/4oYiwy
Amir Blumenfeld (Jake and Amir): http://bit.ly/4e5hmH
Molly Windman (Rocketboom): http://bit.ly/3E6V
Ass-Whooping (Angel of Death): http://bit.ly/2uMkD
David Wain (Wainy Days): http://bit.ly/sdfhB

^^ if you don't know these shows/channels yet, you should. check them out.

PS--thanks to the homeys/fans, we're nominated for 2 webbys!! vote for us here: http://nxtnw.tv/goATTN and here: http://nxtnw.tv/voteATTN
spread the word and get out the vote!

Celebrate the Web

Nature abhors a vacuum, which probably explains all the dirt. While the Streamy awards fell far short of its stated goal to honor the best in web television; fortunately, several people have stepped forward to fill the void. Were this the Streamy awards, that line would have been immediately followed by a dick joke. Tonight at 11PM Eastern, 8PM Pacific, many of this year’s Streamy winners will gather to “Celebrate the Web”. Kim Evey and JenniPowell are organizing the event, which will allow the various winners an opportunity to talk about their series and what working in the web has meant to them. The event is being held at the Acme Comedy Theater and will be streamed live on its website and its Ustream channel.

For those who are fans of web series this is a great opportunity to see many of your favorite creators and actors in one setting. Also, the organizers have asked that folks use the #celebratetheweb hash tag should they wish to tweet about the event, which I am certain they would appreciate. Once again the event starts at 11 Eastern/ 8 Pacific and can be viewed at the acme comedy website or on Ustream.

Streamys Craft Award Winners

Clips of the Streamy Award winners from the Streamys Craft Awards

The Web.Files #36 - Streamy Awards Red Carpet

This week’s episode of the Web.Files covers the 2010 Streamy award red carpet. The red carpet was produced by the Web.Files’ producer extraordinaire, Sandra Payne while Kristyn Burtt did double duty as one of the hosts. Also, since many of them were not invited to be part of the Streamys, this is your only chance to see many of your favorite web series personalities from that night. Apparently, there wasn’t enough room for them with all of the hilarious bits.

The 2010 Streamy awards shall live in infamy. However, if there was one bright spot, aside from the glare off of a naked Bud Bundy, it was the red carpet show. The show moved at a break neck pace, featured a diverse group of web TV personalities, and each of them had the opportunity to discuss or plug their show. Also, while many of the award show presenters looked as if they had no clue where they were and, in fact, were looking for the door; Kristyn Burtt was extremely upbeat and knowledgeable of the various people she interviewed. For some behind the scenes information about the red carpet event, check out Kristyn Burtt’s article on her experiences that night.

Ning Nixes Free Service


Ning’s recently promoted CEO, Jason Rosenthal, announced today that Ning was cutting its staff as it phases out its advertiser supported service to focus exclusively on premium Ning networks. The news comes as a shock to Ning’s network of creators who have invested a great deal of time and effort into the network. Furthermore, the news impacts many independent content creators who use Ning’s network software as the hub for their content.

Rosenthal made the announcement to Ning employees, which, obviously, was quickly leaked on the Internet. Here is the relevant portion of Rosenthal’s email, the full email can be viewed here.

My main conclusion is that we need to double down on our premium services business. Our Premium Ning Networks like Friends or Enemies, Linkin Park, Shred or Die, Pickens Plan, and tens of thousands of others both drive 75% of our monthly US traffic, and those Network Creators need and will pay for many more services and features from us.

So, we are going to change our strategy to devote 100% of our resources to building the winning product to capture this big opportunity. We will phase out our free service. Existing free networks will have the opportunity to either convert to paying for premium services, or transition off of Ning. We will judge ourselves by our ability to enable and power Premium Ning Networks at huge scale. And all of our product development capability will be devoted to making paying Network Creators extremely happy.

In a subsequent memo, Rosenthal expounded stating that within the next 90 days, Ning would roll out a new API and new features for premium users. He further stated that the company would assist users in finding other opportunities with different companies. Exactly how Ning will accomplish this is unspecified. As of now, Ning does not have an easy export tool, which would allow users to transition to a similar service.

MingleMedia on Red Carpet at Streamys with OzGirl

See more red carpet vids from "MingleMedia"
at: http://www.youtube.com/user/MingleMediaTVNetwork

* Streamys 2010: the cast of Safety Geeks: SVI
* Streamys 2010: Felicia Day

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Live From the Red Carpet

Kristyn Burtt Streamy Awards

Have you heard any news on the Streamy Awards lately? I am going to leave the comments, thoughts, and apologies to others. Instead, I am going to give you all of the action from the red carpet on the night of the Streamys where I had three jobs all in a span of two and a half hours. It was fun, chaotic, and exactly where I wanted to be that night, in the middle of all of the action!

So, I had been really busy working in NYC all week, so I missed the parties of Web TV Week. I took the last flight out of JFK to LA and landed at midnight. I managed to grab some sleep around 2 AM only to wake up at 8 AM to start the usual red carpet beauty regime: mani/pedi, hair, and makeup. It takes a village to assemble my wardrobe and all of the accessories. By the time I arrived for my official red carpet rehearsal, I was running solely on adrenaline. Here's a rundown of how the pre-show happened:

1:30PM: I arrive for rehearsal with the hosts of the live Ustream feed. Mark Malkoff, Cyndee San Luis, and I had an opening skit to go over before the first arrivals at 2:30 PM. We practiced our lines in the IKEA bed, which was the warmest place to be. I realized I was severely underdressed for the 58-degree weather that day. All I could think about was my stylist, Katelin Flanegin, telling me to have the tailor shorten my dress by an inch and a quarter because she wanted to see more leg. Ha! Now, I wanted that fabric back to stay warm!

2:15 PM: iJustine joins the group to rehearse the rest of the live feed open with us. Okay, who thinks she looks a bit like Kristin Chenoweth? or Sophie Tilson? or mememolly?) Call me crazy, but there is definitely a resemblance in person. Regardless, she looked gorgeous in her coral pink dress and she was game for anything. That's my kind of gal! Sketch rehearsed and we were ready for the red carpet to open.

Kristyn Burtt and iJustine

2:30PM: Remember I said I had three jobs that night? Well, it was a race down the red carpet for me as a nominee. One of the publicists from Rogers and Cowan escorted me to the photographers' area. If you have never heard what it is like to be directed from every angle, check this short clip out: "Kristyn, to the right. Don't look at them, look at me, left. Show us the front of your dress. Over here. No, over here." Good luck figuring it all out because I was moving in every direction. Then it was down the interview line....LA Weekly, Actor's Reporter, Mingle Media TV, and Slebisodes. I tried to follow my own rules while being interviewed: Keep it short, keep it funny, and give a good sound bite. Did I succeed?

2:45PM: I was pulled off of the red carpet as a nominee by The Web Files PA/Renaissance woman, Jennifer Bobiwash, to head back to my position on the red carpet as the host of The Web Files. We grabbed some early interviews with the cast of Safety Geeks: SVI, Brett Register and his adorable girlfriend, Jamie Blair, and Cathy Baron. I had a really genuine moment with Craig Frank off-camera that really captured his feelings as a nominee. He has had a very big year and it all culminated to this moment on the red carpet. It truly was great to see so many people we have interviewed on The Web Files be a part of the celebration.

4:00PM: The live stream begins! I hop in the IKEA bed with Mark and Cyndee as we open the show with our skit with iJustine. It all goes off without a hitch even though I had a little trouble getting off of the bed gracefully. I run to my Web Files position, which is now my Ustream position, and I am ready for Job #3! At this point the red carpet is a bit more crowded and I sometimes jostle for my position so people will get out of our shot. Aggressive, perhaps, but I am girl who wants a clear shot for the show and everyone being interviewed. I open by interviewing the cast of Oz Girl and the hour flies by. I have to pass many people over because Mark in the IKEA VIP area has already interviewed them, so I received a few quizzical looks as to why I was skipping some of the nominees. I don’t think they realized I was live streaming with my Web Files microphone flag. Three days later, I am trying to remember all of the people I interviewed from Jeffrey Hayzlett of Kodak to Bernie Su to Elisa Donovan to the cast of Gold and Elevator to Taryn Southern and Dennis Haskins. It was a blur. Every time I finished with one, I had to prep for another. No time to even refresh the lip gloss or grab a sip of water.

5:00PM: I got the word that we were officially done and we finished right on time. The red carpet was a complete adrenaline rush, but incredibly fun. The best compliment I received that night came from Michael Tapp, who said, “- You looked like you were hosting your own party on the red carpet.” That is exactly what I wanted to hear, so thank you! Finally, I ran around looking for my date who was stuck outside the red carpet line without a ticket or a place to go. With my date in hand, I headed into the theatre as a nominee.

Congratulations, to all of the winners of the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards. The Web Files saluted the winners of the Craft Awards in last week’s episode. Be sure to check out all of the red carpet action at the Orpheum Theatre later this week in our next episode.

- Kristyn Burtt
The Web.Files
Red Carpet Closet

2010 Streamy Awards Photos

See more on Flickr:


Bumps in the Night: Anti-Love Seat? - bitntv

John is thrilled when Emmett springs for a new couch, but Greg is incensed: the couch is supposedly haunted. When John's new relationship and Emmett and Greg's partnership seem to be on the line, can the boys save the day? Or will they all be destroyed?

Directed by Taryn O'Neill

Guest starring Ariel Lazarus as Kendra

Featuring the voice of Benny Fine

Wearing a New Hat

Posted by Taryn O Neill

I was equally thrilled and terrified when Jenni Powell asked me about potentially directing an episode of the comedy webseries she produces 'Bumps in the Night'.


On This Day In Webseries History: April 13, 2007

Three years ago yesterday, on April 13, 2007, Lonelygirl15 released the video The Perfect Beach.

In this fairly momentous video in the history of lonelygirl15, a main character (Jonas) pulls out a gun for the first time (and far from the last time). Aunt Alex also revealed that there is "another girl" that the Order is now after instead of Bree. This led to emergence of a slew of potential new trait-positive girls on YouTube, some who were fans and two of which were planted by the lg15 Creators (Taylor and Julia).

* The Perfect Beach on LGPedia
* The Perfect Beach lg15.com forum thread (which has 2 full pages of posts just waiting for the video to fully upload)
*The Perfect Beach old lg15.com comment board
* The Perfect Beach on old Anchor Cove
* Milowent: Attack of the Breeclones (April 2007)(about the New Girl invasion)

* * *

Also happening three years ago yesterday, and also with a beach theme, the webseries Prom Queen released "Sex on the Beach", the thirteenth episode of the series.

Prom Queen Episode 13: Sex On The Beach

Prom Queen | MySpace Video

Season 3 of Prom Queen, reportedly called the "Prom Queen: The Homecoming" was filmed in 2009, but has yet to see a release date. It is expected to come out sometime this year, though.

* Prom Queen on Wikipedia
* Sex On The Beach on old Anchor Cove

I had fun at the Streamy Awards, but I had a media pass

by Steve Garfield

I went back into the Press Room and was really disconnected from the drama, only to start seeing it show up on twitter feeds.

:::: WARNING: link contains somewhat blurry photo of nude streaker at the Streamys

Source: @KodakEvents on Twitter

Jake and Amir Announce Webby Nominees! - TheWebbyAwards

Collegehumor.com's Jake & Amir announce the 14th Annual Webby Awards Nominees and launch The Webby People's Voice Awards! See all the nominees and go vote! http://www.webbyawards.com

The Streamys...O.....M.....G

So I decided to catch up and watch a few clips of the streamys to see what all the commotion was about. Never before have I prayed so much for a Kanye West interruption.

I'm no web series guru. I did a web series once and I understand the work that goes into it from the casting, writing, acting, directing and editing standpoints. The very talented people who put their blood and sweat and very limited resources (if any) into a craft they love deserved so much better than what they got and how they were represented to the world at the streamys.

Although award shows usually default to comedy bits back and forth, at least for the most part the ceremony is handled with dignity and class. Not often is one violated while they try to present/receive an award.

Oh and although The Bannen Way won how's about next year they recognize a web series that didn't take it's writing and shooting style directly from Burn Notice.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Response to Streamy Producers’ Apology

by Sandeep

"But those issues aside what disappoints me the most is hearing how people were treated. Your own nominees. The whole SPIRIT of this show was COMPLETELY OFF and that I’m having a REAL hard time forgiving."

Read the full post:

Read about other reactions to the the Streamy Awards

'CSI's' Zuiker: I Owe My Career to a Bookie Runner

Then one day an agent at William Morris -- her name was Jenny Delaney -- called me up at work and said, I’m Dustin’s agent; I’ve heard some of the monologues you’ve written -- have you ever had any thoughts about writing a screenplay?


'Supernatural': Ghostfacers get their own series, Obama approved?


When "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke got on board, the web series became more than a pipe dream. Wester and Buckley were invited to write their own official "Ghostfacers" webisodes along with Patrick J. Doody and Chris Valenziano.


"On Thursday, April 15, as "Supernatural" airs its landmark 100th episode, "Point of No Return," the "Ghostfacers" web series will go live on CWTV.com."

Supernatural - GHOSTFACERS best moments 2 season 3 episode13 - AngelsOfWinchester




by Jenni Powell

"In response to a Streamy Awards ceremony that felt like it didn’t serve to fully honor the very deserving winners in all areas of web entertainment, Kim Evey (producer of The Guild) and myself have decided to put together an informal gathering of as many of the winners as are available this Thursday, April 15th for an evening of celebration."

"We will also be streaming the event to the public and web community at large on Acme Comedy’s website at http://www.acmecomedy.com/livebroadcast.shtml."

What is Streamys, LLC?

In the aftermath of the Streamy Awards which rocked the web series community for all the wrong reasons we began to ask how this could happen.

It would be quite logical to look at the IAWTV (The International Academy of Web Television). This is after all the group that votes for the Streamy Awards (with the exception of the audience choice awards). The Academy is run by a California corporation called "INTERNATIONAL ACADEMY OF WEB TELEVISION, INC." which is located at the address of Deca.TV. Michael Wayne is Co-Founder, President & CEO of Deca.TV and is also Chairman of the IAWTV. According to the Deca web site "As Vice President, Strategic Alliances for Sony Pictures Digital and Sony Pictures Television, Michael was responsible for managing a team dedicated to developing new digital entertainment franchises in conjunction with strategic partners."

According to the Deca web site, "DECA (Digital Entertainment Corporation of America) was founded in 2007 to create a new model for the online entertainment experience. By identifying, funding, marketing and distributing next-generation digital content, we have become one of the leading players in shaping the future of entertainment." Among the properties on the web site are Smosh , the well known video vlogger.

According to Wikipedia the other board members of the IAWTV are: Drew Baldwin, Brady Brim-DeForest, Executive Director, Joshua Cohen, Felicia Day, Marc Hustvedt, Dina Kaplan, Vice Chair, Mo Koyfman, John McCarus, George Ruiz, Secretary, Jamison Tilsner, Treasurer, Michael Wayne, Chairman.

So at first sight the first place to look for how things went wrong would be the Board of Directors of the IAWTV. Right? In the process of asking the IAWTV for action we began to ask if this Board of Directors was the same as the board of directors of Streamys LLC the companys that seems to run and operate the Streamy.org web site and also hold the entertainment trade mark for the Streamy Awards. Who exactly is Streamys LLC? Well for starters they are a Delaware company that does not appear to be registered in California. On there web site they give "General Contact: Streamy Awards, 5405 Wilshire Blvd. Suite #270. Los Angeles, CA 90036" which is interesting because it is also the address of Tubefilter Inc., the company that runs one of the "industry" blogs. Given that several members of the Tubefilter team were involved with the production of the Streamys and are also on the Board of Directors of the IAWTV, it seems relevant to ask what their relationship to Streamys LLC is.

On the Streamy.org web site we have not yet not found information of the executives of Streamys LLC or its Board of Directors. However it would be reasonable to assume that Streamys LLC was deeply involved in the production of the Streamy Award ceremony and possibly even own the Streamys including all financial revenue generated from sponsors. Whether this is the case or not only the executives of Streamys LLC can answer.

So the question remain "What is Streamys, LLC?" More specifically, who are the executives of this company, who is on the board of directors and how does Streamys LLC fit in with the IAWTV. Only when we have answers to these questions will we begin to unveil how the Streamy Awards went so very wrong.

See also the statement from the IAWTV.

Special thanks to those who helped with background research for this article.

Letter from the Chair- IAWTV Streamy Response

"While the IAWTV does not have direct oversight of the content of the Streamy Awards, it should and will moving forward."


Open Letter from the Executive Producers of the Streamy Awards

The Streamy Awards"We offer our sincere apologies to guests, viewers, our partners and sponsors for elements of the show that were in bad taste or disparaging to the hard work and incredible talent of our peers. As producers, we accept full responsibility for these mistakes. We are truly sorry."

Brady, Drew, Jamison, Joshua, Marc
The Executive Producers of the Streamy Awards

Read the full post:



Monday, April 12, 2010

Ad Age Digital Viral Video Awards

Attend the Official Ad Age Digital Conference Opening Night Party for Cocktails, awards, and a screening of the best viral videos....



Primeval Evolved and Reservoir Hill Win 2010 International Digital Emmy Awards

Primeval Evolved and Reservoir Hill received Emmys for their innovative storytelling, while Heroes creator and executive producer Tim Kring received this year’s Pioneer Award at the award show in Cannes.


Zarbod goes to the Doctor - TheZarbodShow

Zarbod goes to the Doctor

More Streamys Clips: Shane Dawson, Marina Orlova (hotforwords)

The Streamy Awards

Shane Dawson Wins the Streamy Adward!!
Clip with Shane Dawson (275 million video views on youtube to date for his primary channel) winning the best vlogger award

Marina presents at the Streamy Awards - Apr 2010

(Marina Orlova aka hotforwords, who has 298 million combined video views on youtube, presents an award at The Streamys.)

The Streamy Awards: A Producer’s Apology And Its Three Fails

"Acknowledging that the technical difficulties as well as a late change in venue “led to a production that was less than polished,” Brim-Deforest also acknowledged that “The show suffered from a lack of cohesiveness."


Kevin Smith and the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards

One word describes last night's Streamy Awards ceremony... Sad.


The Streamys: Post-Show Community Feedback and Discussion

by Jenni Powell

Our community is built on dialogue, integrity, and honesty, so with that in mind I apologize in advance to those whose feelings I’m about to singe.”


A Comedy of Errors

The day, on the whole, was a textbook definition of epic fail.


Miles Beckett: The Streamys Let Us All Down

"Maybe I’m dating myself, and I’m sorry if I sound like a disgruntled grandpa, but I think that we’ve lost our way. Our trailblazers have left us, and we’re wandering aimlessly in our covered wagons."

Read the full post:

Streamys: This was a Celebration of Web series?

The Streamy Awards

I like web series. I like the people who make them, I like to watch them, I like to read about them, and, obviously, I like to write about them. Unfortunately, this appears to be a sentiment the producers of last night’s Streamy awards do not share. Instead of a celebration of web series, the Streamy producers treated us to a roast. Actually, a roast is funny. The Streamys were crude and vulgar, an oft retweeted description of the event, and frankly, insulting to the people who the show was designed to honor.

Last night, the Streamy awards made a mockery of web Television. According to the Streamy website, “The Streamy Awards is the first and most prestigious awards ceremony devoted to honoring excellence in original web television programming and those who create it.” However, segment after segment did nothing but belittle the industry. The presenters had little if anything to do with web TV and either through their own volition or the magic of the teleprompter acted as if the event was beneath them. At one point I wondered if anyone involved in the Streamys actually wanted to be there. Felicia Day, one of the few people for whom a Streamy award has meaning, had to accept her award from a guy in his underwear. No one is going to take web TV seriously, if it treats itself like a joke.

There were numerous production mistakes, which were likely the result of poor planning. Towards the end of the show, the host, who looked like he was seeking the nearest exit, exclaimed that next year he was going to insist on a tech rehearsal. The live stream suffered from constant skipping, there was an open microphone resulting in background chatter, and the official Ustream chat was unmoderated resulting in a takeover by YouTube people, doing what YouTube people do. As for the show itself, well if you watched it you saw them. Honestly, I do not blame the producers too much for the video system crashes, glitches happen, that’s life, and to be fair the ‘vamping’ during the tech difficulties was perhaps the most entertaining part of the show. In fact, free of the structured segments and forced dialog, the host was actually rather funny. Perhaps the show’s failing was less a result of under-producing and more the result of being forced and over-produced.

One of the most common complaints expressed on Twitter was that the show was vulgar and at points, obscene. From the opening monologue and its numerous masturbation jokes, to the five minute bit about vaginal rejuvenation, yes really, to the seemingly never ending porno bit, the show threw itself at the lowest common denominator and started digging. The entire show felt raunchy. I doubt any of the attendees knew just how raunchy the show was going to be. On the red carpet, I saw a lot of open-toed shoes. If they had known there would be so much filth, they probably would have worn boots.

The Streamy awards were a disaster. In the coming days there will be plenty of finger pointing. However, the award show blunders in no way detract from the work that was supposed to have been honored at the event. The nominees should be proud of what they accomplished, even if the award show designed to honor them treated them like a joke.

HOW TO Get Nominated For A Streamy Award - TheFineBros

Written & directed by Benny & Rafi Fine

This video played live at the 2nd annual Streamy Awards on April 11, 2010 in Los Angeles.

From the Streamys: "LisaNova and Chris Hardwick get MOLESTED by Shaycarl and HiimRawn"

The Streamy AwardsI believe this was pretty late into the show, long after the trainwreck was obvious. I find this to be hilarious.

The Streamys 2010: Reactions

The Streamy Awards

The show threw itself at the lowest common denominator and started digging. The entire show felt raunchy. I doubt any of the attendees knew just how raunchy the show was going to be. On the red carpet, I saw a lot of open-toed shoes. Had they had known there would be so much filth, they probably would have worn boots.

Read the full article here.

But the rest of the entertainment industry isn’t going to take you seriously until you start taking yourselves seriously. That means upping your award show beyond crappy high-school play production level.

Read the full post:

Streamys honor best of web series

About halfway through the three-hour event, a prerecorded segment called "How to Get a Streamy Nomination" froze and had to be aborted, and the ceremony never fully recovered.

Read the full post:
Streamy Awards Hype Hot Web Stars

The shindig was attended by celebs including horror maestro Robert Englund (Fear Clinic), stunt woman / actress Zoe Bell (Angel of Death) and blogger iJustine.

Read More http://www.wired.com/underwire/2010/04/streamy-awards-hype-hot-web-stars/#ixzz0krvwSP0l

The 2010 Streamys Award Show Disaster

"I couldn’t believe it. Here was an opportunity for internet content creators and the industry to shine, and we get a foul mouthed pimp delivered to us who actually compared the “Streamys” to a type of orgasm. Unbelievable."

How To Make Internet Video Look Bad: #streamyfail 2010

It was chock full of off the cuff remarks about how nobody watches web series or has ever heard of the Streamys, how nobody knows who any of the people in the audience are and that there is no money in web television.

Streamys Tap Galifianakis & 'Ferns,' 'Bannen Way'

"The 2nd annual Streamy Awards, which took place Sunday night at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles, were a wild, rough, disorganized and freewheeling antidote to usual award-show decorum......."

The 2010 Streamys - (Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Just Close The Window)

Alright, alright...this isn't going to be another blog that bashes the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards over and over again...I've recently had my fair share of people throwing non-stop complaints in my direction, so rather than take the usual road of constant hating, I'm going to do my best to try and show how the next (?) Streamy Awards can be saved.

Streamy Disaster?

By Angelique

"Next year, and I hope there will be a next year, I hope the Streamys learn from this year and ensure things run smoother. I also want to say good luck to them, the entertainment world can be harsh and have a long memory when it wants to, hopefully this is not a time when it wants to."

A Letter to the Web TV Community

I sat there, sharing glances with my fellow academy members, we were ashamed. This was our night and it had derailed into farce. And it was put on for the whole world to see. That was yesterday.

Moving On From the Streamy Fail

We’ve got a lot of trust to rebuild, with the sponsors who had their names and brands attached to the event, to the show creators and supporters who abandoned the theater mid-way through the four-hour show in disgust, and the viewing public.


This is one of the biggest hurdles in online video is getting brands to trust the content they are advertising against. Now, they can’t even trust a show ABOUT online video!

The Trainwreck Awards

This year, the Streamys addressed those complaints by including seemingly twice as much stale patter and piss-poor comedy, much of it written by a scatologically-obsessed twelve year old.

Season one, episode 17

If I knew nothing about online content and I had tuned into the Streamy’s, this is what I’d have learned: we shouldn’t expect to be taken seriously because even our own awards show thinks we’re hacks; misogyny is funny; flash and spectacle .....

Reactions to the 2010 Streamy Season

Well, now that it’s all said and done, let’s take a look at what I can only call an overall disaster.

A Horrible Turn at the Streamy Awards

"The minions were using this entrance while the beautiful people were given a more appropriate path to the theater. And by minions and commoners i am referring of course to nominees, sponsors, celebs, and other people that got the wrong email. Holy crap. Could we be marginalized any more?"

Porn Jokes vs. Net Neutrality: 2nd Annual Streamy Awards Backlash 'Echo Chamber' and the Future of Web as Entertainment Medium

Most of the first-hand accounts and dismal tweets, however, came from those in the audience or the nominees and winners themselves, because backstage in the press room watching the live broadcast on a poor screen projection, we could barely make out host Paul Scheer's facial expressions let alone hear much of what was said on stage.

and the outsiders say...

We need to get our acts together and as a friend in the lg15 community "put the W back into WWW"


2010 Streamy Awards- Our Thoughts

Let’s work with the right people to build TRUE viewership and fanbases to prove sustainability and realistic expectations that comes with them to start showing what the business model and value is in web video.


See also:


Discussion on Anchor Cove:

Digital natives held to spin new web

The nine will form an online team that Jacoby says might be shooting material and putting it on the web as early as next month, in what will be the company's first internet foray.


How to Build a Web Series People Will Keep Watching


But the exclusive performances of the sort found on "A.V. Club Undercover" are quirky and clever, and the way they're presented should serve as a model for web series going forward.


Source: @InShot on Twitter

Fireworks takes a seat in Vuguru's Booth

Booth, which Eisner first unveiled at Natpe in January, is described as a 62-part multiplatform psychological thriller, created by writer Christopher Kubasik and helmed by veteran TV director Jessica Landaw.

Read the full post:

Source @InShot on Twitter

Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 Streamy Award Winners

Streamy Award winners

The 2010 Streamy Awards were announced in a ceremony held Sunday night at the Orpheum Theater and by all accounts things did not go well. Plagued by technical difficulties, poorly planned comedy, and an often stunned and silent audience, the show created to celebrate web series at times felt more like a wake. Nearly lost in the negative reaction maelstrom were the shows few bright spots brought by its winners.

The Bannen Way was the night’s big winner dominating the drama category taking home three awards for Best Actor, Director, and Series. Rachael Hip-Flores won Best Actress in a Drama series and Bernie Su won for Best Writing. An exuberant Bernie Su gave a rousing speech, which served to momentarily lift the spirits of the audience. Also, Mark Gantt’s heart-felt comments to his Bannen Way partner, Jesse Warren, at the end of the long night to a nearly empty auditorium helped to end the show on a high note.

The Guild and Between Two Ferns split the Comedy awards winning two each with David Wain picking up the award for Best Writing. Best Actor Zack Galifianakis did not attend resulting in a rather confused surrogate accepting the award on his behalf. Also, once again Felicia Day, winner for Best Actress, managed to give a great speech despite being accosted by a naked Bud Bundy only moments before.

Congratulations to all of the 2010 Streamy Award winners. The night’s winners and nominees should be proud of the work they did this past year. The full list of the night’s winners is below. Also, be sure to read through the craft award winners, who were not invited to take part in tonight’s show.

Best Comedy Web SeriesBetween Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis
Best Drama Web SeriesThe Bannen Way
Best Hosted Web SeriesDiggnation
Best News or Politics Web SeriesAuto-Tune the News
Best Animated Web SeriesHow It Should Have Ended
Best Branded Entertainment Web SeriesBack on Topps
Audience Choice Award for Best Web SeriesAgents of Cracked
Best Directing for a Comedy Web SeriesSean Becker - The Guild
Best Directing for a Drama Web SeriesJesse Warren - The Bannen Way
Best Writing for a Comedy Web SeriesDavid Wain - Wainy Days
Best Writing for a Drama Web SeriesBernie Su - Compulsions
Best Actor in a Comedy Web SeriesZach Galifianakis — Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis
Best Actress in a Comedy Web SeriesFelicia Day — The Guild
Best Actor in a Drama Web SeriesMark Gantt — The Bannen Way
Best Actress in a Drama Web SeriesRachael Hip-Flores — Anyone But Me
Best Ensemble Cast in a Web SeriesEasy to Assemble
Best Guest Star in a Web SeriesAl Yankovic — Know Your Meme
Best Web Series Host Zadi Diaz — Epic Fu
Best VloggerShane Dawson — ShaneDawsonTV

Streamy Awards Review

The Streamy Awards

Tomorrow, I will write a lengthy, oh boy do I have a lot to say, review of the Streamy Awards. However, for now I can sum up the show with the two following facts, which will tell you most of what you need to know. First, the funniest portion of the show was the unscripted tech failure. Second, the lovely and gracious Felicia Day, who truly loves web TV, received her Best Actress Streamy from a guy in his underwear. I think that gives you an accurate picture of how the night went.

More to come when I've had time to process it. Stay right here for all the Streamy news as it happens.

Felicia Day Streamy moment

Streamy Awards 2010: Here Are the Winners

The most common complaint was that the ceremony was filled to the brim with crude or sexist humor; many viewers felt that this was a setback for content makers who want to be taken seriously.

Read the full post:

The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards: The Winners

by Jenni Powell

Among attendees and participants were: Streamy Visionary Award Honoree Chad Hurley (CEO, YouTube), Bernie Su, Chris Hardwick, Illeana Douglas, Tony Hale, David Faustino, Robert Englund, Al Thompson, Tatyana Ali, Jaleel White, Jason & Randy Sklar, Eric Balfour, Julie Benz, David Henrie, Justine Bateman, Patrick Duffy, Kevin Pollak, Crystal Chappell, Danielle Harris, Rob Huebel, and top Internet stars Ryan Higa, iJustine, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht, Felicia Day, Pete Cashmore, The Fine Brothers, Shane Dawson, Lisa Donavan, Zoe Bell and Nick Kroll.

Read the full post:

The Official Streamy Drinking Game

The Streamy Awards

Nothing beats a good drinking game. Okay, actually a lot of things beat a drinking game, but when you don't have those things around, a drinking game helps to fill the void. Also, sitting alone in your house, apartment, dorm room, or parent's basement getting drunk, signals to those around you that you are an alcoholic; however, if you call it a 'drinking game,' you can abuse your liver to your heart's contentment and people will just think it is good clean fun.

Disclaimer: Webseries Today does not condone binge drinking. If you drank as much as suggested, you would die or worse end up looking like Mickey Rourke.

Every time someone says Sony or KodakDrink 1
If the instructions to the audience are accidentally streamed like last yearDrink 3
If the show starts late Drink 2, which probably ensures an early buzz
If the speaker is wearing a tieDrink 2, if it's a tuxedo, Drink 3
If the speaker says, "Founder of YouTube"Drink 2
If the speaker says, "Web TV community" or "Web TV space"Drink 2, if the same person says both, Drink 5
If a winner says, "This is so unexpected" or "This is such a surprise"Drink 1, Drink 3, if it is Felicia Day or someone from the Bannen Way
If a winner thanks GodDon't drink, it isn't polite.
If there is a 'wardrobe malfunction'Don't drink, and don't call the FCC, thank you DC Circuit court.
If someone drops a StreamyDrink 4, which is probably how much they had to drink before the show.
If there is a "Kanye moment"Break out the Jack and do a 2 shots.
The presenter's start making outStop drinking, you are hallucinating.

Disclaimer 2: Obviously, the Official Streamy Drinking Game is in no way connected to the actual Streamy Awards, they are way too uptight to think of something this much fun.

Watch the Streamys- Red Carpet and Awards Slide show.


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Vampire Mob Trailer - VampireMob

He's a hitman and a vampire, and he just found out his mother-in-law is moving in, for eternity.

Cast: John Colella, Reamy Hall, Marcia Wallace, Kirsten Vangsness, Chris Mulkey, Jim Roof, Andrea Cansler, Cris DAnnunzio, Elizabeth Beckwith

Created, written & directed by Joe Wilson
Assistant director - John Vargas
Editor - Joe Wilson
Produced by Joe Wilson & John Colella


The Streamys 2010: What can we expect tonight?

"There will be winners and losers but we can all share in the experience of seeing the future of web entertainment blossoming before our very eyes."


This week is Check Week at blip.tv.

"Our mission is to make independently produced shows sustainable."


Web Series 2.0: Big Campaigns on Digital Dollars

As social media campaigns move to the forefront of the digital space, major brands and advertisers are looking for savvy producers and content creators to help them maximize their ad budgets.


Source: @InShot on Twitter

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