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Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Mediacracy Episode 12

New Mediacracy

New Mediacracy is a podcast hosted by Epic Fu's Zadi Diaz and Steve Wolf along with Big Fantastic's Chris McCaleb. Each week they are joined by various members of the web space. This week they were joined by JenniPowell and The Guild producer Kim Evey. For the most part they talk about the recent Streamy Award ceremony and the Celebrate the Web event organized by Evey and Powell. However, notably, the show has a very loose format and the guest tend to wander from subject to subject. Also, the episode runs nigh on 3 hours so definitely block off some time when you plan to listen to it, which I would suggest.

Below, I have tried to create a basic rundown of the various topics the show covers with approximate time codes to facilitate following along.

The episode is available for streaming at the show's website or the MP3 can be downloaded directly from here.

The Rundown

  • 15:50 Jenni Powell's Introduction
  • 38:10 Kim Evey's Introduction
    • 56:00 Origins of the Guild
  • 1:13:20 The Streamys
    • 1:15:00 Celebrate the Web
    • 1:23:20 Chris McCaleb - White ribbons
      • 1:28:10 Marc Who?
      • 1:29:00 YouTubers
  • 1:36:10 YouTubers
  • 1:41:40 - Back to the Streamy conversation
    • 1:43:40 - Swag bags?
    • 1:44:30 - Sean Becker's speech
    • 1:49:40 - Streamy award tone
  • 1:59:10 - Favorite moments from the Streamys
    • 2:19:30 - More YouTuber talk and Fred
    • 2:24:30 - Mark Gantt is a good looking guy
  • 2:27:50 Chad Hurley and the Visionary Award
  • 2:38:00 Celebrate the Web again

I Heart Vampires: Doctor's Orders - take180com

Watch episodes one week early at http://take180.com/vampires The group is desperate to fix Nick.

Publicity and Web Series


"I would imagine most of the Streamy-nominated shows have seen a nice lift in viewership over the last six weeks, you want to keep that momentum going. How do you do it?"


Friday, April 23, 2010

First Look: The Webventures of Justin & Alden

The Webventures of Justin & Alden

What is the quickest way to fame and riches? Simple, make a web series. This is the premise of a new show, The Webventures of Justin & Alden, scheduled to debut next week. The series follows two struggling actors as they attempt to produce their masterpiece.

The series, which debuts Tuesday, April 27th follows Alden Ford and Justin Tyler a pair of hapless actors as the set out to make the greatest web series show in the history of the web. The two sojourn forth with unproduced script in hand for Los Angeles, naturally, hoping to get their masterpiece produced or in the interim to attach a major star to the project. Along the way they cross paths with many familiar faces including Felicia Day, Mark Gantt, Taryn Southern, and Jessica Rose.

The series is produced by Wilson Cleveland, Sandeep Parikh who along with his Legend of Neil co-creator, Tony Janning, wrote the series, as well as, Easy to Assemble’s Illeana Douglas and Dominik Rausch. The series was directed by Streamy award winning director Sean Becker. Trident Layers is sponsoring the series. Trident recently sponsored this year’s Streamy awards. Fortunately, the series was filmed before the Streamys. In fact, judging by the trailer it looks like several scenes were shot on Streamy night.

Given the number of major players attached to the project, certainly, it will garner its fair share of buzz. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see the effect so much star power has on the show’s viewer ship. Check out the trailer below and decide whether or not The Webventures of Justin & Aiden is worth a look.

A Good Knight’s Quest: Episode Nine

The Chosen One must battle Sandrine and Raine.

Report: One Quarter of Online Videos Are Viewed in Primetime

"According to ScanScout‘s Online Video Insights report, 24 percent of all videos streamed in March were watched in the primetime hours between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., when most TV networks show their top programming. "

Read the full post:

YouTube Recap: ‘The Station’ Relaunch, CollegeHumor and FailBlog Duke It Out

"The current state of YouTube is such where a large number of “next generation” YouTubers are gaining immense popularity at a rate much grater than the original popular YouTubers, some of whom are stagnant or losing popularity. "

Read the full post:

Episode 12: Post-Streamys Breakdown and a New Season of The Guild

There's a lot of discussion around the Streamy Awards and everyone's personal experiences around what happened that night, and at the Celebrate the Web event that Kim and Jenni organized later in the week.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tim Street talks about the Streamy Awards on "This Week In Media"

Running time: 43:44

The Streamy Awards conversation begins at approximately 8min:15sec of podcast 180.

Historically some people have had a hard time playing embed podcasts so here are links where you can obtain the podcast in a format that works with your computer and preferred player:



How ‘Ghostfacers’ Became ‘Supernatural’s’ Hilariously Haunting Spin-Off

Ghostfacers: The Web Series SNEAK PEEK - FacerFitz

Hey everyone - I got a clean copy of the Ghostfacers Web Series clip that was previewed last weekend at Supernatural Con. Enjoy!


How ‘Ghostfacers’ Became ‘Supernatural’s’ Hilariously Haunting Spin-Off
by Jenni Powell

“Obviously we’d love to work with cast from the show (Supernatural): Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Jared and Jensen would be awesome to have on our turf.


As Lisa Kudrow’s ‘Web Therapy’ Heads to TV, Who’s Next?

Television pickups of web series have been an increasingly regular part of the landscape ever since Marshall Herskovitz’ Quarterlife saw its brief NBC run back in 2007.


IAWTV Develops Standards

From January 28, 2010

The Guild Inks Deals on iTunes & Netflix, Web TV Academy Develops Standards

"...I sat down with George Ruiz, a new media agent at ICM who also serves as secretary for the IAWT. He shared the details on the new guidelines the group is developing."


Streamy Awards Photos - TheBuiBrothers

This is a behind the scenes video of some exclusive photos from The Streamy Awards 2010.

The backdrop in this video is made by:

You can see more of the photos here:

SXSW Digitas Presents Speed Dating with Miller Lite: Greg Goodfried Discusses Audience Award

Greg Goodfried, Co-Founder, President and COO of EQAL; Co-Creator and Executive Producer of lonelygirl15 and KateModern, pitched his content idea to Miller Lite and was recognized as the Audience Award recipient. #StreetClips caught up with Greg after the panel to discuss his new job creating content for Miller Lite, in partnership with the Digitas Brand Content group, The Third Act

See more clips: http://www.youtube.com/user/DIGITASclips

Why Big Advertising Dollars are Moving to Online Video

Measurement: It’s not primarily about views. It’s more about engagement, brand impact, social word of mouth, and of course sales.

Read the full post:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Streamy Awards Coverage

The Downfall of Downfall Parodies?

YouTube fair use

This week YouTube began removing several of its most popular videos. For the past several years, parody videos based on the German movie Downfall have spread across the Internet; however, YouTube has begun flagging them for copyright infringement, despite the fact that many feel that the videos fall under the protection of the fair use doctrine. Whether or not this will halt or encourage future parody videos remains to be seen.

Most of the parody videos center on one particular scene in an underground bunker, where Hitler, having been told by his generals that the war is lost, flies into a tirade. The audio is usually left in place and subtitled to fit whatever the creator is attacking. At one time there were over 100 various Downfall parodies online. Videos have ranged from focusing the recent Presidential election to the launch of the iPad. In an interview with New York Magazine in 2010 the film’s director Oliver Hirschbiegel stated, “Many times the lines are so funny, I laugh out loud, and I’m laughing about the scene that I staged myself! You couldn't get a better compliment as a director.”

Once before in 2008, Constantin films, the Germany company that holds the rights to the original movie, successfully managed to have several of the videos removed through DMCA. In this instance, YouTube’s Content ID program is mostly likely responsible for the video’s removal. The program requires rights holders to submit reference files that YouTube then uses to check uploaded videos for infringement. The system is automated and dependent upon checking uploaded video against existing reference files. In fact, YouTube flagged my video within 10 minutes of uploading it. Several of the most popular parodies were removed; however, many more still remain. After all, a good meme is hard to kill. In fact, the recent attention will undoubtedly lead to further Downfall videos.

The most commonly sited defense against copyright infringement is the fair use doctrine. Fair use is an extremely complicated issue, which has been applied inconsistently across jurisdictions; however, courts have historically given parodies more latitude than other works claiming the fair use defense. A few of the key issues to examine are whether or not the derivative work is for a commercial or noncommercial use, its effect upon the marketplace and whether or not it is a transformative work. The folks at the Electronic Freedom Foundation believe this is a clear case of fair use; however, they tend to think just about everything is fair use.

If one wishes to make their own Downfall parody video doing so is relatively easy. Various clips from the movie are available here. Simply drop it into your favorite movie editor, add in some subtitles, upload it and wait to see how long it stays before YouTube flags it. Perhaps the best solution, which would avoid any further copyright problems, is to create a new scene, inspired by the original that is freely available for parody purposes. This could be a fun YouTube project. Imagine your favorite YouTubers decked out in their finest NAZI apparel, machine gunning pseudo German back and forth; that video alone would be a classic. For the role of Adolf Hitler, I would definitely recommend Shane Dawson.

The future of copyright law in the digital age is of importance to everyone. The removal of a few YouTube videos may not seem important, but it might have far-reaching implications. Every year precedent is established that will shape the course of law for decades to come. Also, most of them are extremely funny, and it would be a shame if they disappeared. Speaking of which, check out my Streamy Downfall video directly below.

"Bumps in the Night" Live Tip #9: Bloody Mary

"I was in the bathroom with Greg. What could be scarier than that?" - John

Facebook to Kill Facebook Connect

...Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook Connect brand would be eliminated as part of the launch of Open Graph.


Facebook Makes Major Announcements at F8 [LIVE]

When you make a connection on Pandora, it forms one on the Open Graph as well.


Cyberbullying Bill Advances: Ban Could Make Harassment Via Facebook, Text Illegal

"Harassing or intimidating someone by text message, e-mail or posts on social networking sites like Facebook would be deemed "cyberbullying" and would be a crime under a bill that advanced Tuesday in the Louisiana Legislature."

Read the full post:

Sources: Alyssa Milano on Twitter and Anchor Cove

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Random Web Series Uploaded Today

Every day new webseries sprout up. For example, the following webseries episodes were uploaded to Youtube in the last 24 hours and are from the most recent uploads under the search term "webseries"

GUSTAV: Pilot Episode (not appropriate for children)

GUSTAV appears to be some kind of parody of a highly-oversexed swedish guy who plays a keytar. (Imagine Napoleon Dynamite with a Swedish accent talking about his balls.)

Bar Town Promo

Looks like some Indiana college kids doing a show about Indiana college bars. Video description: "Promo for the web series Bar Town. Check it out at www.mybartown.com

Guy Eating Cereal - Teaser 1

This one is awesome.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sara Fletcher: Actresses Switched By CBS On 'Hitched'

"In a last-minute recasting, Sara Fletcher has been tapped as the female lead on Josh Schwartz’s comedy pilot for CBS Hitched. Fletcher replaces Smallville alumna Kristin Kreuk...."

Read the full story:

Read more about Sara Fletcher on LGPedia
Research credit: Zoey

From Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kristin_Kreuk

"It was reported in mid-February of 2010 that Kreuk had been cast in the CBS pilot Hitched alongside Jack Carpenter and Eugene Levy. The comedy revolves around a newly married couple still learning about each other while surrounded by their family and friends. The pilot comes from Chuck and The O.C. creator Josh Schwartz. However, it was reported on April 15, 2010 that Kreuk had dropped out of the project and had been replaced by Sara Fletcher as the role was "not a good fit""

See more posts about Sara Fletcher

SiftingRealities: Episode One: MAN IN MY BED - SiftingRealities

#1. MAN IN MY BED - Belinda wakes to find a man (DAVE), who really shouldn't be in her bed. Issue: Dave really believes he belongs in Belinda's (or is that Linda's?) bed.
Facebook: http://tiny.cc/5tu1m
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/siftrealities

You can watch up to episode 4 here: http://www.youtube.com/user/SiftingRealities

A Demon's Destiny: The Lone Warrior - Episode 1: Arrival - LoneWarriorShow

Half-Demon Kennedy (The Lone Warrior) arrives on Earth, on a mission, beaten and battered after a recent battle in the Demon Universe.

Thanks for watching the show! Your views enable us to keep it going. Please subscribe to our channel, rate (Thumbs Up) our videos high and tell your friends if you like us!!

A Demon's Destiny: The Lone Warrior is a "live action anime" web series created by Devin Rice. I always wanted to make a live action anime (aka. Dragonball Z-influenced movie) and since Dragonball Evolution recently came out and did poorly (and I was upset) I figured now was the time.

Though I can't make the movie I want to make yet, I figure I could make the prequel to the films, so we've made this series to show them how it's done (and with no budget).

Hopefully your support can help us to make the film, which would be super awesome.

Full of martial arts and energy beams, the show revolves around Kennedy who is a half-demon who has set out to save Earth from the demon invasion. He and his two human companions Michael and Donna journey to the Demon Universe to do whatever it takes to halt this terrible fate.

***Please Rate (Thumbs Up) and Comment on this Video!!***

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This series is now up to episode 12 which you can see at: http://www.youtube.com/user/LoneWarriorShow

ROOMIES! S1 E1 Part 1 "Whackin Cats!" - roomiescreator

S1 E1 "Sally Vs. Doug's Cat". Sally has a little issue with Doug's cat...



JenniCam Now Older Than Average YouTube Commenter?

A worthwhile nostalgia post a few days ago in Wired reports that internet pioneer "JenniCam" started on April 14, 1996 -- 14 years ago this month! An early precursor to what vlogging and web video (and web porn, to be honest) is today, JenniCam featured college student Jennifer Ringley with a new screenshot every few minutes from her dorm room (and later her apartment). If it was in reach of the camera, from the mundane to the very intimate, it was captured.

The "show" kept up through two apartment moves, one stolen fiance from another webcam girl, and until Jenni finally shut the site down in December 31, 2003, blaming Pay-Pal's anti-nudity policy (she went to a subscription model along the way for full access content). But she probably stopped because she returned to sanity, and has remained off camera since that time.

Less than two years after JenniCam's demise, the young site known as YouTube was beginning to make waves, and in early 2007, with the launch of Justin.tv, the term "lifecasting" began to be used to describe this live-broadcasting of one's life as entertainment. And to try to justify the relatedness of this post to Web Series, I would note that one of the most famous "lifecasters" of today, "iJustine", was part of the Streamys.

Links of Interest:

Streamy Awards: Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf of 'Epic Fu'

We just finished Patti Smith which is up right now, so we’re going to continue to try balancing between really, really tech centric culture and then bringing in the more mainstream and how technology affects the mainstream.


Source: Zadi on Twitter

Stroome Brings Collaborative Video Editing Online

"A new collaborative online video editing suite dubbed Stroome is going into public beta this week...."

Read the full post:


Tweet Tweet Boom Boom

"Using New York as their laboratory, Foursquare—and Meetup and Yipit and Venmo and Hot Potato and dozens of others— facilitates and documents urban interactions, usually in real time, often with an eye toward building communities of users."

Read the full post:

Source: Zadi on Twitter

Level 26: Technology: Alice in Wonderland iPad App

Atomic Antelope, a fairly new company, has exploded onto the playing field with the amazing new Alice in Wonderland app for the iPad.

Read the full post:

Streamys 2010: The Cast of GOLD - MingleMediaTVNetwork

Mingle Media TV Covers The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards LIVE from the Red Carpet on Sunday April 11th 2010. Our correspondent Jeff Rago was on hand to interview the celebs on the red carpet and we were in the winners circle for some very excited winners from last night!

Jeff Interviewed The cast of 'GOLD' - a webseries about Role Playing Games -

you can find them online at GoldTheSeries.Blip.tv ---

www.streamys.org/ for more media coverage, visit www.minglemediatv.com We Make TV Social with LIVE web TV broadcasts.

Casey McKinnon & Rudy Jahchan from A Comic Book Orange on the Red Carpet at the Streamys - SocalMom2007

Streamy Awards

See more: http://www.caseymckinnon.com/blog/personal/2010/04/18/glamour-glitter-fashion-internet-fame

The Past DOES Equal the Future

The truth is that past performance is in fact the best predictor of future performance, not just with individual human beings but with teams, companies, technology, political bodies, and other time-bound entities.


You Are Currently Watching: What Really Happened at the Streamys

So, when judged on a “Did Zombies Kill and Eat Everyone at the Streamy Awards?” scale, the Streamys were the biggest success ever. Let’s see the Grammy say that.

Read the full post:

UK Online Web Series Event - Kidmapper

From StoryGas:

Great example of how a closed narrative
(R.L. Stevenson's book, Kidnapped!)
can be turned into a live event - streamed on the web.


Volcanic Memristors - ROCKETBOOM

Click on the link above for more info on today's episode!

Molly reports on the Iceland volcano and more.

Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

What Do TV Directors Do?

Bender describes his role as cooking a meal from a recipe the writers have provided.

Read the full post:

Credit: Blake Calhoun's blog: http://loudpictures.blogspot.com

On April 23rd, London Becomes the Game Board for Nike Grid

London is your gameboard.
You have 24 hours to claim your streets.
40 postcodes across London.
North. South. East. West.
Grid phone boxes in each postcode.
Run between them. Score points.
Run more. Score more.
Badges awarded for speed, endurance and stamina.
Play for your postcode.
Get the glory. Claim the crown

UK runners will take to the streets in less than a week to compete with other runners across London in Nike’s new interactive street game, Nike Grid.

Read the full post:



#celebratetheweb Event Strikes Positive Chord

by Angelique Toschi


Entry #26 - MarbleHornets

— 26

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Low Country Rider (InnerWorld:StormGenie)

Now, really...is that how you treat a woman?


Music: http://incompetech.com/


HIGH on DRUGS!!!! - LisaNova (with Maxwell Glick)

Watch the worst local news reporter in the world give the most awkward interview!


Hacky Sacker- Played by MAXWELL GLICK

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