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Saturday, November 1, 2014

#CreatureDay2 | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 23

Gym Class - Ep 5 - Breaking Out

community channel: Reverse Halloween. If Witches, Zombies, and Ghosts dressed as humans

Feathers and Toast: Season 2

Tallulah is delightful, charming, and can rock a pair of classic white gloves while cooking. Tallulah is Martha Stewart, Julia Childs and the Galloping Gourmet all rolled up into one classically trained mime chef.

Princes Lauren YouTube account hacked?

All of Princes Laurens videos appear to be gone from YouTube. The screen capture of the RSS feed above appears to indicate that the Twitter account: https://twitter.com/cynicvl claimed responsibility. This is a very sad reflection on the nature of the community and we hope that anyone involved in such activity will think twice about the damage it does going forward.


THE BEACONS - Signal 01 and Signal 02 - Raw Data Capture

Laci | Dating Profile | The Feels

Arden Rose: How-To Repair Split Ends? (and other common misconceptions)

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Running for President - Ep 4 - Breaking Out

Friday, October 31, 2014

Victory Productions presents KARMA (Episode 1.7 - Please Pass The Rolls)

An unexpected revelation happens at Melinda’s dinner gathering.

Anna Akana: Ghouls Night In

Breaking Trail: Going Gopher for Tortoises!

Coyote struck out two times in a row when going after Gopher Tortoises in their burrows...but one last attempt at the end of the shoot could be his chance at redemption, will he pull it off or will the tortoises get the best of him? Don't miss this epic standoff between the Tortoise and the Coyote!

First Date - Ep 3 - Breaking Out

@virgingalactic's #SpaceShipTwo crashes

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Victory Productions presents KARMA (Episode 1.6 - Angel In Disguise)

Karma wants to know more about Jordan beyond the bedroom.


The Haunting of a Teenager Continues: Tweet - The Series (A Teen Paranormal Web Series)

Tweet - The Series released episodes #6 & #7 as dual release. We wanted to add a little something extra this week after our very supportive audience answered the call to action to get episode #5 to 1,200 views. After blowing pass that goal, we promised 2 episodes and we delivered! It's a great time to be a storyteller. We're having a blast getting to know our audience. They are like family, and we call them Tweethearts!

"Milgram and The Fastwalkers"- Gears Up For Season Two

It's Halloween, the time of year we think of ghosts, witches, demons and even aliens!  For Richard Cutting, Executive Producer, screenwriter, director and star of the award-nominated Scifi/UFO/Soap Noir webseries called Milgram and the Fastwalkers, it's Halloween every day of the year!

If you haven't had the chance to view this incredibly written and produced noir series, Halloween is a great excuse to catch up on Season One before the new season begins in December.

So what is this series about? The series revolves around an internationally prominent doctor, Daniel Milgram, a psychologist who reluctantly finds himself sucked into the world of the beyond after lawyer, Sally Lemm (Walker Hays), seeks his help due to sleepless nights thanks to nightmares.  The decision to take on this new client and search for answers doesn't sit well with Milgram's wife Evelyn (Kate Revelle), an alcoholic who has no interest in supporting the good doctor's quest, nor does she believe in UFO phenomena.  As season one unfolds, we learn not only is Sally dealing with frightening dreams that invade her psyche by day and by night, but a strange man with a brimmed hat seems to be stalking her!  Does he have a hand in her experiences?  Who is he and want does he want?  Is he an "alien"?  Sally soon realizes her nightmares aren't that at all, but memories of being abducted!

Fact fused with fiction, the series has become a favorite among UFO believers and has garnered over 2 million views.  The series has also been nominated for several awards, including Indie Series Award for Best Lead Actor (Richard Cutting) in a Drama, 2014; Best Supporting Actress (Kate Revelle) in a Drama, 2013; and an International Academy of Web Television Award for Best Male Performance (Richard Cutting) in a Drama, 2014.

Season two is slated to be released December 2 and Cutting promises will be bigger than ever, with a larger cast as well as spectacular special effects.  With a phenomenal cast, crew and showrunner, Milgram and the Fastwalkers is one of my top webseries picks.  If you loved the XFiles, watch SciFi and are a soap opera fan, you'll love this series!  Catch up on season one before the new season begins on The Fastwalkers website.

*Be sure to follow the series on twitter: @TheFastwalkers, on YouTube and find out what Richard had to say about UFO phenomena on his guest appearance on Storytellers On The Net.

Victory Productions presents KARMA (Episode 1.5 - Do You Remember The Time)

Karma thinks back to when she first met Jordan and the progression of their relationship.


Arden Rose: Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs!

Friends with Words | Frankenstein, MD - Ep. 22

Ask Iggy Ep: 7 | Frankenstein, MD

Anna Akana: How to Deal with Losing Friends

Monday, October 27, 2014

Video Game High School - Season 3: Episode 3

GAMING NEWZ: Dark Pop Bros Share Street Stones

GAMING NEWZ: Shiny Swadloons Please Thank You

Victory Productions presents KARMA (Episode 1.2 - You Always Answer My Call When I Call)

Karma’s relationship with Jordan is causing her to become distracted in other areas of her life.

LAdies Episodes 14 & 15: OK / BFF

These penultimate episodes are about communication, miscommunication, feeling heard and not heard - sometimes all at once.

Follow LAdies on 
twitter, and 

"Is anyone in New York really happy?" It's up to you! | "The Happiest People In New York" in THE WILD MAGAZINE

Roisin Donnelly and Rebecca Steele, who are the creators of a new comedic web series, "The Happiest People In New York", met with Hillary Sproul at THE WILD MAGAZINE to talk about how Karaoke and Jameson brought them together and ultimately inspired this passion project!

You can read all about how "The Happiest People In New York" was made and their aspirations to follow in Tina and Amy's footsteps. You know...Tina Fey and Amy Poehler? Duh.


...AND watch the first six episodes HERE 

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