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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Zeus - kiRashadow (Zeus)

A warning to Zeus. Actions must be taken.

Two other videos have been released so far in this series:

My response - RathofZeus
010100100111010001010100 - RathofZeus

Time for Round 2? - fractured0

This is kinda self-explanatory...


Music: "sad exchange" by finger 11

Annie, what's goin'? - wilannies

theGermexican voices his concern.

my bloodlines review - sammi22faced

just wat i thought of the finale and a couple of bloopers...and yes i know im late i've been busy

I Killed Her, Daniel (LG15 Spoof) - JamieNov81

Bree is not dead. She's alive in me, daniel. Can you see her?

Randy’s ready. Are you?

By Randy

Source: insideLG15

Are you ready for LC15?

Hey LG15 fans! After a string of so-so midnight snack videos that were posted to get us through to season 3, you probably want something else to satisfy your LG15 hunger. Well, early next week, the first episode of Lonelycast15, LG15's (un)official podcast, will be posted, hosted By Lexi, Katie, and me, Christian (otherwise know as quirkynesss, hotbroadwaychick17, and theGermexican). The Lonelycast team will provide you with an in depth analysis of the past season, as well our thoughts and predictions for the future of the Breeniverse. So be sure to check here at lg15today, over at lonelycast15, or subscribe at iTunes. Cheers!
--Christian (theGermexican)

New Meaning - a114One

I had a weird dream last night...

Bree Time of your life - Smog1050

my 2nd tribute to lonelygirl15 this time for bree. Also Jonas and Daniel also im dedicating this video to my gf brie since she kept bugging me to make it lol. so if your reading this here you go :)

What is the Olhym? - wilannies

I manage to get some information from an old friend....

Problem is, now that I have this info?

How do I get out before tonight???

Jenny, Greg, Aja, Lonefox, anybody out there with any information, please post comments, i'll respond with any information that I have that might help...


Call me Tiff - lonefox101

I feel like a prisoner...we'll a prisoner to Ethan's boring auto-biography...sigh

Lost Memories? - Virginian9000

Its all still a blur to me. The last image I have of that night is walking out the restaurant door with Aly, and the moments preceding that are very blurry. My car is in the driveway, so I drove home, but I don't remember driving.

What happened to Aly? I think she's ok, she kissed me on the cheek, but apparently left. Did I just fall asleep? I don't know what happened!

I'm totally freaking out right now.


Video clips from:
"About Last Night" http://youtube.com/watch?v=6EFauI3R4zs


Music: "Emotional Ambiance" by Glenn Rubenstein
(writer/director, lonelygirl15)

Fox Releases New Jumper Images

"20th Century Fox released a series of new images and press materials for the upcoming Jumper, starring Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, and Rachel Bilson. The Deadbolt has scored an awesome quartet of them for you to take a look at in anticipation of the movie opening on February 14th. "


NOTE: for links to previous stories and information on Jack or "Jumper", visit our watchyourjack blogspot portal page.

Log On. Tune Out.

Siegel sees the Internet as “the first social environment to serve the needs of the isolated, elevated, asocial individual.”

"The fact that a man as smart as Siegel came to put Lonelygirl15 and Iraq into the same train of argument is a sign of the Internet’s power to make people lose all sense of perspective. "


Community Appreciation Week: Best Spin-off Video

"Submit your choice for the best video from a spin-off series of lonelygirl15. The LG15 Team will choose the best and feature them on the main player next week, which means the video must be submitted by February 2 (that’s today!)."


No Pilot Production for MySpace Winners

"A spokesperson for Fox did not provide a reason as to why the network passed on producing the projects, but Hagen believes that the decision was heavily influenced by the writers’ strike."


Friday, February 1, 2008

Movie Mob - Hosted by Sara Fletcher

Sara Fletcher, the actress who plays Rachel in the Redearth88 series, also participates in other projects. One of her other projects is hosting Movie Mob, which is a rotating panel of people vlogging about the latest movies. I find these very funny, especially the conflicting opinions about the movies. Below is the review for the movie Rambo:

Half of YouTube Videos Get 100 Views in First Month

"And then the most popular videos are very popular: one percent of videos get more than 500,000 views"


LONELYCAST this sunday

After a string of so-so midnight snack videos, perhaps you'd like something else to munch on while you eagerly wait for Season three to come. Enter Lonelycast15 the official podcast for Lg15. It will be available sunday, and it will be hosted by Lexi, Jenni, Katie, and me, theGermexican. So be sure to check that out. You can subscribe from iTunes, or just it get from lg15today. See you soon!


The Opposite of Great- (Flock:Betz281)

Follow the Flock on LGPedia
Discuss the Flock

Who is MRirian? Next lonelygirl15?

"Why are so many people watching her video? Is there anyone behind her like lonelygirl15? I don’t know."

☆新年おめでとうございます☆ - MRirian


It's hard to guess her exact age, but she is almost as tall as a refrigerator, and has thin arms as seen in 醤油戦士キッコーマン? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJyOIFfig0s

Enter the Jumper Comic to Film Contest!

The official Jumper website is currently running a Comic to Film contest that asks contestants to create an original video based on the comic pages found on the site.



A few days ago Infrastruck posted a video called " Eve of Destruction" whey they said they were going to fly back to Kentucky to dig up a corpse grave in the woods. Shortly after that Greg Gallows went missing. Have you seen him?

What do you think?


See all the LG15 pix on the LGPedia Press Photo page.

Source: insideLG15

Enter The FTO - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Patricia had a lot to say. It seems her relations with the Order have affected her a lot more than I first thought. I think she’s telling the truth. I just wish she had had a chance to finish her sentence.

It is possible that "FTO" stands for "Fight the Order."

Enter The FTO - Charlie (KM)


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

anonymous said...
I don't know if this may have already been mentioned somewhere else, but FTO may stand for Van Helden's novel, or 'informational, sacred text,' Finding The One.
[F T O]
That could explain why Charlie would be looking for answers within the book and the further assumptions of the author being responsible for Kate's death. What do you think?

Community Appreciation Week: Best Music Video

"Submit your choice for the best music video. This can be a montage of video clips, you singing an original song, or anything else you can possibly think of set to music. The LG15 Team will choose the best and feature them on the main player next week, which means the video must be submitted by February 2."




You can of course continue to view and comment on the latest Rachel video, "About Last Night" on YouTube. Even if you missed the fabulous video launch party on YouTube last night you can still participate in the RedEarth88 OpAphid EndTag bonus.

You can find other Red Territory links on our Red Territory blogspot portal page.

lonelygirl15 Bloopers - insideLG15

Here's a look at some of the takes that didn't make the final cut. - LG15 Team

Buckshot in '08 - OmegaXP

Vote Buckshot for Mayor/President/Governor of Yertown!

Buckshot's all over everything.

Narrator: Me in my epic radio voice.
Music: WWE - Smokin' Gunns Theme

Kasautii Net Ki

"Acknowledging this growing practice of catching up with soap-operas on the Internet, India is set to get its first entertainment serial, meant exclusively for online viewing soon."


"The cast and crew for the show will be selected through an online talent hunt called Digistars –War of Videos. "

Gregg Moscot

Gregg Moscot produced the lonelygirl15-"Jumper" integration series, watchyourjack.



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LG15 Digital Studios
November 2007

NOTE: for links to previous stories and information on Jack or "Jumper", visit our watchyourjack blogspot portal page.

An Update Of Sorts - MessyNessy89

Go Giants!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST promotion and online story/experience

Not exactly an ARG, but over the last month or so leading up to the LOST season 4 start tonight, the show has produced a promotional "interactive experience" as a part of their marketing plan.

In addition to a website, www.flyoceanicair.com, part of the marketing plan involves billboards for Oceanic Airlines (that went up in early January) which were later hit by graffiti with "FIND815.com"

The find815.com website has a series of 5 chapters on it (just click on "story so far" to see all the parts), telling the story of a former Oceanic Airlines employee, Sam, who is looking for his girlfriend Sonia who was a stewardess on Oceanic Flight 815. The videos are quite entertaining.


The story is told online through a series of video blogs by the main character, Sam, scenes implemented as online Flash programs - where you can find clues about LOST, read Sam's emails, listen to his phone messages, etc. In the story we watch Sam getting on a ship and travelling to the South India Sea. Each step also includes a Flash game that you play to get a code word to then see a Season 4 clue. For ARG types, there are some deeper well-hidden puzzles to discover and solve, but you can enjoy the videos and Flash scenes without digging for the deeper stuff.

This blog discusses many of the things uncovered on find815.com

Unlike the "Lost Experience" ARG which gave backstory and mythology they would never get to during the main LOST show, Sam's story is meant to be more directly related to the coming season (at least that is what a marketing executive said), with the implication that Sam might even appear on the show (though I have not seen this confirmed).

Here is an article interviewing a marketing executive about the campaign

About Last Night - Rachel (RE88)

Ever have one of those nights that turns out differently than you expected it to?

Rachel: So, about that non-incident with Aly a few days ago... I think I may have misread things. Last night I asked Aly if she would go out to dinner with me as a way of apologizing for my awkwardness the past few days. And, I also wanted to talk about this major revelation of mine in progress. So, I suggested this Albanian restaurant, and Aly said we couldn't go there because 1) last week, she hooked up with this guy named Milo who worked at the bar, and 2) she said it was too much of a chick place. So instead, Aly suggested the steakhouse up the street, where there's this dashing waiter named Eric that she totally wants to get on. Yeah. That kinda took me off guard. I spent the whole evening feeling really stupid for misreading Aly's interests. This point was further underscored by Aly staying at the restaurant until Eric got off work and me walking home alone. Compared to me, I guess Aly has those aspects of herself pretty much figured out at this point.

About Last Night - Rachel (RedEarth88) on LGPedia.

Red Territory on Bebo.

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Radio interview with Melanie Merkosky at 8:30ET tonight

Captain Awesome has announced he will have Jennie from LG15 on his radio show at 8:30 ET. Check it out!

wtbu radio

Melanie Merkosky on LGPedia.


The movie "Jumper", which this Alternate Reality Game is based on is due to be released in theaters on February 14, 2008. The film itself is based off the 1992 novel Jumper by Steven Gould. Starring Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Bilson, and AnnaSophia Robb, the premise is about "A genetic abnormality allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between 'Jumpers' and those who have sworn to kill them".

Jumper portal on LGPedia.


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From The Set

Miles was behind the camera again for the adventures of soccerstar4ever and watchyourjack.


Eddie Asher on LGPedia.

Gregg Moscot (producer on right) on IMDB.

NOTE: for links to previous stories and information on Jack or "Jumper", visit our watchyourjack blogspot portal page.

Google's OpenSocial Juggernaut Gets This Party Started, Right?

"The OpenSocial announcement also killed off the idea of following the Facebook model, says Ziv Navoth, Bebo VP of business development and marketing. “The days of social networks introducing their own proprietary API are done,” he says."



Below are daily view statistics for the last 6 Lonelygirl15 videos at the end of Season 2. They include the 4 "Bloodlines" videos that made up the finale.

Source: http://tubemogul.blogspot.com/

quarterlife - part 25

quarterlife - part 25

Add to My Profile | More Videos
"Finding a Voice" - Dylan’s mom comes to visit.

Daniel?! Run!

By Jen

Source: insideLG15

LG15 Changes - Jo162

Because everything changes...

Song: 3 Doors Down - Changes

KateModern: The Musical?

"Last night the KateModern cast and crew (plus two special American visitors that you might recognize…) had a marathon three-hour karaoke session in London. It was a battle for the microphones as everyone wanted to have a go. Highlights included Miles’ version of Eminem’s “My Name Is” and Kelly’s storming rendition of “I Will Survive.” A good time was had by all - is “KateModern: The Musical” coming soon…?"


Handheld Acquisition Goes Mainstream

This article that ties in really well with Glenn's discussion last night on BreeFM where he discussed how pop culture perceives Lonelygirl15, and the use of the more recent Lonelygirl15 shooting style in the movie Cloverfield.

"In their effort to keep movie audiences captivated, directors and DPs are doing some unusual things with the high-definition digital-cinema tools at hand. The latest trick is to use studio cameras run-and-gun style."


raz said...
Get ready for more, cuz George Romero's fifth zombie movie, Diary of the Dead, is shot mostly first person too, though I think the characters are film students, so it might be less shaky-cam. It comes out next month.

Don't Bring The Goons - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast
Patricia has been in touch and she wants to meet… But Tariq and Steve aren’t going to be happy.

The new project Charlie is referring to may be the new Internet TV project JustIncredible.TV.
Ned Flanders and Homer Simpson are obvious references to the TV show The Simpsons. Ned Flanders is the religious zealot on the show, a likely reference to Steve. Tariq would be Homer Simpson, likely due to the fact that he is bald.
Jack the "jumper" was mentioned, just like in lonelygirl15

Don't Bring The Goons - Charlie (KM) on LGPedia.

Cadbury Creme Egg on LGPedia.


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Community Appreciation Week: Best Video from an Independent Series

Submit your choice for best video from an independent series that is unrelated to lonelygirl15. The LG15 Team will choose the best and feature them on the main player next week, which means the video must be submitted by February 2.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

::::NEWSFLASH::::: The next RedEarth video will go live on Thursday 31st at 6pm PST.

Glenn announced that the next REDEARTH88 video will go live Thursday night at 6pm PST. The last four videos of this "episode" have had over 850,000 views on YouTube so far, and this next video will complete the "episode." It would be amazing if this video pushed the five-video "episode" to over 1,000,000 views. The Red Army can make that happen!

The reason for announcing the launch of this video? On last week's radio show, Glenn mentioned that there will be a special "thank you" for members of the Red Army who have contributed to the promotion of the videos in this episode:

Every member of the Red Army who has contributed a significant number of comments to the YouTube discussion of any RE88 video ("significant" meaning in the 50 to 100 comment range), will receive their own customized "Red Army" video end tag. This end tag will feature the voice of OpAphid saying their YouTube username, and also a custom phrase of their choosing.

Because of this, many people who have not been able to participate so far have been asking when the next video was going up, because they want to make sure they can contribute to promoting the last video in this "episode" and earn an end tag.

The comment community has come alive over the course of these last four videos, and newcomers are always welcome! Contribute to the discussion, share your theories (and YouTube spam codes), and see if you can achieve "wall!"

If you have any questions, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] – or just join in on the comments tomorrow when the video goes live!

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

::::NEWSFLASH::::: The next RedEarth video will go live Thursday (31st) night at 6pm PST.
This article was being written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.
It was not dark when Glenn woke up today. He remembers Quantum Leap in terms of waking up. There was always some personal connection. It had the most disappointing ending ever. Some people might argue that it would be like LG15 ending with the Ceremony being just text.

Coming to America ( Eddy Murphy) is one of the funniest movies ever made. Everyone loves it and it holds up over time. It was rated R. Eddy Murphy became less funny when they made him more "family friendly".

Glenn talked about Richard Prior movies.: Brewster's Millions (1985 film). When you are a kid you have no point of reference so you think: "How would that play out?". As you get older you start to consider the odds and it calms you down a little.

Twin Peaks went downhill second season. Heather Graham joined the show; that was the high point. Glenn would give cautionary tales to Miles and Greg during LG15 story meetings when he thought someone had a bad idea for a story. Glenn would say: "We can't become like Twin Peaks in the second season".

Mystery Movies : was based a lot on Glenn's experiences of going to movies with his father. Glenn's dad really liked sports and he coached little league. Glenn sucked in little league. Only after the last game did Glenn realize he could throw better with his left hand. Needless to say Glenn and his father did not bond over baseball but Glenn did enjoy going to movies with him and it was that personal experience that he drew on when writing the script for the LG15 video "Mystery Movies"

"When I was little, my dad used to encourage me to read by buying me Nancy Drew novels, so ever since then, I've been obsessed with any movie, TV show, or book that involves detectives, spies, and secret codes, anything where it all sort of... fits together at the end. I wasn't always allowed to watch those kind of shows, except for one exception. My dad's research kept him really busy, but he always made sure to devote one afternoon a week to spend time with me. So on those afternoons, if there was a spy movie that he wanted to see, he knew that he wouldn't get any complaints out of me. (little laugh) But I think that my mother wasn't always happy when she'd find out."

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help


Greg Goodfried can bowl like noone else. He threw the flash bang during Human Ransom.

The next RedEarth video:
Glenn announced that the next RedEarth video will go live Thursday night at 6pm PST (see the article above).

Glenn said it would be nice if the total of the last five Rachel video views breaks 1 million total views. He said that Youtube comments are more fun when we all participate together and that is why he is announcing the time of the video release.

The new video is at the thumb nail stage so it is almost ready to go. There has been a lot of interest from people who would like to participate but would like advance notice. If you want to participate send an e-mail to [email protected].

You should also let Glenn know if you want to participate in the Red Army/custom tags which will be a bonus for anyone who has commented on the videos in the past or comments on the next video. As a guide Red Army members with 50-100 comments will be included in the custom tag bonus. ("spam codes", "the wall: both count).

The "custom endtags" will have the voice of OpAphid saying your Youtube screen name along with a custom phrase at the end so that you can attach them to your own videos.

Glenn said he will do whatever he can to help the community. He appreciates the community 24/7.

If you are already "in", and you participate again you can get a 2nd end tag which you can use on your own videos.

If you are trying to follow the comments open up all the comments and its easier to follow the thread.

We all watch the videos on youtube so its a good place to congregate for "random chat" because we are all watching the videos there.

Tomorrows video will have a shout out to Milo and an off screen cameo for V9000.
All the music in RedEarth is original compositions from Glenn Rubenstein. Glenn went through some of his old music for ideas.

In some videos it make sense to use Rachel's theme (the "baseline"). It fits Rachels character. He will look at a video and decide what it needs. Sometimes he will cut something first and then find something that works with it. Other times if you have a video that is not reliant on dialogue then you can "cut to the music". Cut it to the beat of the song. You can cut every measure, 4 beats, 8 beats. Have a cut happen every time you hear a snare drum. Your video will look tighter. In some Rachel videos Glenn will use a music score as a guide. It can be like cutting a music video.

You can't have music thats too fast. The limitation is you can only use stuff where you have permission. In OpAphid/Tachyon Glenn got permission from the bands. Josh Staples is from Petaluma and Glenn has known him from way back. Glenn does not like to just use "creative commons music". It has to fit. For example, for LG15 he used "Truth Has Failed" by Love Equals Death in the video " How Dumb Am I?"

Glenn plays guitar/base & key board. Its nice to be able to sequence things. Glenn now has 10-15 original songs that he has used in videos. Its nice to have original scores composed for each video. That makes RedEarth unique in terms of online videos. Glenn talked about his favorite pieces. For example:

Random fact: Glenn thinks Justin Timberlake is surprisingly attractive.

Glenn used "Beat box drum kits".

Q&A from #BreeFM chat:
Rachel is playing hard to get with Zarbod. Zarbod is a player and cannot be held down to one woman.

LG15: there was no plan for what would happen if Jessica left the show. Miles and Greg did not seem to want to believe it was possible. Glenn compared it to "Chico and the man" and Milo mentioned "8 Simple Rules" It is hard to make it work when you move away from the original concept. Perhaps Gina is an attempt to bring the show back.

B-man asked about Cloverfield.

Glenn has read 5 dozen to 100 articles about Cloverfield. He has seen no mention of how the style of video shooting mentions Lonelygirl15. We get the connection (since On The Run). In the public eye, Cloverfield "owns the concept".

With LG15 they only started to use the style after it was popular. In Blair Witch there was a reason for it. In comparison if you see any article that talks about video blogging it will mention LG15. This confirms to Glenn that people know LG15 for video blogs. If the LG15 phenomena had been sustained you would have seen references in the Cloverfield articles because LG15 did it first.

"Atmospheric scares" are better than "jump scares" which freak Glenn out. He likes the mythology of horror movies. He could not watch it in a theatre because it would freak him out too much. On the RedEarth comments someone posted some information about Cloverfield. If you watch Cloverfield in a small online screen such as youtube you will get the connection to Lonelygirl15.

The idea of shooting like this would have been part of a Lonelygirl15 movie which was discussed as on option after they ran out of the original financing from Miles parents.

When the pop culture thinks about Lonelygirl15 they think of a girl vlogging in a bedroom.

Miles and Greg and possibly Mesh got to hang out with the creators of LOST ( J. J. Abrams). CAA represents Miles and Mesh.

Shortly before Glenn started OpAphid he spent a lot of time on the Jaws game on the X-Box.
Tachyon point of view videos: Glenn quoted a comment from mm:

"My impression was that he was only saying that we will not see the Tachyon view again in this arc in response to what has been happening.

He did not say that we will never see the Tachyon view......we might just have to be patient. I think his point was more that if we follow the story so far we should understand the Tachyon viewpoint. That probably implies that we will only get a Tachyon video when there is an authentic need within the story to make a point that can only be told from that perspective."

If you go back and take into account what we know so far you will see that the story is being told in a different way. Think of it as a puzzle that will all come together. Rachel is giving you information in a context where the audience knows more than she does. Through Rachel's experience in the next video you will understand more about Tachyons point of view.

The story is in the video blog. It is just a different way of telling a story.

However, in the near future we will see a Tachyon/Brother video. From OpAphid? Stay tuned.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
00:27:32 Another Bad Creation - Iesha <-----"THE OPPOSING VIEW TO THE PREVIOUS SONG"
00:22:57 Kris Kross - Warm It Up
00:19:03 Flickerstick - Hey or When The Drugs Wear Off Current Song
00:15:48 Fall Out Boy - Dead On Arrival
00:12:55 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
00:09:26 Piebald - American Hearts
00:05:15 Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA
00:01:50 Knapsack - Cold Enough to Break
23:58:36 New Found Glory - All Downhill from Here
23:54:40 Eazy-E - No More ?'s
23:11:09 The New Trust - This Invitation Has Meant The World To Me
23:08:51 Mates of State - Proofs
23:04:25 Young MC - Bust A Move

The Olhym Part 1 - wilannies

Long Story short Doctor Monroe paid a house visit to me and my mom. Surprisingly he came with my cousin Sonia to let me know because of I guess my "blood condition" as there calling it, it's best I go with them to the temple of Olhym in the sierra valley...

I don't think i'm trait positive, but I know this is a front for the order...my first instinct was to run, but my mom followed them blindly to the temple...

so i couldn't leave her, I guess this is my opportunity to do some research while i'm here... I'm sharing a bunker with my mom and Sonia, so i'll try and snoop around...

One thing I don't get though, is why is Ted Mckinely here?

Ambush! - lonefox101

I'm sorry I lied. My mission has been changed. I'm going to start playing some offense, the sitting duck days are over.



Join the Podcast! Fight the Order!

"Join the Podcast! Fight the Order!
Lonelycast15 is an brand new, in-the-works podcast that is all about (you guessed it) the popular YouTube series, Lonelygirl15, and the fandom that goes with it. Every week we will discuss the latest videos, clues and theories of the Breeniverse. Keep watching this space for more info!

We are currently looking for people that are "lonelycrackers"-hopelessly addicted lonelygirl15 fans, to co-host the show. You don't have to co-host forever; in fact, if you just want to be on one episode, that's ok with us. If you're interested or have any questions, e-mail us at [email protected], or send a personal message on the lg15 forums to quirkynesss.

Have a good day, guys!"
Lexi & Angus"


Sisters - chippercat13

Was this Bree's plan?

Music - "Right Where It Belongs" Nine Inch Nails

Buckshot Gets Us Stuck - insideLG15

Here's a look at a typical road trip with the lonelygirl15 team.

You're Invited - Kitty (LJ15)

Hi Anne, this is Jerry. Since you gave me access to your account, I went ahead and uploaded it here for Kitty. I want to be absolutely sure you see it. I miss you! --Jerry

Article About Jumper and LG15: No Fact Checking Required

Link: Silicon Alley Insider: Lonelygirl Gets A New Sponsor: Fox's "Jumper" (NWS)

Like the second season, where sponsor Neutrogena was woven into the plot, the third season will have a storyline that ties into the upcoming Fox release, "Jumper". The movie, out Feb. 14, is about teens who teleport.

"Teens Who Teleport"? Sounds like a new support group! I rant a bit more about this article on this Anchor Cove thread, but just like these Jumper/Lg15 videos, it is not required viewing, right?

Why it's ok to kill off Bree & Kate... but not Jack!!!

"“If Jumper succeeds, there’s potential for it to be a franchise…” If a sequel is planned, more than likely they’ll look favorably on employing any and all former devices used to promote the original film. "


Just a reminder, DJ Jenni Powell and Greg Gallows on BreeFM Today at 4 - 6 PM PST

How did Dr. Hart get out of that room of watchers?
Will we all be invited to Virgil's memorial service?
What was Emma smiling about?

Well, Greg and I don't have the answers to any of these questions but we can chat about anything else you'd like to hear about our experiences at both the SF Live Event and on the set of Bloodlines. So join us Today from 4 - 6 PM Pacific (7-9om Eastern) on BreeFM and we'll give you...some answers!

But really, it'll be a good time...so won't you join us? We won't hurt you. Will we?

Click here to listen!

Listen with your preferred player!

Join the IRC Chat!

The Duck Pond - Cynthia (The Flock)

Alessandra left clues for me on her myspace, bebo, youtube and facebook. Not that it's helped me find her...

Follow the Flock on LGPedia
Discuss the Flock

What Does Patricia Know? - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I can’t believe Patricia was with Kate that night. It makes me wonder exactly what her role in all this has really been.

What Does Patricia Know? - Charlie (KM) on LGPedia.


LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Will you save her?

By Ashley

Source: insideLG15

Community Appreciation Week: Best Comedy Video

"Have you seen a video about the Breeniverse that made you laugh out loud? Then tell us about it! Use the comments below to nominate your favorite comedy video. The LG15 Team will choose the best and feature them on the main player next week, which means the video must be submitted by February 2."


RIAA Wants to Increase Filesharing Damages to $1.5 Million an Album, Just for Laughs

"Yes, if you get busted sharing a soundtrack or compilation album with multiple artists on it, the RIAA wants to count each track as its own album."


Posting FIRST! is a State of Mind

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This a deep look into the mind of a "professional" first-sayer...
(maybe our own CaptainFirstSayer)


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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bree and Jonas For you I will - Smog1050

Bree and Jonas from lonelygirl15

I'm fine...or am I? - lonefox101

I found my eternal song have you?

Music:"After the shock"

In Over Our Heads - Taylor (watchyourjack)

Suddenly it all got real. - Taylor

hopefulsemblance said...

Jack videos keep jumping near the 436...
at least I got to see this one...

Taylor is vlogging about how Jack and her talked through Skype and he kept saying that thanks to google earth he could teleport to Zavalla. She says that he's kinda freakin' her out.
Just then Jack appears out of nowhere all stumbly, like he ran 25 miles in a minute. Then a Paladin appears running full force and Taylor and Jack just book it and hide in some bushes.

Eddie Asher is the actor who plays the role of Jack in the watchyourjack web series.

In Over Our Heads - Taylor (LG15) on LGPedia.

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NOTE: From insideLG15: "Think of it as a really creative integration starring your favorite characters that is related to your favorite show but not required viewing . . . it’s not even in the same fictional universe." ~ Greg Goodfried.

Lullaby Project

The Lullaby Project is a service organization that claims to provide prenatal health care to underprivileged women. The project, which was created by the joint efforts of the Hymn Of One, the Wyman Foundation, and Verdus Pharmaceuticals, was announced at a press conference by Ted McKinley.

TAAG's Suspicions

After hearing the Project's announcement, Jonas became concerned and reviewed the facts. He noted that the Hymn of One is a cult, which is a cover for the Order and that the Wyman Foundation is a non-profit research organization, which is another cover for the Order.
Jonas then wondered why such a large drug company would choose to partner with these organizations. He did a little more digging and, on the Verdus website, he found that Verdus would be hosting a life extension panel. Life extension is one of the key objectives of the Order, noted by their use of trait positive girls in the Ceremony to extend the lives of Elders. As such, Jonas was able to conclude that Verdus Pharmaceuticals is another front for the Order. With all three organizations backing it, Jonas began to speculate that the Lullaby Project was being used for the Order in some way.

<---Jennie confronts Carl Jonas's suspicions were further validated after watching some blogs from Jennie, who was volunteering at the project. Her volunteer work brought her to the home of Juanita Cerez, a local mother-to-be. While there, Jennie found that she was not at all welcome, for many members of the community believed that the Lullaby Project was a curse. In fact, three of Juanita's relatives who had participated in the outreach program in the previous few weeks had suffered miscarriages. At first, Jennie tried to rationalize this information, attempting to convince herself that there are many complications with bringing a baby to full term, and that the Lullaby Project itself was probably not to blame. However, her investigative side soon got the better of her, and she decided to look into the files of Juanita's relatives. The private files she found proved that three of Juantia's relatives had, in fact, suffered miscarriages in the previous two weeks. Shockingly, though, the public report for those weeks only reported one miscarriage, and the mother was not any of Juantia's relatives. The folder of the patient whose miscarriage was reported was suprisingly blank and only contained a slip of paper from Verdus Pharmaceuticals and an intake slip. Jennie confronted Carl, a leader at the project, with her proof of the discrepancies in the records, but he waved off her concerns and told her to "forget about the numbers. Just do your job." This greatly upset Jennie, who grabbed as many files and papers as she could and fled from the project. The Project's True Nature The project itself, was, of course, not as it seemed. It did not intend to give prenatal care to pregnant women, but to genetically modify their embryos in order to create new test subjects for the Hart Study. This project received $500 million in funding from Dr. William Porter, an Elder, under the cover of Bio-Therapy Report LLC. [edit]Locations The Lullaby Project appears to have many locations:
The first one, the Lullaby Project Center, was first visited by Jonas and Sarah. It appeared to be a recruitment center of sorts, as Sarah and Jonas posed as potential new recruitees.
Later, after getting stuck in a truck for four days, Jonas and Sarah found themselves at another location, this time believed to be in Mexico. It is in the middle of the desert, and everything is under tents. According to Sarah, there is only one internet connection, no wireless, and everybody gets five minutes per week on it. There is also a birthing tent, where Sarah was able to witness the birth of a baby boy.
In Jennie Bares All, we were told that the Lullaby Project encampment, which Claudia refers to as the "Global Lullaby Village" relocates from camp to camp and Sarah had just gone through her first relocation to help a group of Tarahumara Indians.


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Community Appreciation Week: Best Advice to a Character Video

"Use the comments below to nominate your favorite video in which a member of the community offers advice to a character. The LG15"

Man on a Mission - Steve (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/SteveBelieves

Steve said...

Finding this internet café was like looking for a needle in a haystack, but I believed the Hymn would guide me and…

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Patricia on LGPedia.

Patricia Neilson claims, when she is first seen, that she is creating a television documentary about Dr. William Griffin and the Order. She also says that she can help Charlie fight the Order. In Commitment, she offers Tariq money in exchange for an interview, but Tariq denies being himself, saying that Patricia is "trouble [he doesn't] need."
She has also tried to contact Gavin; but Gavin was neither in the mood nor generally willing to give her the answers she seeked about the death of Dr. Griffin or the truth in the videos of "Kate`s " friends. Instead, Gavin has put her on his list of people he hates and wants to get rid of (maybe even violently).
Lately, she was approached by a disgruntled Charlie to get a taste of her 'own medicine' but ended up convincing Charlie to help her in her documentary, and to identify Dr. William Griffin. Charlie claims that Patricia is having an affair with Dave, her cameraman, but Patricia reassures her that both she and Dave are gay. Showing up at his hide out in The Confession, she and Charlie learned that he had injected fifteen girls with a Trait Positive serum. Unable to convince Charlie to take the list of girls, Patricia took it and left.
Shortly after, she showed up at Charlie's flat and said she had been fired and her doctumentary canceled. She believed the Order had something to do with it and gave Charlie the list of names and all her footage, telling Charlie to think about helping the girls.

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