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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Claudia Sulewski: How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

D.C Yuppies Season 1, Ep. 1

Fifth Harmony Sing-A-Long to Reflection - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 57


Cheerhab Season 2 Ep. 4 - Hit The Score Sheet


Proper Manors Lead 4th Annual Filmed in Utah Nominations


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 14, 2015

David Jannone
Shilo Public Relations

Proper Manors Lead 4th Annual Filmed in Utah Nominations

Salt Lake City, UT - February 14, 2014 - The Pietro D’Alessio Created Online Soap Opera “Proper Manors,” earlier this week picked up by Proven Entertainment for international distribution, led the nominations for this year’s Filmed in Utah Awards, which will be held 3/21/15 at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo, UT, with a total of 13 nominations for the show, bringing the series total nominations to 37 for the last three years.

The nominations included repeat recognition for Tamera Ward’s Production Design, Michelle Laino’s Makeup as well as double nominations for High School Junior Michael J. Wood, as Best Actor Under 18, as well as Composer of the original song, “Last Christmas.” Joining Wood with double nominations were Executive Producer/Head Writer Brandyn Cross, who, as a Producer, was nominated for Best Series, as well as earning a Best Song nomination for “Love Again.” Max Weiss, Special Effects Makeup Artist, received double nominations for his contribution as a Makeup artist. Ward joined Cross as a Producer on the Series level with a nomination, bringing her total nominations this year to two, while three of the show’s Set Photographers, Andrew Jackson, Janis Race-Bigelow and Michelle Christensen, all also Executive Producers on the show, will face off in the Set Photographer category, as well as for Best Series.

Director Anne K. Black’s “Mythica: A Quest for Heroes” and Director John Lyde’s “The Christmas Dragon” also earned nominations in the double digits, with 12 each for their feature films.  Rounding out the top four most nominated projects is “The Principal,” a series from Director Samson Madsen with eight nominations, also including a nod as Best Series.

Rob Diamond’s “Wayward: The Prodigal Son” received seven nominations, while his other feature contribution this year “The Last Straw” received six nominations. Rounding out the five most nominated features is Director Lyde’s feature “Survivor.” Diamond and Lyde share a total of 30 nominations for their combined feature projects.

Joining “Proper Manors” and “The Principal” as the most nominated series are Cal Nguyen’s “Day Zero,” Skyler Ostler’s “The Socialist,” with five nominations each, and Kaleidoscope Picture’s “The Song That Changed My Life,” rounding out the top five.

Student filmmaker Austin Wilson’s short, “47 Minutes” led with seven nominations in the very competitive short film categories, which includes competition on the professional, college and high school levels. Ben Lanoha’s “Easy Greasy” received six nominations in a tie with Connie Wilkerson’s “The Family Bible.” Other short films with several nominations include “Days of Z,”  “Little Scar,” “Night Blind: Beneath the Alien Plains,” “Sara’s Crossing,” “Things I Take With Me,” and “Without A Rope.”

“Crazy Beautiful Thing” led the documentary category with two nominations, joined by “America’s First All Women Town Council,” “Champions of the West,” “Raising Fluffy,” “Stone” and “The Artist Outreach” for Best Documentary.

Jeff Parkin’s Music Video “BYU Vocal Point Newsies Cover” and  Micah W. Merrill’s “Transformation” led the music video nominations, with three each. Other contenders for Best Music Video include “In the Mood,” “L.I.B. Medicine feat. Honey,” “Not Looking For Love,” and “”Tell Me What You Mean.”

In addition to “The Christmas Dragon,” “The Last Straw” and “Mythica: A Quest for Heroes,” “Inspired Guns,” “Point B” and “Roborex” rounded out the films nominated for Best Feature.

In addition to “Proper Manors,”  and “The Principal,” other series nominated for Best Series include “Day Zero,” “Green Gables Fables,” “The Socialist,” and  “The Song That Changed My Life.”

Other professional short films joining the previously mentioned “Sara’s Crossing” for Best Pro Short Film include “Balius,” “Broken Country,” “Mochila: A Pony Express Adventure,” “No Ordinary Shepherd” and “The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid.”

“47 Minutes,” which dominated the college short film category, joins “Without A Rope,” nominated for three awards, as well as “40 Minutes”, “Beyond the Shadows,” “Letters,” and “The Paranoid Project” in the Best College Short Film Category

In the High School Category, nominees for Best Short include: “Burrito Project: SLC, “ “Chasing Death, “Cream Puff, “Going Mad,” and “Return With Honor.”

Over 90 projects received nominations this year in 37 categories which were reviewed by 50 judges, many from outside the state of Utah.

For Additional Information:
Warren Workman


Best Ways to Spend Valentine's Day Single w/ Arden Rose

Awesomeness TV: Fifty Shades of Bae - Parody Trailer with Meg DeAngelis and Beau Brooks

BEST Valentine's Day Stories with Cimorelli

Parked Webseries - "Jesse's Valentines"

Explain Things To Me - Psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula

State of Franklin, Episode 05: "The Fantastic Nature Of Nothing"

We've been getting a ton of great press lately, and we're very grateful for that. Here's the latest episode in this comedy series which focuses on recent divorcee Toby Hamilton and his unlikely friendship with a man claiming to be Benjamin Franklin.


Don Tapscott: Rethinking the Digital Economy

Twenty years ago, Don Tapscott wrote the ground-breaking book "The Digital Economy." He was right about some things and off the mark on others. He chronicles it all in the "The Digital Economy: Rethinking Promise and Peril in the Age of Networked Intelligence."

Life Noggin: Why Is Friday The 13th Unlucky?


Heroes Of The North: SASKANA TEASER

Story: Lily Ryder (Meghan Gabruch) wages a lonely and personal war against Medusa Industries after her family lost their farms thanks to a lawsuit about Medusa's latest trademarked genetically modified crops. Her latest stunt brings her to the attention of the CDO who offer her to pursue her quest against Medusa with government funding and a new identity, as Saskana!

Welcome to Heroes of the North, an award winning, unique transmedia experience set in a universe of uniquely Canadian superheroes.

The story of the first season is told through 20 live action webisodes, 14 comic books, a diary, a Photo Book, video games (coming soon!), characters tech sheets, characters facebook pages, universe related websites, etc.

Each elements contributes a building block to a bigger and better comprehension of the events and actors in the story. We hope you enjoy your exploration of the Heroes of the North Universe and our little contribution to the small roster of Canadian superheroes!

Out With Dad: Director's Vlog

In this vlog, creator/writer/director Jason Leaver brings you up to date on how writing is going, final tweaks to the colour grade of 3.3 and mentions a possible new funding opportunity that has presented itself. He also responds to a fan's comment about how Season 3 ended, and how Season 4 want damage the integrity of that ending.

STUCK ON A ; Episode 9

Stuck on A Episode 9 from David Johnson on Vimeo.
Maurice is gone, now Elliot and Liam can concentrate on their project. Or is something else in the air. Love?

Dating Pains : Gag Reel!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

MALICE: Metamorphosis episode 9

5th Annual Indie Series Awards: Twenty Five & Thurston (Best Comedy & Drama Nominees) Presented

The 5th Annual ISAs were held on April 2, 2014 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. Brennan Caldwell presented Best Web Series - Comedy nominee Twenty Five, and Walt Willey presented Best Web Series - Drama nominee Thurston.

The Best of Ingress Obsessed


LIVE: SpaceX DSCOVR Launch


“A Revivification” - The March Family Letters - Ep: 14

Better Together - Fifth Harmony - Cover by Macy Kate

5th Annual Indie Series Awards: Best of 2013 Montage

The 5th Annual ISAs were held on April 2, 2014 at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood.

Democracy Now: U.S. Hostage Kayla Mueller Remembered for Humanitarian Work from Syria to Occupied Territories

http://democracynow.org - One day after her family confirmed her death in Syria, we remember the life of 26-year-old U.S. aid worker Kayla Mueller. Mueller's captors, the Islamic State, say she was killed in a Jordanian airstrike last week. On Tuesday, the family said it had received proof she had died, but it remains unclear how. Mueller moved to the Turkish-Syrian border in late 2012 to work with Syrian refugees. She had previously worked with refugees overseas including Tibetans in India, Africans in Israel, and Palestinians in the Occupied Territories. Mueller disappeared in August 2013 after she was abducted while leaving a northern Syria hospital. In a letter written during her captivity, Mueller told her family: "I have been shown in darkness, light, and have learned that even in prison, one can be free. I am grateful. I have come to see that there is good in every situation, sometimes we just have to look for it." We are joined by two guests: Emily Schick, Mueller's college roommate at Northern Arizona University and a fellow volunteer at the International Solidarity Movement in the West Bank; and Mauri Saalakhan of The Peace and Justice Foundation, who campaigned for Mueller's release. 

Syrian sit-in on youtube

A call for Syrian solidarity!

Calling all freedom fighters to join Syrians in their peaceful demonstrations to rid them of dictator Bashar al-Assad. al-Assad has responded to peaceful demonstrations with army tanks and warplanes. He has bombed innocent people in their homes and arrested and killed countless young men and women. 

Since mid-March 2011, entire cities have been displaced, armed security forces have been killing, stealing, and raping the people of Syria. 
Join the Syrian Sit-in on Youtube, film yourself saying:
I am in solidarity with the Syrian people. I reject the brutality and killing that the Syrian authorities are committing against the unarmed Syrian people. And because silence is participation in this crime, I declare my participation in the Syrian Sit-in on Youtube.
Send your film to: [email protected]

Breaking Trail: Baby Black Bear is the Teddy Bear of the Forest

Arden Rose: How-To Pull Off Short Hair. (or something like that)

Manon Mathews is Breakin Hearts! Happy Valentines Day! | EP 11 | SmashUp

Lia Marie Johnson's "Love Me Like You Do" Behind the Scenes



Dating Pains: The Jig is Up! : Episode 7

Monday, February 9, 2015

MALICE: Metamorphosis episode 7

Episode 9 - L.A Nites

L.A. Nites

The Revelation

This episode is supposed to tell it all and start moving toward the conclusion. Whether or not it does is up for debate. The story remains pretty open-ended even up to episode 13 (to be released 2.12.15) but is also supposed to have some sort of closure as for as the Howie storyline. The reason this is lacking from the show in general is the lack of specifics. As we wrote the show, Lawrence resisted the urge to define things too much saying, "[L.A Nites] is supposed to give the audience the feeling of confusion."

Lawrence Le, L.A. Nites
Confusion is a feeling

As the guy playing Emmett as well as one of the writers it was fun to see how much I could get him beat-up by the end of the show. After the explosion we find out that Emmett lost his eye and he finds his way to Jewel's.

Emmett and Jewel L.A. Nites
Emmett never leaves

This episode is also great because we got to throw in some sexy times. Granted, it's PG and turns quickly back into whatever weird witchy shit that Leighann does with Aaren but, yay for sexy times, right? Rozlyn was a champ about it. I mean, we shot at Lawrence's house with Erik. Closed set but that's still three guys and then they're like, "hey do you mind taking off your clothes so we can film you."  

Leighann works her witchy magic
You don't have to force me, you know.

Shooting film is weird because you do it in real places, not sets. The scene between Aaren and Leighann takes place on the bed that Lawrence shares with his girlfriend. So there can be a weird crossover between reality and the world of make believe. Walking onset is a little like entering the Phantom Tollboth.

Crossing through the Phantom Tollboth.
Crossing the line between fantasy and reality

Again, a big reason that Jewel is in this episode and that she is a witch is because I had stolen her hoodie from a previous shoot. We need to bring those characters back together so that he could lose the hoodie which began the stripping down of his character.

Aaren knows that they can use Emmett
Jewel, Leighann, Aaren and Emmett finally come together

Throughout the series, I had been building up Emmett's costume as he tried to disguise the things that he knew about Howie and the drops. But this is the turning point for him and since he's a psychic he know's that Aaren is closing in on him. He's a dropped out freak, so jumping is the most rational choice for him. Watch the video for full effect. The crunch is sickening.

Seriously, though the crunch is sickening
Emmett loves his drops

One of the specifics that is not really defined in this series is that fact that Emmett is also psychic. He also believe that his visions are fated to come true. Therefore, even if he foresees a negative outcome for himself, he still feels that he must do it. This is why he says to Jewel that you can't change your own destiny. Emmett knows that he was going to jump off this balcony, even if it means breaking his leg as seen in episode 11.

Emmett from L.A. Nites
He had no choice


London Brawling

piddleass: ANGRY RANT

Official Day 3 Highlights - Playlist Live 2015

Anna Akana: My Con Artist Childhood

Cheerleaders - New Jersey - Premieres 2/22!



WEF 2015 The Future of the Digital Economy

What is needed to ensure a thriving, open and secure digital economy?

Speakers: Eric Schmidt, Vittorio Colao, Sheryl Sandberg, Jim Hagemann Snabe, Satya Nadella Topics: Future of the Internet

NEW call for projects for Cross Video Days - digital content market in Paris!

Submit your digital projects in development and meet key International Commissioners during 6th edition of Cross Video Days Content Market in Paris. 

Fill in project application form before March 16, 2015 with 8 different categories of the call for projects: Cinema & Transmedia, Interactive Documentary, Webseries & Web fiction, Cross-media TV show, Interactive Animation, Youth and Education, Video Game and Other - for all the projects “outside the box”.

About the Cross Video Days
Out of 500 projects submitted last year, 58 got selected and invited to the market, 21 was publicly pitched for digital industry professionals on spot and live-streamed online. Selected participants had 500 meetings with 60 Commissioning editors present, such as Tribeca, POV Digital, Youtube, Dailymotion, Base79, VICE, Channel 4, BBC, RAI educational, YLE, DR Denmark, ZDF, Arte, France Télévisions, RTVE, RTBF, ORF, RTS and more.

New opportunities for 2015
This year again, Cross Video Days continues its mission to foster project circulation at international stage and offers multiple opportunities for selected projects to be featured, financed, and co-produced at international level.

Second year partnership with Le Marché du Film in Cannes offers finest projects under the category “Cinema & Transmedia” opportunity to be selected and take part both in Le Marché du Film in Cannes in May as well as at Cross Video Days in June.

For 2015, Cross Video Days is introducing wider project exchange opportunities with the new partners: Power to the Pixel (UK), MIFA (France), Filmteractive (Poland), the Financing Forum for Kids Content (Sweden) and I Doc Workshop (Switzerland).

Key advantages for the selected projects:
- Pre-organized one-to-one meetings with multiplatform Commissioners from leading international TV channels, Online broadcasters, Funding Bodies or MCNs.
- Public pitch opportunity for the best 20 projects (also live-streamed online)
- Full and free access to all other sections of the 2-day event: all conferences, pitch sessions, workshops, keynotes, content market, IT market and exhibition hall.

Submissions are free of charge and unlimited.

If you are not selected, you could then register your project and participate in half day speed dating with the Commissioners assuring you 5 one-to-one 15mn meetings per project for € 240 including tax / project.

Please apply here: http://crossvideodays.com/en/2014/Call-for-projects/14.html

For more information:
Twitter: @crossvideodays

Dating Pains : Spoiler Alert : Episode 5

Sunday, February 8, 2015

MALICE: Metamorphosis episode 6

Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran (Cover by Liz Elias)

The Gooder Life - The Worst Friend In The World

Love Me Like You Do Ellie Goulding - Lia Marie Johnson Cover


GRAMMY Awards - Tyler Oakley Arrives At The GRAMMY's Red Carpet

Cheerleaders Season 3 Ep. 19 - JAMZ Time!

Fifth Harmony - Top Ten Funniest 5H Moments - Fifth Harmony Takeover Ep. 56

@jennxpenn and @Love_Lauren_E are making a movie. #VesselAtPlaylist #PlaylistLive #badnightmovie

At PlayList Live today jennxpenn and @Love_Lauren_E announced that they are making a movie called "Bad Night".


I Don't Know

Official Day 2 Highlights - Playlist Live 2015

Meet Christina Grimmie's Band | European Tour 2015

PlayList Live - Vessel Main Stage

Dating Pains : Deal Breakers : Episode 4

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