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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Clara in chat.....

Clara from "Maddison Atkins Ch2" was in IRC Chat earlier this evening.

A log of the chat is available: http://www.acidfingers.com/hosted/maddison.20070714.log

Summary by Greg Gallows
shes a waitress at Chiles,
shes interviewing Joel on Monday,
she hates to write/read and thats why she is a cinematography student
she thinks mr zipp was just a crazy dud who wanted to gather an audience to commit has fd up crime
her professor is setting up all her interviews
her advisor just wants her to graduate and get out of his hair
arscott knew madison but she was in another department than him
she hates doing research
she is just trying to focus her thesis on how the murders affected nac the families of the victims and sfa
she is not exploring fradys motivation, its actually too broad
she wants to talk to arscott to narrow the thesis
she want do a few more interviews and piece together what are the strongest of the three ideas

Gregory Atkins - amblyopianne

Interview with Maddison's Fathe

More Maddison Atkins on LGpedia.

Brad Maule on Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia:

Brad Maule (born October 11, 1951) is an American actor best known for his longtime role as Dr. Tony Jones on the American television serial General Hospital, which he played until February 2006.

Letter To Clara - GregGallows

Clara, everyone here wants to help you and find out what happened to our friends.

Help us help you.

ohmuhgawdz! clara in chat!

Who should Clara interview? What should she ask?

Emsmu opened up a discussion on what questions we would all like Clara to ask about the murder of Maddison and Adam, and who she should ask them to. Theres some great questions on there already, but theres always room for more!

What would you like Clara to ask?


  • Join with other Maddy friends in Maddison Chat to figure out what questions Clara should be asking!

  • Also, QtheC made an interesting discovery regarding the Date Rape Blood Drive story we heard from Adam Lamar.

    "I think I found a possible lead for you, but you have to act quickly - the event is TONIGHT:

    Sports Shack Bar & Grill
    4601 North St
    Nacogdoches, TX 75965
    D.J. Contact's Next Show @ Sportshack Sat July 14, 2007

    This guy might be able to tell you more about what happened at the same venue back on April 26th. He appears in a comment and in a picture with XO from that event on www.myspace.com/xomuzik"

    Maddison Atkins ~ Clara - possible lead for you - event tonight Sat July 14th

    Lo-Fi Resurgence - dehteraew

    New (borrowed) digs, and a new account name. Who's with me? I was told that someday, you'd be on your way to better things.

    LisaNova does YOUTUBE!!!! - LisaNova

    (yea, LG does get a shout out:)

    Spammers Beware. If this can happen to LisaNova it can happen to you!

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    0232 Deep Throat

    I got a call from a mysterious reporter. She had some pretty important information. Not sure what we are supposed to do now. - Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE

    Deep Throat on LGpedia

    From LGpedia:

    The location referenced is in Santa Monica. Check out the map!

    'This video has raised claims that TCC is actually Jonas's Aunt Alex, as she appears in this video with secret information."

    Are you trying to tell us something Aunt Alex? ... or is it Beth the Reporter?

    Picture enhancement by acidfingers

    Bitsie Tulloch, the actress who plays aunt Alex on Lonelygirl15

    Beth the Reporter, from the "Uncle Dan" video

    Do we have a winner in the "Deep Throat" look alike contest? You be the judge and tell us what you think in a comment below!

    What are you waiting for? - marlasinger

    Thanks to Kellylen and TOSG and everyone that helped out, the Bree Solution is here! But now, you need something - and you'll need to find Bree.

    Officer Terrell - amblyopianne

    Gathering this footage is trickier than I thought. I finally got Officer Terrell to give me some of his time, and I also walked about a mile to get home. I'm sorry I didn't get to all of the questions you wanted me to ask. (more)

    Officer Terrell on YouTube.

    Part of the maddisonatkins chapter 2? video series from amblyopianne
    forum on this video
    for in character "maddison" chat

    INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: People Clara should interview and questions for them.

    Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 9:29 pm


    Here is my interview . . . brief interview with Officer Terrell.


    I hope all this information is helpful for you all. I'm sorry I'm not more engaged here or in IRC, but I just don't want to be confronted with questions I can't answer. I see myself as a shy girl, and I feel bad that I don't know Maddison's story better.

    She seemed cool, and I remember her, but I also didn't really know her. She was younger.

    I don't like to argue or be in conflict either, and I am afraid if I get into chat or comment in these forums a lot, then I'll cause all sorts of problems. Primarily, I'm posting these videos here because I think ya'll could help me graduate. From my interviews so far, it seems like a horrible murder by an online predator. I don't buy into all this conspiracy stuff you all are talking about. I know I'm safe to document this story, because the killer is locked up.

    So . . if you all want to help . . . you can. I would appreciate it, but to be honest - you all don't seem to be trying to help at all. You all offered, sure, but that's the end of it.

    You're like a friend who came over to help me move, but you just stood around while I did all the work.

    You see what I mean about causing conflict.

    Well. there you have it. I'm a bitch. and BTW so is REVVER! It's slow. Well - the video link will be working shortly.

    Hello. I am Rachel's first video blog. - redearth

    I couldn't sleep, so I figured it was about time that I got started on this assignment. School work in the summer is just not right.

    Look familiar? Try this:

    Sara E. R. Fletcher's Acting Reel

    Sara E. R. Fletcher on Model Mayhem

    Sara E. R. Fletcher in A$$ Wipers, Inc. Ep.2 - The Bryce-man Cometh


    Do we have a match? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

    12 in 12 Season Finale - NOT SERIES FINALE :)

  • Join us in HoO IRC CHAT to figure out some great inteview questions to ask the Creators.

  • The Creators
    Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2007 5:20 pm


    "On Friday, August 3, 2007, Season One of the most viewed and most talked about ongoing interactive drama on the internet, Lonelygirl15, will present a first of its kind Season Finale Event. The show’s creators –the former plastic surgeon turned producer/writer/director Miles Beckett, and entertainment attorney turned producer/writer Greg Goodfried and filmmaker turned writer/producer/director Mesh Flinders -- have announced plans to upload 12 episodes, one per hour, over the course of 12 consecutive hours. A comprehensive catch-up video will be available online two days prior to the Season Finale Event."

    So grab your popcorn, tell five of your friends, and join us for this day long event! Oh yeah, Season 2 starts the following Monday.


    Miles, Mesh, Greg, Amanda, Kevin, Jan, Ross, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Becki, Alexandra, Maxwell, P. Monkey, and Owen
    The Creators say:

    July 13th, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    It will start around 8 AM Pacific Time. More details to follow!
    Additional Creator posts:

    Season two starts the following monday, August 6. Only two days
    Season One Finale on LGpedia.

    Cupid LG15 Style!

    Dream says:

    July 13th, 2007 at 9:33 am

    Well, the romantic story… Once upon a time there was a fanfiction called REBEL and there was a cypher crew playing it… We decoded anagrams, researched ghosts in Canada, and generally acquired a lot of random knowledge… Then, one evening, we were just in chat, someone showed up. A new guy, with an incredible knowledge… And his name was WatchingOne…

    As I said, I was suspicious of this guy. So much knowledge, where did that come from? Was he involved in any of the plot? We exchanged PMs, friendly and witty ones, but I kept my eyes open. Until, until the great comments / forum wars. Don’t know if anyone is still around to remember that… Suddenly our whole existence on LG15 was in danger. Something had to be done! And comments united to fight. WatchingOne soon became our commander…

    His fighting motto was: “Kill them with kindness.” And he stayed true to that. Among all that fighting and all the animosities he fought by keeping comments fun, by including everyone, by trying to avert the eventual split in the comments community. And guess what, I found myself trusting him…

    Well, suddenly the PMs between WO and me started to stray from the topic of LG15… Haha, you wanna know what our first private email was? Exchanging pictures of The Undertaker. Then exchanging pictures of ourselves… Oh boy, we were head over heels in love already at that point, but the minute we saw each other, even though it was only a picture… BANG. That lightning bolt struck which no one who hasn’t experienced it ever believes it…

    The next thing that happened, right after we realized that we were in love was that I left for Egypt. Two weeks. No internet at all for the first week. Very restricted access in the second week. Oh boy, the longest weeks of my life. And I think I drove my mom crazy by telling her I had found the one. THE ONE. Already by the middle of the first week she always shut me up with: “Then he’ll live through two weeks without you”.

    Very sweet letters those were… And then, the evening I got back, we talked for the very first time in real time. Internet and webcams be blessed.

    Well, what followed were long hours on skype, a first visit from WO in Germany and a big outing on LG15 (see my profile for the vid, hehe), a second visit from WO, and now I’m here in the US. And yes, dynomoose, we think it can work and we’re very intend on making it work.

    Love you very much, WO!

    Road Block?

    Screeen shot from cassieiswatching video:

    From LGpedia:

    The code in the last video , made from taking the last word of each sentence, seems to be: "

    Road Block. I Am Coming To You. Everyone Must Be Careful. Order Everywhere. Stop Questions. Answers May Be Too Difficult For You."

    Like the rest of Bree's Hymn of One ads, the code is signed TCC with the first letter of the last three sentences.

    Now, where have we seen a road block before?

    This Is My Story Now - cassieiswatching

    From LGpedia on TCC theories:

    "Topanga Canyon, California
    Topanga Canyon has been featured in several videos, including The Ceremony video and Nikki Bower's LG15 in Topanga Canyon - NBR 1 and What I Found at Topanga Canyon - NBR 2."

    Has Warpylol been 436'ed?

    Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

    You tell us. With The apparent Chapter 2 of maddison atkins starting up by sayin maddison's killer is in jail, what could this possibly mean...

    Alex on Bebo

    Perky found her and I just got confirmation from KM Productions that this is indeed Alex (aka Kate)

    KateModern Productions: Yes it is Alex - she is still working on her Bebo page (she hasnt got much time on her hands now we are working her SOOOO hard!!!!) :)

    Alex Weaver

    Welcome to our mad world Alex!

    Today on LG15

    Today on LG15 Bree and creepy Carl sang "If you're happy and you know it wear white".

    Bree: Are you a tree or a road?
    Carl: Are you a ball or a block?
    Bree: Is it me or I?
    Carl: I am not or I am.
    Bree: Are you going or coming?
    Carl: Where are you coming from, or where are you going to?
    Bree: Me or you?
    Carl: There are so many crazy questions inside of everyone.

    *One things for sure - these two have had one slurpee too many..*

    Bree: And in order to find the answers to your crazy questions, finding your song is a must. I mean, without your song, what would you be?
    Carl: Careless or careful? Chaos or Order?
    Bree: You can find your song everywhere.
    Carl: Go or stop?
    Bree: (Looks at Carl.) More crazy questions? Can we please have some answers?
    Carl: You may. The Hymn of One can help you become everything you want to be. You can have it all too. Creating dreams isn't really that difficult. It is what we were all put on Earth for. It is inside of you. Listen to your heart, and sing. Hug a tree, and sing. Run down the road, and sing. Play with a ball, and sing.
    Bree: I am, therefore I sing. I am coming and going and singing.
    Carl: I carefully and cautiously dance through the chaos and order and sing.
    Both: We sing.
    Carl: We at the Hymn of One hope that anyone out there who would like to be a part of the universal eternal song will reach out and sing.
    Bree: Take the time now to answer the crazy questions. Contact the Hymn of One. Come see what it feels like to answer your questions with a song, and sing, sing, sing 'til the end.

    *Fans have already cracked the message (see below), is TCC on their way to Spencer's for crackers and cheese?*

    Stay tuned...

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Sing Until The End

    You can find the answers you are seeking by singing along with the Hymn of One. - Bree Faction: THE ORDER

    Sing Until The End on LGpedia

    From LGpedia:

    The code in this video, made from taking the last word of each sentence, seems to be: "Road Block I Am Coming To You. Everyone Must Be Careful. Order Everywhere. Stop Questions. Answers May Be Too Difficult For You."

    Like the rest of Bree's Hymn of One ads, the code is signed TCC with the fourth-, third-, and second-last sentences.

    KateModern Productions Q&A

    After much stalking I managed to get KateModern Productions to answer some questions... *"Restraining order? Whats that?"*

    GF: How did you go about selecting the actors for KM? Was it an open or closed audition?
    KM: It was a closed audition

    GF: Have you started filming yet?
    KM: Yes, we started last Monday 9th July and it's going really well

    GF: Had any of the actors heard of Lonelygirl15 before?
    KM: All were familiar, but some more than others

    GF: Tell us a bit about the characters
    KM: You will learn all about them in the weeks to follow!!!
    *Damn creators - secretive as always*

    GF: We understand that KM will be posted first on Bebo and then on LG15.com. Does this mean that there will be a Revver account? Also will there be a youtube account?
    KM: We are still working on the details for this
    *Well hurry up! Is starts in 5 days!!!*

    GF: On Lonelygirl15.com videos tend to be posted during "waking hours" in the States.Since the series take place in London will it take place in "UK time". (Meaning, can we expect to see video posts and character posts at times that would be expected for characters who live in the UK?)
    KM: The series will run in UK time yes

    GF: Will any action take place near the Tate Modern gallery
    KM: Maybe :)
    *That means yes*

    GF: We heard that KM will involve ARG for fans. Will there be puzzles to crack? Will there be any drops?
    KM: Yes, KateModern will involve ARG and there might be some drops

    GF: Will there be any log available of the character interaction posts? (If these posts will in fact be used for plot development they will be important to the blog and LGpedia but as currently set up they might be hard to track.) Will an offical log be available and if so where?
    KM: Isn’t that what you guys do?!?!
    *oh dear... I see sleepless nights for GF ahead..*

    GF: Has KM Productions heard of the dangers of orange slurpees and the number 436?
    KM: Yes and yes and we take it very seriously

    GF: Is this fanfic or part of the cast?(Gemma)
    KM: Fanfic

    GF: Is there going to be a link to Kate and Bree?
    KM: If I told you that it would ruin all the fun....
    *I also think this means yes..*

    Stay tuned....

  • For more KateModern info follow the KateModern link on the right --->
  • Zomg! Maddy Chapter 2! - GregGallows

    I think im going to pass out fro excitement :)

    XO says goodbye with Grind-A-Holic By: adam lamar

    "Fresh of the heels of his third installment of 'Mouthpiece of the South Mixtapes', local artist XO drops his two-disc farewell letter to East Texas."

  • Maddison Chat For more Maddy follow the link on the right --->

  • NOTE: William Arscott, who was mentioned in Clara's first video also appears in the faculty directory at the college.

    Discussion of Clara's Thesis project

    Today on LG15

    Today on LG15 as I predicted Taylor and Spencer were getting on famously (I'm just too good at this! *Faithful reader*: er no GF, the storyline is just slightly obvious..)

    Taylor: Pavlov?

    (Music begins to play in the background as Spencer grabs the documents.)

    Spencer: (squints) Paw...paw...?
    Taylor: (laughs) What?
    Spencer: (also laughs) I'm not kidding, look at it again!
    Taylor: (reading aloud) "Once you fin, he paw-paw roove rake?"
    Spencer: (shrugs) Once you fin, he Pavlovs paw-paw roove rakes.
    (Taylor and Spencer laugh)

    *Ah good old Pavlov's dogs..always good for a laugh..*

    Taylor: No.

    (Spencer and Taylor switch positions, Taylor appears to be writing on her hand.)

    Spencer: Sorry. Taylor and I have been sitting in this room, looking at this paper for way too long, and it's not easy to interpret. (Taylor giggles) Stop... Pavlov's paw-paw. (Spencer and Taylor laugh)
    (Cuts to Taylor laying on the sofa with a notebook over her face. Spencer walks in with a tray of cheese, crackers, and juice packets. He looks at the camera.)

    Spencer: Cheese and crackers? (Taylor instantly sits up. Spencer struggles getting his straw out of it's plastic wrapping, then struggles get it into the juice packet)

    Spencer: I can't...
    Taylor: Here... (Spencer laughs)
    Spencer: (high pitched) Look at you! (Taylor laughs) Oh, (Spencer gets the straw in his juice, which sprays on him) OH! (they both laugh)

    (Taylor and Spencer start to suck down their juice.)
    Spencer: Mmmmm... (lifts up his arms signaling he beat Taylor) Wahh!
    (Cuts to Taylor and Spencer eating crackers. Spencer giggles.)
    Spencer: (mouth full) I'm good, right?
    Taylor: You're an excellent chef.
    (Cuts to a stop motion animation of the cheese piling on to the crackers, then disappearing one at a time until they are all gone. Spencer rubs his stomach. Cuts to Spencer and Taylor, now outside on what appears to be a patio.)

    Spencer: We're really, really sorry. We know this is serious and believe me we're trying our best, but this water damage is bad.
    Taylor: Yeah, we decided we needed a change of scenery, Spencer convinced me to come outside to enjoy the California sun. We've managed to find out some of it and it defiantly seems like an explanation of Dr. Isaac Gilman's research about how to create a serum to make Bree trait negative, which I think she already may be.
    Spencer: What?
    Taylor: Well, you know that who purity bond thing that Daniel was telling us about?
    Spencer: The abstinence thing?
    Taylor: Well, yeah. Lets say Bree did break the purity bond... I mean... not saying that she did, I wasn't actually there, but, um, some people say that breaking the purity bond can do the same thing as the serum.
    Spencer: Look, I... I don't know anything about Bree's Hymn of One and their reasons for this "purity bond," but I do know about DNA, and trust me, breaking a purity bond doesn't effect DNA, I mean, that kind of action, or inaction, has nothing to do with DNA!
    Taylor: Are you sure?
    Spencer: I am totally sure! (Taylor fidgets with her laptop) What are you doing?
    Taylor: I'm going into chat to tell some friends what you just said.
    Spencer: But they just heard me say it.
    Taylor: Well I'm telling them twice!

    *You would almost think some people don't use the forums.. ;) *

    (Cuts back to the couch from earlier.)

    Spencer: Anyways, we need some help. It would be more than helpful at this point if we could get other eyes on this document in order to fill in missing letters and in some cases, entire words. So if anyone has the time, we are really close. I'll also give you guys the layout of the stuff we think we already have solved. I do believe it is important to separate them just in case we may have misinterpreted anything. (Taylor shakes her head) Does that make sense? (shrugs) Thanks everybody!

    *Will the code be cracked? (See article below)*

    Stay tuned...

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Possible functions for Bree's Ribozymes?!?

    According to Issac Gilman, these were possible functions of Bree's ribozyme

    RNAse P related-tRNA synthesis
    RNAse P is ribozyme which is cleaves the 5’ terminus of tRNA to give mature tRNA.
    tRNA are involved in protein synthesis. Once the cell makes mRNA of the gene it wants the tRNA can ‘read’ the mRNA and transfer amino acids across so that they are in the correct order. The amino acids bind together to give a protein chain.

    Splicsome related- intron/exon splicing
    Splicosome is a ribozyme which cleaves introns out of the primary RNA to give the mature RNA (mRNA). Genes contain exons (sections which code for protein) and introns (junk). Before the mRNA can be read to make protein, these junk sequences (introns) need to be spliced out by the splicosome.

    Hammerhead related: telomere synthesis
    Telomeres are the end sections of chromosomes. Every time a cell replicates, it has to make another copy of all its chromosomes for the new cell. However every replication some of the telomere (end bits) are lost. Once all the telomeres are lost the cells stops dividing (hence we age etc). There is an enzyme which can make telomeres longer however it is inhibited by a ribozyme. It is thought hammerhead type ribozymes are responsible.

    GlmS ribozyme related: fructose 6-phosphate pathway
    GlmS is an enzyme which cleaves fructose 6-phosphate and glutamine to give glucosamine-6-phosphate which is important for metabolism. The mRNA of GlmS is a ribozyme. It can cleave itself. When GlmS is needed, the cell produces mRNA and this is made into the GlmS protein. However once there is enough GlmS, its own mRNA can cut itself up to stop its production.

    Ref: GlmS glucosamine-6-phosphate activated ribozyme

  • More RNA/Ribozyme information on: Follow the RNA Today link on the right -->
  • Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor

    fficer Terrell postponed our interview, but he said he'd be available tomorrow. Luckily, I tracked down Adam Lamar who is the editor for the SFA newspaper.

    Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:38 pm

    Hey guys .. . . and girls.

    I kind of don't know what to say to you all. Honestly, I don't know enough about the story to interact, so I'm trying to piece together what happened to Maddison and Adam while trying to coordinate the making of this documentary.

    It's tiring, and I guess I'm kind of shy . . . and slow.
    Questions for Officer Terrell

    1. What can you tell me about Joel Frady and his arrest?
    2. How do you think all this affected Nacogdoches?

    That's all I have for now.

    If you have better questions for me to use, I'm totally game for that. I mean. I'd really appreciate your help with the doc.


    Discuss Adam Lamar, Pine Log Editor

  • Maddison Chat For more Maddy follow the link on the right --->
  • The Bree Solution

    After the parking lot ambush :), I invited Daniel, Jonas, Sarah and Taylor to crash at my place. Taylor and I are looking into the documents that were dropped in the water. Daniel Jonas and Sarah have some personal issues that they need to work out. We need your help with the document, I'll post it in the forum. - Spencer

    The Bree Solution on LGpedia
    From LGpedia:
    "Ivan Pavlov was a Russian psychologist and physician, who famously taught a dog to associate the ringing of a bell with being fed, to the point where the dog would salivate at the sound of the bell."

    From the forum:

    LAlabrat Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 8:36 pm

    So this is the important letter that was in the box. Here is what we could make out:

    The Bree Solution (that sounds REALLY important )
    How to tansform Bree from TRAIT: POSITIVE to TRAIT:NEGATIVE

    Given Facts:
    1) Bree's blood contains a special ______ mutated and unique only to her
    2) _____ for said ribozyme has a ______ hyper mutation that changes with every ___________
    3) A non-function ________ exists and manifests differently in every Hymn of One ______
    4) This portion still functions but you cannot ___________ because the __________ of RNA won't _______

    Theoretical Solution
    1) __________ in question by obtaining a sample of the that same ribozyme (?)
    2) Create _____
    3) Q.E.D. strand will bind to ___________

    Practical Solution
    1) _____ blood sample of ____
    2) _____ complimentary strand _____
    3) _______ with this compliementary ____
    4) Q.E.D. _________

    ______ Reference Points
    This whole section is pretty illegible.

    Hopefully you all can do a better job than Taylor and I did. Thanks for your help!


    The Bree Solution
    How to transform Bree from TRAIT: POSITIVE to TRAIT:NEGATIVE

    Given Facts:
    1) Bree's blood contains a special ribozyme mutated and unique only to her
    2) The gene for said ribozyme has a regulartory hyper mutation that changes with every generation.
    3) A non-functioning mutated ribozyme exists and manifests differently in every Hymn of One girl
    4) This portion still functions but you cannot block it because the complementary strand of RNA won't copy

    Theoretical Solution
    1) Block the ribozyme in question by obtaining a sample of the that same ribozyme in order to copy it
    2) Create complimentary strand of RNA
    3) Q.E.D. strand will bind to ribozyme and occlude its activity

    Practical Solution
    1) Obtain blood sample of Bree
    2) Create complimentary strand of RNA
    3) Inject Bree with this complementary strand
    4) Q.E.D. Ribozymes blocked -rendered ineffectual

    Bree Trait Reference Points
    The steps concerning ribozyme function
    RNAse P related -tRNA cleavage
    Splicosome related - intron/exon splicing
    Hammerhead related - telomere synthesis
    GlmS ribozyme related - fructose 6-phosphate pathway

    Also see the Character chat thread of the forum

    I made this handy diagram to help clear up some of the technical terms found in the document.
    (click image to see full size version)
    ~ QtheC

    Annemarie Pazmino on F.O.B. Life: LIVE NOW!!!!!

  • FOB Life with Yousef and Reza airs TONIGHT at 6PM Pacific. Featuring actress Annamarie Pazmino.

  • Taylor says...

    Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:31 pm

    Spencer just told me that even if Bree is no longer "pure," she is still trait positive. Like a lot of you, I wasn't sure if the purity bond was important to her being able to go through with the ceremony. Guess it's kind of obvious that DNA can't be altered by the act of sex, but I never actually thought of it that way. Go figure.

    Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 6:42 pm

    Yep, we are all hanging together. He wasn't mad. We had to wait for him till after work then he actually invited us all to crash at his place. He's kind of a geek but a lot of fun. We are working on trying to figure out a document that was dropped in the water. It seems kind of important.


    Miles said...

    Miles offered the following correction in response to a previously posted story which asked if he was back in LA:

    Nope, still in London running KateModern. The videos are going up soon! That post is a "splog," a spam blog that pulls fragments of sentences from other blogs. That sentence is from a post of Arianna Huffington's who I met and shared a cab with in Munich at the DLD conference earlier this year.

    NOTE: that would explain why the rest of the links article made zero sense! Ahhh the joy of the Splogosphere! Can the Svlogophere be far behind?

    Apologies and Shenanigans - EWLPRI

    My Apologies - It seems my research assistant decided that using this institutions professional YouTube account for her own shenanigans.

    7.11.07 - Dr. Kelly Len has made an important discovery :o

    Gemma Returns?

    We do not have any official confirmation of this but take a look for yourself:


    Research : SilvaBak B (on Bebo)

    What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know.

    Today on LG15

    Today on LG15, as I predicted the gang staked out the Neutrogena car lot.

    Jonas: Okay, so after five long hours in the car, we're finally... finally here. I hope we find this guy. I hope we don't spend the whole day in the Neutrogena parking lot, watching people come and go all day and come up with nothing.
    Taylor: Jonas?
    Jonas: Yeah?
    Taylor: If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
    Jonas: Haha okay, do we really have to do this right now?
    Taylor: I'm bored already, and you said yourself we could be here all day.
    Jonas: Er... well... okay, uh you go first.
    Taylor: Okay... I would love to be the research scientist that like, comes up with the cure for cancer.
    Jonas: (Earnestly) I think that's really great.

    *So Taylor along with triangulation of cell phone calls is into science too? Maybe she and Spencer will get on really well..*

    Taylor: Kay, your turn!
    Jonas: Ahhh... okay... um. I would... I don't want to do this it sounds ridiculous, I don't want to say it.
    Taylor: Tell me? Please?
    Jonas: Um, okay, if I could be anything, if I could chose, I'd chose to be normal. You know, just have this normal life with a regular family that just did normal stuff.
    Taylor: And Bree?
    Jonas: (Emotionally) Yeah... yeah. You know what, you should go ask Daniel, see what he thinks.

    (Cuts to Daniel sitting in the trunk of a car.)

    Taylor: Hello Daniel.
    Daniel: Hello Taylor. You know, sometimes, it's good to feel when your friends need space. But do you see my life right now? Nothing, my life is nothing.

    *Here we go again...Beast rant..*

    (Camera pans to the right, you can see a man in a blue shirt standing nearby.)

    Taylor: You and Sarah found Dr. Gilman's box.
    Daniel: Yeah, and the one note we found from that box has now been destroyed.
    Sarah: Here we go.
    Taylor: Maybe Spencer can help! You know what Daniel, I think you would make an amazing doctor. Dr. Daniel!

    (Camera pans to Sarah.)

    Taylor: Okay wise guy, your turn.
    Sarah: If I could be anything... well I wouldn't be here, answering this stupid question! Turn off the camera.
    Jonas: Does anybody know the time?
    Sarah: It's been about a minute since the last time you asked.
    Jonas: Haha, hehe.
    Sarah: Yeah, funny.
    Daniel: You think he's eating lunch in his office. I don't know why we didn't think of that before.
    Taylor: Guys, we haven't been here that long. Wait, is that him?

    (Camera pans to man leaving the Neutrogena building.)

    Daniel: Dude. Spencer?

    (The camera zooms in revealing that it is Spencer. Everyone races up to him.)

    Taylor: Spencer? Mr. Gilman!

    (They catch up to him.)

    Jonas: Listen man, I'm sorry that we're just swoopin' up on you like this, but we didn't want to post the document...
    Sarah: Here it is.
    Jonas: It seemed too risky.
    Sarah: It's not entirely my fault, but it's wet, I'm just letting you know.

    *Who elses fault is it then Sarah?*

    Jonas: Sarah, stop. We should have called first, I'm sorry, but we really need to talk to you.
    Spencer: Um... okay...
    Jonas: Sarah stop.
    Spencer: Uh, could you guys just give me...
    Jonas: What? (Spencer begins to lead them away.) Where...?

    (Cuts to them standing in front of some waste dumpsters.)

    Spencer: I get how important this is to you guys, and I truly want to help, but this is a private lot. And you should really get out of here before security sees you and I get in trouble.
    Sarah: Are you kidding?
    Jonas: Sarah, stop it. Stop it. Please look, we get it. We get it and I'm really sorry. Everybody, we're gonna go.
    Sarah: I'm just...
    Jonas: Sarah...

    *Do Neutrogena hire security from "Hymn of One Homeland Security"? Stay tuned..*

    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

    Hope He's Not Mad

    We drove to Neutrogena offices in L.A. Looking for Spencer. Are we being too forward? - Taylor Faction: THE RESISTANCE

    Hope He's Not Mad on LGpedia

    londonfiles_012 - impulseLG

    got your tracking number?

    Maddison Atkins Chapter II???

    "I wasn't sure where to post this, so here it is. I'm doing a thesis documentary to graduate from college about Maddison and Adam and the effect their deaths had on their families, this town, SFA and you guys.

    I thought you might be able to help out and fill in some blanks for me.

    Ugh. I sound so sterile. Sorry about that. I'm in school mode." -amblyopianne

    Read the forum post here.

    In-character maddisonatkins chat in IRC

    Quote from the video: "these two men were instrumental in tracking down and convicting the man who brutally murdered them"

    For MADDISON ATKINS links : Follow the link on the right --->

    No More - maddisonatkins (Chapter 1 finale)
    A warning to others.

    Need to catch up on Maddision Atkins?

    See the following thread on Unfiction.com for a detailed summary with links for Ch. 1 of Maddison Atkins...


    ~ QtheC

    July 10th, 2007 - EWLPRI

    The discovery of the anti-ploticle by Dr. Elendi has brought us to a fascinating discovery: the regression of plot.

    Elendi-Waffle Lonelistic Physics Research Institute (EWLPRI). on LGpedia

    Discussion of EWLPRI.

    Note: Shortly after the appearance of this video Joe was able to post M4E3E6P! in a comment that does not exist. Coincidence? I think NOT!


    Thanks to AngryAdam for the link to the TV screen shot.

    demon_chick says:
    July 10th, 2007 at 12:41 pm

    By the way, was I the only one who watched ‘Greek’ last night? That’s what the photo of Jessica is from. She only had one line, yet she was so funny. her line was: I like places with, sand *giggle*…and beaches…*is cut off*. By the way, the * marks in those are what she did. It was so funny. The girl who cuts her off pulls the girl she was talking to aside, and the girl she was talking to said ‘She has such a lack of vocabulary.’

    It’s one of my favorite shows now.

    Welcome to the Hymn? - GemmaReturns

    Look what I managed to get my hands on.
    I know the last names are blurred out - I'm sorry. It's the way I got it.

    Just a Chat - GemmaReturns
    A little update for you all. I hope it helps.


    Welcome to the Hymn of One! By joining us, you have started down the path to a new you.
    As we like to say,
    “There is no greater joy nor greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life.”
    - Mary Rose McGeady

    Setting others on the road to edification is what our joy is, and we are happy to have you a part of our growing, exciting community. We're certain this will make you happy, too. Please understand that by joining the Hymn of One, you have altered your life dramatically. You will become greater than who you were and than most others in the world, those who have not been touched by the enlightening ways the Hymn of One has to offer. Also understand that by becoming a part of the Hymn, you will be subjected to new and perhaps odd things that will not be immediately clear to you. Don't despair, however. After a short time spent with us, you will learn about all these things and soon their meanings will no longer be challenging. This letter will serve as a greeting, as in-depth information will be given at the seminar you were e-mailed about. If you are unable to attend for any reason, please email us at [email protected] immediately. We may be able to reschedule a private hearing for those who miss the official one, but we can only do this if we know the number of people who will not be coming. Therefore, it is extremely important that you tell us if you cannot be there.

    The Hymn of One
    Letter of Acceptance
    There are a wide variety of activities offered by the Hymn of One.
    This chart will give you a basic overview of what you will
    participate in as a member of the Hymn.

    Activity 54.04%
    Study 19.00%
    Learning 26.96%

    As shown, most of time spent will be doing activities. At the Hymn of One's campus, there are many different things to do. We also offer take-home projects that can be done out of your home and turned in. As previously mentioned, more thorough information about these avocations will be given during the seminar and after a stay with us. The Hymn of One has had many, many members that deserve honor. Here are just a few of those who have been a help in our path to a greater tomorrow. If you need to contact the Hymn of One for any reason, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]

    Please do not ask us any in-depth questions through this e-mail. These questions will be explained and answered at the seminar you were e-mailed about. If you did not receive your e-mail, please send a message to the above address with the secret code that was given to you at the Greeting. Please remember that by joining the Hymn Of One, you have sworn to secrecy. You may talk about the Hymn to outsiders but you may not give them in-depth information about what the Hymn does or its members. Do not share this letter with anyone. If you know someone who needs another copy, he or she may e mail us with “Lost Letter” in the title. Also keep in mind that by being accepted to the Hymn of one, you have been recognized to have a different understanding of the world, and are enlightened in a way many people are not. You are extremely lucky.
    The Hymn of One

    Is Miles back in LA?

    From: Well, today I can end the guessing 07/10/07
    "I arrived from LA Sunday night, and drove from the airport with Miles Beckett, who was one of the creators of LonelyGirl15, and had flown in on the same flight with me. (Read Jane for more on this)."

    Miles said....

    Nope, still in London running KateModern. The videos are going up soon! That post is a "splog," "splog," a spam blog that pulls fragments of sentences from other blogs. That sentence is from a post of Arianna Huffington's who I met and shared a cab with in Munich at the DLD conference earlier this year.

    777: How TheHill88 and Brookers come up with a video idea

    Not a step by step guide, but a glimpse of how they got the idea for their latest video.
    Lost YowTubby Dinosaurs from TheHill88

    Re: Lost YowTubby Dinosaurs: In its planning stages from Brooklynxman

    So for all you not TheHill88 or Brookers fame youtubers, now you know, the smallest thing can be an idea for a video.

    NOTE: When this article was posted, the video from TheHill88 had 9 honors:

    Today on LG15

    *Today on LG15 Spencer swung into action! (Well he had to eat a snack first...but then he was raring to go!)*

    (Spencer is sitting in his car eating a sandwich.)

    Spencer: Have you ever seen that commercial where that guy is in his car and he's like screaming and he's pounding on his steering wheel? And then he says something like, "I'm sorry, I must have low blood sugar." (Spencer starts laughing.) And then he's like, "Well, how 'bout some Chinese food?" It's the funniest commercial! (Spencer continues laughing, then stops abruptly, looking nervously at the camera. He continues eating his doughnut.)

    *Mad scientist? Just slightly...*

    Spencer: Uh, anyways, I just wanted to say, "Hey," to everyone I met in chat over the weekend. So, hey! You guys are really cool, and you helped me understand what's going on with Jonas and Daniel and Sarah and Taylor, and of course your friend Bree. Those guys explained it to me, but you guys explained it more... thoroughly. Thoroughly... (He ponders this word.) So, thanks! If you weren't in chat, then you probably don't know what's been going on... a lot!

    Last Friday, Daniel and Sarah went to this yacht club and found some documents that belonged to my Dad, who was a research scientist named Isaac Gilman. There was also a letter for me, and I want to say thanks to Daniel for posting it for me.

    It's dated December 15th, 2006. (Reads from his laptop) "I hope this letter finds its way to you, Spencer." So, there were a bunch of other letters in that plastic box. Quite a few documents that describe my Dad's research. The bummer is that some of those documents that might have had some information that could help your friend Bree were water damaged. Look, I know I said I didn't want to get involved in all this stuff, but after reading my Dad's papers, I kind of feel like it's the right thing to do. My Dad would want me to help you guys.

    *Hooray! Finally!*

    Listen Daniel, I know you don't think anyone can ever read those papers, but I don't know, maybe I can make out some of it! It is my Dad who wrote it, and I happen to be a scientist. So um, I don't know...maybe you can post it? And I don't mean to bug you, like you should do it right now, but you know, maybe later this morning...or today. And then, tonight when I get home from work, I can look at it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, I'm probably the best person to interpret my Dad's writings. After all, he is my Dad. Am I repeating myself? Sorry.

    (A man in a suit pokes his head through the window and begins to talk to Spencer as music plays.)

    Spencer: That was Terry. Always has to know what everyone else is up to. Well, it's almost 8 o'clock, so I should get going into my office. But, um, I just wanted to say that getting involved in all this stuff makes me feel like Cliff Sawyer when he entered the other-dimensional world of Khom'ad. Very cool, right? (Nervous laugh.)

    *Did Terry look slightly watcher / order like to you? Do Neutrogena do an orange facial scrub?*

    Stay tuned...

    Monday, July 9, 2007

    Victor, O.o.D. says....


    Erica you’re like a daughter to me and you are also my spiritual leader but I am going to address this issue with you in the forum as you have refused to speak with me for two days. During a time of war this amounts to childish behavior. I am sorry that you cannot leave headquarters at this time but we both know that after what happened in Paris that we can not afford to take that chance. Seven important members of the Order died in that attack and the terrorists came within inches of killing you. I will not allow them to have another opportunity. There are various factions of the resistance and this movement has only grown since Bree revealed our identity to the world. You are only safe within the confines of this building.

    I don’t think you fully realize the important role you play in the world. You may only be 22 years-old but that is no excuse to ignore the responsibilities that you have. When your grandmother was alive she lived to serve the OoD and to rule. You became the leader as a child and I fault myself with failing to bring you up in a stronger fashion. During a time of war you have locked yourself in your bedroom and from what I can gather you are simply wasting your time watching fashion shows on the Internet.

    As the leader of the OoD, you must shoulder the weight of the world. This is the burden you were born into. We are not just a religion but we are both a government and the Earth's largest privately held corporation. Do you even realize that it was the O.o.T. that created modern banking? If the Order were only a business then I might not be concerned but as a Sovereign Military Order during a time of war we can not be undermined from within.

    After the attack in Paris you signed an order giving the O.o.T. complete decision making powers over matters dealing with the resistance. Not two weeks later you had Ms. Crowley transmit a message to Jonas regarding possibility of peace talks. You have also guaranteed the safety of this Spencer person.

    Erica you do not have the power to make offers to Jonas or give Spencer assurances. The order you signed can not be retracted except through an article of faith. The one duty you never ignore is that of a spiritual leader and you know very well that until that war ends you can not speak for the Morning Star on this issue.

    I therefore am asking you as your “father” to stop reaching out to these people. Let me protect you. Your actions have given Spencer the confidence to reach out to Jonas. I don’t want to hurt either of them but if they endanger the Order then I will be forced to stop them. I can’t give you an order but I am making myself very clear that you will stop behaving like a spoiled child.

    Victor, O.o.D.
    Grand Master of the Order of the Temple

    Lighten Up! - ApotheosisAZ

    My crucial Breeniverse research at the proper venue.

    I'm Here to Help

    After seeing my dad's note, I think it's the right thing to do. - Spencer

    I'm Here to Help on LGpedia.

    From LGpedia:

    a) There are a few times where Spencer talks about his father in the present tense, which is weird as his father is deceased.

    b) Cliff Sawyer enters the "other-dimensional world of Khom'ad" in a book by Henry Kuttner called '"The Well of the Worlds". It was published in 1952 and is the last full science novel he and his co-writer wife, C. L. Moore, wrote together.

    Note 1: From http://www.amazon.com/Well-Worlds-Ace-F-344/dp/B0007EH73C

    "The plot of the book is so way out, in fact, that I almost despair of describing it. Let's just say that it concerns Cliff Sawyer, an agent for the Canadian Royal Atomic Energy Commission, who investigates some very strange goings-on at a uranium mine near the North Pole. He, a mysterious woman named Klai, and a power-obsessed madman named Alper are somehow whisked to the other-dimensional world of Khom'ad, where three life-forms seem to be in a state of imminent warfare."

    Note 2. Does anyone knows the commercial Spencer is talking about?????????

    If YOU know, then leave a comment below and we will make sure that it finds it way to LGpedia!

    Take a Good Look - xmarlasingerx

    This morning I got up and saw Daniel's vid about finding those documents at the Yacht Club - then I saw the letter from Isaac to Spencer at the forum. I'm really not sure if it was just a regular letter...

    Here I am! - alondra

    It's been a busy time... but then again, isn't it always?

    londoncalling - whoiskris


    Time to get ready for KateModern

    Become a member of KateModern on Bebo.

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  • Sunday, July 8, 2007

    Waaaaaasup peeeepz!

    Zoey says...
    It is, from left to right: Yousef Abu-Taleb, Amanda Goodfried, Jackson Davis, Becki Kregoski, and Maxwell Glick.

    The Shoutout Video - schneidz124

    Never again.

    Who is Charlie?

    I grew up in the Melbourne ‘burbs where I dated a few booooring guys who were such mincers. Since I’ve moved over seas to London I’ve let my hair down sooo much – probably a bit too much. Every Sunday I think I’m so over going out and then I do it all over again! What the hell you only live once, right? Here’s what I also think:

    Girls can do everything boys can, but backwards with heels on...

    (Oh, and NOOOOO the pics stuck up on the profile aren't me and Kate, I just thought they were wicked :)



    Man I love music and dancing – I’m a dancin’ fool! Not everything I like is what is generally thought of as ‘cool’ but I reckon if it gets you’re heart thumpin’ THAT’s what’s cool! So I’m into Ozzie bands big and small as well as all sorts of stuff. Anyway here’s a random list: I’m in LOVE with the song 'Acceptable in the 80's' by Calvin Harris (Kate now hates it cos I’d played it to DEATH in the flat when I moved in – sorry Kate!), INXS, Radiohead, Daft Punk, The Claxons, The Killers, Razorlight, White Stripes, The Kooks, Jeff Buckley, Eskimo Joe, Powder Finger, Sneaky Sound System (hey they’re big in Sydney and have a cool animated video! If you’ve not heard of some of these guys – check ‘me out!

    Sooo many! Here’s just a few – City of God, all weird docos like the one about the taxidermy competition in the US, stuff directed by Darren Aronofsky - Requiem For A Dream, Pi and The Fountain (stars Hugh Jackman who is a total spunk!) The Mothman Prophecy, IT, Candy Man and Donny Darko... also Candy (Australian film), The Little Mermaid and Fight Club (you can’t beat Brad Pitt ha ha). I love to scream really loudly so…Japanese stuff like Tetsuo, The Ring, Dark Water. Animation! Anime – Akira etc and especially anything by the Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki like Spirited Away.

    Netball ha ha!

    Sangas - My Favourite Sandwiches
    I love food but cooking is so last year so the answer is sangas: Sausage, Vegemite and banana. The same on toast. Cheese on toast with LOADS of tomato sauce and pepper. Tomato sauce on everything - can't understand why people in London call it ketchup? Its tomatoes in a sauce form... DER!!!!)

    Spencer says.....

    Posted: Sun Jul 08, 2007 6:29 pm

    it's nice to finally meet all of you. i got so many emails at work that i didn't know how to respond to each of you individually, so i took a lot of your advice and checked out this site.

    i was also inspired to come here by Daniel's last video where he found the box of documents with my dad's material in it. wished it didn't fall in the water, but no use crying over spilt milk.

    so, how is everyone today

    thanks for being so welcoming, it is good to be here. i just read the note. not sure if there is any hidden communication, my dad didn't usually deal with me like that. i'm actually just taken aback by reading his words. it's been really hard dealing with his passing, and that note and his handwriting just brings up so many emotions i thought had gone away. wow, this is getting a bit mushy, but i feel kind of strange right now.
    thanks, you guys are really understanding.

    hopefully still number 1 at work!

    that employee of the month thing was crazy and so unexpected!
    uhh, "meep." what does that mean?
    yep, a little bonus and a lot of pats on the back. It's a pretty cool place to work - and you wouldn't believe how much free face wash i have
    no, i'm here. just trying to make sense of meep and candy mountain.

    anyway, i'm doing well. a little bummed after reading my dad's letter.
    i am honored to join this club. you are all making me feel better about my dad.
    i can get used to it. so, what should we do about Daniel, Jonas, Sarah and Taylor. they need help finding Bree.
    i don't have any of his papers. i know it sounds weird, but we didn't talk about his research. now that i have seen these videos, i understand why. he was probably trying to protect me.

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  • http://lonelygirl15.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=438629#438629


    Free on iTunes (windows users should already have iTunes running before clickin on the link) - as far as we know its only available for USA iTunes accounts at the current time:(


    Research: Kelseygirl15

    ABC.com home page for "Greek" http://abcfamily.go.com/shows/greek/

    777 the videos

    With lg represented by only Brooklynxman, I found myself having to do all the work myself

    Brookers was tired by the end of it. Hence her enthusiasm.

    Who is Alexandra Weaver

    Some of you may know her from KateModern as "Kate"

    Alexandra Weaver on IMDB

    Alexandra Weaver on LGpedia

    Alexandra Weaver on mySpace

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  • Who is Tara Rushton?

    Some of you KateModern fans might be more familiar her as "Charlie".

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  • Editors Needed!

    Not quite satisfied with your current level of Lonelycrack addiction? Displeased with the fact that you get a full eight hours of sleep each night? Unhappy because you don't need 30 hours in a day?

    Fill your wasted hours and need for another hit of Lonelycrack by becoming an LGPedia editor! Plenty of pages need your help with accuracy and detail. You're already a walking Breeniverse encyclopedia, put it to good use!

    For additional details, leave a message at Zoey's LGPedia User Page.

    LG15 Today Visitors from 50 Countries

    For the last month or so, I've been checking the stats counter to see which countries LG15 Today visitors hail from. Each time a new country shows up, I add the flag and country name to the list that appears just above the counter (lower right side of this page). Today, with the addition of Hong Kong and the Russian Federation, we reached 50 different countries.

    Note that the counter only stores the most recent 100 visits, and I only check periodically, so it is possible I have missed rare visits.

    ~ QtheC

    LG15Today are right again! KateModern confirmation...

    From KateModern Productions bebo blog -

    KateModern Live! 1 minute ago
    The KateModern character profile pages are now life. The show has begun...

    We are incredibly pleased to announce that our cast includes four very talented lead actors:

    Kate - Alexandra Weaver
    Tariq - Jai Rajani
    Charlie - Tara Rushton
    Ralf Little - Gavin

    KateModern is Created by Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried.

    Our production team includes:

    Miles Beckett - Creator/Executive Producer/Head Writer/Director
    Greg Goodfried - Creator/Executive Producer

    Joanna Shields - Co-Executive Producer
    Amanda Goodfried - Co-Executive Producer
    Cristy Coors Beasley - Producer

    Pete Gibbons - Series Producer
    Kelly Brett - Production Manager
    Claire Finbow - Production Assistant

    Luke Taylor - Director/Editor
    Gavin Rowe - Director/Editor

    Luke Hyams - Writer
    Tom Wright - Writer
    Hazel Grian - Writer

    We'll update this page regularly with production notes. Enjoy!



    CHARLIE (AKA TARA) - Kudos to Katy for the link!

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  • London Street Style video from Kates profile page:

    Welcome To My World: KateModern


    "Although she has a boring boyfriend, a wacky co-student called Charlie, and a nice but dim mate called Gavin, Kate’s life is otherwise empty."

    "there is something in Kate’s blood"

    KateModern starts at www.bebo.com from July 16

    Looking for Kate.. (Rai and Ralf?)

    Don't worry KateModern fans - LG15Today WILL track down the actress who is playing Kate (we always get them in the end!) In the meantime this young man looks awfuly like the chap pictured with Kate in her profile pics.. What do you think?

    Jai Rajani on mySpace.

    More importantly and I could be wrong but the other chap in Kate's profile looks JUST like Ralf Little. He is a famous actor in the UK staring in tv shows such as the Royal Family and 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps. (Muchos Kudos to Miles if it is him!!)

    Gilman's Papers (Spencer, please read!)

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  • danielbeast says....

    So yesterday was pretty eventful. Things have been a little weird between Sarah and I since her "stay away from me you clingy beast" vid. Girls. Can't live with 'em... can't live without 'em. Anyway, after you all figured out the clue from Bree's last HoO (i.e., the yacht club) we made a plan to go there... with or without Jonas & Taylor. As much as they wanted to be there with us, they just couldn't make it back in time.

    As much as I don't want to admit it, if it weren't for Sarah, we'd of never found that box. I sure didn't notice that rope. But I'm basically speechless as to what happened next. I don't understand how it happened. Our first new lead in days and it goes straight into the water. I know she didn't mean to, but man what a moron. Ok, moving on....

    We rescued the papers, but we can't really decipher them. There was, however, a note to Spencer that didn't fall in. It's from his dad and I thought he'd want to see it. I know I would.

    Spencer, if you're reading this, please help us. You're all we've got.


    TOSG Posted:

    Sat Jul 07, 2007 3:38 pm

    Here's a transcript for everyone who - like me - had some trouble with the handwriting.


    December 15, 2006

    I hope this letter finds its way to you, Spencer.

    If so...then sorry about the legibility (or lack thereof) of my handwriting. Like doctors, scientists achieve diminishing returns when it comes to penmanship. Especially after one has passed the age of 50! That said, your reading this letter means that something dire has happened. In particular, the type of research I have been conducting has been in question. And my life has been - to put it delicately - compromised.

    I have many more letters attached to this that should explain why, but for now, I just wanted to write down some memories, some final thoughts. It was beneficial for me to write them down because - frankly - I needed to clear my head with a little happiness. So, without further ado:

    1: 1989 - Spencer, age 4. I took you to see Batman and you dug your face into my armpit when Jack Nicholson's "(?) teeth" flew out of his mouth after being hit by Michael Keaton;

    2: 1991 - Spencer, age 5 3/4. I had to pick you up early from school after you told the school nurse that your stomach was experiencing "reverse peristalsis;"

    3: 1996 - Spencer, age 11. Our last vacation with Mom. Florida was too humid. But it was great to be together;

    4: 2001 - Spencer, age 16. Dropping you off for your first week at UCSD. Proud doesn't even begin to describe how I felt/feel.

    A lot of other thoughts are rolling in my head right now, and if I weren't running against time, I'd write them all down.

    My focus, instead, is to share with you a discovery (ensuing pages) that will help a girl named Bree (next page).

    All of this will make sense to you as a scientist. Why I decided to help her and her father? Well...that will eventually make sense to you as a moral person.

    In closing...it's not in me to end any letter on an emotional note. But, today, I'll try my best, so bear with me.

    Besides you and Mom, science was my love. These letters reveal a lot of my research. And I would only entrust what I love with whom I love most.

    Goodbye, Spencer.

    - Dad


    If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

    For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

    For other info contact: [email protected]

    Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity