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Saturday, June 9, 2007


Does Facility J believe that Bree is a clone???


Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


No video yet, but soon maybe???? NikkiBowerReport

Thanks to B-man for research!

Dude formerly known as Joe

hippercat says:

June 9th, 2007 at 4:01 pm

Ok “Dude formerly known as Joe” I have created your new symbol, whadya think?


What caused Joe to give up his name? Leave us your theory in a comment below!!!!!!!!

The Creators say...

June 9th, 2007 at 12:50 pm

To our loyal comment board members,

In my effort to make sure that every important “community” post is made both on the comment board and in the forum, here is something I just posted about the t-shirt contest:

Hey everyone,

For those that want to be considered in the new t-shirt contest, please move your submissions to the new thread. This is because the new thread has legal language and by putting a submission there, the “submitter” (is that a word?) agrees to the terms I stated in the post. Sorry if this causes confusion or leaves out really great submissions. If there is a submission that one of you really loves, PM the person who made it and tell them to move it to the new thread.



:::::::::::::::Sarahboo responded with::::::::::::::::

June 9th, 2007 at 1:22 pm

thanx greg, is there any chance you can supply us with high res photo’s of the cast?

Brilliant idea Sarahboo!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have a brilliant idea leave a comment below.

The Creators replied:

June 9th, 2007 at 2:22 pm

I am working on getting you all pictures of the cast for the contest. I will keep you posted.


~ modelmotion

EDIT: Just a reminder, the
new t-shirt thread is located here.

Also, starting with this post,

Broken Kid writes:
"To help out, if you are a submitter and you don't want to re-post your submission, just send a moderator the link. You can link to an individual post (rather than the whole thread) by clicking the little file icon next to the "Posted" line in your post. Send that link to a moderator, and we can move your post into the official thread. Or, of course, just post it again!"

And Greg replied:
"Sweet! Do what Broken Kid says, he is smarter than me and knows way more about how to use this forum. But we will only move the submission if the person who made the design sends us the link - legal reasons (I hate being a lawyer)."

So, I would assume you should post the link on the new thread, or PM "The Creators" on the forum, or just repost your submission on the new thread.

~ QtheC

☺ Gym of One

*ringgg ringgggg, ringgg ringggg*

Cindy (answers phone brightly): Gym of One L.A., goooood morrrnning!

Mr. Jones (stern): Hello. Who is this?

Cindy (singsong): Cinnnnddyyy Speaking! Are YOU ready to join the 'One?

Mr. Jones: No. Let me speak to Marsha.

Cindy: Marsha, hmmmm, let me just check the schedule...

Mr. Jones: Just put her on the phone.

Cindy (happily): Oh! Here she is, Marsha Moonbug. She's leading a spinning class right now...

Mr. Jones: Spinning? I've heard about you people and your "activities" and your "fun."

Cindy: Can I leave her a message?

Mr. Jones: No, I do NOT want to leave her a message. I want to talk to Marsha JONES, right now.

Cindy (confused): Jones? We don't have a Marsha Jones working here, sir, I'm very sorry.

Mr. Jones: She doesn't WORK there, she was recruited by you people.

Cindy: Oh, a client! I misunderstood. Let me just check the membership logs.

Mr. Jones: Whatever, we just want our little girl out of there.

Cindy: Okayeee, let's see. Well, we have a Jenny Jones, but's she's not here now.

Mr. Jones (angry): Moonbug, Jenny, I don't care what you call her...

Cindy: Wait, Mr. Jones. I can tell you're upset, but I'm not sure why. Would you like to speak to the Director?

Mr. Jones: Sure, put him on.

Cindy (to Nathan, quietly): Nathan, you better take this. A 'Ben Jones' says he wants his daughter out of here.

Cindy points to her written notes with the names Marsha Jones, Moonbug, and Jenny

Nathan (answers phone pleasantly): Nathan here, are you prepared to let out your inner 'One?

Mr. Jones: I'm coming over there, and putting a stop to this nonsense.

Nathan (reading Cindy's notes): Um, sir, I'd like to help, but there seems to be some confusion about your daughter's name. Can you tell me when she joined the 'One?

Mr. Jones: About 4 months ago, I think. None of her old friends can tell us exactly.

Nathan: Well, if she signed a contract with us that long ago, I'm sorry, but there will be a penalty to pay before we can release her.

Mr. Jones (choking): Contract?! I KNEW it! You people, with your "classes" and your "music" ... it's all about MONEY!

Nathan: We do have to pay the bills, Mr. Jones, that's true, but I assure you, our terms are very reasonable. Why don't you come by and I'll show you around?

Mr. Jones: Damn right I'm coming by! You tell whoever is in charge there, that Ben Jones' daughter will be leaving you.

Nathan (soothing): Yes, Mr. Jones, I understand. We are located by Universal at 436 Harmony Ave. Can I put you down for a 2pm appointment?

Mr. Jones: I don't need an appointment. I'll be there when I get there, I'm flying out now.

Nathan: No problem, and will Mrs. Jones be accompanying you? I bet she would love one of our healthful orange smoothies!

Mr. Jones: what? No she will not. Mrs. Jones will be taking care of our other daughter.

Nathan (upbeat): Excellent, well, thank you for calling the 'One, and we will look forward to your visit!


Cindy: He thought we were that cult, didn't he? We really need to change the name.

Nathan (grinning): Are you kidding? They feel so guilty when they realize their mistake, it's awesome.

Cindy (smiling, pats Nathan's Jr. staffer badge): Okay, Director, but I get half the commision for this one, if he signs up.

Nathan: You got it. I've sold 4 golden family memberships this month already!

Nathan and Cindy high-five.

~ QtheC

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 Jonas was a happy bunny...

Jonas: Good morning. Cheers. So I just ran into Daniel like five seconds ago in the uh, kitchen. Thanks for the coffee. Oh, and thanks for the heads up. I found out about the "Sarah find" and... eh. I guess maybe I should be pissed, on some level, but (takes a sip of coffee) I'm really not. I actually think it's kind of cool that my first kiss with Bree was recorded. Posterity. Daniel, I noticed the cold shoulder. Look, if you're not going to talk to me, then I'm going to talk to you through this. Look man, I wish you would get over it. I mean you say... you say you're over it. But that's not the way you're acting.

The Beast will always have feelings for Bree, Jonas, he probably is more concerned about her as a friend now though, rather than a girlfriend.

Jonas: Come on, man. This is a good thing. This is a really good thing. You know Bree. And if she's allowing me to get this close to her, I mean it's amazing. This is (grins) amazing.

Amazing... yeah Jonas shouldn't alarm bells be ringing here? Would "normal" Bree let you get that close without P.Monkey chaperoning?

Jonas: I don't know why you're trying to make me feel bad. Look, I know this man. This is our old Bree. She's out from under their power. Don't you get that? She's back! I know it, because I can see it in her eyes, man. I can see it. I've never been more sure about anything in my whole life.

(Cuts to Jonas standing in front of the bathroom door.)

Jonas: So, we all know Bree likes her long showers, but this is getting a little ridiculous, so let's check it out. (He knocks on the door.) Hey, you need any help in there? (He smiles at the camera.) Hey Bree? (He knocks again.) Bree, you want breakfast? I can make you anything you want! Bree...? Hey... Bree? (He opens the bathroom door.) Hey... (He pulls back the shower curtain, revealing that Bree is not there.) NO!

Oh dear...

Stay tuned...

“Hierosgamos” by Gemma Crowley 060907

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Friday, June 8, 2007

☺ Discovering Bree

Jonas, having found the shower empty with the water still on, runs downstairs...

Jonas (shouting): Daniel! Bree's missing, she's...

Daniel sits morosely at the kitchen table, alone, staring at his oatmeal as he jabs it with a spoon.

Daniel (looking up at Jonas, unhappy): Dude, I told you.

Jonas: Look Daniel, we can argue about this later! Right now, we have to find Bree... Daniel, dammit, get up!

Daniel (nods slowly, rolling his eyes): Chill out Jonas. Take a breath, and look out there.

Jonas, enraged, as if he is about to toss the kitchen table aside, looks to his left toward daylight, and stops.

Jonas: Oh man.

Jonas sits down across from Daniel, shocked by what he is seeing.

Daniel (shaking his head): I know, but there's nothing we can do. Believe me, I tried.

Jonas: Bree... and Sarah? What the hell?

Daniel: All I can tell you is, that "Hymn of Tongue" stuff, has taken Bree over. But this, this is your fault.

Jonas: What? My fault?

Daniel: You started Bree with the kissing, and Sarah asked Bree about it this morning, and they started laughing and kissing their hands, and well...

(Daniel gestures helplessly toward the porch and Jonas looks ill.)

Jonas: Daniel, you were right, I was wrong. The gentle approach is out. We have to go back to the yelling.

Daniel (perks up): Now you're talking! Let's go!

Jonas: You grab Bree, and I'll take Sarah back to the bus station...

Daniel: Okay, but I'm not using zip ties.

Jonas (nodding, remembering): Right. Just put on some Avril... Ever since she got back, she seems to love that stuff.

Daniel (confused, somewhat concerned): Avril?

Jonas: Just play the CD marked "Jonas Date Mix #3" for her, trust me...

Daniel (chuckling): I think I'll just go with the zip ties, after all. It's more humane.

And with that, all the tension between the bros dissipates, as they unite in their common mission...

Will the united screaming of Jonas and Daniel finally snap Bree out of her Hymn 'O Fun daze? Or will Bree and Sarah discover they don't need the boys afterall to keep them from feeling lonely?

Tune in for the next episode, Breenifans, of "As the Lonelygirl Turns."

~ QtheC

THE FLOCK - What is it?

by immortal1

What is it?

As a way of helping out people who wanted to make videos by adding the incentive of writing scripts for them I started a "New Girl" video challenge. Some girls met the challenge by making their own characters while others took me up on my offer. The characters were all well received for the most part and the girls wanted to continue so we decided to make a series out of it. I started to create characters that would have natural personality clashes with the characters we already had and "The Flock" was born.

The Flock are followers of the Hymn of One. While Ceremony candidates may be included not all Flock members are Ceremony candidates. Up until now these girls have been looked upon solely as possible Ceremony candidates(New girls) and were evaluated based on that, but in reality that’s not all they were meant to be. Hopefully certain characters will make more sense now that they are interacting with other characters.

* Influences: 90210, Heathers and Mean Girls.
* 6 Characters, with more to come.
* Four Subplots.
* Takes place on YouTube/revver and MySpace
You can access more info on FLOCK on the portal link on the right.

Self Replicating Ribozymes???

OK, this does enter the area of Sci-Fi, but it makes some interesting connections:

anticliche Says:

June 8th, 2007 at 7:37 pm


Bree is a rare individual who is ‘trait positive’, which in my mind basically means she has trace amounts of self replicating rybozymes in her natural cell order. The easiest way to harvest cells is via blood. She takes wepogin to increase her blood count (lots of it) and the other 2 drugs to cancel out the side effects. The order then takes a crap load of blood, and uses the rybozymes to culture more self replicating rybozymes. They then gene treat the rybozymes to target damaged DNA fragments

Ok, ok ok guys! I just Blogged it the hell up, and I’ve come to a REAL conclusion! it’s epic, and it makes sense. Oh yea, and it has noting to do with plot, just medicine. And a little plot. Anyways, I’m sure my medical ideas will be torn asunder ina few moments, but hey, here goes:

Alright, we’ve been over the effects of Modafinil and Dextroamphetamines. I have found that they both treat the major side effects of Epogin, in which the ceremony girls have received mas amounts of. It would make sense that they’d try to cancel out such serious side effects, and Modafinil and dextroamphetyamiens make (as far as I can find) medical sense to employ. We know that Epogin is a major blood cell enhancer. It ups our blood cell count, and THAT is the only reason she was taking it. I’m almost positive.

Now, we know that the reason they’re interested in Bree is something about rybozymes. well, I have to submit that a ‘trait positive’ person has trace amounts of self replicating rybozymes in their natural cells. Blood is the easiest way to harvest cells, and thus, they made alot more of them. They ‘re trying to harvest self replicating rybozymes from her blood system. So far, not too far fetched, eh? I mean, even her diet while she was preparing for the ceremony was high protein and low sugar, which is great for making more blood. It makes sense. They’ll probably culture the rybozymes, so they have a massive number of self replicating rybozymes to use.

Now, I’d like to point out that rybozymes are used for cutting RNA strands, which is were DNA degradation takes place. DNA degradation is one of the 4 parts of aging. It’s feasible to believe that with the backing of a major medical company (the infinity sign one? The one that provides the order with free epogin?) they could gene tech a rybozyme to cut the damaged RNA. Now I’d also like to point out a little clue they left us on their compatibility questionare they had for new members, “Do you think aging is a treatable disease?”. That fits in quite well, doesn’t it?

That is my basic idea folks, there’s alot more to it, but I don’t want to type it out. I’d rather have people ask questions (if they even care). And I’d really like to get out ACTUAL scientists on it, eh?

THAT’S my original post. I’m nto gonna edit it again, so It’s gonna take up alot of room. SEE MY TESTIMENT TO MY FAILURE!"
What do you think? Anything to this? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

Kidnap - rescue - escape - rinse -repeat

Immortal1 says:

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2007 8:35 pm

1. Daniel kidnapped by the Order -Daniel brainwashed - Daniel rescued
2. Jonas tied up by BD- Jonas escapes
3. BDJ kidnapped by Order - psychological warfare - BDJ escapes
3. Julia kidnapped by BDJ - Julia escapes
4. Bree taken by HoO - Bree brainwashed - Bree rescued - Bree escapes

Anyone else have deja vu? I think we've clearly established that whenever anyone is taken by the Order they do something to them and whenever the TAAG holds anyone against their will they escape.

It just feels like we keep covering the same ground.

Herman had a long night

emoSarah says on mySpace:

Friday, June 08, 2007
what you've all been waiting for

A picture of HERMAN!!!

Herman had a long night.

The Morning After

Last night was amazing...why can't good things last? - Jonas Faction: THE RESISTANCE

Meep me? - meepersanon

There's nothing wrong with the HoO song! meepers_anonymous xoxo

Another New Writer on Lonelygirl15? Ross Berger

While updating the Breeniversisms on LGPedia, I happened to look at The Creators' page and saw a name I did not recognize, Ross Berger, listed as a writer for Lonelygirl15. The edits on his LGPedia page begin today, June 8 by Zoey. Looks like a scoop to me, but stay tuned for more information or an official announcment.

~ QtheC

Articles in category "Story written by Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Jan Libby, and Ross Berger


LG15 Today Weekly Events Calendar

LG15 Today Events Calendar: Monthly View
We have begun adding "This Day in LG15 History..." items to this calendar including character/actor b-days, and also other notable milestones. Please suggest additions by commenting here, and we will accumulate quite a record over time.

~ QtheC


Jessica in featured in an article in the latest edition of Cosmo.

Hug tackle Jess on MySpace

Thanks to Brooklynxman on comments for pointing out the article. Now run out and buy Cosmo and tell us what you think in a comment below.

Today on LG15

Today on LG15 there was no transcript!

Sarah sneaked up on Jonas and Bree and filmed them kissing. (Jonas obviously read my one of my last articles where I stated a kiss from the right guy would help Bree out of her state of slurpee mind)

Will the Beast flip his lid?

Stay tuned...

Intelligence Report 2 - N3uralN3t

We conclude that the Order's research in this area has many applications. "Scientific research is based on the idea that everything that takes place is determined by laws of nature, and therefore this holds for the action of people." (Albert Einstein, 1954)

The Creators say.....

Fri Jun 08, 2007 1:28 am

Hey everyone,

Our programmer is looking into fixing chat. If he can't we will look into IRC. Sorry our chat sucks, it bums us out too. We will do the best we can to fix it.

Thanks for your understanding,


Thursday, June 7, 2007

Holy SH%T!!!

LOL . . . I'm a good spy. - Sarah Faction: THE RESISTANCE

"Discovery" by Kevin Schlanser

Holy SH%T!!! - WHERE DID IT GO????

An LG15 video appeared a short time ago...and then disappeared after a few people has a chance to view it on this site.

The video never appeared on LG15.com.

QtheC has reported that there is now a replacement video being processed....we will bring it to you asap...........STAY TUNED!!!!!!

EDIT: Meanwhile, enjoy a small, shall we say, taste of what the video contained (courtesy of the copy in my browser's cache)... ~QtheC :

Do YOU see any difference between the original video and the replacement? If so leave a comment below and let us all know!

Vallygirl15 Recaps #6 - valleygirl15

Hey guys! Miles like totally interupted my video blogging. RETARD! anyway hymn of two join...or whatever...we'll give you free drugs. ttly.

Help for Daniel

Hey Daniel,

Hope this helps

Every ribozyme has a specific sequence which is complementary to the RNA it cleaves. Its like a puzzle piece, it has a specific edge so that only 1 other puzzle piece fits in that space. Once the pieces join, the ribozyme cuts the other piece in half then looks for another piece that fits. The key to lowering Bree’s ribozyme levels is to look for puzzle pieces that fit but cannot be broken down.

One way is to make RNA molecules which bind but don’t allow the ribozymes to cleave them. It’s like adding puzzle pieces which can fit but have glue on their edges. Her ribozymes will bind but will not be able to break them down.

You could use siRNA. siRNA are short pieces of RNA which join with a protein complex called RISC. If siRNA finds RNA which is complementary to it, it binds and then the RISC complex breaks down the bound RNA. Since ribozymes are RNA, you could make siRNA specific for Bree’s ribozyme and they would bind and break down her ribozymes which would lower her levels.

The problem is that you cannot design these without

1. having access to some serious scientific equipment

2. knowing the binding sequence of Bree’s ribozyme

I tried to look up human hairpin ribozymes that have been characterised but had very little luck. It is possible that the ribozyme that Bree is overexpressing has not even been published yet.

You said her Dad was giving her something to lower her ribozyme levels, maybe he already designed one of the molecules above? When scientists design siRNA all they have to do is work out the sequence they need before asking a company to make it for them. Is there any RNA sequences in Bree’s dad’s lab book? Or maybe an order to a company which generates RNA molecules? If you could find the sequence then you could potentially send an order to a company and get more.

Pixelodeonfest 2007

On June 9-10 in Los Angeles, California at the American Film Institute (AFI), we will have three theaters screening videos on movie-theater sized screens.


"What is Pixelodeon?
Pixelodeon is an annual independent video festival recognizing innovation, inspiration, and community in global online video. This is our inaugural year! Over 300 videos, four keynote speakers, two dozen curators, and several hundred people interested in independent media will get together in one weekend to celebrate the diversity and talent of online video content. If you want to see what’s happening online and meet the people who are making it happen, this is the place to be."


A "hawtly" debate topic today has been none other than:

Team Daniel vs Team Jonas?

Daniel on LGpedia

Jonas on LGpedia

Leave a comment below and let us know which team YOU are on and why you think they are HAWT!

Today on LG15

Today on LG15, the Beast aired his issues.

Daniel: Things aren't going too great right now. Jonas is mad. Of course. He's mad at me, he's mad at Sarah. He's mad at me for not controlling Sarah. (He looks at the camera in a "I'd have more chance controlling the tide" way.) Yeah, that's going to happen. Anyway, he got pissed off earlier today... said I wasn't doing enough to help Bree out. That's bullshit. I am helping out. I'm just not all over her 24/7 like he is.

(Cuts to Bree and Jonas watching bright images flash on a TV screen. Jonas tucks Bree's hair behind her ear. Then cuts to Jonas giving Bree a piggy-back ride in a wooded area. Birds are heard chirping.)

Daniel: Here's the thing. Honestly, I kind of feel that Jonas is taking advantage of Bree right now. And that's not cool. Especially in the state of mind that she's in. You know, the Hymn of One is garbage, I know that. But she's been programmed to think that it's good. It's almost like... she's caught between that world and our world. It all sucks. I don't see that our deprogramming is working for Bree. But Jonas disagrees. He think we're slowly reaching her. I'll say it again -- she is not our Bree.

(Cuts to a shot of P. Monkey.)

Daniel: Hey, P. Monkey.
Daniel (as P. Monkey): What's going on man?
Daniel: Hey, where's Bree?
Daniel (as P. Monkey): Man, I have no idea. She's over there singin' that song. 'Cause it's eternal. Somethin', I don't really know.
Daniel: What are we gonna do?
Daniel (as P. Monkey): Not a damn thing, man. We just gonna chill out man. She just crazy right now. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say. Hey, look at me, man, I can dance. Check me out, check me out. (P. Monkey begins to dance.) Oh, there we go. Oh, snap. Yep.

(Sarah pokes her head over the counter.)

Sarah: This is so fun. (She runs P. Monkey into her head.)
Daniel: You're a nut.

(Cuts to Daniel sitting outside again.)

Daniel: And Jonas, I don't get you, dude. Do you really think that Bree's clinging to you because she's coming out of her trance? What you're doing is not okay. You need to just be focusing on making her better. And we still don't know enough about the contents of the box. We need to be looking into that. We all need to focus on making Bree Trait:Negative, if that's even possible. That's the only way they'll back off. If Bree's Trait:Negative, the Order won't want her anymore. And I'm not getting into all of this because I'm jealous. I'm not jealous. I don't even think about Bree like that. Just remember this isn't about you trying to hook up. She's my best friend. I just want her back in my life.

Were there some syringes in the box?

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

“Sometimes People Die” by Gemma Crowley

Maddison Atkins ~ Credits

So - Yeah, I'm still putting the DVD together. Sorry for the delay.

Today I had this crazy idea to put anyone who followed Maddison in the credits. So if you want to be credited, put your name here (or anyone's name who you know followed), and I'll put them at the end of the credits in the DVD. Proper spelling is important!

After all, you all played a huge part in this, and I want to credit you appropriately.



Deadline is NOON on Saturday



Add to My Profile | More Videos

Photo credit: Tom Tanzayo (Web doc cameraman of On Bloody Sunday)

Yousef, the director of On Bloody Sunday and Kenny from Borat

Taking advantage of Her

Hey everyone, I do care alot about Bree and want her to get better. I just don't think Jonas's approach is the right way. - Daniel Faction: THE RESISTANCE

Jessica Rose wins a Webby!

Jessica Rose has won the Best Actress award at the 11th annual Webby Awards. This is the first time the award has been given and it was part of the Inargural Webby Online film and Video Awards.

What makes the Webby award night stand out is that all acceptance speeches are limited to 5 words. What did our Jessica have to say?

"Being traditional and saying thanks"

Jessica also presents the Webby Person of the Year Award to the founders of You-Tube, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley.

For all Webby winners: http://www.webbyawards.com

Lexi on F.O.B

What did we learn?

How did the Creators find Lexi?
- she met Greg and Miles at a party and they asked her to audition.

- Lexi has an English father and an American mother. Her accent is British, but she can perform in an American accent, as she does when playing emoSarah.

- She is a classically trained singer (Opera) and has a beautiful voice (she sang something from "The Little Mermaid" during the broadcast)

- Lexi will be in a film "Copy, Credit, and Meals Provided" that she thinks may be out in October. I think that is terminology in open casting calls that means you get a copy of the video, but no pay, for acting in a project. (ED: This part of the broadcast was rather quick, so it is possible I have the film name incorrect here).

- She has a boyfriend, and is not interested in Yousef romantically, though she believes that Sarah has a crush on Daniel.

- Yousef does not have a promising career as a manicurist waiting for him, as he managed to paint Lexi's toes as well as her toenails. This was a bit of a problem as Amanda forgot to bring nail polish remover to the shoot that day.

- We learned a new interpretation of the innocent phrase "See you next Tuesday."

- Yousef is single, and "see note below" would date him, given the chance.

- Reza is unable to determine where his beard ends and his chest hair begins, and he destroys a lot of cars.

- Yousef, Reza, and Lexi all seem to agree that nipples are an interesting topic.

- Miles is in London.

- LG15 Intern, Ian, is working on Lonelygirl15 "outtakes." (Does this mean there will be a LG15 DVD available sometime soon?)

- Amanda cusses the most on set, according to Intern Ian, but Lexi claims it is her that cusses the most on set.

- After hearing Lexi's british accent, Skunkwaffle declared "Alexandra is officially the coolest ever!" Lexi said, "Lurker, I love you" when he called in, and again in the shout-outs. And she also said she loves Reza, who also loves her. And Reza loves himself, on fridays. And Consideration loves Yousef. And Yousef and Consideration are the only ones who loved Spiderman 3. And ApotheosisAZ loves Lucy. And everyone at NowLive loves Lexi, or hopes to one day, but no luck because she said she has "a lovely boyfriend" again and again, maybe a little too often. I think. But she did say "QuinceTheCarpenter - that's fantastic" during the shout-outs. ("That's fantastic might be British for "how odd", I'm not sure). Anyway, there's a lot of love.

The rebroadcast of this show is available until the next one airs.

NOTE: The original post said "Determination". This appears to be an error because Determination says "Someone mentioned that they would date Yousef if he was single, but I don’t think it was me". ~modelmotion

After additional consideration and listening to the rebroadcast, I think it was "Consideration" that I had mistakenly posted as "Determination" who would date Yousef. I also had the nationalities of Lexi's parents reversed and have corrected them. ~QtheC


  • FOB Life with Yousef and Reza airs Wednesday, June 6th at 6PM Pacific.

  • Lexi will be a guest on F.O.B. Live tonight with Yousef and Reza. This is your chance to find out all about the actress behind emoSarah.

    Do you have a fitting caption for the picture above? If so, add it on comments below. Maybe Yousef will even read them on F.O.B tonight:)

    Lexi on mySpace (Alexandra The Great...a.k.a......Alexandra Dreyfus (emoSarah))

    During the6/7/07 broadcast, Reza mentioned he has some material on this website: http://www.sergioandthesarge.com/ , but that it might be somewhat out of date.

    Sarahboo's T-Shirt Design

    For more information on the T-Shirt Contest, see this article: NEW T-SHIRT CONTEST THREAD. Submissions are due June 30, 2007.

    ~ QtheC

    Collecting Breeniversisms

    Your help is needed!

    Over time, there have been a number of "Breeniversisms" either phrases, words, acronyms, references, or even numbers. Let's accumulate them!

    Examples include FFFFIIIIRRRSSSTTT!, Meep, CiW, WOAH!, 436, Orange Slurpee, Necro, spin art, HoO, "new girl", "this [blank] is deader than Bree's Dad", to name some of the more famous ones, and a couple of newer ones I just saw today "bonas" (for Bree + Jonas courtship by alexsfruitcakemommy in comments) and "de-slurpee" (meaning to deprogram in GF's transcript of "Bedside Manner").

    I think this is the kind of thing that can best be collected, presented, and maintained on the LGPedia, so I have created a new page there:




    Please add information to expand and improve the new page on LGPedia, and I think this will prove to be a valuable resource for old and new fans alike.

    If you are not comfortable with editing LGPedia directly, please add your comments to this article with information such as Breeniversism, meaning, links to more info, when first used (if known).


    ~ QtheC

    EDIT: Article updated with link to new Breeniversism page on LGPedia. Go forth and edit.

    Today on LG15

    Today on LG15 Jonas tried to de-slurpee Bree.

    (Jonas sits in front of a grate, addressing the camera.)

    Jonas: Okay, first let me just start off by saying how (he laughs) how happy and relieved we are to have Bree back. I know she went online last night, and I know she posted a video, and it's obvious that she's still pretty... "Hymn-of-One-ish". But uh, (cut to shot of Bree sitting on her bed, staring out the window) seems like somewhere deep down she's trying to fight it. (Jonas approaches Bree from behind and whispers loudly.) Hey Bree. Bree. (Cut back to Jonas addressing the camera.) Look, I know what you're probably thinking. Why didn't we get a professional exit counselor? Well, we don't wanna drag somebody else into this. No way, forget that, I mean it's too risky. Truth is, we've been here for a few days, and have made very little progress. So, we went online, and we came up with our own program.

    oooh medical advise off the internet...always good... *coughs*

    Daniel: There is no Hymn of One. Bree, there is no eternal song.
    Bree: Yes there is!
    Daniel: Bree, listen to me! They're using you!
    Bree: No.
    Daniel: The Order is using you! There is no Hymn of One.
    Bree: No!
    Daniel: Bree, look at me!
    Bree: Daniel, stop!
    Daniel: Yes, I'm Daniel, that's right, remember me, remember. What'd they do to you?
    Bree: No. (She begins humming.) Hmmmhmmhmm...
    Daniel: Bree, there's no eternal song. Bree, Bree don't-- (Bree plugs her ears and hums louder. Daniel looks down in defeat.) I, I, I got, I can't do anything, I gotta go. (He stands up and leaves.)

    Poor Beast. I know he is probably finding it hard - but I do get the impression he is doing what he does best in a crisis....sulk.

    Sarah: Hey Bree. Hello, Bree... (She waves a hand in front of Bree's face. Bree does not respond, so Sarah eats a goldfish cracker.) Would you like some goldfish? (She attempts to feed Bree a goldfish. Bree grabs the cracker and slams her hand down on it.) Okay, we don't like goldfish. Right then.
    Daniel: (walking through the door) Hey.
    Sarah: Hello. (She scratches Bree beneath the chin.)
    Daniel: What are you doing?
    Sarah: It works with Colossus.
    Daniel: Um, she's not a ferret.

    LOL Who knows what Bree thinks she is at the moment?

    Jonas: It's a good view. Lot of trees. Birds. (He picks up a ceramic bird from the windowsill and makes it "talk" to Bree.) Hello Bree! (She smiles slightly, but continues staring straight ahead.) Look there, you smiled! You smiled, you see that? D'you see that? (in the bird voice) Hello Bree! (He laughs and then makes an odd sound while attempting to tickle her.)
    Bree: Stop.
    Jonas: What? No... hold on, ready? (He stands up and begins dancing and singing. Bree laughs.) There it is, see? There it is. (He attempts to tickle her again.)
    Bree: Stop.
    Jonas: Come on, smile. Bree... Breeee come on! (He tries to tickle her one more time and Bree laughs but pushes him away.)
    Bree: Stop!
    Daniel: (still behind camera) Jonas, how's tickling gonna help deprogram her, man? (Bree continues laughing.)

    The tickling did seem to work... maybe Beast was getting a bit jealous.

    Jonas: Huh?
    Daniel: Nothing. (Bree quickly resumes her former blank stare.)
    Jonas: Bree. Bree... (He dances again, but this time Bree remains unmoved. Jonas glares at Daniel.) Good job, dude. (Cut to a shot of Daniel and Sarah flirting outside.) Even though Daniel helped for like the first twenty-four hours, he's pretty much doing nothing at this point other than hanging with Sarah. (The camera pans over a balcony railing to reveal Daniel painting Sarah's toenails red and black.) Beast has dipped low. Okay, well, you know, if things don't work out (switches to an effeminate voice) maybe he can open up his own salon. (Cut back to Jonas in front of the grate.) Anyway, like I said, we've made very little progress, and now the whole thing's fallen into my lap. So look, I could really use some help, so if anybody's into it, I'll be in chat later. (He looks up.) Hey you. (Bree comes in and sits down beside him.)
    Bree: Hey you. (She leans on Jonas and he puts his arm around her. Jonas looks at the camera.)

    Maybe a good kiss from the right guy might snap Bree out of it...

    Stay tuned..

    Loose ends...

    Re-organization of several over-crowded sections!
    Some information from BACKSTORY has been moved to BREE and JONAS.
    Some information from RANDOM has been moved into JONAS, NIKKI BOWER, BREE, and DANIEL.
    The section PARENTS has been split into BREE'S PARENTS, JONAS'S PARENTS, and OTHER PARENTS.

    We know Bree's dad is dead, but what about her mom? What happened to her?
    Where is Bree's mom?

    New stuff in:


    This is a list of questions and loose ends in the LG15 storyline... some more important than others, many probably irrelavant, and some unmentioned, I'm sure. No particular order, though I tried to group them in some sensible manner.
    This is an active list that can be updated as information changes and new developments are made. Please comment or PM me (kallekelly) with any modifications that should be made, and I'll keep it up to date!

    Which side is she on - does she really think she's helping the trio, or is she against them?
    Who was her husband? Why did they divorce?
    What happened on her 26th birthday that made her give up photography?
    Why did the Order pick her up at the beach? Where is she and what is she doing now?
    Why did she up and move? Where did all her stuff go? How come nobody has seen her? Why does the moving sign outside of her house say "JUST KNOCK!"? Why did she disappear at the same time as Lucy?
    What are the 'principles' that Alex offers to recite on the phone in "Lying Bastards"? Who was she talking to?
    When Alex told Bree, "They have another girl," did she mean Jules, herself, or someone else?
    Why did Alex go back to the Order and what was the "one step" she had remaining?
    Who was Alex talking about that she had visited the "Perfect Beach" with?
    Is she really in the fashion business, or does she travel around doing some work for the Order with that as a cover?

    What is the significance of the girl abducted in 1943 by Crowley (since we know it is an event that never actually happened)?
    Who is the family that Gemma says disappeared? If she really thought Bree should do the ceremony, why did she scare her by saying that after the ceremony, that family disappeared? What happened to them? Did they really exist, or did Gemma (or someone telling her what to say) invent them?
    What happened between Taylor's parents? Is it significant to the story, or is it just character background?

    What is the significance of the scar on Bree's back, that was purposely shown in the "Swimming!" video? Is that the "mark" that Hymn of One refers to?
    What happened to Bree while she was with the Hymn of One? What made her all "Hymn-of-One-ish"? Why is her memory mixed up so badly? What is up with Bree's behavior after she was taken back to Jonas's? Why did she make "I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe?" If she was being all crazy and spazzed out, how did she edit it together? Why did she go into a zombie-trance thing in "Bedside Manner"? Why did she start responding to Jonas? Did she have a plan for escape the whole time, or did it come to her later on?
    Why did Bree escape? Did she really want to go back to the HoO, or were there other reasons?
    Why does Bree have a seemingly endless wardrobe, and how come rarely wears the same shirt twice?
    If Bree and her dad were going to go see Isaac Gilman and Spencer, why didn't Bree say anything to Jonas and Daniel later? Why didn't she tell them about the injections?

    What did Bree's dad say that made Bree not want to contact her mother? Is there anything that Bree and her father discussed (other than the obvious information about Bree's mom) that we don't know yet?
    Why did she get upset that Bree "projected weakness" by crying?
    Do we really know that Bree's dad is dead?
    If he knew the Ceremony was bad and that she shouldn't be doing it, why did he let her prepare for it? Why didn't he put a stop to it all sooner? Why did he keep giving her Epogen? Why didn't he tell Bree about his concerns either before things got out of control, or the day he was shot? Why didn't he tell her how to lower her ribozyme levels without his help?
    What about the fact that they were not her biological parents? Where are her biological parents? Did they give her up willingly, or was she taken? Are her biological parents in Hymn of One? What about her adoptive parents qualified them to raise Bree, and what did her biological parents lack that disqualified them?
    Why is Bree suddenly happy with her mother again?

    Why did Bree's dad leave a box under a stump?
    What was in the rest of the letter from Bree's dad in the box?
    What else was in the notebook with the ribozyme charts?
    Was there anything else in the box?

    Who captured Bree, Daniel and Jonas?
    Who was the interrogator?
    Where were they staying?
    How did they escape?
    Why did a Watcher kill their captor and let them go?
    How did they find Jonas's car again?
    We know Bree was told to do the Ceremony, and Daniel was told to go home, but what exactly was Jonas asked about? When they asked about his parents' death, why did he say "I don't want to play anymore?" Why does the interrogator say "This is no game?" Does Jonas know more about his parents' death than he realizes (maybe it's in his subconcious somewhere)?

    Who is Cassie?
    Why does Bree randomly remember her and bring her up?
    Why does Daniel not remember her?
    Why was everyone so mean to her?
    What freaked her out about the religion (since up until recently Bree didn't talk about it much, which we know because Daniel didn't really know anything about it)?
    How come Bree says at one point that Cassie stopped talking to her because Bree's religion freaked her out, but says in a later video that they haven't seen each other since Bree took the blame for Cassie making prank phone calls?
    Why does Daniel bring her up in "Miss Me?"
    Is she actually connected to the Order, or has the Order just used her name because Bree talked about her?

    In "Order of Denderah", it is implied that the ceremony takes place in mid-October- is this the only time it takes place?
    Why would Bree hint that the ceremony would take place on 10/12/06 when it was only a false ceremony that hadn't been planned yet (we know this because Bree says that it wasn't planned until after the people helping her prepare found out Daniel was filming them)? Also, why did she have to lie to her parents about when the ceremony took place?
    What is the ceremony, anyway? Why is it so important that it be done, especially since Hymn of One isn't even a real religion? Or is it a real religion that the Order takes advantage of?
    What were the excercises that Bree and Jules talked about? What is the selection process for girls to be chosen for the ceremony? Why Bree and Jules (if, of course, Jules was actually a ceremony girl)? What is different about them than the other girls placed in "controlled enviroments"?
    What specific aspect of the ceremony requires use of Epogen?
    What special diet was Bree on, and why (we know she said it involves a lot of red meat and avoiding sugar, but what else does it entail, and why)? If Jules isn't a ceremony girl, why was she doing excercises and on a special diet?
    What exactly is the "purity bond" and why is it crucial?
    What was Bree's dad giving her that could lower her ribozyme levels?

    What did Daniel talk about when Jonas hypnotized him? Did he really talk about Thursday night, or something else?
    Is there any particular reason why Daniel doesn't like to go swimming?
    In "Confrontation", Alex clearly didn't know how Daniel got in the house- how did he get in unnoticed, and what was he doing?

    Who are the deacons? Do they think they are really a part of a religion, or do they know that Hymn of One is just a front for the Order?

    What is the Wyman foundation?
    Who is Isaac Gilman? What kind of work did he do with genetics?
    Who is "the Mistress"?
    Who is Ted Fuller?
    What were the injections Isaac Gilman was giving Bree? Were they to make her 'trait-negative'?
    Who is Spencer?
    What caused Isaac Gilman's car to crash? Was he killed by the same people who killed Bree's dad? Is there a connection between the deaths of Bree's dad, Gilman and Gemma (who were all killed the same day)?

    What was Gemma's real objective?
    Was she really working for the Order, or was it more complicated?
    Was she really shot by Brother, or was it a ruse?
    Is Finn, the musician at the party, the same musician that Gemma went on a few dates with?

    Was it just a coincidence that Jonas contacted Bree and offered to help her in her flight from the Order, and then later his parents turned out to be closely connected to the Order/resistance? Or did Jonas know more than he has revealed about his parents' activities?
    Was there any significance to what Jonas was mumbling in his sleep when they were chasing Alex ("Missing Days")? Could his parents have maybe given him information that he didn't realize was information at the time?
    When searching for Bree, why did Jonas have a mental break down at a lake?
    What is up with Jonas's email? Why is it so out of character, and why are there so many mistakes?
    How does Jonas finance their adventures without leaving a trail for the Order to follow when he uses ATMs and such? Is that how the Order keeps finding them?

    What's going on with the whole plot involving Jonas's parents? Are they really still alive? Where are they, and why have they been gone so long?
    What is the "whacked-out, crazy stuff" that Alex's mom accused Jonas's dad of?
    Was there more to Alex's mom's death than just an accident? What are these pictures that the Order had, proving that Jonas's dad was involved with her death?

    What about Jules? Was she a distraction, bait, or was she really a new Ceremony girl?
    Why does her birth certificate say that she is not adopted? Are her parents actually her biological parents, or is it a cover from the Order so that no one knows she is adopted?
    Why did she have the symbol for Epogen in her file, and what is "trait negative"? Is she missing one of the traits that Bree mentioned?

    What is the significance of the map locations on Lucy's computer? Are they locations of eligible ceremony girls, or of places the ceremony will be held, or what?
    Why does Lucy seem to show up all of the time, even in Mexico?
    Is there more to her than we know?
    Why hasn't she been seen since she showed up in Zavalla? Where is she now? Why is her computer gone from her apartment? Why did she leave behind a map? Wouldn't she have taken it with when she was travelling?

    What about Nikki B.? Is she canon now, or was that a one-time-deal?
    What is Nikki B. doing undercover with the HoO?

    What is the difference (if any) between The Order and the Hymn of One?
    In "Mystery Movies", we find out that Bree's dad must be watching her videos, and we know from the video "Me for Daniel" that the Order is watching Bree's videos- but later, in one of Nikki B.'s videos, we find out that the Order doesn't watch her videos- why?
    What is the connection between the Order and ancient Egypt? Is there any reason beyond some way to lend credibility to Hymn of One?
    Why are there conflicting ideas about capturing Bree within the Order?
    What is the significance of all of the "free will" talk in the Order? Is it just something that the Hymn of One uses to get people in, or is it really part of the Order's objectives, or what?
    What is the "eternal song"? Is it literally a song, or just a metaphor of some kind?
    Why did the HoO ask what it did on the "audition" survey? What were the significances of the various answers?
    What is with the mantra "The Hymn of One is fun?"

    Why was Alex's mom afraid of planes (in "Apology Accepted" we find out she said that "planes don't fly, they crash.")?
    What is Daniel doing about his parents? They can't possibly believe that he's still camping, can they?
    What's wrong between Taylor and Sarah's parents? What was in the message that their dad left that made their mom so sad?

    At the party in the "Uncle Dan" videos, why do they very obviously point out the musician guy?
    Who was the guy arguing with Alex, and why were they arguing?
    Why does Toby struggle to say Beth is a reporter and then Beth cuts him off?
    Why is Carl and what was with all the "it's fine, it's fine, it's fine" and other weird stuff at the party?
    What about the comment about Jonas's "file"?
    What did Alex tell Sonia about Jonas? Why would she talk about him if she hasn't seen him in about six years?
    Why does Carl flip out when Daniel tries to talk to Sonia and him?
    Why was there a picture of Lucy, and who is the other woman? Is the other woman Rebecca? Was she really lying about her connections to the Order and Hymn of One? Why did she invite Daniel in for tea?

    What is in "The Order of the Modern Empire" other than the Theta/Pi symbol and list of initials?
    Is there still a resistance group alive (besides our trio, of course)?
    Besides physical training, did Bree learn anything from Tachyon during her recent stay with her?
    What does the stuff on the whiteboard in the bunker mean? What did they change it to say?
    What else did they find in the bunker? Was there anything to find?

    Why is the tag "hamster" used in quite a few videos that have nothing to do with hamsters?
    What happened with "the Cowboy"? Wasn't he supposed to be central to the plot?
    What is the significance of longitude and meridians? Bree made a whole video about it (and the story she told was a myth, which she treated as fact, which seems to indicate it is an important topic), Jonas talks about his parents being lost at sea at a particular longitude, Jonas says that Alex's mom used to talk about them a lot, then - so what's the big deal? Are meridians referring to geography or Chinese medicine, or something else entirely?
    Does Pluto have any significance in the story, as it has now been mentioned three times in the series?
    Did Bree and Jonas sleep together, or did he just try to make it look that way?

    Why did Sarah leave home and join the boys?
    Why has Sarah fallen for Daniel so quickly? Does she really like him, or is she using him for something?
    Is Sarah really as promiscuous as she claims?
    Why does she make such a huge deal about "fun" in "Everybody Does It ;)"?

    SING WITH ME (and the other HoO videos Bree appeared in)
    Why does "Sing With Me" open with a large star in the middle of the screen followed by a smaller shooting star?
    Why are Sonia and Carl with Bree?
    Why is Bree wearing a bandage again? Is she taking Epogen again?
    Why is everyone wearing white? Why is Bree wearing jeans, when the other two are wearing either white or khaki pants (not sure which)?
    Why is there a shot of Boston at the end of each video?
    How are secret messages ending up in the HoO videos? Who put them there, and why?

    What are Watchers, and what side are they on? What is their goal/purpose?
    Why do Watchers (and apparently most Order members) dress the same? Wouldn't their job be easier if they weren't as easily recognizable?
    Why did Gemma warn Bree about the Watchers, especially if they were working for the Order?
    Why weren't there Watchers to protect Jules?

    Submissions so far from kallekelly, QtheC, Stevemedigod and Gemma's Flatmate.

    Tuesday, June 5, 2007

    JONAS CHAT JUNE 6, 2007

    Jonas appeared in the LG15 Chat

    For a log of the chat go here

  • Discuss the Jonas chat or the new video in IRC CHAT

  • Feedback on the chat.

    Bedside Manner

    We're trying to help Bree, and get her back to normal. Unfortunately, not everyone is taking this seriously. -Jonas Faction:The Resistance

    The Creators: to be honest, you guys are the boss

    Greg visited the LG15 chat on Wednesday night to talk to fans:

    "The Creators: to be honest, you guys are the boss"

    Unscramble it!

    Was there a clue in last night chat or the video?

    KellyInside222 says:

    "okay, so on the title of brees latest video, i took some of the lower case letters to make "http", then i listened in the video for the first letter of every sentence, like the last few videos with jonas. then...."

    :hen...while listening to that i got "www". then i realized that not all the letters in the title andbeginning of sentences were uwed. so those letters are: SDBISTIIIAEHESEEOPLE....so now we are all trying to anagram it to see if we can get a complete URL....we might have to see the next vid to get an ending"

    "in the chat yesterday where mayhem was with Bree, she says this: they locked me in hear like an animal thats what she says. is the word "hear" the wrong HERE for the sentence on PURPOSE?"

    I A E H E S E E O P L E

    Fans think they might have the first part: "http"

    Thanks to kellyinside222 we have a list of possible solutions.See the annagram solutions and the 2nd annogram. (sdbistiiiaeheseeople).

  • Talk about Bree's chat puzzle in IRC CHAT

  • Could there be a clue in the chat (this is not 100 percent accurate and is just a possible beginning point"


    Extracting the capitals Brooklynxman came up with

    ...and if you don't like puzzles here is a little rap that Killthesmiley came up with:

    "The hymn of one is FUn you hear, But they won't let you chumps near. I see you shaking in your skater boots, while we work behind your back and steal your loots."


    We wanted to find out how the character interaction in the Bree chat went over last night. So, what better way to find out than interview one of the people who talked to her. With that in mind, we tracked down Brooklynxman in IRC chat and talked to him.

    mm: B-man?
    B-man: mm?
    mm: Bree talked to you?
    B-man: In the chat, yeah, a little
    B-man: not much
    mm: on the record for LG15 TODAY...
    mm: what did she say?
    B-man: Well, to me in particular she asked if I was really from Brooklyn
    B-man before I could answer someone else said I was from Texas
    B-man I said I was from Brooklyn
    mm: why do you think she asked that?
    B-man she said she'd never been there
    B-man Im not sure, its been in the back of my mind
    mm: have you talked to her before in the LG15 character chat area?
    B-man No
    mm: Interesting, so she may just have picked you randomly
    B-man She could have
    mm: In general, what was your impression of Bree in the chat?
    B-man: She typed SHADOW OF JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!! when he came in
    B-man she was unstable, randomly remembering things
    mm: Do you think she was giving clues or was she just random?
    B-man I think it was just random, but with her you never know
    mm: When she talked to you personally did you feel a connection?
    B-man Yes
    mm: You also talked to Maddy in IRC chat, right?
    B-man but my computer disagreed with me
    B-man: Yes I did
    mm: Given that they are vastly different personalities, how would you compare the two in terms of interaction?
    B-man: It was easier with Maddy, but that was probably because of IRC, and the fact that we didnt have...
    B-man (may I curse)
    03:04 modelmotion sure
    B-man a@@@@ trying to screw with the chat
    mm: Ahhh yea, I understand
    mm: So, other than the technical difficulties you would say that the quality of character interaction was very good?
    B-man They both seemed to fit in character very well
    mm OK, I think that should do it, is there anything else you would like to add about the Bree Chat
    B-man Only that its too bad everyone froze up so we cant get a complete transcript
    mm: Understood, lets hope that can be fixed before the next one.
    B-man I would also like a chat with a character thats normal
    B-man drunk Daniel
    B-man drugged Bree
    mm: Well when we talked to Maddy she was very much in normal character. The two recent LG15 chats appear to have had a special purpose.
    mm: Thanks for talking to LG15 Today:)
    B-man: np

  • Talk about Bree's chat in IRC CHAT

  • Did you talk to Bree? Were you present in the chat? Did you miss the chat. Leave us a comment below and tell us what YOU thought.

    Today on LG15

    Today on LG15 fans saw Bree going cuckoo. (OK Bree already was a little bit cuckoo - lets just say she definitely had one too many orange slurpees)

    Bree: Sing your eternal song. (She bounces on the bed, then sits down on it and giggles.) Do you hear how quiet it is? Why would anyone who says they're someone's best friend lock them in a room, hm? Hm? Where am I? (She goes back to jumping on the bed.) Happy, happy! (Bree sits on the bed, looking at P. Monkey with a confused expression. A high-pitched whine begins playing in the background.) I remember you.

    I hope you do Bree because as soon as you crack out of your brainwashed state I think P.Monkey would like to tell you of the abuse he suffered at the hands of Sarah.

    Bree: (Cut to a shot of Bree throwing Owen on the bed in anger.) Stop! (Cut to Bree looking at the camera.) They say that they don't trust me anymore. (Cut to Bree trying to hum the pitch, then spinning in circles, then finally banging her head against the wall.) I don't trust them either. (The pitch in the background stops.) I can't believe I just said that.

    Owen and P.Monkey dont trust Bree anymore? Who would of thought that Bree talking to her stuffed toys would actually be a sign of returning sanity???

    Stay tuned...

    Monday, June 4, 2007

    BREE CHAT, June 4 2007

  • Talk about Bree's chat in IRC CHAT

  • Bree appeared in LG15 Chat tonight. Because LG15 chat is totally incapable of handling large chats, many users experienced extreme difficulties during the chat. People either could not get in, experienced crashes or freeze up. The Creators are perfectly aware of these problems because they are not new, and many users have suggested that until they get it fixed they would be better off using IRC Chat.

    We tried to get a log of the chat and got at least a partial log.


    Several other logs exist including one on LGpedia , and over the next few days we will all work together to bring you the best account we are able to compile. It just would be nice if the Creators would not put us through this every time they attempt a live chat.

    Here are a few quotes from Bree:

    "[00:04:45] lonelygirl15: eerb
    [00:04:58] lonelygirl15: monkey? monkeys are purple
    [00:05:03] lonelygirl15: i'm fine
    [00:05:08] lonelygirl15: JUST fINe
    [00:05:27] lonelygirl15: like swimming?
    [00:05:57] lonelygirl15: no has done anything to me. except those LIARS
    [00:06:11] lonelygirl15: ritchie rich
    [00:06:36] lonelygirl15: they are not my friends
    [00:06:41] lonelygirl15: my friends hear the music
    [00:07:00] lonelygirl15: hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    [00:07:11] lonelygirl15: <3 carl
    [00:07:25] lonelygirl15: you're not going to turn out well shadow
    [00:07:45] lonelygirl15: LISTEN??? all i can hear is the mUSic
    [00:07:53] lonelygirl15: la la la la
    [00:08:10] lonelygirl15: Why?
    [00:08:18] lonelygirl15: the music makes me feel good. the people here don't.
    00:08:40] lonelygirl15: yes tehy do want to harm me
    [0:08:53] lonelygirl15: they locked me in hear like an animal
    [00:08:56] lonelygirl15: like a MONKEY
    [00:09:19] lonelygirl15: fine. he's typing write now.
    [00:09:44] lonelygirl15: NAH SMECH!!!*(*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^*&^
    [00:10:08] lonelygirl15: p monkey la la la la thor i love him too
    [00:10:32] lonelygirl15: EVIL = LIVE
    [00:10:47] lonelygirl15: ok Danielle, do you hear the music too?
    [00:10:54] lonelygirl15: la la la hmmmmmmmmmmmm
    [00:11:24] lonelygirl15: FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [00:16:43] lonelygirl15: SAY IT AGAIN AND I WILL
    [00:16:59] lonelygirl15: :)
    [00:17:25] lonelygirl15: :p
    [00:17:43] lonelygirl15: ok thank you
    [00:17:48] lonelygirl15: LUV LUV LUV LUV
    [00:17:53] lonelygirl15: i'm listening now
    [00:16:49] lonelygirl15: milo where's you go??
    [00:18:16] lonelygirl15: where where where"
    [00:18:38] lonelygirl15: p monkey is good. he's my friend. i love him, he listens to me
    [00:19:08] lonelygirl15: owen is here.
    00:19:17] lonelygirl15: where's thor???
    [00:19:25] lonelygirl15: i think they took him
    [00:18:09] lonelygirl15: they would take him from me
    [00:19:44] lonelygirl15: i do have an eternal song
    [00:19:46] lonelygirl15: do you?
    [00:20:05] lonelygirl15: GooD
    [00:20:56] lonelygirl15: are you from brooklyn?
    [00:21:15] lonelygirl15: genre? the genre of eternal happiness. hmmmmmmm
    [00:21:35] lonelygirl15: ive never been there
    [00:22:00] lonelygirl15: sweet
    [00:22:32] lonelygirl15: so what are you all doing here?
    [00:23:35] lonelygirl15: help me with what?
    [00:23:52] lonelygirl15: ritchie rich $$$
    [00:24:09] lonelygirl15: jonas and daniel have betrayed me
    [00:24:22] lonelygirl15: friends don't lock friends up
    [00:24:37] lonelygirl15: a shot of LOVE
    [00:25:41] lonelygirl15: rope tied up small space
    [00:26:36] lonelygirl15: hmmm no rope please
    [00:27:05] lonelygirl15: gEnoCide
    [00:27:45] lonelygirl15: sam i am join in the FUN
    [00:28:31] lonelygirl15: monkey
    [00:28:53] lonelygirl15: i'm NOT tied up!!!
    [00:29:16] lonelygirl15: don't tie me up please
    [00:29:48] lonelygirl15: please don't
    [00:30:26] lonelygirl15: computer compeuter camera monkey
    [00:31:36] lonelygirl15: let's all sing together
    [00:33:42] lonelygirl15: WHAT is your favorite song??? little monkey
    [00:34:05] lonelygirl15: i want to go hiking
    [00:34:22] lonelygirl15: n-o-w please
    [00:35:00] lonelygirl15: SLAP YOU eldfkjnsdlfjsdlfjsdlkjfsfjsjkj
    [00:35:05] lonelygirl15: 28459347543987539543530495395-439
    [00:35:32] lonelygirl15: they can't read the lyrics
    [00:35:50] lonelygirl15: i hear the music do you?
    [00:36:09] lonelygirl15: i like dance in the water
    [00:36:22] lonelygirl15: within all of us
    [00:36:55] lonelygirl15: dance dance dance around the room
    [00:37:29] lonelygirl15: mpuff tje ,agic dragon lioved byu the seea;;;;; anmd frlocked the in the automn
    [00:38:20] lonelygirl15: iluv,e seriously
    [00:38:29] lonelygirl15: seriously seriously seriously seriously
    [00:39:43] lonelygirl15: i am sing with you. i'm on the bed jumping up and down screaming teh lyrics to anyone who will listen
    [00:44:49] lonelygirl15: who's daniel?
    [00:45:55] lonelygirl15: what's a chat?
    00:46:16] lonelygirl15: I adore you!
    [00:46:34] lonelygirl15: what am i doing here?
    [00:48:24] lonelygirl15: squirrels munch on acorns
    [00:49:56] lonelygirl15: they LOCKED me in here!!!!!
    [00:50:02] lonelygirl15: jonas is evil
    [00:51:42] lonelygirl15: they've all lost the tune
    [00:53:54] lonelygirl15: I AM PURE. IT is the world that is dirty
    [00:54:37] lonelygirl15: &*(&(*&%$^%$^%$^*&)(*_*_
    [00:55:56] lonelygirl15: good night. i will sing for you"

    NOTES: The first eight posts and some other posts have been filled in after the fact, from a different log (Perky's), so the timestamps are different. Thanks to Milo_went and Karin for submitting logs to [email protected]

    I hAtE tHeSe PeOpLe

    I'm stuck in a house Jonas rented. They never let me out. Lalalalala. -Bree Faction: THE ORDER

    ~ QtheC

    I was here.... - romanceismusic

    8 months ago, Several of us embarked on a journey. It was creepy, mysterious, and enticing. We spent hours upon hours, nights after nights, and days after days, working on puzzles that seemed to have no end. Each day moving closer to the final answer.

    Then one day...

    Cassie pulled the trigger, dove into second life, and left us there to bury the body, and move on with life.

    This is for those of you that spent countless hours with me, racking away on anagrams and impossible pictures.

    Those of you that are still around, waiting, and those of you that aren't, this is for you!

    PS: I realize that the end is an OpAphid clip. It fit. Seemed fitting IMO.



    A secret informant has identified several girls that are members of the HoO FLOCK . We believe that their are other "New Girls" and HoO girls who are not member of this "FLOCK" but we have reason to believe that there are connections between the individuals we identify here.

    To make it easy for you we have set up a portal where you can view all their videos and we will add a direct link to the right hand menu of the blog.



    My 'Advisor' - horrorlass

    Sorry I've been quiet for a bit. I've been given an 'advisor' by my parents...

    INSIDE 436?

    Just what did cause the 8 minute dilemma?

    Joe Says:

    June 4th, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    "We conducted our experiments inside 436 in case anything went wrong. However, since 436 doesn’t exist we had to guess where it was. We might have guessed incorrectly a few times."

    For answers to any questions about 436, go to:

    NOTE: The theory that universal time zone experimentation by Joe was connected to the mysterious disappearance of many LG15 commenters seems to be consistent with our research which showed that each commenter disappeared than then reappeared several days later according some predetermined time in their time zone. Many commenters have reported that their watches showed that they had only been gone for 8 minutes as previously reported here.

    Be Part of a Gemma Crowley Video - acrowleyorder

    EmoSarah says.....

    Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2007 11:06 am

    chevalier wrote:


    The mention of casserole reminds me--which of the TAAG cooks? None of you seem the type--no offense. Do you guys subsist on taquitos and spray cheese, or what?


    EmoSarah replied:

    'Cooking? I don't know if Daniel and Jonas even know how to spell the word. Food with them mostlly consists of bread, various deli meats, and anything that will microwave in less than 3 minutes (they have a short attention span). I, on the other hand, can certainly spell cooking ... it's just that, well ... I'm not very good at it. Back in the day I did make a mean brownie for many a school bake sale. Oh, and I'm now famous with the squirrel crowd for my casserole-surprise."

    Be part of a Gemma Crowley Video

    gemmacrowley says:

    Mon Jun 04, 2007 1:48 pm

    Be part of a Gemma Crowley Video

    Thanks to the great fans of the lonelygirl series the Gemma Crowley Film Series (http://www.youtube.com/acrowleyorder) is now the 12th most subscribed Directors Channel on YouTube this month.

    We are interested in putting together a video outside of the Gemma Crowley storyline which includes video clips of lonelygirl fans who both love and hate Gemma. If are you interested in taking part then please make a five to ten second video of yourself saying either “Gemma Lives” or “Gemma is Dead”. Feel free to be creative in your wording but please keep the comments short.

    After making your video email a clip of less than 4 MB to [email protected] or if you have trouble doing that then simply post your video on YouTube and send us a link.

    Once again this is going to be a video outside the Gemma Crowley story line but it should be a fun way to bring the community together.

    Gemma Crowley

    LG15 Saga; What's the Scoop?

    "the LG15 fans saw past the fact that they had been dooped and realized that they were now part of something revolutionary; an interactive educational internet television show."



    The Creators say (referring to the above linked article)

    Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2007 3:55 pm

    "Great article!!! Thanks so much!"

    Dream 11: Yowza! (Sarah)

    Love, Love and Love!

    This is the latest in Voyboy's Dreams from the Breeniverse series.

    Concern for P-Monkey Wins by a Landslide, Sorry Jules

    A recent brief comments board survey indicates that fans are more concerned about P-Monkey's rough handling by emoSarah than they are about Jule's fate in the hands of the Order.

    There was a certain amount of fan outcry after emoSarah's recent "Entertaining Myself" video, leading to some speculation of a Sarah vs. Bree smackdown when Bree snaps out of her Hymn Of One haze and sees the damning footage of P-Monkey's humilation. As one fan (who shall remain named modelmotion) put it on the Sarah Chat forum:

    Just wait, when Bree comes outta her HoO comma you are in for one good beating. I dont think I have ever seen Bree mad. I mean the Order is one thing. Her dad getting killed by the Order was bad. But u touch P. Monkey and u are not gonna get off lightly.
    Lacking, however, are expressions of concern about the fate of Jules, taken by the Order at the same time as Bree in "What the F@*k???"

    This prompted the question... was it simply a matter of 'out of sight, out of mind' or are fans truely more concerned about P-Monkey than Jules? So we conducted a little survey (very little)...

    The Question
    QtheC asks: "Who is everyone more worried about? Jules or P-Monkey?"

    The Replies
    caravelle says: "P monkey of course."

    Brooklynxman elaborates: "I'm more worried that Jules might return then if P monkey is okay, but in terms of the person's welfare, definitely more concerned about P Monkey."

    Truncatedslinky answers: "Do you want my real answer or my nice answer?"

    blackitty offers: "I would say P.Monkey. At least we know Owen is in good hands with Joe."

    Rebelgoddess replies: "What a silly question. Jules of co-…no, wait…"

    Kelseygirl states emphatically: "P Monkey by a long shot."

    modelmotion says randomly: "I think they should have had orange and purple stones."

    Those are a few reactions from the comments board. It's a good thing Jules is "trait negative." So, what do you think?

    ~ QtheC

    ED: Please note, this is a light-hearted article poking fun at some of the strangeness of the breeniverse, and is NOT an invitation to start Jules bashing...

    Sunday, June 3, 2007

    Iris Network: “We Have Infiltrated both TFW & HoO”

    An organization known as the Iris Network claim they were able to sneak a member of their network into the HoO seminar held on May 31, 2007. The Iris Network, with members across the nation, sent an agent to the seminar to see how 'easy' it is to get inside without having the necessary 'traits' of HoO.

    “We are meant to help Bree and the others.” Says the Iris Network agent who would like to remain anonymous at this time.

    Their videos, found under the YouTube usernames: Damieneyes , Riverstyxshow , and Sexhexy provide messages in music lyrics, photos, & codes both new and old. Some code is “new, undiscovered code called Blackmathsk.” The key to deciphering their message is in the video “Answers”, under YouTube user Damieneyes.

    Our informant stresses, that the videos, though low quality, should be watched and de-coded. The name of their leader, jdolorous, is revealed in one of the videos. Also revealed in one video, is a web address leading to more codes.

    Watching the videos, the purpose of the Iris Network is currently unclear. The videos mention the call for the fall of Tachyon, and express sorrow for Gemma’s passing. But our informant states: “Take a harder look, and you'll see our goals are a bit more complicated. Tachyon is our 'inspiration' so to speak. Our goals can't exactly be discussed, yet there is no intention to hurt Bree, or any of her friends, relatives, etc.”

    When asked what message the Iris Network would like for all to see, the reply was, “We shall not be terminated.”


    Everyone wants to know what happened in those 8 minutes!

    Perhaps this comment by Brooklynxman gives us a clue:

    June 3rd, 2007 at 10:09 pm

    Supposedly Joe’s experimentation with universal time zones took away several days from several commentors, making them think it was only 8 minutes. Maybe they’re best left unmeddled with for now.

    NOTE: messing with time zones can be dangerous to your health! Do not attempt to do this at home.

    Doctor? - TrueFreeWill

    Transmission 06 - 01 - C29 Faction: TFW Status: PRIVATE

    Binary Code Translated - acrowleyorder

    shamROCKS85 Says:

    June 3rd, 2007 at 5:59 pm

    "gemma has a new vid on youtube


    she also added a binary code to the message and it was translated by a couple of people on there

    In the beginning G.A.O.T.U. created humanity
    Adam and Eve had souls but lacked intelligence
    The most beautiful of all Angels completed humanity
    Giving them the gift of intellect from the tree of life
    This gift gave birth to the one true religion
    Our religion is science
    Through science we will become G.A.O.T.U.
    Bree have the strength of Lilith
    Not the weakness of Eve
    And you will be G.A.O.T.U.
    Your father awaits your return"

    NOTE: From Lilith on Wikipedia:
    "Lilith is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death."

    "Ceremonial magick
    Few magickal orders exist dedicated to the undercurrent of Lilith and deal in initiations specifically related to the Aracana of the first Mother. Two organizations that progressively use initiations and magick associated with Lilith are the Ordo Antichristianus Illuminati and the Order of Phosphorus (see excerpt below). Lilith appears as a succubus in Aleister Crowley's De Arte Magica. Lilith was also one of the middle names of Crowley’s first child, Ma Ahathoor Hecate Sappho Jezebel Lilith Crowley (b. 1904, d.1906). She is sometimes identified with Babalon in Thelemic writings. A Thelemic rite, based on an earlier German rite, offers the invocation of Lilith."

    qwerty said...

    'I think the Lilith described by the Gnostics is a bit more interesting when you compare her to Eve. See http://www.gnosis.org/lilith.htm:

    (c) God then formed Lilith, the first woman, just as He had formed Adam, except that He used filth and sediment instead of pure dust. From Adam's union with this demoness, and with another like her named Naamah, Tubal Cain's sister, sprang Asmodeus and innumerable demons that still plague mankind. Many generations later, Lilith and Naamah came to Solomon's judgement seat, disguised as harlots of Jerusalem'. [4]

    (d) Adam and Lilith never found peace together; for when he wished to lie with her, she took offence at the recumbent posture he demanded. 'Why must I lie beneath you?' she asked. 'I also was made from dust, and am therefore your equal.' Because Adam tried to compel her obedience by force, Lilith, in a rage, uttered the magic name of God, rose into the air and left him."

    If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

    For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

    For other info contact: [email protected]

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