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Saturday, December 1, 2007

TJ Marsh Gives shoutouts to fans of LG15 on QuarterLife

He gave shoutouts to Greg Gallows and many more fans of LG15.

Check...Check it out!


Secret Messages - Zarbod

Zarbod receives Redearth Rachel's new secret message.

Music: Rockwell - Someone's Watching

ABC Executive Now Writing All Their Shows Himself

"ABC Vice President of Programming, Alex Bennett, reported today that he is not concerned in the slightest about striking writers, and is personally scripting every show in this Fall's lineup."

Listen to the full story here on 'The Onion Radio News'
ABC Executive Now Writing All Their Shows Himself

Its not your decision .. or is it.. on second thought .. - Greggerz19 (LJ15)

Anne, you need to take things seriously ... like emus do.

Design Changes?

We appear to be experiencing a few design changes to LG15 Today. I am not exactly sure what is going on but I am sure it will settle down after a while. Needless to say when that happens we will open up the design changes to discussion so you can tell us what you think.

Normally changes are tested out on the beta site, but for some reason the current changes are being inplemented on the live site. If the person making the changes can fill us in on what is going on I am sure we would all appreciate it.

EDIT: Gremlins!
No, just trying some new colors - and was just going to post about it asking for feedback... so... please post your reactions to the changes as a comment here!

Here is a "before" image so you can compare colors.

Here is what it would look like if ALL colors were inverted:

EDIT 2: I tried to address some of the concerns posted here already, and am done making changes for the moment.

I lightened the sunset image and swapped it around so the darkest clouds are not behind the "LG15 Today" title, changed the subtitle to bold font, changed the purple to maroon (to clash less), and fixed the bullets.

The colors look good on my laptop screen, but may be dark on some monitors - I'm not sure. If you adjust your brightness, and still have trouble reading anything on the blog, please post a comment here & specify which item is hard to read.

~ QtheC

Both Sides in Writers’ Strike See New-Media Future at Stake

"The nearly month-old strike by screenwriters has entered a new and perhaps uglier phase, revealing the conflict for what it has been all along: not so much a tiff over industry economics as a struggle for power over Hollywood’s perceived digital future."


Red Monday Radio Drama Launches

"Red Monday is a weekly Internet radio drama telling the story of a nuclear weapon detonating in Las Angeles."

"The show isn’t free. You get the first episode for free. But, you can buy the entire series, set to end on December 24th, I believe, for only $4.99 USD. I think even THIS is excellent. Someone showing that they feel their content is valuable enough to charge a subscription."

"One Disclaimer... If this turns out to be NOT an independent production, like if this turns out to be a black man lonelygirl15 project, I will hunt J. Marcus Xavier down and cut his ear cord. Because I’m sold that this is an independent production by a really talented individual (and/or maybe some friends). If this is Hollywood being tricky, I will say really mean things."


Web 2.0 and Advertising: Do We See Eye to Eye?

"With social networking and viral videos, we will learn more and more about consumers, and produce advertising that is more relevant to them."


Lonely Girl Ain't Lonely Anymore

"I met Miles 'LG15' Beckett in the summer and was struck by the low-fi nature of the Kate Modern production which is being shot in a flat at the bottom of Brick Lane and around the streets of London using handheld camcorders."


"NewTeeVee estimates that web programming costs around $1,000 per minute which may sound a lot until its compared to OldTeeVee drama which comes in at about $65,000 per minute."
From Wikipedia: Brick Lane is a street in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, in the East End of London. The street links Whitechapel High Street with Spitalfields, built in the 17th century. Today, it is the heart of the city's Sylheti Bangladeshi community, and is sometimes known as Banglatown.

ParisFiles_001 - impulseLG (WorldFiles)

December 1, 2007


Worldfiles is part of the Red Territory. Follow Worldfiles here

How Emma knew where to go

Danielbeast says:

As for Emma, she called me out of the blue, asked me if I knew where Jonas was. I didn't know she was planning to go down there! I probably would've gone with her if I did. But she didn't tell me, so I didn't. She really didn't sound that sick at the time. I hope she's OK. If Jonas emails again, I'll let you all know how she is.

You guys want me to just go run off to Mexico. I don't really get why. Jonas and I swapped emails, and he agrees there's not a whole lot for me to do down there. It's a fact-finding mission, you know? And Jonas is getting all the facts. If he needs me, he'll let me know. I don't really know what the deal is with Sarah, I think Jonas's attitude at this point is, she made her bed, let her lie in it for a while. He's got other things to think about, anyway, now that Emma's down there. What a trip that was, seeing her in that video! She surprised me as much as she surprised Jonas with that one.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Virgin adds web show to inflight entertainment

""Virgin Atlantic has always been keen to reflect media trends and showcase them to our passengers, so it's delighted to feature KateModern as part of our award-winning entertainment," commented Lysette Gauna, head of brand for Virgin Atlantic."


KateModern, Virgin Take Flight

"LG15 Studios was conceived to break barriers with our online entertainment content and we feel that this is another first which allows an Internet-based program to be viewed on an interesting forum: in flight," said co-creator and executive producer Miles Beckett.


Virgin Atlantic to Screen Online Drama ‘KateModern' Onboard Flights
"Greg Goodfried, Co-creator and executive producer for KateModern said.

‘We are thrilled that KateModern will now be seen by the International travellers on Virgin Atlantic’"


Killers at the Door?! - Jonas (LG15)

We thought Verdus found us, but it was someone else. - Jonas

Lg15 Chat & Some General Guidelines

Hey everybody, just thought it was time for a post about our NEW! lg15chat room
Here are some general guidelines for #lg15chat:
Alright so below is just a list of how users of the chat room are expected to behave, and what steps will be taken if the policy’s are not followed.
• First off, lg15chat should be considered a PG-13 room, just like all other lg15 related “business.”
• Please be respectful of each other, no flaming or fighting with other users. (Yes common sense, but when chat hits 100 or plus users, you’d be surprised how quickly tempers flare)
• Also, coming into chat and spamming ........is wrong..........and most importantly NOT COOL!..........so please don’t do it. If you ask a question and are not answered, be patient, someone will get to you. Also, please try to avoid typing in ALL CAPS, because its shouting and also not cool. ;)
• If you are warned by an op about your behavior please comply, because not doing so may result in a kick, or a ban if the behavior continues.
• We are to assume that if a character comes into chat, it is automatically transformed into IG (in game). This means that we are to assume that they are real, and their situations are real. Any oog (out of game) talk will be ignored, and you will be warned.
• We are also to assume that if the creators decide to bring a character into chat, it is to help develop the story, solve a puzzle, or just hang out. They will most likely take the lead with this, which is why we need users to please be a little more quiet so the character can actually speak. Please do not ask inappropriate or irrelevant questions just for the sake of getting a reaction from them, this too is just.........not cool!
• We ask that you be patient, and polite, even if you do not particularly like the character, or actor/actress. It is not appropriate to come into chat, voice your negative opinions about them when they are there to help move the story along.
• Oh, and to all old users, don’t pick on the newbs!!! Be nice. Lol

I know most of this information sounds like common sense, and for the most part it is. It is just here as a reminder and a reference for new users in chat. Because when the chat room reaches a high number of users things get pretty hectic pretty fast. And remember respect and patience is key during these times. If you have any further questions, you may contact the op’s of lg15chat: Broken_Kid, Zoey, Heyaja (Aja), JenniPowell, Maya (Marlasinger), Greggers (GregGallows), Marbella, Cloud_ax....or contact me I will be more than happy to help, and I am sure other users will be too ;)

Some links to reference:

A Gift - Gregory Atkins (RE88)

I'm at work so late tonight. Thanks Clara for making this. It is beautiful.


"im behind the prank"

Comments appears to be under a prank attack:

"im behind the prank" says...
November 30th, 2007 at 4:47 pm

"Hey everyone. Just wanted to let u know that im behind the CREATOR Prank….. I was blocked from the site by IP so i had to do some hacking. But Im back now!!!"

"The Creators"
November 30th, 2007 at 4:47 pm

"Attention all lonelycrackers:

Knock if off or we will stop making new videos!

And never bring Bree back!"
See the related article http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/11/thecreators-is-fake.html from earlier today.

The fake creators profile: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?page_id=113&member=20780

The real creators profile: http://www.lg15.com/lonelygirl15/?page_id=113&member=8

The Case of the Missing Gift

Now you see it, now you don't. Where did it go?

We are not quite sure what happened here but a video called "A Gift" was posted on the maddisonatkins YouTube account, but then it appeared to disappear. Shortly after this happened a video with the same title appeared on the same account. I think Hammy has been messing with fairy dust again.....but shhhhhhhhhh dont tell her I said that:)

And now it is gone again. Maybe it is actually Joe messing with the 436. And yes, you may just have notice that it appeared and disappeared for a 3rd time. This is the gift that keeps on giving!!!!!!!!

A Gift
From: maddisonatkins
Views: 4


Now you see it, now you dont. Where did it go?

[19:34] Sorry about the video stuff. There is some glitch with YouTube

Bree.FM Friday

DJ Hallows Live from the UK Debuts on Bree.FM - 4pm Pacific

Join me, DJ_Hallows, as I play whatever colours my fancy. Enjoy all the trials and tribulations of a first show, listen to the many cock-ups and awkward mic skills, marvell at how the time will drag! It's an event certain to be lost in history!

DJ QtheC Queues up the Classical - 8pm Pacific

Tonight on Bree.FM, I will play a selection of classical music or classical-esque soundtracks from my own collection, drawing from the copyright free site MusOpen.com, and possibly one or two tracks direct from YouTube. 'Classical' might include classic rock if the violins get too boring.

If those listening and in chat are interested, I will also play a recording of last week's "round 4" of the Eating While Singing performance of Captain and Tennille's "Muskrat Love" featuring the dramatic play-by-play of the talented and grossed-out Jenni Powell.

“thecreators” is FAKE!

Broken Kid says....
November 30th, 2007 at 2:27 pm

“thecreators” is FAKE!

As most of you already guessed, the fairly “official” sounding posts from an account with the username “thecreators” are fake. None of that was true, so never fear! The only official posts will come from the same account as always: The Creators. Please spread the word if anyone asks. Thanks!

Blood Cell or Cafe rogue?

from the Jessica Rose MySpace:

Hi Everyone,

So I am about to start a new project currently titled 'Bloodcell' - I'm not sure how I feel about the title but the script is good and I start filming monday! YAY So I had a question.. The project was originally called 'Cafe rogue' and the title has now been changed to 'Bloodcell' but nothings entirely final.. Which name do you like better? Let me know!

Anyway guess I should tell you a teeny bit about the project, Well in short without giving it away.. My character Julia gets a phone call in the middle of the night saying her friend has been kidnapped, The story follows Julia trying to save her friend. It will be shown on the internet in 'installments' Right now I don't know where it will be hosted but I will keep you posted on that!



Operation Doorstep - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Operation Doorstep didn't go quite according to plan. Does anything ever work out how I expected on a Friday?

Chad Vader Chats With Obama Girl - blamesocietyfilms

Chad Vader meets up with Obama Girl and answers the questions you've been dying to ask yourself, but you haven't had the time.

ED: This meeting of the minds probably took place at the event attended by Glenn Rubenstein in New York, Battle of the Viral Video Superstars . By the way, It appears "Team Wolf" won that viral film competition. I blame hanging chads... and milk.

Joanna Shields

A few corrections have been made to the earlier edition of this article:

Joanna Shields on LGPedia.

Joanna Shields is a co-executive producer for the webseries KateModern and the international president of Bebo.
Joanna has a Bachelor of Science from The Pennsylvania State University and a Master's in Business Administration from George Washington University. She started her career working as a research analyst for Deloitte, Haskins, and Sells.
In 1988, Joanna took a job as a product manager for Electronics for Imaging and worked her way up to Vice President of Worldwide Sales.[1] After seven years at that job, she took a job as CEO of a start-up media techonology company called Veon.[2] As CEO, she lead the the company to its acquisition by Philips, NV. During this time, she was named one of the Top 10 Industry Executives by Electronic Media magazine and the company itself was recognized as one of the Top 50 Private Companies by Red Herring in 2001.
Joanna then went on to work as vice president of international for RealNetworks. In this role, Joanna launched one of Europe's most rapidly growing online content subscription services and established the company as the leader in mobile media delivery. While she was there, Joanna was named a Euro Top 50 Executive by European Cable and Satellite Magazine and a UK Top 50 Executive by Internet Magazine.
In 2004, Joanna took a job with Google, where she was the Managing Director EMEA Syndication and Partnerships. In this capacity, Joanna was responsible for the syndication of Google's products throughout Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa. She also established all of the content partnerships that were essential for Google Video, Google Books, Google Earth, and Google Maps. She also orchestrated partnerships with some of the world's largest media and telecom companies, most recently with BSkyB.
Today, Joanna serves as the president of Bebo. Shortly after joining the company, Joanna, a long time fan of lonelygirl15, approached the Creators about doing a show on Bebo. Six months later, Bebo had its own teen drama, KateModern. Joanna was responsible for taking Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried to meet with advertisers to pitch the idea, and helped secure a number of sponsors for the show.
Joanna was also responsible for heading up an exclusive advertising deal between Yahoo! and Bebo, which has quickly become the number one social networking site in the UK, beating out both Facebook and MySpace.

NOTE: Special thanks to Zoey for all her hard work on this article and of course to all the other LGPedians who dedicate their time and effort on a daily basic to making LGPedia the most amazing resource.

IRSeeK.com provides searchable index of IRC transcripts

I just read a story on TechCrunch about an Israeli startup that is recording and indexing 2000+ irc channels and providing a means to search within them. There are two potential impacts that I see on this community: if you want to know what people were saying recently about Maddison or the Hymn of One, you can now do so without tapping everyone you know on the shoulder for a transcript. On the other hand, there is the semi-ephemeral quality of irc that allows for more, uh, shall we say, "off the cuff" conversation; as the TechCrunch writeup asserts, posterity could chill the freedom that currently pervades chat rooms.
Note: just in case you might not think this would be effective I ran a test: http://www.irseek.com/result.php?keywords=maddison+atkins. Yikes! ~mm

Posted in the Comments by Heyaja:

heyaja said...

It is my understanding that this is against Freenode policy (the network on which our channels are hosted) and the staffers are working with the website to remove all Freenode material that is currently posted. In the meantime, we have identified one of the "bots" that was logging information in #maddison and I have banned that user. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Freenode policy.

Virgin Atlantic Gets Modern

"Web series KateModern will be taking off on Virgin Atlantic International flights, thanks to a new deal between the airline and producer LG15 Studios"


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Missing Girl Found - Sarah (LG15)

Hey guys, I hope you weren't worried. - Sarah

The Mystery of Steve and ACO

Steve now appears to be a moderator of the Hymn of One group on Bebo.


Erica Pike:. I am Asmodai (ACO)

I am Asmodai of Ormus, Master of all that is Spiritual and Divine. Await my words to the world. Those that can read these printed words are blessed with the eyes of the Lilin.


Preview of Dreams in the Shadows: The new web-series about Erica Pike and Ormus


Queen Erica Pike's URL


Staring: Son Dao as Asmodai
Produced by ACO Productions
Note: there are 2 references to Asmodai on LGPedia:



Asmodai on Wikipedia.

The Case of the Missing Response Videos.

Have you ever noticed how slow LG15 is to accept response videos on YouTube? Perhaps this is just part of their business model to drive traffic to LG15.com, or perhaps no one actually submits response videos to Lonelygirl15 on YouTube. Perhaps they are just too busy to preview all the videos (but I am sure the community would be willing to help out if that was the case). In the end who win and who looses? Is this being a good YouTube citizen? What are your thoughts.

Leave a comment below and let us know YOUR opinion!!!!!

NOTE: see http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/11/who-is-jack.html for related story.


This data only covers views on the main Lonelygirl15 account on YouTube for the past year.

Since immo mentioned there were also views on Revver here they are (note that the data range is slightly different because of the data available).

Breaking news from Jeromy's radio show.

Jeromy told us a secret and then did not tell us anything.

Actually he did tell us that they would put Maddison on MySpace if they offered them $100,000 for it. He also mentioned that MySpace is going to announce the winners of the first round of the video contest tomorrow. (Watch http://www.myspace.com/storytellerchallenge for updates.)

Jeromy half-joked that they have a 25 year plot, and are just working on producing it 1 video at a time. In fact, they were setting up for a night shoot involving Adam Lamar after the radio show tonight.

When he gets messages he is always trying to fight the curtain.

According to Marla, Jeromy dresses up as a woman when he "plays clara".

Jeromy then went on to talk about the postcard he received.

There is going to be a separation between "Marla" the character and Maya.

Jeromy's show featured guest Nathan Honeycutt, professor of interspecies communication and a Benjamin Chicken, who clucked.

DJ Adam Lamar (who called himself something else I forget) followed DJ Jeromy who followed DJ Maya (who called herself DJ Marla, but shouldn't have) who followed DJ MicFranXon. (DJ Pill called in sick). Adam Lamar said he will be back regularly to DJ (probably on Thursdays), from Nacogdoches in the near term, and will continue to DJ from Vegas after he moves there.

Maya and Acid swear a lot in chat while playing Tetris online.

(ED: some edits by QtheC ;) )

The Actions of several enemies, be on alert. - OpAdolf (LJ15)

There was a break-out at one of our institutions... The name of the person who betrayed us? Blitzyon.

Our logs show that Blitzyon spent almost an hour on our computers. The data that was on the sheets we recovered could have been printed in a matter of minutes.

In light of recent circumstances, I will be taking a vacation...

But Blitzyon does not deserve to sat here and be a part of the perfect world I'm creating.

Demoralize. Observe.


Ted McKinley is Vice-President of Biotherapeutics at Verdus Pharmaceuticals. He first appeared at the press conference filmed in What's Going on? (Oct. 19, 2007), where he helped announce a joint initiative between his company, the Wyman Foundation, and the Hymn of One. Ted next appeared in Evil Drug Company Exposed! (Nov. 28, 2007), where we learn that Ted has not been letting pesky things like research ethics get in the way of Verdus's experiments on young trait positive girls.

Ted McKinley on LGPedia

Stephen Anthony Alberson on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Part 7 "Compromise" - Quarterlife

Debra's friend Eric, a political activist, arrives to stay for a couple days. He immediately annoys Dylan.
Part 7 "Compromise"

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Overtime - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Charlie said...

I think I know how to get rid of this snoopy reporter!

Overtime - Charlie (KM) on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

LGPedia:Ways To Help

This page was created for anyone who wants to help out on the LGPedia. The page consists of different categories, depending on the type of page you'd like to help out on. You can see the available options on the Table of Contents below. From there, you will find tables that list each of the pages that needs work. Once you have selected a page you'd like to help out on, look to your right to find exactly what changes are needed. This way, as you are working you will have an idea of what you're aiming for. Good luck and happy helping!

LGPedia: Ways To Help

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST.
Glenn feels like he is trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning. He has three things in the works.
Big surprise. Two new music mashups on tonights show.
Off camera cameos: expect instructions in the next few days. Runs on PC, MAC, or Linux. You will be able to use any USB controller or the keyboard and it uses free open source software. The final even will be a guitar battle against Glenn.

As far as guitar hero is concerned Glenn was able to confirm that Rock Band is far superior to Guitar Hero 3. Glenn got the special edition with the drumset. On the song "Cherry Bomb" you might just see a score from Glenn. (top score on base at the time). Anyone want to jam online with XBox????
December: steady stream of videos coming. The mind blowing "Aly Zarin video" revelation is being "crafted". The talent is sworn to secrecy. It will be "unleashed" soon.

Part of the delay was Thanksgiving but also the YouTube hacker incident. Glenn thanks Miles and Greg for helping to look into it. They were heroes to the community. Glenn and Jeromy had to stay logged out of their accounts to demonstrate to YouTube that it was not phishing. The comments are now all back.

Creators have commented from time to time on how difficult it is to put out Lonelygirl15. On Anchor Cove some people have said that 'being a challenge' is not really a valid excuse. On RedEarth88 they have tried to stay away from talking about production problems. The new team members will help but they could still you some programming help. The real challenge is dealing with all the other things that crop up. Its hard to both navigate the ship and also be the engine that drives it forward.

The time in Sept/Oct was working on the back end proprietary technology.
Hopefulsemblance asked: do they have a plan if one of them gets hit with a truck?
Glenn had a screen play with a secret agent infiltrating a secret society. When he started talking to Jeromy they really developed a very strong story. They have a 5 year plan. The also have a 1 month plan and a 3 month plan each with a complete story. This idea will continue with 6 month, 1 year etc if you keep watching. Glenn loves the mythology of a good film series. A good mythology just kind of happens. There are some new characters that will emerge. It also taps into some really great urban myths. One aspect of how they are telling the story is to modernise a genre in terms of the vlog format.
Glenn thinks his father originally wanted to be a stand up comedian. However in response to a question from Deagol Glenn said that RedEarth88 is not a Jewish comedy.
If someone wanted to do a show on say the Sci Fi channel, Glenn and Jeromy would be open to the idea provided they could retain creative control.
There are a lot of hints we still have not picked up on. Massive story stuff! Major hints. Why RedEarth88? Glenn said :You dont all read wikipedia much do you?" You will assume some things that will be wrong but they might pay off down the line.

Red Earth on Wikipedia.

Glenn enjoys research on Wikipedia. For example: Heist movies: You cannot tell original stories that are based on heists that took place in previous movies. The "big con" needs to be totally original. For example in the BBC show Hustle they point out when something has been done previously. If you have a character thats doing a scam its cool but its hard to come up with something that has not been used before and therefore people would not know about the con.

Glenn enjoys figuring out what has been done in the past and what would work today. You have to have a sense of what has come before and what is believable.
12:36 glennfm: "Cowboy is happening, probably in early January is the date to have it done and ready to broadcast"
Loveline: Glenn listens to mp3s of old shows from 2000-2005. 240 shows/year were produced. Glenn has listened to approximately 75hrs 600 min of Loveline.
Dreams: Greg Behrendt - Stories Are A Gift. Rachel talks about dreams. Glenn found Greg Behrendt's book (She Is Just Not That Into You) very "real". He gave it to many of his female friends. It is brutally honest. Like all true comedy there is a touch of truth in it. The book is being made into a movie.
Glenn's office is a mess since he no longer has his assistant. He has lots of hard drives and a Mac mini running Windows XP (primary computer), It is almost silent. Dell Dimension 9150 (design station). Two laptops (Dell). Also some old Dells that have been gutted for parts. Mini fridge in the back. He likes to have a silent workplace but lots of these things "hummm"

http://www.Fatwallet.com has awesome discussions for bargains and deals.
http://www.Techbargains.com is also awesome.
Tease: Glenn wants our opinion. Bonus material could be released through RedEarth88. Out takes? Audition tape for Sara Fletcher . He is going to try and have Sara. Fletcher. as a guest. He had 200 replies from actresses. As he was getting ready to make the calls to the top 5, Sara had applied. When he looked at her resume he liked that there links to things he could check out (eg Project V).. When he talked to her on the phone she knew about Lonelygirl15 and was involved in the online video scene. Her audition tape was awesome. He cannot imagine anyone else in the role. She is Rachel.

When he posted the casting role he putting Julia Styles/Natalie Portman/Christina Richie etc to convey what he wanted. He wanted to add Lea Thompson etc in the list but did not thing people in the age group would get it.

The Red Army is the backbone of support. If we can keep getting the numbers Glenn promises special stuff to show his thanks for everything the army has done for Glenn and Jeromy.

"Hamster Project": spin off from OpAphid. What if a secret society hired a publicist to improve their image?

There is some alternate story stuff that never went up. A Linc video and a Rachel video. There was a story change and they were never used. They did not have the "wow" factor. Glenn would rather not post a video than post a bad one. When Glenn saw the Rachel video he felt it would take the character in a "downer" direction and could overwhelm the plot for some time to come. We ended up in the same place but by a different path.

Glenn will tell the full story of what went down in March later. He could have put something out there to keep people busy. He was really disappointed with a couple of things that had happened. He was working on the "Lonelygirl15 time line". He had spent a week and a half working on a big puzzle. He still had to work out how it would fit in with the story. It would have felt forced if he had just put it out at the time. You dont put out filler videos.

Gemma 1-4 was supposed to be one video but it was broken down into parts.

He did not have much to do with the Nancy Drew puzzle. Mesh and Miles had a hand in it. It did not feel like a puzzle that Glenn would have done but he wanted to be a team player. On the heels of that he wanted to put out something really good.

A puzzle buys you 3 -5 days after the puzzle is solved. So, discontent will always return.

Now, Glenn is trying not to be phased by things.

There are 2 narratives within RedEarth88. Only one contains ARG elements and it has much greater depth. There is so much to do in "this community" that fortunately people tend not to get bored. Everyone contributes to it.
On making mashups:
"02:03 glennfm and I found an awesome program called "Mixed in Key" that will analyze your songs and tell you what key they are in, plus the BPM.. then it also has a wheel display of keys and shows you what is compatible
02:03 deagol thanks for the info glenn
02:03 glennfm and with any audio software, you can move the song up or down keys as needed
02:04 glennfm just recently I found out that Cool Edit Pro will display the beat markers instead of the minutes and seconds, and I can set it to "snap to" beats...
02:04 glennfm so when the song is adjusted to the same BPM, lining it up is MUCH easier'

Check out the Danielbeast's "MMYB Request" (Gutter Grillz) video again or if your looking for a tiny hint remember to stalk up on "yuzmit".

Digg the MMYB Grillz Mashup Video

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
02:09:25 Green Day - American Jesus Current Song
02:08:57 Mash-Ups - Boulevard of Broken Songs
01:56:02 Freelance Hellraiser - A Stroke Of Genie-Us (Quality Version) Current Song
01:53:39 dj n-wee (Jay-Z vs. Pavement) - Two States' Public Service Announcements
01:50:42 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
01:47:28 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)-fin
00:52:17 Headboard - (We Are) The Same
00:49:20 Greg Behrendt - Stories Are A Gift
00:45:07 Mates of State - Proofs
00:42:14 Loveline - Female Ejaculation in Porn
00:40:11 MC Pee Pants - I Want Candy
00:36:46 David Bowie - Suffragette City
00:32:07 Rush - Tom Sawyer
00:28:12 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps
00:24:11 Sweet - Ballroom Blitz
00:21:21 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
00:06:47 The Police - Next to You Current Song
00:03:53 Spy - Leave Me Alone
23:59:14 Vagiant - Seven
23:56:17 Flyleaf - I'm So Sick
23:53:00 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)
23:50:12 Glenn Rubenstein - 46 Mash-Up of Doom
23:13:11 Glenn @ BreeFM Intro
23:09:11 Fischerspooner - Never Win
23:05:48 Barenaked Ladies - McDonalds Girl
23:02:41 Cansei De Ser Sexy - Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

Short, but sweet - WatchingOpAphid

Guess what! I saw Rachel on the interwebz! Playing Wii!

She should totally be my friend!

(actually, SP found it while we were talking about being Wii-friends....that sounds dirty!)


Evil Drug Company Exposed! - Jonas (LG15)

What Dr. Hart had to say blew me away. - Jonas


First: We have a new stream host and we now support 50 listeners! No more stream hopping! is the new place to listen as well as http://www.bree.fm

Mediacast1 can kiss our purple monkeys!


JenniPowell @ 4pm
FOBlife Simulcast @6pm
ROyTheBoy's Final show @7pm
GlennFM @8pm

LonelyJew15 Season Finale 2 of 2 -- 5 PM - Anne (LJ15)

Peter helped us edit in some of the footage we stole from the organization's surveilence cameras.

LonelyJew15 Season Finale 1 of 2 -- 2 PM - Anne (LJ15)

We found a computer inside where we could upload this. It almost looks like someone uploaded something not too long ago...hmmm... We'll see what else we can find.

BreeFM: DJ JenniPowell LJ15 Season Finale Party! Wed. Nov. 28th 4 - 6 PM PST

We're doin' it 1940s style this week with the LonelyJew15 Season 1 Finale Party! Anne and Margot plan on breakin' out Bethany and we'll be breakin' out overselves...BreeFM style baby! So be there for every magical moment...will there be special guests from the show? Probably! It'll be 2 in 2tastic!

Wassuuuuuup! - micfranxon

It's never too late for a remake.

Featuring: Acidfingers, Brooklynxman, Betz28, JenniPowell, RoyTheBoy, Hallows, Greggallows, and me.

They will always be there - Blitzyon (LJ15)

Someone once told me, "All the world's a stage!"...which act are we in, I wonder?

A present is waiting for you, tell the world.

Time is of the essence.

Music: Personal Demons by:Robert Davidson and Scott P. Schreer

Jonas Cares - Daniel (LG15)

Please remember, we all care about Sarah. - Daniel

The List - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat

I am compiling a list… and you DON'T want to be on it, believe me.

On This Day in LG15 History: The First Bree Chat

Emma's appearance in the official IRC chat last night reminded me of the first chat event held by Lonelygirl15, which was Bree's appearance on November 28, 2006 (one year ago today), which she announced in the video Ransacked!

That official chat was unbelievably crazy, with hundreds of users flooding the userplane-chat interface. A partial transcript is at the LGPedia here, and my old blog featured a particularly snarky recap of the event. In retrospect, however, it was a lot of fun because of the mayhem it caused.

I look forward to more character chat events, and I think IRC is fairly robust for these because the chat mods can silence most users in the room to make it more manageable and watchable (i.e., they can pass on questions sent via private messages, and thereby avoid public comments like this gem(ma) from last year: "HyeMew: Gemma you have a long neck.").

Who is Jack???

Recently a new vlogger has appeared on the scene, and his vids are accepted video responses to LG15 vids. The key word is "accepted." Apparently, the LG15 staff has become very selective over which vids are accepted video responses lately. It appears that watchyourjack has been the only accepted video response in recent weeks (other than one Nikki Bower and a hilarious video by sweetelixer).
In his most recent vid (attached below), he mentions whatweird.com. Now anyone can just mention whatweird, but whatweird.com acknowledged him back. As most of you know, whatweird is highly highly HIGHLY suspect as being an in-game tool of the Creators.
Amid all the speculation, (and evidence) Miles was reported as saying in an interview in Australia that there have been plans to create another "three to four" spinoffs. Could Jack be one of these spinoffs???

Soooo Weird (watchyourjack)

What just happened?

Whos that girl?

The mysterious reporter / researcher Patricia, hot on the trail of the KM crew is played by T'Nia Miller. She has previously appeared in the UK hit show "The Bill". As well as being able to tap dance she can also use sign languauge (pretty handy if she ever has to do a Resizto type video like Emma did!)

T'Nia Miller on IMDB

xxKissKissxx - Mallory (LG15)

Sorry I'm posting this so late, I just got back from dinner. Miss you! - Mallory

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tribute - Clara (RE88)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this video. It's dedicated to Maddison and Adam. May they rest in peace.


Clara is currently talking to everyone in the youtube comments. Please come talk to her

RP07 Season Finale Pt II: Another Side, Another Story - ContreLeOppression





Here is part 1

Watch this forum for the new RP07 season finale videos as they come

Why Myspace from an OOG POV?

"It's the creative and narrative reasons that I think are cool. Simply put, I wanted and want to stretch the fourth wall in the show. That imagined separation between fiction and unfiction; between the performers and the audience. Like having the real live Adam Lamar as himself in the story. I've heard people say that it's confusing, and I can see how it may be, but I'm going to continue experimenting with it nonetheless. We are going to keep blazing trails through the fourth wall where characters interact with the real world. Where a Clara can enter a Real Life myspace contest."

See the full post here: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com/2007/11/why-myspace-from-oog-pov.html.

Emma appeared briefly in LG15 CHAT

Emma appeared briefly in LG15 CHAT this evening. Her screen name was Emma07.

Want to know what was said???

Check out the full log on LG15.com.

07:11 emma07 hey everybody
07:11 emma07 hiiiiiii
07:12 emma07 aw thanks, you guys are sweet
07:12 emma07 I didn't think anyone would show up
07:12 emma07 I don't know how long I can stay, my Mom is puttering around
07:13 emma07 if I'm suddenly gone its cuz she came in
07:13 emma07 mikey, lol
07:13 emma07 aw shucks
07:14 emma07 you mean like this?
07:14 ameme16 darn
07:14 emma07 um, the "real" emma?
07:14 emma07 is there a fake emma?
07:15 emma07 lo, who would pretend to be a sick girl hiding out with her parents?
07:15 emma07 lol not lo
07:15 emma07 Not really feeling better
07:15 emma07 but not feeling worse either
07:15 emma07 which is good
07:16 emma07 haven't talked to jonas at all
07:16 emma07 I only know the same t hings you guys do about what's happenign with him
07:16 emma07 I can't use the phone at all
07:17 emma07 I would tell Jonas if I knew how to get to him
07:17 emma07 scothc?! lol
07:17 emma07 scotch i mean
07:17 emma07 if they won't let me use the phone, youthink they'll let me drink scotch?!
07:17 emma07 hahahahahahahaha
07:18 emma07 drunken blogging would be a nightmare
07:18 emma07 Daniel is better at drinking than me
07:19 emma07 I never even tried it, don't think I'll blog when I finally do
07:19 emma07 lol
07:19 emma07 I can't tell you where, sorry
07:19 emma07 my parents would KILL me
07:19 emma07 plus who knows who watches this
07:20 emma07 There are so many things I want to tell you
07:20 emma07 but I can't
07:21 emma07 if I knew for sure no one from the big bad order was here I would
07:21 emma07 thanks - re my editing
07:21 emma07 not trait - yet
07:22 emma07 wow, so many questions and people!
07:22 emma07 this feels great - that everybody came
07:23 emma07 questions about shoes?!?
07:23 emma07 do you have a shoe fetish or something?
07:23 emma07 yes, it frustrates me
07:23 emma07 because I know Bree was great
07:23 emma07 but I can't help it
07:24 emma07 I know people want her back
07:24 emma07 I would love it if she came back too
07:24 emma07 it would make Jonas so happy
07:24 emma07 but it's not my fault
07:24 emma07 thanks
07:25 emma07 I wish I could make more of them, but it's hard when I'm under "house arrest" so much ofthe time
07:25 emma07 The only place I can go is school
07:25 emma07 Claire told me lots of things
07:25 emma07 but it's so mixed up I don't know what's true and what isn't
07:25 emma07 I trusted her
07:25 emma07 then I didn't anymore
07:25 emma07 It's hard to know who to trust
07:26 emma07 I snuck a camera into school wouldn't people be able to find me?
07:26 emma07 I don't want to get found by the wrongpeople
07:26 emma07 yes, still getting injections
07:26 emma07 but I hope mom and dad will stop when I show them that video of that girl Gina
07:27 emma07 I heard my mom come in
07:27 emma07 I think I have to go
07:27 emma07 I'll try to come back

An independent log can also be found on LGPedia

Can't Sleep. Wanna chat? - Emma (LG15)

There's so much on my mind. - Emma

Can't Sleep. Wanna chat? - Emma (LG15) on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Jeromy: I got this in the mail

From: http://12thstreethouse.blogspot.com

If you sent me this and it's a trailhead and/or puzzle.... TELL ME!

It's awesome. Maya and I are totally confused by it, but all the same, we decided that "who's" might mean "whois" so she found www.faceintheclouds.com, and I followed up with the registrant with an email.

Thought the community at large might enjoy this.


URGENT: for my fiance! - Blitzyon (LJ15)

I have thought it over, and I think it is time to come home. I'm sending this as my final warning, and I'm on the way.

Whatever happened to that turtle Owen?

A year ago today the video "Ransacked" was shown. It sparked the well known conspiracy theory that a tracking device had been placed in Owen. Ah good times...

KateModern Recap Week 18 - Sophie S

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/MyKateModern

If folk would like a synopsis for the last weeks events in KM I will of course oblige, however Sophie has done a brilliant job so I dont think one is needed (you'd think she worked for the creators or something ;) ) - GF

PINK Webisode 01 - "Let's Get It Started"

From YouTube video description: "This is the premiere episode of "PINK" called "Let's Get It Started". "PINK" is a serialized show. Each episode builds off the other to reveal more info about the story and characters. So it's best to watch them in order! Why is the show called "PINK"? Watch and find out. :)"

From pinktheseries.com :

"Pink" is a serialized dark comedy produced specifically for a web-based audience. Unlike many other "web series" that are actually re-edited TV shows or movies, "Pink" was created as a true short form program.

First webisode premiered Tuesday 9.4.2007, and then a new webisode premieres each Tuesday for the next ten weeks. Average running time will be approximately three-minutes, perfect for watching at work, on your iPod or even a cell phone.

The past few years user-generated "viral" videos on YouTube have reached phenom status, and there are no signs of it slowing. But most experts believe the next phase of "viral" video will be with professionally produced programs.

That's where "Pink" comes into play. Think of it as a live-action graphic novel. A show that could just as easily be seen on HBO, as the Internet.

Hollywood is definitely watching this trend closely too and actually starting to produce a few online shows themselves. But for now most programming is produced by independent production companies, like ours.

Since it's premiere, "Pink" has already been featured on FresHDV, The Daily Reel, Revver (as the "Video of the Day"), Viral Propaganda, and iTunes as a "New Release".
A behind the scenes look at "Pink" from veoh.com :

From QtheC: "Pink" is an online serial starring Natalie Raitano, who played Nikki Franco on the campy TV show "VIP" with Pamela Anderson. There are ten webisodes in season 1 online now at pinktheseries.com, and season 2 will begin in early 2008.

This blog is primarily about the breeniverse, so this isn't a series we would cover in any detail here, but I thought it might be worth occasionally pointing out other online shows, and discussing the overall production trends - Hollywood vs. rote Amateur, etc. What do you think of this one? (I thought episode 4, where the young version of the lead actress wants a doll dressed in pink but her dad gives her a bowie knife instead was pretty funny. Episode 8, "the date" was the worst one in my opinion.)

Commitment - Tariq (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/Tariq287

I’m not afraid of commitment… am I?

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Watcher wears Prada-meepers anon

Who says you can't look good when chasing trait positive girls?

Late-night laugh-in

"They're our version of electronic samizdat," said Michael Winship, president of WGA East, alluding to underground publications distributed in the former Soviet Union. "The humor is devastating."




Where Is the Content of the Future?

I have seen the future of online entertainment and–no surprise–it’s not being created by Hollywood.


KateModern's Pete Gibbons Speaks!

Is snack TV the future?

by Elizabeth Day

Our writer turns actor for a cameo role in the strange online world of KateModern


Elizabeth Day on LGPedia.

Elizabeth made her debut on KateModern.tv on November 21st, 2007, playing the "Gnome Mule." In the real world, Elizabeth is not an actress, save for her roles in school nativity plays, but a journalist for The Observer. She wrote an article about her experience as the "Gnome Mule" and her thoughts on "snack TV." While still attending Queen's college, Elizabeth won "Best Features Journalist" at the Cambridge Student Journalism Awards. Not too long after graduating, Elizabeth was also named "Young Journalist of the Year" at the 2004 British Press Awards.

Gnome Mule on LGPedia (Portrayed by Elizabeth Day)

When Lee, dressed as a traffic warden, saw that Gavin and Tariq had come early to pick up their gnome, Lee panicked and asked a lady who was sitting on a bench if she would become his Gnome Mule and deliver the gnome to Tariq and Gavin on his behalf. The woman was confused as to why he couldn't give them the gnome himself, but Lee explained that he was a "traffic warden" and couldn't leave the area. After assuring the Gnome Mule that Tariq and Gavin were his friends, she agreed to go up to Waterloo Bridge and deliver the gnome.

LGpedia needs your HELP!

TV Guide Awards Showcase Money & Power

TV Guide, which canceled its online video awards ceremony and television special out of respect for the Writers Guild of America strike (a story we broke here), has named its award winners in a fanfare-free press release.

TV Guide Announces Online Video Awards Winners

The nominees and winners in the 18 separate categories are listed below:

1. Funniest Web Video (a/k/a LOL Award)
Dick in a Box (NBC) --WINNER
The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
The Star-Spangled Banner (JibJab)
Water Boardin' USA (MyDamnChannel)

2. Best TV Show Site on the Web
Heroes 360 (NBC) --WINNER
Lost (ABC)
Jericho (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)

3. Best Comedy Site on the Web

4. Best TV Drama Webisode
Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side (CBS) --WINNER
Jericho: Countdown (CBS)
Lost: Flashbacks (ABC)
Heroes: Yamagato Fellowship's "Takezo Kensei: Sword Saint" (NBC)

5. Best TV Comedy Webisode
The Office (NBC) --WINNER
Psych (USA)
30 Rock: Evening with Kenneth (NBC)
Monk (USA)

6. Best Sci-Fi Webisode
Star Trek: New Voyages (StarTrekNewVoyages) --WINNER
Battlestar Galactica (SciFi)
The 4400 (USA)
Afterworld (MySpace)

7. Best TV Reality Webisode
Tori & Dean: Inn Love (Oxygen) --WINNER
Survivor: Meet the Castaways (CBS)
Amazing Race: Elimination Station (CBS)
Dancing with the Stars: Confessionals (ABC)

8. Best Original Web Drama Series
Sanctuary (SanctuaryForAll) --WINNER
Sam has Seven Friends (Samhas7friends)
Prom Queen (PromQueen.tv)
LonelyGirl15 (YouTube)

9. Best Original Web Comedy Series
Clark & Michael (ClarkandMichael) --WINNER
Derek & Simon (SuperDeluxe)
Illeanarama: Supermarket of the Stars (YouTube)
Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager (YouTube)

10. Best Original Web Reality Series
Mark Burnett's Gold Rush (AOL) --WINNER
Nick Cannon's Star Camp (Nickelodeon)
Inturn (CBS)
Real Kids of Orange County (Bravo)

11. Best Web Talk Show
Tom Green: Mania TV (ManiaTV) --WINNER
Dave Foley: Can't Sleep with Dave Foley (SuperDeluxe)
Dave Navarro: Spread Entertainment (ManiaTV)
In Bed with Carrie Keagan (ngtv)

12. Best Actor (for original Web material)
Steve Carell: The Office (NBC)--WINNER
Will Ferrell: The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
Tony Shaloub: Monk (USA)
Kyle Rankin: Hellholes (Atom Films)

13. Best Actress (for original Web material)
Laura Howard: Prom Queen (promqueen.tv) --WINNER
Pearl: The Landlord; Good Cop, Baby Cop (FunnyOrDie)
Illeana Douglas: Supermarket of the Stars (YouTube)
Jessica Lee Rose: LonelyGirl15 (YouTube)

14. Funniest Duo (for original Web material)
Clark Duke and Michael Cera: Clark and Michael (Clarkandmichael) --WINNER
Will Ferrell & Pearl: The Landlord (FunnyOrDie)
Jimmy Kimmel & Sarah Silverman: The Opera (ABC)
Becki Newton & Michael Urie: Ugly Betty (ABC)

15. Best Behind The Scenes Video on the Web
Hey Paula: Behind the Scenes (Bravo) --WINNER
American Idol: Behind the Scenes (Fox)
Grey's Anatomy: Props Department (ABC)
SNL: Backstage (NBC)

16. Best Extras for the Web (a/k/a Extra! Extra! Extra!)
The Office: PSAs (NBC) --WINNER
Heroes: Character profiles (NBC)
Ugly Betty: Michael Urie & Becki Newton Video Diaries (ABC)
How I Met Your Mother: Robin Sparkles music video (CBS/FOX)

17. Best Celebrity Video on the Web
Ellen DeGeneres: Ready, Set, Go! Ellen's Emmy Adventure (Ellen) --WINNER
Ask Tina: 30 Rock (NBC)
Danny DeVito: The Contract (FunnyOrDie)
FCU with Bill Murray (FunnyOrDie)

18. Best Animated Video on the Web
Pale Force (NBC) --WINNER
Adventures with the Ambersons (SuperDeluxe)
5 On With Alan Whiter (Comedy Central)
Family Guy: Up Late (Fox)

Greatest hits of viral video

From crooning politicians to a grocery store manager who can crush windpipes with his mind, these are the greatest hits of the YouTube Age.

Ninja FM 2/3 - leglessnotlegolas

Ninja FM 2/3 Ninja Tachyon feat.

Ambushed in a Tent - Jonas (LG15)

What's this guy up to? - Jonas

A Tribute to Bree - cr8zycookiie

We miss you!

Lonelygirl15 Views per day on YouTube

Striking Hollywood Writers Turn to Web

"As the strike enters its fourth week, writers have stepped up their use of blogs, short videos, MySpace pages and other Web-based methods aimed at keeping their ranks together and reaching a wider audience, including TV viewers who will soon have to settle for reruns of their favorite prime time shows. "


The Office is Closed - wgaamerica
Steve Carell walks off "The Office," shutting down the show...

Writers: http://www.unitedhollywood.com




AMPTP official site: http://www.amptp.org

Sinking In - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

Gavin’s not taking the loss of the software very well at all…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chanukah at Home?

Do these two striking young men bear a resemblance to two stars of Lonelygirl15? A clue perhaps? Watchers! Does anyone else see a resemblance to Greg Goodfried (on right) and Joe Rubin (Virgil the Watcher)

Available through Amazon.com!

Greg Goodfriend on LGPedia.

Joe Rubin on LGPedia

Watcher on LGPedia

Virgil on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

If you see the resemblance, leave a comment below.

Samara on Lonelygirl15? - sunfollow

This is kind of a lonelygirl15 meets 'The Ring' fan video. I don't own any of the footage. All footage was taken from the lonelygirl15 web series or 'The Ring' movie.

Go to www.lg15.com for more.

Welcome Crystal Young

Crystal made her debut on lonelygirl15.com on November 19th, 2007, as Gina.

Gina (also known as Patient #11) has thus far only been seen on VHS tapes left for Jonas outside of his motel room. She is in isolation in a hospital, where she is treated by Dr. Calvin Hart. However, she appears to be there voluntarily, because when she began to complain about said isolation, the doctor tried to persuade her to "stick it out" a little longer (until April 10th, 2001).
She seems to be afflicted with an ailment that causes difficulty with breathing. She often has coughing fits, and once even stopped breathing altogether. To help with the situation, her doctor gave her a green pill, which helped slightly, although side effects did include diarrhea, chills and vomiting. In Shocking Discovery Gina seemed to have developed a butterfly rash on her upper back, similar to the one Emma got in Eat Pie.
Gina enjoys music and hums quite a bit. She has a particular interest for the song "Piano Man" by Billy Joel, and became very excited when she heard she was going to be able to sneak out of the hospital and go to a Billy Joel and Elton John concert.

Crystal Young on LGPedia.

Gina on LGPedia

LGpedia needs your HELP!

If you have any info on Crystal Young please leave a comment below and we will make sure it makes it way over to the LGPedia article on her.

F*** reel - lg15trivia


F*** reel - lg15trivia

Every time the word "f***" is said in the lonelygirl15 series up until now. One point will be given for correctly identifying each video where the word "fuck" is said. If you find a video I missed, you'll get a point for that too.

The Who's Who in User Generated Content


KateModern videos now on LG15.com without delay

Miles says:

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that KM videos are now on LG15.com WITHOUT a delay. So… you can watch KM here or on Bebo without being behind. Hope you liked the latest week, and congrats to everyone who had a chance to participate in the live events in person.



quarterlife Part 6

Danny and Jed reconcile their differences about the commercial, and reaffirm their commitment to work together. Jed's feelings for Debra and Dylan's feelings for Jed go unrequited.
quarterlife Part 6

Add to My Profile | More Videos

Sunday Sunday Chilly Sunday on BreeFM!


DJ QtheC - live now

DJ JammyJams - 2pm Pacific (5pm Eastern)
What will Greg my-heads-on-fire Gallows burn next?

DJ Acid and Perky - 3pm Pacific (6pm Eastern)
Perky takes over as Acidfingers continues to hide out after the crushing defeat dealt by QtheC in round 4 of 'Singing While Eating'

ApotheosisDJ - 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern)
Apo brings in the listeners with 80's music and more!

DJKennyE - ? (Last week Kenny played after Apo's show, will he be on this week? What time will he go on-play until? What will he play if he does DJ? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Tune in to find out!)

EDIT: slight editing to the above by QtheC ;)
I think KennyE may be back at school now and will probably not be on tonight.

Tune in at http://Bree.FM!

Tune in with your preferred player!

Join the IRC Chat!

Professionally produced content to bury amateurs?

"The other question is what type of CPMs will these less credible indie productions get versus the studio-backed productions?"


Tune in tomorrow; maybe the TV-Web convergence will be clear then

"Venture capitalists argued over just about everything, including whether there was any wisdom to investing in content, the Web term for created material."


If you want to become an "author" on Web Series Today please read: http://tinyurl.com/becomeaWSTauthor

For more detailed information about Web Series Today please read: Web Series Today:

For other info contact: [email protected]

Join the discussion: http://www.tinyurl.com/webseriescommunity