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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Eye on the rented house

After Emma returned to live with her parents and regain some semblance of a normal life, Jonas rented a house in Bree and Daniel's hometown for him, Daniel, and Sarah to live in while they figured out what their next move against the Order would be. On the first day they moved in, the bathroom was already filled with Mallory's Neutrogena products, much to Sarah's dismay. Since Mallory's betrayal, she has only been back once, uninvited. TAAG left the rented house in pursuit of Emma, and, after recovering her, went into hiding. When the gang found out that they were being followed, they once again relocated to the rented house, this time with bringing with them Jennie and Gina, with whom Sarah is sharing her room.

Check out all the pictures of the rented house on the Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

The rented house on LGPedia.

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YouTube of south park WITH ORIGINAL VIDEOS of internet stars

The clips added are:
1. Chocolate Rain
2. Tron Guy
3. Numa Numa
4. Starwars Kid
5. Sneezing Panda
6. Dramatic prarie dog / gopher
7. Leave britney alone
8. Two asian boys
9. Laughing baby
10. Afro ninja

Lonelygirl15 @ 00:53
& Bubb Rubb @ 00:20

This southpark is part of season 12, episode 4, "Canada on strike" and features butters What what in the butt?

Cartman stan marsh and butters are all really funny in this episode. Kenny makes a short appearence visit southparkzone.com for free SP episodes!

Was Bree The Moonchild?

The Genesis of the Lonelygirl15 and Moonchild Connection

The usage of the Moonchild term in relation to the Lonelygirl15 story stems from a lot of loosely-based conjecture on the part of a number of forum and comments posters and a series of events that were occurring at the time leading up to the ceremony. There was no solid link between the LG15 series and the Moonchild concept. With the coming of Crowleymas on October 12th, the anticipated date for the ceremony and anti-climatic nature of the day resulting from a faked ceremony, the Moonchild theory has grown even farther from "Breeality" than the moon itself is from the Earth. The Moonchild concept has however, made its way into Lonelygirl15 Fanfiction and response videos.

What is a Moonchild?

Aleister Crowley's book, Moonchild
The concept of the Moonchild (Wikipedia) was created by Aleister Crowley in his book bearing that name. The Moonchild is an homunculus that is in essence an ethereal being which would play a role in bringing about Armageddon and a resulting new age of Horus. There have been two pervasive themes within these theories. The first was that the Order would attempt to impregnate Bree during the ceremony with a Moonchild type being. The second theory was that Bree was herself a Moonchild. One element fueling this came from Bree mentioning that the other kids called her "Stargirl". While not identical, the usage of other celestial bodies linked with the term for a female child drew some further conjecture that Bree was a special child, maybe an ethereally-conceived being. Recently, it has been confirmed that Bree was indeed a special child within the Order. She was identified as a potential candidate for the ceremony as a baby and placed with a hand-picked family to be raised as their own, as were many other children across the globe. Apparently only a very select few of these children are ever deemed adequately suited for the ceremony. Bree was one of these chosen children. While still a stretch, this new revelation does crack the door ever so slightly for Bree to have some role in a Moonchild scenario.

Moonchild on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Evergreen Saves the Day

A few facts about “Evergreen Saves the Day”:

The video was filmed in Evergreen’s actual cubicle at her job.

In real life, Evergreen has contacts within the FBI who call her for assistance.

There is an “Edward Salinas for Congress” poster in the background with a big black X across it. There are also two Fight the Order winning posters.

When Evergreen is flipping through the red book for information about Enochian, it is actually a book of Sherlock Holmes stories.

Evergreen is wearing a green (of course), Jennie-approved T-shirt that reads “Protect the Forests.”

Source: insideLG15

Evergreen is a member of the Lonelygirl15 Forums. In Undercover Lovers, she was enlisted by Jennie to find out more information on some documents found in Ross Thompson's briefcase. In Evergreen Saves the Day, she uncovered that Salinas may be funneling money through Sacred Spirit.

Evergreen on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

Evergreen Saves the Day on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Wow! I actually did something productive at 3AM!

Before I start, I have to tell you guys it's 3AM here. Just thought you'd want to know.

Anyways, I was looking up 4Chan on wikipedia and saw that it's the 459th most viewed website. So then I decided to look up www.lg15.com on alexa.com, a website that calculates website traffic.

Here are some interesting stats about our beloved lg15.com:

-It's the 46,925th most viewed website on the internet.
-About 0.0025% of the global internet population visits lg15.com EACH DAY!
-76.1% of our views come from the US.
-The rank of lg15.com among the most viewed websites started to pick up a substantial amount around when "Girl Tied Up" was posted. Previously, the rank of lg15.com was dropping.

-The blogspot (ie this website) is about the 1,180,000th most viewed website
-Eqal.com is about the 750,000th most viewed website.

Here's the link:


KateModern: The Last Work


Friday, June 13, 2008

Eye on Andy Donovan

Andy made his debut on KateModern.tv on June 11th, 2008, playing Anthony Phillips, Lee's brother. In real life, he is actor Sam Donovan's twin.

Anthony "Toe" Phillips is Lee's older twin brother. In The Family Phillips it is revealed that Lee looks to Anthony for support and possibly a bodyguard.


Andy Donovan on KateModern LGPedia.

Anthony "Toe" Phillips on LGPedia.

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Hangman's Noose - Daniel (LG15)

Justice for all. - Daniel

Beth Turner (also known as Deep Throat) was one of the guests from the party that Jonas, Daniel, and Alex went to at Rebecca's house. She is a friend of Toby's and works as a reporter.

Nothing was heard from Beth for a long time after the party. Presumably, during this gap, she was working for the Order. However, when she and Alex realized what the Order was planning to do with Bree, they started to betray them. They sent information to TAAG using code names, Alex was TCC and Beth was Deep Throat. As Deep Throat, Beth contacted Daniel via text message with information regarding the Ceremony. On the day of the Ceremony, her clues helped TAAG track down Bree at the medical facility in which she was held.

Beth Turner on LGPedia.

Hangman's Noose - Daniel (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Sofias Diary Ep 65

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RIP Gina - HowdyHeyHello

We will never forget you.

"Almost Lover" by A Fine Frenzy

View all the images of Gina on LGPedia.

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RIP Gina - 1789K

Gina was killed June 6, 2008.
Fight the Order

View all the images of Gina on LGPedia.

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The Untimely Demise of the F.T.O. ?

I posted a comment on TezOnToast's Bebo page yesterday:

and received this reply on my Bebo page today:

(this is the first comment on my Bebo page, lol)

Much, Much Worse - Lee (KM)

Finally we heard word from Lauren...

Mapping the Order?

We all know that Order has a great deal of influence over politicians and the police around the World. The question is: Could the influence of the Order be reflected in this map?

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let us know if you have seen the Order in your community.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

MaxterBexter: A Normal Day in L.A.

After a busy day, Becki goes in search of Max!!!

Music - "February Air" by Lights

Mystery artist to be credited after the video :)


A Touching Story

with narration by Johnny Depp.

On this weeks episode of Glenn Rubenstein's radio show on BreeFM he described a very touching episode of This American Life called "Escape". (The episode is not online to download but we found it streaming.) It speaks to the power of the internet to empower the individual and with that in mind we present it to you here. The segment he talked about begins 6 minutes into the video.


Evergreen Saves the Day - Jennie (LG15)

My friend Evergreen from lg15.com was so helpful! She did some incredible detective work! - Jennie

Evergreen Saves the Day - Jennie (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia,


Evergreen: Hey, Jennie. I'm at work; so I only have a minute. But I just wanted to let you know I got the documents that you sent over. They're actually bank statements and wire transfer details. It looks like there's hundreds of thousands of dollars being funneled into Salinas' personal account. I just don't know from where.
(scene cuts to a shot of the documents. Close up of writing that says, "$200,000/(ARP GNETAAB ARLO/GAH LAS.)"

Cuts to Evergreen typing, then to camera)

Evergreen: Okay, so, I did a little digging. And I eventually recognized the writing on the margins. It's Enochian. Remember? The language that Bree was force to learn for the Ceremony.

Evergreen: (flipping through a book) You know, there's not much written about Enochian. Most linguists believe that the language was completely made up. But when it first surfaced in the late 16th century, some occulist revered it as a language spoken by angels... maybe even demons.

(scene shows Evergreen flipping through and analyzing a book. Cuts to her picking up a document as she turns to camera)

Evergreen: Okay, on the documents you sent me, with the Enochian in the margins, it reads, (captioned) "Ar-peh geh-etah-ah-beh ah-quah-loh geh-ah lah-se." Which, in translation, means, "Conquer government in spirit riches." Now if I were to guess, I would probably say that the money is coming from Sacred Spirit, which is Carl's charity. And that officially links Carl with Salinas. (leans in) I'm sorry, Sarah, but Carl's been working with Salinas all along. Listen, it can't feel good being used like that. But at least you have Daniel. And he is much better.
Evergreen: (leaning back) I sent these documents, along with my translations, to the FBI and several media outlets. Now, I know the Order is everywhere, but we have to try something. So, good luck and fight the Order.

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His Fate is in the Cards - ThEmptyCheshire

It looks like poor Jackson Creature got hacked again ...

I decided to let the cards decide his fate,
The man who orchestrated events as of late,
The fifth card made me grin,
As I realized his sin,
Woe to the man that is dealt two Ace & two Eight.

Will Rosario Dawson and Gemini Division save the networks from historical failure?

Next month, NBC debuts the Rosario Dawson science fiction online web series “Gemini Division”, this is significant because it marks the return to a programming genre that network broadcasters haven’t had much success with ... the original web TV series.


Sofias Diary Ep 64

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Duality - RMECpirate07

Time to force these puzzle pieces together, no?

Music: "White Rabbit [SPC Eco Mix]" by Collide

Ongoing Puzzle!

The following image is at the end of this video, it contains a string of Binary encoding.

Sorority Forever fun

Sorority Forever fun
Category: Jobs, Work, Careers

Hello everyone,
I am currently filming 'Sorority Forever' in WA and having such a great time, All of the cast and crew are so awesome and I finally get to work with my friend miss Taryn Southern (hot4hill) You can check out the rest of the cast on IMDB Sorority forever
We have battled a bit of weather so far but we have filmed in the most beautiful houses! I'm so excited to see the finished product, They crew seems to be doing a great job with everything and I know it will look amazing.
Also I want to thank EVERYONE who watched and voted for 'PERFECT SPORT' online. We won the voting by 5000 votes! THANK YOU!!!!! We are now an official selection for the seattle film festival! YAY!!! AnywhOOoO I will try to write more blogs over the shoot although I can't write much cos there's so many secrets!!!! :P
Also you should sign up at the WB website for updates on 'sorority forever' and other wb shows!!
Jess xo

From the Jessica Rose MySpace

Do you enjoy solving puzzles?

EDIT: originally posted 6/5/08 ... Here is a reminder in case anyone is interested ... today 6/12/08 is the last day to register for this free online competition! (there are also some puzzles you can try just for fun from past years' competitions, even if you don't want to try competing on Saturday)

The 2008 U.S. Google Puzzle Championships are being held on Saturday June 14, 2008 at 1pm ET.

It's an online event open to everyone, but you must register before June 12.

See the discussion thread on the LG15 forums with notes and links to all the details, and to post your scores for bragging rights after the competition.

Who's up for it?

Answers - Terrence (KM)

I think you may want to watch this if you want to know exactly what young Lauren has gotten herself into.

Gelbe Ziegelstein-Straße - QtheC (tC:A/A)

What is scariest:
Munchkins, Flying Monkeys, or NENNONAIBK YA

tags: QtheC syeknoMgniylF theCoalition Oz Bricks Cipher

This video was posted as a video response to People's Champ.

Discussion thread: (A/A) Gelbe Ziegelstein-Straße - QtheC.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn started the show with a "mini mooq marathon". Glenn likes branding things. If you are not in the IRC chat drop on into #BreeFM. There is a great mix of people that Glenn has not seen in the same place for a while.

Glenn said that Skunkwaffle wins the "indie cred" competition every time.

Glenn said that he used to mispronounce La Jolla. There are words that you see written out that just do not connect. He was watching the end credits of Degrassi and the production company was "Epitome" and it was a "light bulb moment" when he realized how it should be pronounced. Glenn tends to look at things phonetically. Painful memories.

If you got out of high school early and could not deal with the community college thing having a good vocabulary is at least a good 25 percent of being able to 'come off" as educated. Mathieas pointed out http://www.verbaladvantage.com but Glenn said for him a lot of it came from TV and movies. Glenn went to a lot of movies with his dad and that exposed him to a lot of words. It gave Glenn an interesting ear for dialogue. When he goes back and watches them today he is amazed by how much he picked up. For example Glenn is notorious for saying "you think" ( Adventure in Babysitting). For some movies he can mouth the dialogue.

Movie recommendation: Brewster's Millions (1985 film) with Richard Prior and John Candy.

One of the key things about being a kid is that you relate to everything because you do not have a sense of the odds. You think about what you would do if you go 'Back To The Future' for example.

Echos was a really cool comic character. She could echo or mimic people. Take a look at Daredevil (Marvel Comics).

" Get on the Bus" was a shitty movie. Spike Lee made a lot of good movies early in his career. He did not have the autonomy to do anything he wanted. He had to accept input and notes and the movies came out great. Once people can do what they want they come up with the like of "Jungle Fever". This happens with bands too. Sometimes compromise does lead to a better product. Ego is the death of artistry. Creatively in Headboard and even in OpAphid and RedEarth88 you have to deal with outside forces. With LG15 all the back and forth under pressure always turned out well. It is better than the path of least resistance. Story meetings went on for a really long time. The passion and intensity of 4 people leads to good things. There was fighting and it was chaotic but just look at how things turned out. Creative tension leads to the best results. When you can do what you want it is like being given rope to hang yourself. You need multiple people who will express concerns.

Teen Angst Adventure Gang ( TAAG): An 3-D animated seriese: Life behind the scene at a popular internet series that is in no way related to Lonelygirl15. As Glenn has talked about before he was knee deep in animation at one point before Lonelygirl15. You just cannot do this stuff on your own because it is very complicated from a technical point of view.

Copyright 2008 Glenn Rubenstein

What would a Luther Campbell sushi restaurant be like? Luther is not the most articulate and can become political. They other guys in 2 Live Crew actually rap. The released a long form video ( Banned in the U.S.A.) which is all about their first amendment case. Today Luther just talks with no one rapping. Once you could have sent Luther 20 bucks and he would have recorded your out going phone message.

UP NEXT.....something that touched an moved Glenn this week: Johnny Depp's best work since jump Street.

Glenn cannot bring himself to watch NPR. He talked about This American Life on on-demand TV. There was a show about people who make a 30 ft rope out of dental floss. That is brilliant. Ira Glass is the genius behind the show. There was another show about a kid with muscular dystrophy. He went on Craigs list and hired assistants. He cannot speak so he has to type stuff. Ivor asked him whose voice he would like to have. The kid picked a couple of people including johnny Depp. They actually got johnny Depp to narrate the segment. It was very moving.
Glenn might make a list of everything that makes him cry during the course of the week for next weeks show. He is very sentimental. Dr. Drew once explained that their is a medical reason why people cry easily.

View the episode: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2008/06/touching-story.html

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]

PLAYLIST <------

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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But I shot him in the face... - Greggerz19 (Lonelyjew15)

I wanted to get this to you sooner, but as you will see, the internetz were bloody difficult to find out here. --greggerzl

Exposing Gemma - Aerinthia


Go to LG15.com to fight the Order! -Kevin

"Mixtape" by Brand New

Gina Memorial- LonelyGirl15 - CrimsonCrow518

This is for Gina =]

Song-It Only Hurts
Movie Clips-LonelyGirl15
I claim NO rights to the clips or the song.Only putting them together.

View all the images of Gina on LGPedia.

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Gina "death" sequence, slow motion - Renegade15

Prom 4, 6:13 onwards, 25% speed.


Lonelygirl15 invades the 12th Annual Webby Awards!

12th Annual Webby Awards in New York City, where lonelygirl15 was given the award for People’s Voice Best Drama Series.


Sofias Diary Ep 63

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Undercover Lovers- Jennie (LG15)

I had to do this to get what I wanted. -Jennie

Undercover Lovers- Jennie (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

Talk to..... Everclear

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LG15 website has the flu...

Just as I was getting ready to post a comment on the Comment Board... the site went down... :(
Notice the title... "Undercover Lovers" Seacon 3 Revelations LG:15

The Family Phillips - Lee (KM)

Lee said...

I've had a visitor from Liverpool...

On the question of Gina's demise

by Renegade

As some of you may know, I have spent the past few days separating fact from fiction, opinion and wishful thinking about Gina's "death". Contrary to popular claims, I am not in denial, and I have acknowledged from the start that Gina's death is ultimately up to the Creator's decision, not what the videos say.

Tuesday's video of course dealt a serious blow to the "Gina is/could be alive" faction, and, given that I know that the Creators are not above......"bending" probability in order to make the plot "work", and that Sarah's statement today was rather clear, I cannot help but admit that the probability they killed Gina off is exceptionally high right now.

And yet, I assume some of you would like to keep their hopes up, and I am here to give you a logical reason to do that.


The entire "Gina is dead" claim is based on five assumptions or pieces of "evidence":

  1. Jonas did not feel a pulse because Gina had no pulse.

  2. Gina's footage proves Gina is dead.

  3. Salinas said he had footage of someone dying, and he had Gina's footage.

  4. Emma made a farewell video.

  5. Sarah said Gina is dead.

I will now go through this "evidence" in reverse Order, ultimately showing that there is a 50% chance Gina is alive, that the decision of what is true is purely up to what way the Creators want to go, and that Gina's "death" can easily be reversed later.

This post is written with the evidence as of Tuesday, June 10th, after "A Woman Scorned" was released. If any future video shows Gina's body evidentially dead, or something similar, all of this is moot.

5. Sarah said Gina is dead.

This claim, in itself, is obviously true. Sarah did say Gina is dead. The question to ask is, on what basis does Sarah make that claim?
Ponder for a second where Sarah was when all hell broke loose: In the closet with Daniel, right next to the exit.
For one, it would have been rather stupid of her to run towards the gunshots once the fight started, especially after the others yelled "everybody out". For two, since we saw the others run out of the living room, it is likely we would also have seen Sarah enter the room, had she done so. It is much more likely that she heard the screams to run, and simply left the house through the door that was right next to her.
What does that mean?
It means that Sarah never actually saw Gina's body, or checked if she was dead; her assumption Gina is dead is purely based on the same "evidence" we have: Jonas's statement that he didn't feel a pulse, and Gina's footage. Which, in turn, means if these two pieces of evidence turn out to be false, Sarah's statement is void.

4. Emma made a farewell video.

Once again, in itself, this is true. Interestingly, however, even though Emma actually saw Gina's body, she never explicitly claimed her to be dead. Even if she did, though, the argumentation is basically the same as above - while Emma was probably looking at Gina's lifeless body, she did not feel Gina's pulse herself - she is relying entirely on Jonas's statement. She also did not note seeing wounds or blood, making her farewell nothing but another opinion on the same evidence - Jonas's statement that he didn't feel a pulse, and Gina's footage. Which, in turn, means if these two pieces of evidence turn out to be false, Emma's farewell was premature.

3. Salinas said he had footage of someone dying, and he had Gina's footage.

I will not go into details of why this scene is either indication of a giant conspiracy, or simply plotholetastic, but even if we assume Salinas was talking about the Gina footage - if he had Gina's dead body, he would have shown Gina's dead body. Since he didn't, it is likely he's basing his assumption that Gina is dead purely on the very same footage we saw.
What does that mean?
It means if the footage turns out to be false evidence, Salinas is basing his statement on false evidence, thus making it void.

2. Gina's footage proves Gina is dead.

This is wrong, plain and simply. There have been theories that Gina has wounds on her back, or was poisoned, or something similar that would not show in the picture we saw. In that case, Gina's footage would show Gina's death, but it would not prove it. That distinction may sound like nitpicking, but it is an important one - we cannot see any wounds or blood in the footage of Gina lifeless on the ground - which means she could very well simply be unconscious.
Gina's footage may be documentation of her death, but given that we do not see anything that definitely proves her to be dead, neither blood nor wounds, Gina's footage is not evidence of her death.
What does that mean?
It means the footage is no evidence, it means "evidence" #3 (Salinas) fails, because the prerequisite is not true, and it means half of the basis for "evidence" #4 and #5 (Emma and Sarah) is false.

Where are we now?

Claim #2 is false, automatically falsefying #3.
That leaves only #1, #4 and #5 as "evidence" that Gina is dead.
Since half of the basis of #4 and #5 was eliminated, that means #4 and #5 rely entirely on claim #1 to be true.
If claim #1 is false, #4 and #5 are baseless, rendering them worthless as evidence.
In other words: If claim #1 is false, there is no "evidence" left that supports the claim that Gina is dead.

1. Jonas did not feel a pulse because Gina had no pulse.

Here we are at the crucial last point, the one deciding it all - is Gina dead or not?
And the truthful answer is: Only the Creators know.
To form your own opinion, you have to ponder the following question: Are you sure that Jonas correctly took Gina's pulse?
He himself said "I don't feel a pulse", not "She has no pulse".
He was also under extrem pressure because he was in the middle of an attack, emotionally hit because a good friend might be dead, and his attention was diverted because he had to watch out for incoming enemies, to not get killed himself. Several people also criticized the technique he used to feel for Emma's pulse.


#1 Is a question of opinion
#2 fails as evidence, because it proves nothing.
#3 fails as evidence, because it relies on #2 to be true
#4 fails if #1 fails.
#5 fails if #1 fails.

If you believe Jonas still managed to take Gina's pulse correctly despite the circumstances, then Gina is dead to you.
If you believe it is possible that Jonas did not feel a pulse even though there was one, simply because the situation did not give him the time and rest to fully concentrate on the task at hand, then there is a 50% chance that Gina is still alive - either he's wrong, or he's not.

I know some will claim I'm "in denial" and "grasping for straws", but I have yet to see someone prove that Gina is actually dead. If someone wants to make a case for her death, I'll gladly read it, but an opinion alone does not change the facts. If you can conclusively prove Gina is dead, do so. If you can disprove my points, do so. If you can't do either, don't claim I'm wrong.

I acknowledge there's a high probability the Creators declared Gina dead. I am not in denial about that. But that does not change the fact that, so far, we have not seen conclusive evidence of her death, and that the Creators could easily revert this decision by simply claiming Jonas is human, and made a mistake.

This entire discussion boils down to a simple question: How brilliant do you believe the writers of LG15 to be?
If you believe they are clumsy and straightforward, then there's no way you can believe they would create such a complex plot. It is far more likely the production crew simply failed at making it clear in Gina's footage that she's dead, and the situation was never meant to be ambiguous.
If you believe the writers could think in such a way, then you can believe it's not a coincidence there was no obvious sign of death on Gina, and you can believe it's not a coincidence that the only explicit statement so far came from someone who wasn't even in the room.

If you want to hope, there's nothing speaking against it - so far. If you don't want to hope, at least acknowledge nothing is definite until we see a body, the characters who were the room claim they saw injuries, or the Creators explicitly state Gina is dead.

Thank you for your time.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Crossing the Rubicon - JamesCreature

"I love treason but hate a traitor."
-Julius Caesar

Every day in business is an education. You learn valuable lessons daily. Let me educate you. If you're looking to destroy someone, always aim for the head, and not the legs. Claiming credit for something you have not done is dangerous practice, that will bite you in the end. Lastly, changing your name so it includes a J and a Creature does not make it fact.

-James Creature

A Woman Scorned - Sarah (LG15)

Carl burnt me. Now it's my turn. - Sarah

Music: Artist: The Seldon Plan
Track: A Rhyming Dictionary
ArtistLink: http://www.theseldonplan.com/

[090] The Evil Gene - Mary (TC: worldfiles)

Claiming ownership

Visit theCoalition

Cast, crew, family, community, thanks!

Yesterday, Greg, Miles, and I attended the 12th Annual Webby Awards in New York City, where lonelygirl15 was given the award for People’s Voice Best Drama Series.

Source: insideLG15

Live Coverage from the Webby Awards

"Liz Shannon Miller and I are live-streaming from the Webby Awards tonight"


The video will be updated periodically so just refresh your browser to see the latest.

See more live coverage: http://qik.com/newteevee or visit our blogspot portal page for the latest video.

In honor of Gina

cheddarcheese created new artwork in honor of Gina

Source: insideLG15

Webbys Film & Video Awards: Cool Creators, Big Laughs, Only a Little Nausea

" I did get to talk to … well, just a ton of fascinating creators."


“So You Suck at Photoshop has become the Rickroll of Photoshop discussion?”

Compare The Voices

The separated samples of the voices from the Dollhouse trailer to compare to the unknown "Are you Caroline ...?" voice.


For more information on the Dollhouse ARG visit our Dollhouse portal page: http://dollhousetoday.blogspot.com/ or join the IRC Chat.

Check out the wiki: http://dollhouse.wikibruce.com/Timeline

Sofias Diary Ep 62

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Welcome to NewTeeVee Station

Where is She? - Charlie (KM)

Charlie said...

I don't know what Lauren's done but it's started to affect the people she cares about, or at least the people I thought she cared about. Get in touch.

The Shadow of Elder Michelle Clore was first seen during Terrence's siege of the Hymn of One's London Centre. He shows up wherever Michelle does and doesn't take kindly to those who interact with her. Along with Kate's Watcher he Precious Blood: 10PM pursues Terrence after he spills too many secrets about the inner workings of the Order. He is last seen chasing after Terrence, and lives after Kate's Watcher is murdered by Terrence in the pursuit. He is later seen continuing to protect Michelle.

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Ah, my assignment... - Nemarous (3rd triad)

So a little bit about my assignment and me

Monday, June 9, 2008

A Call To Arms!!!!!

It now appears that both Bree and Gina have been brutally murdered by the Order. It is time for revenge!!!!!!!! The first step in developing any good plan is knowing the facts and that is where YOU come in. We need every able bodied soldier on board to make sure we have LGPedia up to date. Perhaps you know a small fact that no one else does. Perhaps you noticed a spelling, or grammatical mistake. Perhaps you know where one of the locations is. No matter how big or small the detail we need to get it on LGPedia. Whether you are a KateModern fan or a Lonelygirl15 fan your help is needed more than ever. Join the battle. Fight The Order........LGPedia style....

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Sofias Diary Ep 61

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Musterion - Moondoggle (Tc : WoW)

Silent-Invisible wisp of light
On August skies they ride
Come greet from out the night
Where my Jealous Father hides
He hides from searching eyes
From the glistening sea-
His darkness and obscurity
A drop of what shall be

Ameth in broken shards
Dryads and satyrs lift the bards
On milky twilight come cross the sea
To me

Come forth o' Les Invisibles
Through tangled groves and oaken halls
Through living trees where spirits rest
Through 7 souls in bridal dress
Come fire aflame through sparks of light
Through watery depths and windy nights
Through saints and sinners
Fools and kings
They are the same

Music by Daniel Joulin and Impulse

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A weird update... - LonelyFrenchman15


You'll never guess what happened with Dr. Rudolph Jones Jr.!

Feral Chase
Kevin Macleod

Kevin Macleod

*Gina* : 86 candles from 15 countries.

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LG15 at the Webbys

lonelygirl15 was the People’s Voice Winner in the Drama: Series category of the 2008 Webby Awards.

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No More Fear - Emma (LG15)

This is for Gina. She'll always be in our hearts

It's so very hard to be
Full of strength and apathy,
But I'm so sick of crying
And tired of people dying.
And I can't seem to move on easily
'Cause I'm filled with fear.
There's no going back from here.
I'll never forget your wayward smile.
The silly games were juvenile.
Oh how you helped me so,
More than you'll ever know.
And now I can't just let you go,
'Cause I'm filled with fear.
There's no going back from here.

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Boobs are boobs - Gwen (lonefox101)

My first blog...I guess:P ~Gwen

An Evening with... 3/6 OR "My Two Gregs" - hopefulsemblance

This is the third part (of six) of me being interviewed by ApotheosisAZ on BreeFM. Hear me talk about my awesome blog, Greg Goodfried, and Greg Gallows and why I owe my complete existence in this community to them.

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Tez on Toast - Terrence (KM)

Tez On Toast said...

Meet the Russell family...


Sunday, June 8, 2008

How Did It Happen?

::::: UPDATE::::

For a much more detailed analysis double click on the image:

With the help of this diagram created by Renegade15 we have been trying to map out the last few moments before Gina's "lifeless" body was seen on the floor. Where was the shooter? What kind of gun was used? What kind of bullet? Was Gina hit? How did she fall in that direction? Was there blood? Is Gina really dead? Where is the body? Where is Sarah?

If you have a theory leave a comment below and let us know what happened.
See also: The "why Gina is still alive" thread.

The Gap Year - Week 2 Highlights

The Legend of Lyriclyinclined --SonofaStich

In the midst of our mourning, a very special person had a birthday. I feel it fitting that we take just a moment to celebrate the life of someone still with us, especially someone who has done so much for our community. I hope it brings a smile in the middle of all our sadness. --Jenni

Hosted by Sir Oswald Dearsworth.


A day late, but it's the thought that counts...right? =)

Casa del Ladrillo - QtheC (tC: A/A)

From letters to sevens, I built a fine place,
two digits translate, all but the space.

The Commodores play a funky key true,
its twenty-one sevens repeated all through.

Then added, no carries, matched pairs up to six.
So is my House safe, of thirty-seven Bricks?


Tags: QtheC giPelttiLdrihT theCoalition transl8 The Commodores song

This video was posted as a video response to Astride Checker Squares.

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