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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Episode 10 - Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Comedy-Action Webseries

Annoying Orange - 1 BILLION KILLS!

Olga Kay goes HAYWIRE

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Making the movie - UPDATE

Campaign Update - Jan 12th - King of the Web

YouTube Aims for More Accurate Subscriber Data

Starting today, a lot of YouTube users may notice a drop in their subscriber numbers.

Read the full post:

Barely Political: Joker & Harley Quinn Therapy! Session #7

Alloy TV

Mary Mouser Talks About Frenemies

Frenemies Star Mary Mouser Plays Deal, Confront, or Ditch!

On the Set of How to Rock

My Day My Life: So Random's Allisyn Ashley Arm

Dating Rules From My Future Self:Ep 3 - Change Yr World

Hey Girl - Ep. 12 Horsing Around

Episode 9 - Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Comedy-Action Webseries

Daily Grace: THE IAWTV AWARDS #IAWTVawards

Prison Dancer: The Interactive Web Musical

Hi all,

This is our first post. Thanks for letting us be part of this community. We are a group of North American creators from Canada and the US who are about to release our first interactive web musical series. This is the synopsis:

Prison Dancer is an original interactive musical web series inspired by the viral Youtube phenomenon, the “Dancing Inmates of Cebu.” Featuring a cast of Youtube stars and some of the most exciting Filipino musical talent emerging in North America, Prison Dancer is “Glee meets Miss Saigon” wrapped in a “choose your own”adventure. Filled with catchy pop tunes, star-crossed lovers, and engaging interactive elements, Prison Dancer brings together the best of Broadway and Youtube entertainment and takes transmedia storytelling to the next level.

You can find more information about us here:



Here's our first TEASER. Would love to get feedback. Enjoy!

Felicia Day: Geek & Sundry

Be the first to know about our upcoming slate of shows: Subscribe and check out our website http://geekandsundry.com.

Those Video Guys Live Episode 11, Season 2 webseries and viral video reviews

Our first review show of 2012. Join Elisar and Sean in reviewing videos, web series and inducting a new Youtube video into our hall of fame.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Miss America


Venus Spa S3.8: REVENGE!

Be the cool kid in your neighborhood and buy a Venus Spa t-shirt!

So like everything's totally kosher at the Venus Health Spa, no problems, nice bodies everywhere, no intruders of any kind...

AVGN Q&A Panel 2012

James wows a packed house in his last east coast convention appearance before he embarks on the making of the AVGN Movie!

Tights and Fights: Ashes "Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda's"

Episode 128 of Tights and Fights: Ashes - Featuring the return of Leopard Woman!

Leopard Woman arrives in her home kingdom of Leopardia... but is she too late? Could she have made it there faster? And why is she so distracted?

Please join us on Thursday Jan 19th for the "live performance" of The House for the Committe of Un-Superhero Activites! Live on Capester.com and Twitter!

Visit us at Capester.com!

Tights and Fights: Ashes is a super hero comedy web series and Transmedia experience. With 183 video diary episodes, it tells an epic, and hilarious, story about good and evil from a very intimate viewpoint.

Follow us on Twitter:

Become a fan on Facebook:

Subscribe to our YouTube channel:

For scripts, behind the scenes, live performances and more, check out our website:

(Adults Only!!) Episode 8 - Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Comedy-Action Webseries

How is DBG promoting the IAWTV "Why I Do What I Do" videos?

In a recent promotion for the IAWTV Awards, the International Academy of Web Television promised that a company called DBG would "promote" the videos. DBG was one of the sponsors of the recent IAWTV Awards held at CES. If you look at the playlist for the "Why I Do What I Do" contest the view counts have indeed increased substantially. The question is how? The answer may lie in the video statistics that now show up to 2800 views coming from "tubemogul.com" for many of the videos submitted for the contest.

This is not a huge number of views (yet) but it is reminiscent of observations made around the time of the Tubefilter event called " Do Cheaters Never Prosper?" At that time a company called Yellow Thunder Media was supposed to appear at the event but pulled out for an undisclosed reason after the TheWillofDC talked about a domain name that appeared to be linked to the company was generating a very high number of views for shows they were promoting.

So the question becomes: are these so called "promoted views" really what some would call "paid views" and do they actually represent real views from real people who actually watch the content. Perhaps the IAWTV can provide us with that answer.

IAWTV Awards: some random thoughts #IAWTVawards

Because you’re stressing the exact opposite: that you’re still a niche field, that loosely celebrates itself in a closed room while most of the other people don’t even know or care.

Read the full post:

'Guild' nabs Web TV kudos

The Intl. Academy of Web Television announced the winners of its inaugural IAWTV Awards on Thursday night at the Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino during CES in Las Vegas.

Read the full post:
"The Guild" and Shira Lazar Clean Up at Inaugural IAWTV Awards

While there wasn't any cursing, there also wasn't much for surprises or fun in the briskly moving ceremony.

Felicia Day, Shira Lazar Take Home IAWTV Awards

... the members of the International Academy of Web Television love them some anything affiliated with Felicia Day...

Read the full post:
IAWTV Awards Liveblog: Why Felicia Day is the Tina Fey of Web Entertainment

Oh, it’s made of golden pillars representing the togetherness of the Web. Cute.


Video: Felicia Day Sweeps IAWTV Awards - Readies Slate of New Shows for YouTube

Read the full post:

IAWTV Press Release:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Inaugural IAWTV Awards Winners List

Press Release

Best Educational Web Series
• DadLabs

Best News Web Series
• Tech News Today

Best Variety Web Series
Kids React

Best Original Music
• Rob Gokee, Night of the Zombie King

Best Editing
• Tony E. Valenzuela, BlackBoxTV: The Series

Best Production Design
• Greg Aronowitz, Dragon Age: Redemption

Best Cinematography
• Joost Van Starrenburg, RCVR/Web Series

Best Writing (Non-Fiction)
• Rudy Jahchan, A Comicbook Orange

Best Writing (Comedy)
• Felicia Day, The Guild

Best Writing (Drama)
• Susan Miller and Tina Cesa Ward, Anyone But Me

Best Costume Design
• Shawna Trpcic, Dragon Age: Redemption

Best Makeup/Special Effects
• Greg Aronowitz and Kimberly Graczyk, Dragon Age

Best Visual Effects
• Chris Preksta, The Mercury Men

Best Male Performance (Comedy)
• Jeff Lewis (Stan), The Jeff Lewis 5-Minute Comedy Hour

Best Female Performance (Comedy)
• Felicia Day (Codex), The Guild

Best Male Performance (Drama)
• Daniel Bonjour (Luke Weber), RCVR/Web Series

Best Female Performance (Drama)
• Rachael Hip-Flores (Vivian McMillan), Anyone But Me

Best Interactive/Social Media Experience
• What’s Trending with Shira Lazar

Best Supplemental Content
• The Mercury Men

Best Distribution Platform
• Blip.tv

Best Web Site Design
• The Guild

Best Directing (Non-Fiction)
• Brett Register, What’s Trending with Shira Lazar

Best Directing (Comedy)
• Sean Becker, The Guild

Best Directing (Drama)
• Chris Preksta, The Mercury Men

Best Host Live Web Series
• Shira Lazar, What’s Trending with Shira Lazar

Best Host (Taped)
• Kristyn Burtt, The Web.Files

Best Hosted Live Web Series
• What’s Trending with Shira Lazar

Best Hosted Taped Web Series
• The Web.Files

Best Documentary Web Series
• White Collar Brawler

Best Animated Web Series
• Red vs. Blue

Distinguished Service
• Elisabeth Flack

Best Comedy Web Series
• The Guild

Best Drama Web Series
• RCVR/Web Series

Screen shots: worldofhiglet

More Screen shots: Web Series Today Google+







The Vergecast at CES 2012: Day One

Miss America

Miss America

Alloy TV: Zendaya and Bella Thorne From Frenemies

Dating Rules From My Future Self

Shiri & Alison on Making Eye Contact

Shiri & Alison Talk Fresh Faces

Shiri & Bryce on Who's Behind the Wheel

Shiri & Bryce's Dating Rules for the Road

Junkyard: The Series: Shameless Promotion - Ep. 5

HITMAN 101 - Episode 2: Along Came Eva

JTS.TV Announced Network Model and Slate of Shows from CES

PRICE = $3.99/month Web site: http://www.jts.tv

Read the press release:

Blue Movies
Generic Girl

Limited Exclusive:
The Jeff Lewis 5-? Minute Comedy
Out With Dad
Vampire Zombie Werewolf
Gold; Night of the Zombie King
The Pacellis
The NoHo Show


Read our previous story: What is JTS.TV?

What's Trending Interviews from CES @ 11AM PST! #WTlive

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EST on Jan 12th, 2012

BlackBoxTV: Disappear HERE...


Song used is: Paradigm Shift by The Epilogues

Much has happened since we last saw you.
Here's a quick look at our future.

Meet some of the talented people who've joined the BlackBoxTV crew!

Anthony Zuiker -- Executive Producer (Creator of CSI)
Carly Feingold -- Producer (Co-Producer of Scream 4)
Bree Essrig -- Host of BlackFridays (New SHOW!)
Joe Nation -- Director of Photography AND BadAssery!!!
Sebastian Lee -- Post Production Coordinator (Imported from Australia)

Follow BlackBoxTV at: @BBTVofficial

Music by: The Epilogues
Edited by: Phil Mangano

Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Episode 7 - Comedy Action Webseries

Mortal Kombat, Downsized, 30 Rock Among WGA New Media Noms

The writers of Anyone But Me and 30 Rock’s Frank vs. Lutz online series were the honored inaugural recipients of two new awards added to the WGA’s 63rd annual ceremony.


The winners of th WGA Awards will be announced at ceremonies held on Sunday, February 19, 2012.

Episode 32-33: The One With the 2011 Roundup

Episode 32: The One With the 2011 Roundup - Part 1


Episode 33: The One With the 2011 Roundup - Part 2


Throwing Stones Teen Horror Web Series - Season 2 Episode 5

What's Trending Interviews from CES

IAWTV Chairman Paul Kontonis on What's Trending CES 2012

Patrick Norton LIVE on What's Trending from CES 2012

Shit Cholas Say

The Verge: Justin Bieber. A dancing robot. CES 2012.

The Fine Bros: New React Schedule and New Series

The Philip DeFranco Show: KHLOE KARDASHIAN IS NOT A REAL KARDASHIAN!?? ... still possibly a man

Miss America

2012 Miss America Pageant: Preliminary Competition Awards Ceremony (Night 1)

After the Show: Tuesday Night Preliminary Competition at the 2012 Miss America Pageant

Zero to Zach - Jan 11th - King of the Web

DoctorHolocaust: Con-G Commercial

Nights at the Round Table - Pilot.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Comedy Action Webseries

Mod Mobilian TV becomes the first web series to come out of Alabama

Say hi to Alabama's first and only internet comedy/news/arts show. A modern day (if strange) variety show, MMTV combines aspects of Tosh.0, Adult Swim, Wondershowzen, and VICE.

MMTV Season One Teaser Trailer from ModMobilian.com TV on Vimeo.

MMTV Season 1, Episode 8: "NIGHT OF THE LIVING BLEEPS" from ModMobilian.com TV on Vimeo.

Mod Mobilian TV was created by Kris Skoda and Trey Lane of ModMobilian.com, and is made up of video content created mostly in Mobile, AL. This content may be short films, music videos, cartoons, and news features, it  all depends on what episode you catch. Check out the entire first season here.

What's Trending Interviews from CES! #WTlive

Watch live streaming video from whatstrending at livestream.com

3:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST on Jan 11th, 2012

Coverage of The International Academy of Web Television #IAWTVawards

(IAWTV) Awards which will be held January 12, 2012 during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Read the full post:

IAWTV and VidCon Announce Partnership for VidCon 2012

Hank Green, Co-Founder of VidCon noted, "VidCon, originally a large group of bloggers and musicians, has expanded to represent and celebrate the entire online community.

Read the full post:

The VidCon 2012 conference is scheduled to take place June 28-30, 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Web Series Today: Inactive Author Deletions

As explained in a previous post the Blogger platform on which Web Series Today is based allows for a maximum of 100 collaborative participants. The blog is intended for active participants in the Web series community.

Authors who have not made a post in the past 30 days will be considered inactive and may be removed if a new author request is made. If you wish to keep your author position for use in the near future, and you have not posted in the past 30 days you need to send an e-mail to [email protected] with "Author: KEEP" in the subject line.

If you wish to become an author or have applied and did not receive an invite follow the instructions on the "Become a WST "Author"" link in the top right of the blog carefully, but first read the FAQ page in the same place.

HITMAN 101 - Episode 1: Always The Hardest

Episode 1 of 12 of the crime thriller web series Hitman 101 - a story about the world of a Hitman. hitman-101.com

Idiot and the Scorpion - Season 2 - Episode 5 - Comedy Action Webseries

NATPE Reveals 2012 Digital Luminary Awards Winners

The 2012 recipients are:

Brand Leadership in Online Video: Honoree: NASA: Juno
Branded Entertainment Series: Honoree: Leap Year
Online Video Personality: Honoree: Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere
Original Web Content in a Drama Series: Honoree: Aim High
Original Web Content in a Comedy Series: Honoree: Wainy Days
Leadership in the Digital Category: Honoree: Yahoo!

Read the full post:


Undiscovered Campaigners - Jan 10th - King of the Web

SOAPnet visits Maine for web series contest entry "Criehaven" 2005 (Ragged Isle)

Alloy TV: The Alchemy of Forever

Watch the book trailer for The Alchemy of Forever, the stunning Incarnation series debut novel by Avery Williams, created with the producers of The Vampire Diaries.

Visit the official Alchemy of Forever site: http://www.Incarnationseries.com

Dating Rules From My Future Self: Ep 2 - What Is Luv?



Life on the Road- Lindsey Stirling

Indie Intertube V-Logs: Vegas Day 1 - 2

Indie Intertube V-Logs: Vegas Day 1 - The Venetian

Blood Lies - Ep. 4 Promises

Electric City: Tom Hanks hits CES to tubthump Yahoo show

Hanks also let slip that "Electric" cost $2.5 million to produce the 90-minute total, split into 20 short episodes.

Read the full post:

Vote For Your Favorite 2012 Miss America Contestant (21)

Vote for Miss New York 2011 Kaitlin Monte

Brooke Burke-Charvet Returns as Co-Host of the 2012 Miss America Pageant!

2012 Miss America Pageant Arrival Ceremony

2012 Miss America Pageant Fashion Show with Express

Why We Do What We Do #IAWTVawards #IAWTV

Good Luck Pretty!

Why I Watch Squatters Series

Why Do I Do What I Do - The IAWTV Awards

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Vergecast at CES 2012: day zero

Vermin Supreme: When I'm President Everyone Gets A Free Pony

Vermin Supreme At the Lesser-Known Democratic Candidates Presidential Forum. Forget The Phony, Vote For The Pony: http://bit.ly/zlqK3a
The full debate is available here http://bit.ly/wBcU10

What's Trending from CES LIVE! #WTlive

Join What's Trending with Shira Lazar for a special livestream event featuring Eliza Dushku, iJustine, Veronica Belmont, Robert Scoble, Mike Relm and more sharing their thoughts on the best of CES and the future of web TV.


Throwing Stones Teen Horror Web Series - Season 2 Episode 4

While Tad and Chrissy form their plan, Rachel's whereabouts in the school are revealed.

When a group of high schoolers have to attend Saturday School they must work together to overcome their differences in over to survive when students end up missing. As if high school wasn't scary enough...

Follow on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/ThrowingStoneswebseries

4Villains - Hench'd20 Episode 3

Google Merges Search and Google+ Into Social Media Juggernaut

Now we know Google’s master-plan for integrating Google+ ever more deeply into the Google ecosystem: Pour the whole thing into Google search.


Google calls the search update “Search Across Your World.”

Talent: Season 2, Part 2 - Official Trailer

Alloy TV: Favorite Disney Show of Selena Gomez, David Henrie and Jennifer Stone

Vote For Your Favorite 2012 Miss America Contestant (17-20)

Vote for Miss Ohio 2011 Ellen Bryan

Vote for Miss North Carolina 2011 Hailey Best

Vote for Miss Oklahoma 2011 Betty Thompson

Vote for Miss North Dakota 2011 Ariana Walker

Shadows- Lindsey Stirling

The Philip DeFranco Show: Is this the Perfect Woman??

Monday, January 9, 2012

Anticipating the IAWTV Awards: Five Web Series Worthy of Your Bandwidth

Web entertainment is on the rise and nothing legitimates a cultural movement better than an awards show.

Read the full post:

Gala Celebration of Web Original Video Set for Thursday at CES in Las Vegas

Read the full post:

PRETTY THE SERIES: Season 3 Ep 4-5

Blood and Bone China Trailer

Why We Do What We Do #IAWTVawards

Why I Do What I Do: Video for IAWTV Awards 2012

Why I Do What I Do

IAWTV "Why I Do What I Do" (QUICKLY!)

Little Green Pill - Tango Dango Promotes IAWTV Awards

Elevator/Gameroom shows news

Some good and some bad news for fans of Elevatorshow and Gameroom. We may be seeing new episodes of these shows in the upcoming days/weeks, good news yes? Well here is the bad news, these episodes will be the last. I enjoyed both shows and I am sad to see them go but hopefully we'll see more shows from WoodyTondorf in 2012. Pictures below from recent twittering between myself and WoodyTondorg and also from another fellow Elevatorshow fan. That makes 2 of us right?

Team Regulars

Battle Royale 2012 - King of the Web

12-Steps To Recovery - Ep. 16 Catch Social - Part 1

HOMESCHOOLED: Homeschool Sucks - Ep. 1

The Inland Sea: An Australian Odyssey: The road from Darwin to Broome - Ep. 8

Hey Girl - Ep. 11 One Broke Girl


Barely Political: Captain America Therapy! Session #6

Wainy Days #39 'Kelly and Arielle - Part 7'

Dating Rules From My Future Self: Ep 1 - Who R U?


Dating Rules From My Future Self

Chapter 1: Who R U?

Description: Watch the season premiere of Dating Rules From My Future Self, starring Shiri Appleby (Life Unexpected), Alison Becker (Parks and Recreation), Mircea Monroe (The Change Up), Bryce Johnson (Pretty Little Liars), Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries), and Martin Starr (Superbad, Party Down), and find out what happens when a marriage proposal, three best friends, and a love app from the future collide.*

Discover more about the series on the Dating Rules Facebook page (http://facebook.com/DatingRules ) and stay tuned for new episodes of Dating Rules From My Future Self every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at Facebook.com/DatingRules

Weird Girls – First table read recap

I’ve got notes from everyone there about what they liked and didn’t like and why.....

Read the full post:

Why 2012 will be year of the artist-entrepreneur

Everywhere you look, artists are taking more control over their own economic well being, in large part because the Internet has enabled them to do so.

Read the full post:

Lia Marie Johnson: Lia - Brighter Than the Sun

Here is my cover of Colbie Callait's Brighter Than the Sun. Hope you like the bloopers!
Don't forget to watch me host Zui Buzz on http://www.zui.com

Why We Do What We Do

Why I Do What I Do

Why I Do What I Do

IAWTV AWARDS-Julie Ann Emery-Why I Do What I Do

Sundays Web Series - Season 1 Final Episode

Sundays Web Series nominee for Indie Soap Awards –
Season 1 Final Episode 10
“Into My Ocean”

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