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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The LG15 Universe

The LG15 Universe

We are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion that the community has expressed with the end of lonelygirl15. Since our announcement yesterday, there has been a lot of great discussion about lonelygirl15, the new show, and what this means for the community. I personally wanted to clarify a few possible misconceptions you might have as a result of our post.

First, in our minds LG15 is a Universe taking place around the story of The Order, an evil secret society that has discovered the existence of very rare girls that carry a special blood trait. Blood from these “Trait Positive” girls can extend the life of anyone who can transfuse the blood into his/her body. lonelygirl15 is the first show living within the LG15 Universe and KateModern was the second. We plan on telling MANY more stories within the Universe, including upcoming shows in Europe and the new one in the US.

Second, the new show is not going to be a fusion of lonelygirl15 and KateModern. Instead, it will take “the best things from each show,” meaning that we will apply what we’ve learned from producing them over the past two years – writing, interactivity, 12 in 12’s, etc. There might be some familiar characters in the new show, but we do not intend on combining the two series.

Finally, the heart and soul of the LG15 Universe is www.LG15.com and will remain so with the new website. The LGPedia, forum, Community videos, and InsideLG15 will all continue to be a part of the site.

We look forward to the LG15 Universe and it’s mythology living on for years to come with new characters and storylines. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below.

- Amanda

Source: insideLG15

What features would you like to see in the new LG15.com web site????? Call and leave a message telling us what YOU think: http://www.snapvine.com/user/leave_message?uid=59fa98fc2aee11dd95570030485b0f88 <---CALL NOW!!!!!

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Most fictional works take place in the "real world" unless there is a specific mythology for the series, in which case you find niche universes. For example, Marvel Universe, Whedonverse and Breeniverse each take place within their own universe with their own mythology. They exist individually unless there is a crossover. When Marvel Universe overlaps with DC Universe there is no new universe created to represent the combined universe.

The description of a universe, its characters and its other elements becomes vitally important when discussing User Generated Content. When a producer selects a universe to create their series in they are not only selecting how their story line might interact with the story line in that universe but they must also consider all facets of the mythology in that universe

One additional area where this has become important is in understand the Terms of Use provided by the Creators.

The Venn diagram above shows the relationship between "elements" used by the Creators, and UGC creators (fan fiction creators) both in the extended universe and the parallel universes.

Universe on LG15.com LGPedia.

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The Song is Ending

rmecpirate07 says:

Okay so as we all know, LG15 is ending at the end of this month. And, to an extent is RP07. That is to say that Volume 3: Song is ending sometime around Mid-August, and it is going to be a finale you will all be on pins and needles about!

Head over to the blog to see some Promotional Images for y'all to use to spread the word about this series! They even have some clues as to what to expect in the Finale!

And stay tuned despite the Revamping of the LG15 site and keep an eye on the Blog to know when Volume 4: Memoria will begin!

Thank you!



Subject: - 6A616E65

I wait.

Should MessyNessy89 continue?

JustAnotherLonelyGirl says:

This is a bit unorthodox, but I am thinking since LG15 is going to end, I should end MessyNessy89. What do you all think?

Its a forum poll. I have voted that it shouldn't end.

"She Does Not Rest In Peace"

Over the July 4th weekend, the following videos appeared with lonelygirl15/redearth88 related tags. The third one has a puzzle in the description.

Statement Of Purpose

Better Times (Carry You With Me)

A Gift

The Choice is Yours

Re: ZOMG: The End is Nigh!

by ApotheosisAZ

on Sat Jul 05, 2008 6:17 am

"In August, we will relaunch LG15.com as a full-functioning social network with profile pages, chat, forums, comment boards, blogs, groups, and other tools. In the future, we will be integrating third party sites such as YouTube and Twitter into the platform so that you can manage your accounts from LG15.com as well as import your videos, photos, and messaging into your profile pages.}

This is a statement that they will no longer allow fan submitted videos on the main page at LG15 after this "relaunch."

The C's aren't even pretending to put off their vaunted promise of making LG15.com a haven of interactivity. They are cleverly stating that they are removing the weak crap they currently claim is interactive. Even if they do allow "future" video imports to their site, they are stepping back from their promises.

They aren't adding shiny new buttons. They're announcing that they intend to step back from the stuff they already had.


Friday, July 4, 2008

What do u think- Poknish

Lonelygirl15 storyline comes to an end.

"LG15 Update

We have some exciting news to announce! Over the last several months, we have been working to rebuild the LG15 website. Our programmers and designers have been working tirelessly to code and design a new social network platform. In August, we will relaunch LG15.com as a full-functioning social network with profile pages, chat, forums, comment boards, blogs, groups, and other tools. In the future, we will be integrating third party sites such as YouTube and Twitter into the platform so that you can manage your accounts from LG15.com as well as import your videos, photos, and messaging into your profile pages. We are very excited and eager to show you what we have built. During the month of August we ask you to beta test the site, send us your feedback, and invite friends to join the new and improved LG15 community.

We will also be premiering a new LG15 Universe show based in the US. It will bring together the best parts of lonelygirl15 and KateModern, including some of your favorite characters. To make room for the new storyline and characters, we’ve decided to bring the lonelygirl15 storyline to an end. We are working with amazing writers and actors and are very excited about the new show. To this community, it will feel less like a new show and more like another chapter in the LG15 storyline that picks up where lonelygirl15 and KateModern left off. To new members of the community, it will be a new story that they can get into from the start so they can experience the show without the need to watch over 500 videos. Get ready for an exciting lonelygirl15 finale on August 1!

This is very exciting for all of us and we are so happy to share it with you. It has been a long road and many of you have been there with us from the beginning. We are excited to have you continue with us on this journey. Remember, we are counting on you to test the site during August and September and report your feedback so we can fix all the bugs before the new show launches.

- The LG15 Team"

Source: insideLG15

What do you think of Lonelygirl15 ending and the rest of the LG15 update?

Call and leave a message telling us what YOU think:
http://www.snapvine.com/user/leave_message?uid=59fa98fc2aee11dd95570030485b0f88 <---CALL NOW!!!!!

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Dear Jonas (7-4-2008) - september2star


New-er Diggs - J0v13r

So this is my cabin.

No Way To Live - Jonas (LG15)

So much has happened today. I don't know what to do next. - Jonas

Artist: Curandero
Track: Aras

What do you think should Jennie do about Jonas?

Call Jennie and let her know what YOU think she should do.

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Send Me A Voice Comment! | Copy This

Send Me A Voice Comment! | Copy This

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No Way To Live - Jonas (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Sofias Diary Ep 80

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

From the set

Originally uploaded by lg15
DOWNLOAD all the pictures from the Lonelygirl15 Flickr account.

Originally uploaded by lg15
This week Jonas (Jackson Davis) visited the fictional Lake Clandon in Going Down. Do you know where this was actually filmed? There are no clues or drops at the location, but we did leave the marker on the tree and the black rock sitting next to it. Hopefully no innocent bystanders are scared by them!

Read the full story at: insideLG15

My First Kiss...- Ethan (lonefox101)

I Love KateModern - aphrodite71492

Contest entry for "I Love Kate Modern" contest


Did I upload this too late? Darn.

Some ‘Love KateModern?’ Pictures

Find more photos like this on Lonelygirl15

Artwork by , , , , , , , (not in order)
Dan Scanlon
Josh Mears
Trisha Pham
Antonio Coria
Hannah Brennan
Kerry Smyth

Source: insideLG15

And the winner is…

"We had so many incredible entries. Thank you to EVERYONE who sent something to us - we really enjoyed watching your videos, looking at your pictures and reading your poems. It was great to see how many of you loved KateModern and you made us remember some of the great things we’ve been through over the last year. It was extremely difficult picking a winner as the standard was incredibly high - you should all be very proud of what you’ve done. We’re going to make sure all of the KateModern cast and crew get to see your work.

But there has to be a winner, and the winner is…."

Why do I LOVE KateModern? (MUSIC USED WITH PERMISSION) - stretchandmayonaise

Souurce: insideLG15

‘Love KateModern?’ Poems and Songs

Brendan Gallagher:

KateModern I love!
Come on everybody,
Come and gather round,
Pick up the broken pieces,
And I will tell ya what’s going down,
There was a show
A show like no other,
It started with with an art video,
Then a pretty face
An Aussie and Ralph little
This is when I knew
When I had found my new love
Now I miss it so

.......... Read in full on insideLG15

Morning Exposed - Ethan (lonefox101)

I'm tired of having Nightmares... ~Ethan

A New Direction - Jennie (LG15)

I think it's time I find my own path now.

A New Direction - Jennie (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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What do you think should Jennie do about Jonas?

Call Jennie and let her know what YOU think she should do.

Talk to Jennie on Snapvine.

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Thecoalition.tv mutates yet again!

For the third time in a week the logo on thecoalition.tv has changed. The first two charges turned out to be puzzles but with this one it is harder to tell what the significance is.

What do you think?

Goodbye KateModern - supermander11

A video dedicated to the ending of the online series KateModern

Amanda was in LG15 chat

Amanda joined LG15 Chat this evening. Amanda was just chilling and wanted to know what we thought about the insideLG15 video of her and Yousef wishing Dream and WatchingOne all the best in their wedding.

Below are the highlights from Amanda's appearance in IRC chat:

* Traveler24 has joined #lg15chat
* P-Monkey says: -- Hello Traveler24. Please let us know who you are! If you want your displayed name to be ABCDE type /nick ABCDE (please replace ABCDE with your preferred nickname) --
* Traveler24 is now known as Amanda

Amanda: hey Lyric :)
HAMmy: umm how can we know that it is you?
Amanda: i'm leavin if your snooping hammy

Amanda: yep but i'm in no mood to be ip watched :)
HAMmy: well i wanna know if its you
Amanda: just stopping by to say hi
* lyriclyinclined hugs
Amanda: whatevs lady who keeps her glasses on just like me

Amanda: so how is everyone here?
lyriclyinclined: doing good
lyriclyinclined: got a job
lyriclyinclined: transcribing for cbs
Amnda: cool! what are ya doing?
lyriclyinclined: though i cant believe now many times people say um
Amanda: sounds like it
Zoey: howdy
Amanda: LOL
Amanda: ummmm
lyriclyinclined: every other word
lyriclyinclined: and uh
lyriclyinclined: and like
lyriclyinclined: and "you know"
Amanda: haha

lyriclyinclined: are you going to do fireworks tomorrow?
Amanda: yeah of course! are you?
lyriclyinclined: of course!

Amanda: did ya'all see the vid i just posted of me & yousef?
lyriclyinclined: oh! amanda
* Renegade15 did
Liv: YES!
Liv: It was amazing
lyriclyinclined: might have a job a few nights at a place called uwink
Amanda: we made it tonight. so fun!

Amanda: Liv, how's your dad?
Liv: Wouldn't you know? >_>
Amanda: :)
Liv: He's good :D
Liv: It's his birthday soon
Liv: On Sunday
Amanda: happy bday liv's dad

Liv: I'm gonna get him a trait positive girl and a pair of sunglasses for his birthday
* maddemp hides
Amanda: oh trait positives... they're all the rage
Liv: hehe
* HAMmy hears trait positive and calls all the armenian americans in glendale
Liv: Amanda can I have Jackson Davis as a birthday gift?

pajamas: in-n-out is teh awesomesauce
pajamas: I can't eat bread, so they wrap the burgers in lettuce for me
pajamas: still delicious!
Amanda: animal style

greggers: Amanda, random question
lyriclyinclined: they arent all hawt
greggers: what is your favorite animal?
greggers: And Color?
Amanda: panda
Amanda: blue

Amanda: your next question: amanda, what is jackson's favorite animal and color?
lyriclyinclined: nah
lyriclyinclined: yousef
Liv: Amanda, what is Jackson's favorite animal and color?
Amanda: lol

Lonelygirl15 - Born For This - michiev

Clips: lonelygirl15 @ youtube
Music - Paramore - Born For This (perfect song choice eh?)

This is my first time using Ulead Video Studio. im not sure if there are any glitches in here or not. i tried it in several players, some show it with errors and others dont. but comment if you have viewing problems while watching on here.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An LG15 Wedding - Amanda & Yousef (InsideLG15)

Something borrowed, something blue, an LG15 wedding just for you....

Goodbye Kate Modern - hopefulsemblance

Who knew that this song would sum up what we're ALL feeling about KateModern's departure. We'll wait for someone just like Kate(Modern) to fill that space (that is left behind from this amazing show). But the memories will never be erased.
Thank you KateModern team- cast & crew, for a year full of smiles, laughs, tears, worry, and excitement. You will all be missed. Cheers!

*insert sexual connotation here* - Ziola (tC: A/A)

July 3, 2008


Visit theCoalition 2.0

Graveflowers - RevenantRed

View The Forum Thread

I celebrated the move to Lexington with a few drinks, and ended up re-living some horrible memories.

Something is Coming - thisisapocalypsenow

Something is coming.
I can't stop it,
and neither can you.
Just know that 'it' is coming,
and we had all best be ready when it does.

This Is Apocalypse Now.


Javier says:

Have you ever wanted to be part of an arg, or webseries?
Do you have acting skills?
Are you just starting out but would love to make videos for a series?

I'm currently working on an arg about the apocalypse.
On one day, all within the same hour, tons of people upload videos to youtube, all talking about the same thing happening in their area.
There will be a central youtube channel, called "Apocalypse Now", that will have a playlist for each character in the series.

If you're interested, or would like to know more, pm me or leave a reply comment here.

The current theme of the Apocalypse Now webseries is 'end of the world by meteors.'

so if you saw that part of the movie Transformers, where the guy pulled out and started filming while running down the street, its basically that sorta theme.
only instead of transforming robots crashing into the city, its destructive meteors, asteroids, etc crashing into your city, hometown, etc.

Sofias Diary Ep 79

For more links to Sofia's Diary check out our Sofia's Diary portal page.


Sofia's Diary on Wikipedia.

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.


KateModern - Out on a high!

by Neil Mossey
After 322 episodes… 51 million cumulative video hits… 6 million bebo profile views… Two BAFTA Craft and WEBBY nominations and a Broadcasting Press Guild Award…


katemoder, i love - cittiecait

my mini katemoderners helped me make this

Strike Bears Fruits — Lots and Lots of Fruits

"Tonight Variety has some more details on the site, which is set to launch Friday, but only with a “sizzle reel,” followed by actual content in about a month."


Eye on The Resistance

The Resistance is a movement that was started sometime prior to the late 70s by a group of twelve former Hymn of One members, including Jonas's parents, which was dedicated to "unearthing [the Order]'s dark history and destroying its unholy practices" (We Who Fight). Many years later, when Jonas believed his parents to be dead, he and his friends began calling themselves by this term.

The Original Members

The twelve original members, Kenneth Perry Harlan, Damon Lindsey Lambien, George Thomas Kiel, Oswald Matthew Angie, Michael Byron Carruthers, Theresa Cunningham McManus, Desiree Thoreux Alcott, Christopher Raymond Nance, Susan Bethany Campbell, Joseph Carmichael Nagler, Penny Samson Rayborne, and Raymond Joseph Wharton (Jonas's Father) belonged to the Hymn of One (evidenced by their decision to renounce it in their Mission Statement) before deciding to break away and fight against it as the Resistance. In My Hand Hurts, Jonas found a scrapbook that his Aunt Alex had compiled with information about them. He learned that the members had included a human rights lawyer, an economics professor, a rabbi, an ambassador, a publishing heiress, a radio station owner, a regenerative medical specialist, and a former CIA director. He also found an article about each and every one of their deaths or disappearances under mysterious circumstances.

The Bunkers

The Resistance is known to have a number of bunkers, details about which can be read in The Order in the Modern Empire. At the first bunker TAAG visited, they found the following information displayed on a whiteboard, indicating what the original Resistance seemed to know about the Order at the time they were occupying it:

Mission Statement

In Going Down, Jonas found The Resistance's Mission Statement, We Who Fight, which reads as follows:

From this moment forth, the following individuals swear to uphold the values, purposes, and ideals stipulated in the consequent mission statement. We sign below to form a RESISTANCE; a counter organization opposing THE ORDER. We are dedicated to unearthing its dark history and destroying its unholy practices. The Resistance also forms to denounce a fabricated religion, known as THE HYMN OF ONE.

Together we swear to battle a centuries old oligarchy constructed by those referred to as THE ELDERS; everlasting tyrants of oppression, corruption, and unjust power who operate in secret. With our joined efforts, these immortals shall no longer affect the social, economic, and political infrastructure of our societies for their own gain.

We fight for the greater good of an unknowing people around the globe. We fight for our integrity and their safety. We fight to expose the truth.

Re: The Mission Statement
by jonastko on Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:13 pm

-R- wrote:
Hey, Jonas! I was wondering if you can post a copy of the Mission Statement so that we may be able to analyze it.
Also, I was wondering if you got a good look at the guy who was looking through your bag and stole your papers? Thanks!

sure thing, here ya go. it's a pretty great find! but i have no idea who that person was - it was so bright out and i was too far to get a good look. i feel like such an idiot. oh well at least i was able to follow the clues & find the paper. now i'm focused on figuring out who these ppl are & why carruthers name is on this document.


The Resistance on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This is the week that everyone in the USA does not go to work. Glenn does not like the 4th of July. Growing up, Glenn lived next to where the city of Petaluma does their fireworks and a lot of people would over run the neighborhood. It feels like a very "forced" holiday. Last year Glenn was in pre-production for Redearth88. It was do or die time for the production.

Glenn watched a movie the other night. It was one he had thought about watching for a long time. How scary could it be? Even the Wikipedia entry freaked Glenn out. Glenn had been reading about a French film called "Inside" which has just come out on DVD and it got him thinking. Fearnet did not have "Inside" but it did have "Rosemary's Baby"! Glenn knew the twists and turns so he knew what to expect. He knew the big scene was coming but he was still freaked out. You can read about something but it does not prepare you. The movie then resets it's tone and then continues on but bringing back in the creepy factor until it reaches a crescendo at the end.

It is a 40 year old movie. Up until the era of "Silence Of The Lambs', Rosemary's baby was one of the 3 horror movies everyone had seen ("Psycho" and "The Exorcist' being the others). It is a very layered film. The stylistic approach and the pacing was very interesting. Based on the big scene you know what is going on in the movie. It lays all the cards on the table. The rest of the movie you spend with the character of Rosemary realizing that something is up.

It was made in 1968. Rosemary is talking to the doctor and suspecting things. If this movie were made today they would save the big scene for the 3rd act. Modern cinema tends to have a really good twist ending. "Primal Fear" would be an example. If Glenn got the gig to remake "Rosemary's Baby" today he would be tempted to move the twist to the end. Even "Psycho" has a twist ending. Perhaps because Rosemary's Baby was based on a novel they felt they could not do it as a twist ending.

Glenn always wondered how Mia Farrow was able to coast for so long in her career. She did a great job in Rosemary's Baby.

They make it pretty clear that the big scene really happened and she was not just hallucinating. There might not even be a single jump scare but the movie will still freak you out. It is brightly light. The tone is really what sets it apart.

It ranks in Glenn's top 50 movies if not top 20.

Now, Glenn will have to sit down and watch Chinatown. Glenn has also not seen "Terms Of Endearment", "The Big Chill", "Right Stuff" and "Sophie's Choice". Glenn likes movies with mythology. He has no interest in seeing "Hostile" for example.

Glenn was reading about J.J. Fad's song "Supersonic" and it mentioned Fergalicious. Pearl Jam - Yellow Ledbetter makes Glenn laugh. For a song that you cant understand 90 percent it is pretty powerful. It conveys emotion. Glenn has been playing some stuff he has wanted to play for a while. A couple of years ago there was a feud between LL Cool J and Canibus. Lazydork really likes Canibus, but Glenn thinks a lot of his songs are not that interesting. His rap songs are mostly showing off. One rap followed the sonet format. Technically it was impressive but it was not a good song. Glenn has a mix that documents the feud and it includes some of their most solid work.

There is a rumor that Eminem ghost wrote a rap for LL Cool J. Glenn then played: LL Cool J - LL Cool J vs. Canibus

From Wikipedia

Phenomenon and Beef with Canibus (1997)
After the double platinum success of "Mr. Smith", LL began work on his next album. In 1997, he released the album Phenomenon. The first single, "Phenomenon" as well as the autobiographical "Father" were minor hits. The official second single from Phenomenon was "4, 3, 2, 1," which featured Method Man, Redman and introducing DMX and Canibus. In the original version of the song, Canibus rapped "Yo L, is that a mic on your arm? Lemme borrow that", referring to LL's tattoo of a microphone on his arm. LL heard the verse, interpreted it as a diss, and responded to it with his own verse. This essentially created a battle between two MCs in the same song. In an attempt to calm tension, LL later called Canibus to say he saw the line as disrespect, and asked him to change it, to which Canibus complied. LL did not remove his verse, believing that with Canibus' verse gone no one would know who he was referring to in his verse. However, the original version of the song was leaked to the public. This would set up a rivalry. Canibus released his single "Second Round K.O.", containing lyrics dissing LL, who later responded with "Ripper Strikes Back." In this song he not only dissed Wyclef, Canibus' producer, but went on to berate ex-friend Mike Tyson for appearing on "Second Round K.O." LL did another diss, with "Back Where I Belong" featuring Ja Rule. Canibus replied to both tracks with his "Rip the Jacker" using LL's "I'm Bad" backing track.

Glenn then played Eminem - "Quitter" and talked about similarities to LL Cool J.

Glenn followed this by Robert Evans - Rosemary's Baby which was quite fascinating. He then recommended a documentary based on the DVD collection of "The Kid Stays in the Picture". Rober Evans was the head of production at Paramount Pictures. You need a certain amount of chaos/conflict to produce something really good. It usually means that people are really passionate about what they are working on.

LG422 payed a visit to chat and Glenn talked about some old memories from OpAphid. There were always some concerns about the distinction between fiction and reality. One of Glenn's favorite moments was when LG422 showed up in chat with Bree. LG422 offered legitimate advice. Behind the scenes you have a guide for how you want interactivity to go. For example with Brother then were 2-3 possible outcomes. With the LG15 chat there was one real objective: to get Bree to decide to go to Jonas. LG422 gave them hard core advice that totally made sense. Bree was talking to Gemma and Jonas about feelings and LG422 was like bam bam bam about what they should do. Everyone else was just saying who they should trust. LG422 was telling them exactly what to do. He made so much sense that it could not be ignored. Finally Jonas had to say thats a good idea.

Bree was talking in an abstract sense. LG422 came as close to derailing the on rails process as you can get because his interaction was compelling. It proves the point that a game is only on rails if you let it be on rails. You can explore the parameters of interactivity. Even with the OpAphid phone calls Glenn just wanted things to move along. The good phone calls were where people took a proactive stance. Glenn would write down little sayings when he got angry. He wanted it to be cool. It was right after the first drop. If someone got really hostile Glenn would say "You listen to me if anything happens to my partner..........if any of you pagans.............." Glenn would have 7 things written down for each call. The phone calls took place over 4-5 days. Glenn would choose anyone who was not overtly hostile because he did not know what to expect. He did not want to get on the phone with LG422 for example. Glenn also needed the people to be online. If they were in the right mindset it made Glenn more comfortable talking to them.

Miles has an awesome way of talking. They were talking about the bounty hunter story arc and how to introduce the bounty hunter. People were starting to complain that there was not enough interaction. Glenn suggested introducing the bounty hunter in a cross over with LG422's videos. Perhaps LG422 could be killed off and it would create a back story. Miles said he thought LG422 might be crazy.

Pizza and ice cream was fantastic. Tachyon could not hint people on anything Tachyon related. OpAphid could. In theory Tachyon and Brother were just doing their thing. The hints had to make sense in terms of the story. There were time deadlines. Glenn had to get OpAphid to motivate people to solve the puzzle. The solution was GPS. The password they needed was GPS. Glenn spent an evening in character as OpAphid. People were thinking they needed to wait. OpAphid tried to encourage people to turn in for the night in order to get people to keep working on the puzzle. This was all impromtu. OpAphid said they could go on a field trip the next day and get some pizza and ice cream and visit LG422. OpAphid told players in confidence that they could not have people figure out the 3 letter password. It was a reverse back handed hint. It was both challenging and time consuming. You just don't know what people will get stuck on. You make incorrect assumptions about the train of thought people will follow.

Some puzzles take a lot of time to put together. The only thing that gives you more time is when people get stuck on a puzzle. If people power through a puzzle you might not have anything ready. You want to keep people busy, but you don't want just "filler".

Glenn paid tribute to LG422 for picking up the ball and taking it in the right direction. He did things in such a way that he was not contradicted by anything in Lonelygirl15 or OpAphid. The problem with Cassieiswatching is that things could be contradicted. LG422 had his own character/story with tangential points of connection. LG422 was able to interact without any behind the scenes help. He inserted his series and his character well and kept up with things.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]


Am I a Murderer? - Ethan (lonefox101)

Guys I can't believe what I saw...

Going Down - Jonas (LG15)

The Resistance may not be what we thought. -- Jonas

Music_Artist: Kourkoulis
Track: Ki Etsi Teliosame

Going Down - Jonas (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

LonelyCast15 #12.5: KateCast!

In this special edition of LonelyCast15, we talk about:
  • -Kate Modern

  • -Kate Modern
  • -Lee!


Sony Competition

So, As some of you may or may not remember several months ago I came to you all asking for help plugging my schools entry into a nation wide film competition run by Sony. My school had made it into the top 3, and the grand prize was to be determined based upon public voting. This is where you all came into play. I am sure that some of you probably heard my multiple plugs on several different radio shows via BreeFM, and I know at least a few of you saw the post here on LG15Today, but after the voting finished, none of you heard a word about it. That is because up until today, we did not know. It was recently announced that My school WON THE SONY COMPETITION.

I would like to personally thank you all for watching the great film by Cat Green, and giving it good ratings. I would also like to personally extend the thanks of my teacher Brad Carr who thanks all of you that gave your input on the film.

I would also like to congratulate Cat Green on an outstanding job. Cat, you really have proved yourself in the world of film thus far, and I can not wait to see where you go from here.

For all of you that would like to see a few official articles concerning the contest, look here


or you cold google "Cat Green Sony".

Yet again, a big thanks to the community for helping out with this.

The original LG15 Today article: Sony Contest -- Pls help.
Competition Videos: www.techinmotioncontest.com/winners.

Sofias Diary Ep 78

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Solution for the Ooyala player problem? <--- Talk about it.

Workout With Us - lonelyjewfifteen (LJ15)

See guys, I'm fit as a fiddle.

Word to your mother.


The Pirate's Dilemma

An idea for how the book might work on screen as a documentary - produced by Jesse Alexander, Mark Kotlinski and John Carluccio.

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What did you think of KateModern: The Last Work?

What did you think of KateModern: The Last Work?

Did you enjoy the day? Did you take part in the live chats? Which was your favourite video? Did it answer all of your questions? Which performances stood out? Would you have liked things to happen differently? Did you stay online all day and have 'the full experience' or did you dip in and out?

We want to know your thoughts!

posted by Sophie S


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meteeorites (tC:A&A:luna)

"vinnie said hiii to me!!! hes so brave and so nice and i think hes reelly rely cool.

he talked abaut meteeorites i duno if i spelled that right but theyre biig rocks that come from space. they come from where the stars are and the moon. did you know my name meens moon?"

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London Town: a katemodern tribute - emilymadcat

Not very good... but I really want to enter a KM comp!!!


Original Coalition site tweaks blog function

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The great blogs that are up there now include my golden magic one. *facepalms*

Elephants Rule - MessyNessy89

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Maxwell Glick is the TJ DJ. These are awesome promos!

Awkward Threesome - Daniel (LG15)

Things are really tense right now. - Daniel

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