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Saturday, March 12, 2016


Feminist Frequency: Ordinary Women Campaign Video

Emma Blackery: My Cringiest Internet Moments

community channel: The Waiter Pause

Breaking Trail: Is this Bird a Living Dinosaur?

Arden Rose: Nasty Gal Try-On Haul

Andrea Russett: Unreleased OITNB Episode

FETISH - Naked Truth

Taryn Southern: Craziest Party Fun Times Moments


Out With Dad: BTS Livestream: Editing! (contains spoilers for episode 4.14)

Prank Academy - Teaser Trailer - YouTube Red Original Series

Merging YouTube Channels

Moving home is said to be the most stressful thing you ever do. 

We are moving Shades Of Bad from its current virtual home to its new residence and it is so stressful we are going on a cruise and will doing it virtually!

It is not easy ....

We have a few program strains and to date they have been on different channels. Two of our films recently signed to Metrodome with possible sequels to both. (Freight To 2018 and Nameste Quo 2019).

Having them represented by Metrodome is international sales, it is like having a house in the country because Bula Quo is already with Universal and Freight is with Icon. 
But we control the virtual location we call home, the behind the scenes areas  where we keep in touch with interested viewers on two separate channels. Those channels as well as our TV channels Shades Of Bad (the female serial killer), Doris Visits (the informative travel show) and How To Film (the show that will take you from page to screen and then marketing and Adsense) means we had a spread focus. But you cannot merge YouTube Channels so you have to do things in a very contrived way and make choices.

As well as being in prep for the feature Lighthouse Unmanned (2016), we will next week be shooting in St. Maarten, St Lucia then Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel – Azores as well as adding films to our How To Film playlist which is also moving to the new channel.

It is a bit like moving in with the children, or the children moving back in with the parents, but it will mean we only have to run one channel. However that might take some time as moving the Bula Quo material is not yet scheduled.

There are more reasons to merge and rebrand; to be honest we have learnt a lot as the industry and viewing habits change. Did you know that 90% of the UK adult population now have a mobile phone, that 75% of them are smart phones and that most people now have four screens and 80% of you at some point open a second screen while watching TV. That will not decrease and having a channel ready is the five year plan. You are all expected to have ten screens each within two more years and have driverless cars by 2020 so the opportunities to view will only increase.

It is changing and changing fast and every little change YouTube or Twitter makes means a huge change for us and our mechanics, across many channels. We are tempted to also edit the re edit the end of every film to show the new location and list of shows. 

It is a whole re-branding that will go on until all films are in the new home, and the playlist on the old channel just reflect the  films on the new channel. At the moment and for many weeks it will be the other way round but changing. All new films will be loaded into the new channel including Dubai week, all the new How To Film Videos and Season 3 of Shades Of Bad starring and ex East Ender and an Olympian. Our YouTube channel is still with Disney’s MAKER STUDIOS.  

So, centralization is now something we have to do now the workload has increased exponentially. Jean is now running a TV station single handed and it has a number of program strains that she makes. Mention that to a YouTuber and they would say, ‘so what, it is what we all do.’ Mention that to a broadcaster and they might say, ‘impossible!’

My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 2 - The Great Dress Debate


HOW TO TELL if You're a Bad Kisser w/ Mia Stammer

DIY GALAXY JARS?! | Niki and Gabi DIY or DI-Don't

Peyton Michelle: 8 Spring Break Hacks You NEED To Know!

BACHELOR OBSESSION w/ Lauren Elizabeth


Life Noggin: Why Do We Cry?


Kid Music FAILS!!!

Kid Music FAILS!!! from FLIM SOCIETY on Vimeo.
A puppeteer wizard, a psychologically damaged robot, a dumpster diving folkster, and thinly veiled cult recruiters all try to teach and entertain kids through song - and they all fail miserably.


These are just a few of the zany characters you'll meet in IGGY & OLLIE! It's a new web series from the minds of Anne Douris (Bossie) and Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club) about a young married couple who decide to ditch their rock band in favour of performing kids songs, figuring it'll earn them some easy money.

IGGY & OLLIE is the story young couple fumbling towards adulthood by taking a detour through the world of children. Surrounded by eccentric kids’ music stars and speaking to a demographic they know nothing about, they realize the simple lessons they’re trying to impart through song apply to their own lives even more than they do to the kids.

In their attempt to take a shortcut to adulthood, Iggy and Ollie are about to learn just how far away from being grown up they really are.

A Last Frame Pictures Production

Written & Directed by Anne Douris & Graham Wright
featuring Rob Norman, Tom Power, Freddie Rivas, Raina Douris, and Anne Douris
Photographed by Mike Gillespie and Amanda Fotes
Sound Recorded by Dan Haack
Assisted by Veronika Paz

Emma Blackery: I Can't Give Presents

DAN2MAN (Trailer #1)

DAN2MAN (Trailer #1) from DangComedy on Vimeo.
Dan2man is about one Dans journey to adulthood!

Friday, March 11, 2016

LIVE: Chicago Trump Protest Shuts Down Rally

The Moment Donald Trump Chicago Rally Was Cancelled and Chaos That Ensued

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Nicolife: Episode 5

In Nicolife: Episode 5, Nicolai reconnects with his estranged sister Nikita.

7th Annual Indie Series Awards Best Guest actor nominee killed

7th Annual Indie Series Awards Best Guest actor nominee killed ... a woman scorned.

The only nomination for the female lead web series Shades Of Bad was for Richard Beaumont, guest actor at the start of Season 2, despite the show riding high and Jean Heard who plays Doris being voted favourite actress and constantly being in the top 5.

So put out were the female leads that they have killed Richard Beaumont in protest, and put him upside down in a wheelie bin ready to have his legs hacked off with a garden chain saw so the lid will close. That was all filmed in the protest episode 40 EVENING OUT which airs this week.

The 7th Annual Indie Series Awards is being held on Wednesday, April 6, at the historic El Portal Theatre, hosted by Eric Martsolf and Jen Lilley. Tickets are on sale now from Indie Series Network, but the women have had their say. If they want Richard on stage, he arrives in a wheel trash bin.

This is truly is a landmark end of Season 2; episode 40 of Shades Of Bad which sees 'the lady serial killers in training' peak and leave the kitchen and house for the very first time! They have to dispose of their first dead body. The dark humour is at it's darkest in this special episode. Doris fires out suggestions as to what they should do with the body as Wilma ponders becoming a romantic author.

While the Dexter-like characters develop, remember it is Doris's house, so visually the garden is over-the-top Desperate Housewives! Buster has LED strip lights all round the pool in the garden which has a lit fountain. Watch and share.....

Where next?

The serial may appear to have peaked, but will return after a few weeks of celebration with Season 3 which is all but shot. Here is a teaser with one of the new stars, Olympian and World Champion Derek Redmond playing the gangster Drek who headhunts Doris for greater things and sees the ambitions of the show escalate along with her greed for personal success. Season three will start in a couple of weeks.

So Season 3, with Shades Of Bad's very own version of Idris will commence in a few weeks as the Rio Olympics get nearer - funny that (a line he comes out with when referring to 'white powder').

Yukata Cowboy Season 2 Ep 8!

Check out our last episode of Season 2! Holy Cow! Renting Cars in LA Can Get You Killed!?

Strong women in Shades Of Bad get longer format edit

Shades Of Bad is a story of dark wit, misunderstanding and innuendo. 

It has a new format and a new beginning, now is the time to start watching 

Doris is a strong woman, not to be melded with. But, she wakes up one morning to find her husband has not come home. She knows he is never coming home. Not because he has left for good, but because she has made a decision. She has decided he is no longer welcome. It is one of the hardest decisions any woman makes, far harder than saying yes to a proposal, then getting married. The end of a relationship is a huge decision. Moreover, it is a huge turning point in anyone’s life, not least Doris’s life. Everything changes for she is now alone. A woman against the world, and she is not, never has been, never will be a loser. Doris is a powerful woman.

The question is how to move forward, what to do, how does the new Doris Shades develop? Jean's blog on playing Doris is insightful. It might be worth coming back for after this blog on how the three minute format is so different when played in longer form which is now available.

Doris the character starts determined to kill her husband and ensure she does not take the blame. She plans and the reveal cuts deep. The second part, not taking the blame, is as important as the first but life never works out exactly as planned. 

The best laid plans go wrong and Doris Shades accidentally becomes a serial killer bringing to the kitchen the zero remorse decision making that her neighbours commute to the city each morning to work, she begins an incredible ‘work from home’ business. The thing about a suburban housewife like Doris is, that no one will suspect her. Released in three minute coffee break or bus stop size episodes that entrance to the story took five weeks or five episodes to tell. And whilst that format has it's place our largest request was for longer episodes. 

We did a test months ago and discovered the show played so differently it was not a simple request. Here were our first bullet point findings from the initial internal viewings of the longer show.

1. Wow, it plays so much better, so much more powerful.
2. In longer form we will have to throw out junk. It demands harder reductive edits especially episodes 10 to 15.
3. There is an opportunity to make this so much better by adding new content in the form of another dimension (see below)

The desire to improve what was there, and that it was possible has long been on the cards but the work on the TV Channel's new content still consumes Jean's working day and edit suit. However the first mega episode is done and released for public reaction. Please leave comments.

The 'smart' annotation, if it works on your device slips you back to the coffee break episode 6 and for the time being you will have to continue with the three minute episodes because the edits require time and consideration and are not a simple function. We would like to see your comments. The great thing about the web is that the audience can be inclusive. 

If you have never watched the show then now is the time to start.

This new first episode may yet change again because the team really wanted to give it new life, that new dimension. However the release was forced by Stuart being on BBC's TOO MUCH TV last night with Emma Bunton and Rufus Hound (Tue 8th March) and giving Shades Of Bad web series just a glancing mention. We decided to release it without the added dimension.

The second and third mega episodes need considered editing and then a music re-score, though we are now more in control of that if you have seen Jean's HOW TO video on how we now put music on the showThen the ambition of the new dimension has yet to be considered and I guess there is no harm in sharing the idea, but first let me explain where the series has gone in three minute bites. In a character development curve of good to bad found in Breaking Bad, Doris moves from Desperate Housewives  to Dexter. Guess that sums it up. She descends into remorseless crime and reflects the nastier side of a society we have grown to accept (yes it is subtly political). Doris has started a brothel exploiting her elderly mother in law by telling her she has facial recognition dementia and it is her husband coming back over and over again. No one has dementia it is a con. She has a drug business she runs from her cellar and that all gets her noticed and head-hunted by DREK, who sends her to collect his package in NORWAY, which she drops in the sea and has to send down four skin divers for …. oh well ….  (that is the shot and soon to be released season 3)

So, the three slightly odd women have killed their first man, cut him up with a chain saw and put him in a wheelie bin (episode 40, finale of season 2), and the bin man finds it (season 3). All these are coffee break 3 minute episodes and that was the show's remit and challenge. To make every episode interesting, different, climb, peak and end on a crescendo. Sometimes, many times, we achieved it.

We have discovered that the 10.5 minute versions view so differently. The story becomes more engaging and inviting. That demands more of us. So much so our ideas were to make the whole series a reflection of the past and Doris, now incarcerated is in therapy, that being the now. We had a new opening to episode 1 that we never shot.

Why does it have to wait? Just back from shooting in Dubai there are between 4 and 6 travel films in the edit. We leave for the Caribbean in a week to shoot three or more travel films, are back for a April to edit then are pencilled to travel to Toronto and then down to Niagara Falls for another travel film or two in May. June we cruise up the Baltic to St Petersburg with maybe 10 stops from Denmark onwards and more Doris Visits.

Given that spread alone we would not be shooting Shades the drama again until July, so those new elements cannot be shot for some time. Season three coffee break episode releases will start either next week or the week after and we will schedule them to auto release so we can forget about 'transmission' until the fall.

Please watch, share and comment. 

PS Traditional broadcast episodes are 10.5 minute sections. Two make a 21 min 30 second commercial half hour. Shades has around 200 minutes of drama shot excluding titles.

Monday, March 7, 2016


RED BIRD - the exciting new web series from creators Misti Boland and Jeremy Osbern - debuts March 24th!

Check back here for updates on the series as we have them, but in the meantime, follow RED BIRD on Twitter and Facebook!

5 MINUTE SPRING BREAK OUTFIT CHALLENGE! | | Vintage Revamp w/ Tiffany Ma & Julia Cates

Foursome - Teaser Trailer - YouTube Red Original Series


Alli Simpson and Madison Beer Play "Who is More Likely To" I Celeb Challenge

Laying composed music score on film

Shades Of Bad is a continuing TV web drama series with 40 episodes live (two Seasons), and the third Season about to start and almost fully shot. It has fully scored music.

The scored music from the very talented Mark Blackledge of Tamborine Music, and is done for us as his son Buster has directed Seasons 1 and 2 of the show. That looks to have got him his first movie.

Mark has provided us with both he sound mix and music composition up until about episode 38 but he is now doing a major TV cartoon series and a movie, so we have lost him. However, he has supplied us with a library of music cues from the first ten episodes and now Jean lays them on after the edit. The music totals over 30 minutes and obviously fits the dark and comedic nature of the show. Sinister, funny, sad, surprising.

Jean and the team have had to learn a lot more about sound in FCPX sound as before they just handed it to Mark. So, the tricks she has learnt will be shared, but it will mean the sound on all the films that never went to Mark like Ask Doris and the Travel show will be much much better.

Jean is currently editing her trip to the Dubai Mall. With 2 hours of rushes from Dubai there is no telling how many films it the visit will produce, but whether they are completed before she leaves for the Caribbean is a tall order as three episodes missing from Season 3 will be shot this Sunday. So the pipeline is crammed at DorisTV but the How To Film series has started and by far the most popular film of the first three is the one on placing music.

Jean has worked the music into the Season 2 finale episode 40, and here is how she uses the music library. At the end of this film there is an annotation to go to Episode 40, but if it fails to be as smart as it should, come back and click here.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Balloon Town

Balloon Town from open sky pictures on Vimeo.
Balloon Town is an exciting new kid's TV show by Open Sky productions featuring Internationally acclaimed children's entertainer Rupert Appleyard as the bumbling balloon twisting hero Phileas Flash.

Phileas Flash may seem like an average shop keeper but you'll soon discover he's anything but! He lives in a town made solely from balloons, fresh air and imagination, where the normal rules don't apply and adventure is just a twist away.

Balloon Town combines animation, puppetry and live action to educate, inspire and entertain children between the ages of 4 to 10. The web series is also be supported by a full range of innovative and interactive website activities (including behind the scenes 360 videos and balloon twisting tutorials).

This brief teaser reel has been entered into the Independent Production Fund Web Drama Competition so by liking, commenting and sharing the video you REALLY are helping us get further in the contest. The more you help, the more likely we are to make this into a full series and bring this magical balloon world to kids everywhere.

A Winter Solstice - IPF funding proof of concept

"Counselling Vanessa - Session Forty-Eight" - episode 4x13: Out With Dad

INGRESS REPORT - #Obsidian Day One

Anna Akana: Japanese cat does commercial

Breaking Trail: Alligator Lizards in the Lagoon!

Trisha Hershberger: Apple vs FBI explained!

My Dream Quinceañera - Giselle Ep. 1 - A Modern Family

POOPING IN PUBLIC w/ That Gibson Girl

Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor COVER By Macy Kate and Rajiv Dhall | GOT IT COVERED

Cheerleaders Season 4 Ep. 26 - Get Out!

New EP "Side A" by Christina Grimmie OUT NOW!




Andrea Russett: My Go To Make Up Tutorial

Emma Blackery: Plasticine Pokémon Challenge! w/KickThePj

HEY NADINE: What I Eat In A Day (vegan)| SANTIAGO

Joking Hazard Update - Cyanide & Happiness Announcements

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