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Saturday, December 22, 2007

A Typical LG15 Road Trip Vid - MicFranXon

Hey guys, yeah so we decided we needed to get out for awhile.

Revamping "FanFic" on LGPedia

Your input is requested on LGPedia. If you are a video producer this is important and might affect the pages you already have on LGPedia so make sure you participate in the discussion while the concept is still being formulated.

Revamping FanFic

The "Plan"
Right now, I think we are faced with a situation where the LGPedia has become overloaded with fan fiction pages and this is a problem. Now, don't get me wrong, I am absolutely not saying that fan fiction pages on the pedia are bad. Quite the opposite, I'm saying that I think they're good! But with the massive amounts of scattered info we have now, I think we are making it much harder for anyone to really understand what's going on. We also have a lot of extraneous pages, (like video transcripts for obscure series that do not add value to the section on that series) which ultimately only overwhelms anyone who comes here to learn more about a fanfic series.
So, what I propose is this. I think that we should do a massive cleanup of the fanfic section of the site. I think that instead of treating the section as a free-for-all, we should try to get some sort of streamlined guide to just how each series will be treated.

The Types
I think we should divide the fanfic up into five types as far as how we deal with them:
Type 1 - These series get a single page similar to the current Lonelyjew15 page. They consist of one page where all the information you'd need to get an understanding of the series is found. The main things that show up on these pages are plot summary, character info, and important links for watching and following the story more closely. There can be other sections, such as a "Notes" section, but mostly the pages should follow the same general format. The page will serve as a "run-down" to the series it covers.
Type 2 - Unlike Type 1 series, Type 2 series will all be collected together on one massive page where each series will have its own description. Most of the time the descriptive info on these series is similar to what is contained in a Type 1 series, but to a lesser extent.
Type 3 - Like with any rule, there can and probably will be exceptions. What would go on these pages would be determined on an "as needed" basis.
Type 4 - This type covers any major relevant ARGs or series. Since series in this type tend to be complex, they often will require more than one page. Cassieiswatching and redearth88 are great examples of this. Because of the large-scale undertaking of these series, this type will have to be admin approved before they can go forward.
Type 5 - There are some series that simply don't belong on the LGPedia at all (adult film entertainment, anyone? :)). These ones do not need pages.

I think each series needs to be examined individually to determine where it best fits within the above types. A strong case should have to be made regarding why any particular series should receive a type of page. Some good reasons would be: number of subscribers, average number of views per video, notibility in the Breeniverse, and many more. Because of this, I believe we should evaluate each series independantly.
If the idea takes off, I'm happy to create a page where we can discuss statuses for each series. I'm not going to do that now though, because I want to make sure people are on board for the idea first.
Hopefully you guys like this idea, and hopefully you are on board with it! I truly believe it will do wonders for both getting more editors (who now mostly sit befuddled, wondering how to add such elaborate fanfic pages) and for getting new viewers for fanfic series, as viewers will be less confused when the content is laid out in a neat fashion. Please let me know what you think!!!

Join the discussion:


Please leave all comments directly on LGPedia at the link above where there is already a lively discussion on the topic.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Note: The pedia admins have requested that all discussion of this topic take place on the linked LGPedia page. That way none of your valued feedback will be missed.

If you need help in adding your comments to this page contact one of the pedia and admins and they will be delighted to help teach you.

However, to get yourself started just click on the edit link.


hey everybody, I just thought that it was time for all you AWESOME people to get shout outs !!!! ENJOY ;)

So whats new with me? - ThomasMarshJr

why i came back and what i think of LG15today. and much more.

Happy Holidays from BreeFM!

It's the most... Wonderful Time of the Year at BreeFM! Our automation is now playing all your holiday favorites and then some, plus special holiday wishes from our awesome DJs! Feel free to tune in while wrapping those gifts or even re-gifting!

Happy Holidays from all of us at BreeFM!

R.I.P. Bree - MessyNessy89

I am shocked. Please believe me. Bree did NOT do the real ceremony. This is horrible. =/

Love always,
.x0x. Nessy .x0x.

PS: Happy Holidays everyone :)


Take a moment to reflect. Visit the Bree Memorial. Watch an old video or light a candle for Bree.


Where are we? - Lg15Trivia

I mean- you know what I mean.

They Shot Him! - Jonas (LG15)

How did they find us? - Jonas

They Shot Him! - Jonas (LG15) on LGPedia.

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Live Upload - Introduction To Film

Stikll kijmda druk,
willl let u kno what hapend when we fkind oyt.

Holiday Dinner


How many can you name? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Behind_The_Scenes on LGPedia

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Forbes Article

"Also, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Lexie, Becki, and Katherine all deserve to be on the Top 25 Web Celebs."

- Amanda


Amanda Solomon Goodfried is the Supervising Producer of Lonelygirl15. In this capacity, she oversees all aspects of physical production including location scouting, cast and crew scheduling, set design, props, and line production. She also runs the Interactive Department, taking responsibility for in-character chat/forum, youtube and myspace pages, and live events. Prior to joining Lonelygirl15, Amanda, an attorney, worked in the business affairs department at the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in Beverly Hills, a Hollywood talent agency.
Amanda received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California at Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of Miami. Prior to working at CAA, she was an agent trainee at Abrams Artists Agency, and worked at several production companies and in the LA County District Attorney’s Office. She also did fundraising for Al Gore's 2000 campaign with the Democratic National Committee and worked in Family Services at the Miami Dade Superior Court.
Amanda is married to Greg Goodfried, an Executive Producer of Lonelygirl15 and Founder/Co-President of Telegraph Ave. Productions. She receives inspiration from overcoming great odds, redemption, Jane Austen, The BBC, her cats, and the unconditional love and support of her husband. Amanda has a passion for travel, and says that if she weren't working on LG15, she would like to be a "professional tourist." From every city she visits, Amanda collects a bottle opener. Her most unique one is of Joseph Stalin, which she bought in Budapest.

Amanda Goodfried as "Lucy" in episode The Human Ransom.
It was revealed by Wired Magazine, that Amanda was brought on to the project to portray Bree online. The Creators felt that they needed a female to type responses as Bree, and knew that they could trust Amanda. When users send e-mail or send messages to Bree on YouTube or MySpace, it is usually Amanda who responds. This is how the connection to Creative Artists Agency was made. Amanda responded to messages while at work and the IP address of CAA was discovered within one of these messages.
Comments on the MySpace wall of Amanda from the band The Jane Doe's were also discovered by fans, who concluded that she helped the band get their song in the Swimming! video.
Amanda has received credit for helping write the story since the video Bree The Cookie Monster. She was briefly a leading suspect for the role of Lucy, but this speculation was dropped after it was revealed that Lucy was played by Jessi Williams. However, after the release of The Human Ransom, The Creators clarified that while Jessi Williams had played Lucy for a while, she was now portrayed by Amanda, and had been ever since her appearance On The Run.
It was also later revealed that the actress portraying Jules was Amanda's sister, Shannon Solomon. Additionally, the actress that portrayed Bree's mom, Allison Probert, is believed to be Amanda's cousin.
In addition to her roles as producer and head of interactivity on lonelygirl15 and co-executive producer for KateModern, Amanda is the writer, director, editor, and producer of the Nikki Bower videos.

Amanda on LGPedia.

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Holiday Memories: Melanie Merkosky


Melanie_Merkosky on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

I Got Fired Because Of Youtube

So it turns out you really can't say and do anything you want on the internet, who knew?


-Greg Gallows

Fridays are rocking out on BreeFM!

DJ Hallows is live and jamming out to some great tunes now!

Listen in and Join the IRC Chat!

For more info Check out http://bree.fm

Hey Everybody - fractured0

Sorry for the really poor quality, you may need to pause to read it, I guess...

I'm not very good at computer stuff
Music: "Good Enough" by Evanescence

help save the world - creativegirl15

help us

Merry Christmas Jonas - Iris2009

Had to show you something.

No sex please, we're 2.0

Violet Blue looks at MySpace's sex phobias and Tribe.net's sexual awakening
"MySpace is a lame but popular social network site, with one-hit, teasingly softcore sex celebs like LonelyGirl15 and Tila Tequila hailing from its pages. "

The Year of Them

So if 2006 was the year of You, 2007 was the year of Them. Big media companies (like this one) stuffed their sites with blogs, podcasts and video.


More TV viewers turn to Web: poll

"Approximately 65 per cent of the 2,455 US adults surveyed by Harris Interactive said they have watched a video on YouTube, compared to 42 per cent during the same time last year."


What Is The Answer? - lg15trivia

One point for the correct answer.

Wecome To My World - moondoggle (WoW)

Before you say 'wtf' just know that I'm as confused as you are. All I know for sure is that both Bob and Bell are missing now.
The original tape was badly damaged. This was all I could salvage. Now if only I could get it to make sense.

~ Sean

Music: Leonard Cohen

Coming Home for Xmas - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I went to meet the mystery texter and got a lot more than I bargained for... Quite possibly a happy Xmas?

Should Anne Trust Jerry?

Hey everyone,

Looks like Anne needs our help....

"SparkyBennett made an excellent suggestion that I make a poll asking you all whether I should trust Jerry or not. He's got Bethany! In the future! Should I setup that camera next week like he asked? You guys are the best! I'm so lucky to have you here to help! Very Sincerely,

Anne set up a poll here:

So let's go help the girl out :)

A Girl Alone - Emma - (LG15)

Just wanted to say hi. - Emma

Fattigmann (poor man) Scandinavian Treats:

The Rachel Audition (RE88)

Sara Fletcher's audition video for the role of Rachel (redearth) in the series redearth88. Recorded on July 5, 2007.

This audition used an earlier version of Glenn Rubenstein's script for what would become Rachel's first video blog.

Music: "Rachel's Theme" by Glenn Rubenstein

NOTE: This is not part of the Redearth88 story. This is the Christmas bonus for the fans. Please come discuss it with us on youtube and tell Sara what a great actress she is.

Spies In Our Midst - Jonas (LG15)

I just thought you should know... - Jonas

Traveling - J0v13r

When LaRezisto turned out to be a fake a lot of people were left in the dark, the story of Javier chronicles the challenges of a former LaRezisto member on the run.

I've been on the road alot... well, consistently actually. I'm almost out of money and i've been living in my car

LonelyJew15 portal page

We have added a new portal page for the LonelyJew15 series: http://lonelyjew15.blogspot.com/.

As with the other "Independent Producer Series" (IPS) the portal is intended only for navigation purposes. Articles and videos will remain here on the main page. The link has been added to the "Portals" at the top, and also to the video series links on the right hand menu.

How It Feels - Jack (watchyourjack)

I've been practicing - I'm getting good at this! - Jack

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Character Crossword - lg15trivia

Can you solve the crossword puzzle? Clues coming soon....

Points will be distributed as follows:
- One point for each correct answer (e.g. "Miles goes in 24 across"). If a clue video for that answer is released, the answer may be given here on that video's comments, but points will not be given for both.
- One point for finding the message revealed by unscrambling the letters in the dark boxes.

Crossword puzzle image:http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2178/2039862180_9a37cf4530.jpg

The puzzle has been solved by zoeydahling!

Why NOT?

From Joe, by e-mail:

"It's probably too late, but why not Top 15 moments/video/plot hole/etc... of 2007 on Lg15Today? They're could have been voting and everything.

You could always do it after the New Year, since there will probably be more videos and stuff next week.

Just a thought.

Note: It's an interesting idea. Is this something the community wants? If so, what are your ideas on how to make it happen? Leave your input in a comment below.~mm

Here is what the community did in 2006 thanks to LGPedia: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Best_moments_of_2006

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

youwish said...
its a good idea for the christmass new year period when evberything will be a bit low,

somethimg to keep us amused with nostalga =D

and voting is always fun =D
milowent said...
i think its a great idea. one way to do it would be to get nominations until the end of the year (categories & nominations for it), and then set up poll threads somewhere. perhaps anchor cove could create a subforum where people could cast their votes, since at least some lg15today readers have accounts there (and its easy to do). we did something similar in 2006.
keri said...
Sounds perfectly awesome!
bianca23 said...
I think this is a great idea! We can use the same categories as last year and the then set up polls somewhere. They could be on Anchor Cove like Milo said.
Note: I think what we need here is one person or a small group of people who can pick up the ball and run with it. LG15 Today can help promote it if someone takes the initiative and sets it up. If the organizers want to post directly to LG15 Today and they are not already authors they can send an e-mail request to [email protected] and we will be happy to add them.

Download YouTube videos easily - guerillabill

The video below is not related to the breeniverse, but it is related to youtube. I know some would like to download the vidoes they watch on youtube without going through a lot of hassle.

For Acid - MicFranXon

Based on something Acid said....and now it comes to pass! Directed by Greg Gallows, Staring MicFranXon, Jenni Powell, Hammy, Immortal1, Kira, and Greg Gallows.

Hello Friends of Bree

by MessyNessy89
on Wed Dec 19, 2007 11:19 pm

This is Nessy. If you haven't seen my video, here is my youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/MessyNessy89

Please leave comments if you have questions there... and if you want to help me let me know.
I know you are all Bree's friends. I hope you'll try to help me understand what's happening to Cassie.
I'm just glad I found someone to turn to. I haven't had anyone to talk to about this. I've met friends at school but Cassie says I can't tell them about my past or about her.

But I think I can trust friends of Bree. I know she is an important member of the community. I haven't finished all her videos yet, but I do hope she returns to the community if she hasn't already. I'll catch up more over the weekend.

Sorry also for the bad quality of the video... it's just a small digital camera and I had to find places to hide it. As you can see, she did find it last night (and wasn't thrilled).

Love always,
x0x Nessy x0x


Tired of Plotholes (LG15 Spoof) - Betz28

Funny Lonelygirl15 Spoof written by Milowent.


Changes to links on the blogspot.

In the next few weeks you may see a few of the older links disappear from the right hand menu. This is just a question of streamlining LG15 Today so that it better meets your needs. Fear not, the links have not gone away but rather have been archived on a new portal page:


If you ever need to find one of the older links just click on "Archived LG15 Links" on the right hand menu.

Holiday Memories

Holiday Memories from Yousef Abu-Taleb and Jackson Davis.

Yousef Abu-Taleb on LGPedia

Jackson Davis on LGPedia

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Season’s Greetings from KateModern

Originally uploaded by lg15

Behind The Scenes of KateModern on LGPedia.

Alexandra Weaver -- Kate
Tara Rushton -- Charlie
Ralf Little -- Gavin
Jai Rajani -- Tariq
Giles Alderson -- Steve.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Embed lonelygirl15 video feed on your MySpace!

"You can really help us promote the show and gain new viewership this way."


MySpace: Ready for PrimeTime

"MySpace launched its PrimeTime channel Wednesday, a hub that will integrate Hulu content with offerings from MySpace TV."


The Web Celeb 25 - Forbes

"Rose put a pretty face on a breaking phenomenon: that Internet-based entertainment provides an intensely powerful incubator for new stars."


No Longer Lonely

"You may not have heard of "The Order." But this mysterious organization engages in unlicensed biomedical research, has designs on world domination and is under investigation for endangering the lives of children."


"Starting early next year, KateModern will be accessible via cellphones in a deal with Orange, a subsidiary of France Telecom (nyse: FTE - news - people ). And the studio is looking to sign international TV-syndication deals."

The mystery texter - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

NOTE: Let's hope it does not take Bebo another year to fix the "embed code" under the video. Are you listening Bebo?

Striking writers in talks to launch Web start-ups

Dozens are turning to venture capitalists, seeking to bypass Hollywood and reach viewers directly online.


Singapore, Spears, and ThatsAshley - Zarbod

Oh No! Zarbod explains to us all why his love for Bree didn't work, and decides to give up on his deep and passionate love for Redearth Rachel. How will Rachels heart ever survive??

Zarbod travels to Singapore, makes fun of an unwed 16 year old mother to be, and then rambles on about the new object of his affections

quarterlife - part 13

quarterlife - part 13

Add to My Profile | More Videos
"Anxiety" - Brittany offers Dylan an opportunity at work. Jed tries to get a date.

KateModern Holiday Party

"In early December, Miles, Greg and I went to London to visit the KateModern team."


LG15 on Flickr.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Am I A Murderer? - Jennie (LG15)

One of the other girls let me use her five minutes. I had to post this. - Jennie

Am I A Murderer? on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

Cassandra - MessyNessy89

Please help me find answers.

My username will be the same as this one on the lg15 forum.

Love Nessy

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn is feeling "amped" but he says he cannot dance. The "running man" went poorly. He struggled with the cabbage patch. The rhythm is just not there, but he does love making music.
After staying up for two days straight he finally placed an Amazon order for Xmas. His family might be getting some weird presents because of sleep deprivation.

We live in a day and age where the average consumer has 2-5 DVDs that remain un-opened. You would not do that with a CD.

Pre-OpAphid he was always in need of a distraction so he would get movies from Netflix and copy them right away. After OpAphid he cancelled Netflix.

"Just One of the Guys" was a fantastic movie. In "She's The Man" they did not really try to make Amanda Bynes look like a guy so its an OK movie.
Glenn's favorite thing is to do this radio show. He drops everything for it. It happens in real time and that's what is cool about it.
Glenn will read from his original drafts if we want him to.
We should have a steady burst of videos very soon. Then a break for Xmas. Then another burst. This is a hard time of year to keep up.

The five part Gemma video was supposed to be one video.

At this time of year it is hard to ignore people. There is shopping and also end of the year stuff. It is a challenging time of year but Glenn has been successful in getting a lot done.

Glenn feels like the community "gets him." We understand his work ethic. The path to finishing videos is difficult. He has been catching more colds than usual. It is hard working in an unstructured environment. He would probably be more productive if he worked an 8-10 hr day. When he is up for 30-40 hrs he goes home stressed out.

Being in business for yourself you never leave work at work. Your mind is always on. He could be exhausted and his mind could still be racing.

Glenn was a part of this community before OpAphid. He is always open to trying new approaches, so its useful to talk to other fans.
Xmas bonus: on the RedEarth88 channel: Sarah's original audition video will be released soon. Sarah loved the idea and wants to thank everyone in the community. She is "floored" by how hard core we all are:)
Trivia: Glenn was never Bat Mitzvah and has celebrated Xmas since is parents divorce. However if he had to pick a religion he would pick Judaism. It's old school. He also thinks Buddhism has a good philosophy.

We now have access to so much information. Glenn finds a lot of the biblical stuff interesting.

Glenn referenced the movies "The Prophecy" and "Dogma" as inspiring. Myths are very powerful.

We see the same thing in comic books. If you look at these epic stories they are powerful. Jesus was a cool dude. People who follow religions tend to distort things. He cuts Jesus slack because Jesus did not make it all about him. As religions came to form people were fascinated in the same way we are all compelled by great stories. As the word spread stories were probably embellished. Some of it seems arbitrary. All of the
Christian religions seem to stem from the same source material with a different take on it. In comparison the old testament has not changed.

Imagine people telling the story of Star Wars. Think about the stories 100 years later. They would sound more like "Flash Gordon". Just saying...

Who wrote the old testament? Moses! Exodus is the story of Moses. Imagine him as Robert Evan writing the story of his life. So probably after he wrote it he showed it to some people. They would think it was a bit egotistical. They might have suggested writing a back story and then introduce Moses in book 2.

Hundreds of years later someone came up with the idea of writing a sequel. The old testament was too confusing and hard to follow but they did like that "Moses kid" so let's introduce a central character to root for. They will love this "Christ kid".
Everyone has one bad relationship that they cannot believe they endured. Glenn talked briefly about his.
Does Glenn ever work on things that get abandoned? Glenn played a mashup:

"Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler"

It might get used one day. This is what he was working on back in March when "the shit went down". It was a good concept but it was not quite there yet. He worked on it for 5 days. For now it stays unfinished. It was complex and layered. It was a precursor to the "Mashup of Doom."
Glenn has a ton of ARG ideas that he would love to do but at the same time its easy to get into puzzles for the sake of puzzles. He has read the complaints about LG15 where things have a disconnect from the story. He needs things to make some sort of sense.
Rachel does not see other videos. He is telling us what the rules are, and tries to stick to them.
Many series have taken their series and written them in comic book form. Glenn was asked if he would like to do that with RE88. Glenn would not do the Rachel story, but there are elements of the RE88 universe that might work.

He would like to do an OpAphid/Tachyon movie based on his original screen play.

He considered a comic book at one point 6 months before OpAphid. He likes to dabble but he needs to commit to things.

He would like to write "Runaways" as a comic book. If he had time he would parlay what little status he has into any Marvel story. This has been his life long dream.

Back in the day when Glenn was 9 years old Marvel had Star Comics. Spiderman was a pig. Glenn would make sketches of other animal paradys. He got a letter back from Marvel saying he should keep up the good work/creativity. He got a big poster. Cutting edge surrealist Glenn Rubenstein. This is when Glenn first learned to put things out there.

At 14, Glenn was writing for the San Francisco Examiner. He went on the 11 o'clock news to talk about games. It started when he wrote a letter to the Petaluma newspaper suggesting he should write game reviews. He sold a ton of games and found that parents would ask his advice and he knew a lot about it. His mom noticed that and suggested he write the paper to offer his services. Glenn was thinking he could get some free games. He called Andy Eddy who was editor of a video game magazine. Andy gave him some PR numbers and wished him luck.

See the "young Glenn" in action: http://www.archive.org/details/episode_946

The big thing that happened was that after writing for the Petaluma paper for a couple of weeks his mom suggested he fax a letter to a show where he could talk about video games. He struck up a friendship with Leo Laporte who is now a major dude in the technology business. He dubbed Glenn the "Vid Kid".

His mom saw an article in the San Francisco Examiner that was similar to stuff Glenn had written. Glenn gets his enterprising nature from his awesome mom. Glenn wrote the reporter who was impressed and invited him down to the Examiner. She introduced him to the editor in chief. The reporter then suggested Glenn pitch the Examiner what became a feature story. For many years the Examiner went out to Chronicles subscribers on Sundays so it turned out to be a pretty big deal.

Right before his 15th birthday Glenn was made a columnist for the Examiner. He learned to not be afraid about being ambitious about things. He became an expert witness in federal court in a game "Gennie" legal action. He testified that gamers would not be confused by "cheats to skip ahead". He prepped for 200 hrs. He was on the stand for one hour. Nintendo put on Howard Phillips as the counter witness. Glenn got paid $20/hr which seemed good at the time but later he discovered that expert witnesses typically get hundreds of dollars an hour.

They won the trial. When the verdict came down the judge cited Glenn's testimony as compelling. The fact that Glenn "was the audience" really helped.

It is interesting where things can lead if you just try them!!!!!!!!

By the time Glenn turned 30 he was tired of writing video game reviews. He was an editor of Game Spot. He worked at CNET. He did some consulting. He appeared on G4. He wrote for Sports Illustrated for Kids as a freelance gig. He no longer had a passion to be ambitious in the video games area.

Glenn started working on his screen play. He was inspired by "Loveline - How Adam Got Into Radio" in 2005 and it set the tone for 2006. Adam was 30 years old when he was trying to get into radio. Glenn heard that in Nov 2005 and he had only been listening for 3 months. He loved the slices of reality. He related to his story. It would have been easy to just take a job but it did not feel right. It made sense to start working on OpAphid. Has it worked out long term? Time will tell.

Glenn focused on OpAphid like it was his 24/7 ambition. It pays to put it out there!

He likes to think of the afterlife like "Defending Your Life" Did you overcome your fears?

If you have learned the basics do not be afraid to take it to a higher level. People can talk themselves out of things. It all starts when you don't listen to the voice in your head that says it is a silly idea.
Glenn has a constant sense that he owes the audience something. Next week Glenn will dance like a monkey.

Happy holidays from Glenn.
Previous stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM: http://glennfmtoday.blogspot.com/

Send questions to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:52:25 Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man
01:48:20 John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
01:45:20 Karate Kid - You're the Best
01:40:28 Van Halen - Dreams
01:35:23 Marky Mark - The Touch
01:25:11 Rush - Tom Sawyer
01:13:04 Loveline - How Adam Got Into Radio
01:08:22 David Lee Roth - Just A Gigolo
00:22:46 Glenn Rubenstein - Abandoned Super Secret Shameless Filler
00:17:33 The Juliana Theory - Were At The Top Of The World
00:15:13 Loveline with Will Arnett - Voiceover Work
00:12:09 Mitch Hedberg - Oatmeal
00:08:53 Mitch Hedberg - Cookies
00:06:05 Queen - Flash
23:12:15 Glenn @ BreeFM Intro
23:09:22 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
23:05:21 Young Black Teenagers - Tap the Bottle
23:02:29 Plus 44 - Baby, Come On

Farwell F.O.B. LIFE

Tonight F.O.B. LIFE said its final farewell. It will be greatly missed by the community.

F.O.B. LIFE Fan site.

I'm Not Done! LG15 SPOOF - JamieNov81


Happy Holidays from LonelyJew15! - PJ (SonOfAStitch)

Confession Time - Anne (LJ15)

Margot passed this on to me. I'm so confused. What do you think I should do? --Anne

Welcome to my world - WhoIsKris (WorldFiles)


Grabbed By The Bells - Gavin (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/DeepGoat
Remind me not to leave the house again. You won’t believe who I bumped into!

WILD Wednesday on BreeFM!

J-J-J-JenniPowell Returns!, kicking off Wild Wednesday: "After a week off, I am back and ready to hit the airwaves tomorrow! And just to show you that I had a good excuse for missing last week, I'm going to be playing a few tracks from Charlyne Yi's Rock Opera, the show I had to run which made me have to cancel. Then I hope all will be forgiven. - Jenni"

At 6pm, the series finale of FOBLife will be simucast here on BreeFM. Be sure to show your support and farewells.

At 7pm the series finale of The After Party will be simulcast on BreeFM, have no fear DJ Hammy broadcasts live right here on BreeFM Mondays at 7pm :)

At 8pm "Off The CUff" or umm.. "Keepin' It Real"..or whatever he's calling it, with Glenn Rubenstein for behind the scenes stuff on LG15, RedEarth88, and updates on the gaming project, the site, etc.

JenniPowell @4pm
FOBLife Simulcast @ 6pm
The After Party @ 7pm
Glenn Rubenstein @ 8pm

Be sure to tune in, and join our chat :)

LA Grillz Style (For Teh Hammy) - GregGallows

Since we couldn't karaoke to the Britney spears song this one is for you instead hammy :)
Thank you Micfranxon, Jenni Powell, Kira, and Adam Daroff for rocking it out!!

KateModern Season Finale coming up!

Don’t get TOO distracted by turkey and presents over the festive period, as KateModern will be continuing throughout Christmas. There’ll even be a video on Christmas Day! We’re building up to our action-packed, three-part Season Finale on New Year’s Day. It’s going to be exciting so make sure you check it out! The show will then take a short break, but we’ll be back to cure your post-holiday blues on January 14th with the launch of KateModern Season Two.

Merry Christmas from all of the KateModern team!

posted by KateModern Production

MaddisonAtkins.com goes live!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tired of B*tches - Daniel (LG15)

Mars and Venus is one thing, but this is ridiculous. - Daniel


Guess who went to the KM holiday party.


Merry Christmas to Lonelygirl15 Fans! - ThomasMarshJR

Merry Christmas!

(Song Credit:Miles and Miles to Dee Montreal)

Lonelygirl15 A.K.A. Jessica Rose Is YouTube History! - HowieReportingLive

Tuned into the Lonelygirl15 Channel on YouTube Lately? Well Bree is no longer with the production. You heard it here first.

(Iris) PJ's "LA MMYB Request" - GregGallows

Wish You Were Here PJ

Music: Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls

A Final Lesson - faceintheclouds488

dragging beauty into darkness

CitiSearch Features for LG15 Actors

Yousef Abu-Taleb, Jackson Davis, Carly Jones, Alexandra Dreyfus share their favorite spots with Citysearch.


What is Identity - Miles Beckett - LonelyGirl 15 / Kate Modern

Event: Webbys 5 at the ICA

Miles Beckett of LonelyGirl15/Kate Modern discussed the divergence between offline and online identity.


Holiday Memories

From: Katherine Pawlak and Alexandra Dreyfus


The Sleepover - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I’ve found a new place to live. On the bright side the commute to work isn’t going to be a problem. - Charlie

NOTE: 2nd comment on the Bebo page: This is really unnecessary. - Gavin

NOTE2: Here is the article about "Helen" on whatweird.com that Charlie talks about in this video: I think Helen Duncan was a fraud.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Melanie Merkosky

Melanie Merkosky is the actress who plays the role of Jennie in the lonelygirl15 web series. Her full name is Melanie Joanna Merkosky. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is the oldest of three children. Currently, she splits her residency between the East and West coasts of Canada.
Her first foray into the performing arts came at the age of 3, when her mom and dad noticed that she liked to watch T.V. in a perfect Russian split position on the floor. Her mom registered her in her first dance class, Baby Ballerinas. Dancing became her passion for the next 20 years as she went on to train, compete, and perform in many productions in jazz, ballet, tap, hip-hop, lyrical and swing among others.
At the age of eight, Melanie was accepted into the Young Canadians School of the Performing Arts, with whom she would continue to train and perform for nearly a decade. While a member of the Young Canadians, Melanie received the Amoco Canada Award for Outstanding Achievement. She also received numerous, nationwide, awards for her dancing including, Most Promising Dancer and the Triple Threat Award. Throughout her formative years, Melanie took formal training in voice, cultivating her skills as a singer. She was also a competitive gymnast, training and competing in all forms of the sport.
Performing with The Young Canadians on the Grandstand Stage, in front of ten thousand people, fuelled Melanie's desire to pursue performance as a career. At the age of twelve, Melanie made her professional stage debut in a production of Evita for Theatre Calgary. Continuing on to be a part of several great productions there, led to her work in many theatres across Canada, including the acclaimed production of "Anne of Green Gables" at The Charlottetown Festival. In 2002, Melanie left Canada to go on the road with the First National Touring Company of "Mamma Mia!", where she had the good fortune to perform many different roles.
Acting and performing for film and television has always been something of great interest to Melanie. While still living in Calgary she landed small roles in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids the T.V. series, and the T.V. movies Noah and The Sheldon Kennedy Story. She has continued to pursue performance in this medium, in both Vancouver and Toronto, and it has enabled her to meet and work with some of her biggest idols. Working on the series Slings and Arrows, she had the opportunity to perform original songs written by the Tony Award winning duo Greg Morrison and Lisa Lambert. Melanie hopes to perform and be creative artistically for as long as she possibly can.

Melanie Merkosk on LGPedia

Jennie on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

NOTE: A special thanks to all the fans and pedia admins who do such a great job of researching this information. You know who you are!

DJSheetz Is Rocking Out on BreeFM!

DJ Sheetz is rocking it out on BreeFM! Tune in to join the awesomeness and drop into the chat!

Click here to listen!

Listen with your preferred player!

Join the IRC Chat!

Free Love (LG15 Spoof) - JamieNov81

come into the clouds

Procreating on Peyote - Jennie (LG15)

Hey all -- I'm getting the hang of this blogging thing. - Jennie

Procreating on Peyote - Jennie on LGPedia.

LGpedia needs your HELP: Ways To Help

LG15 launches new official blog.

Lonelygirl15 has launched their official blog at http://inside.lg15.com/

Be sure to check it out.

From the Insidelg15 youtube channel:

We're really excited to announce our brand new blog, Inside LG15 (http://inside.lg15.com/)! There you will find all kinds of juicy behind-the-scenes stuff about our shows in the LG15 universe, including cast interviews, photos, crew blogs, website updates, and more. We've been saving up a lot of goodies to share with the community!

Additionally, when we make an important post in the forums or comments that you may have missed, you'll be able to find a copy there. That way you can stay up to date on all of our news and announcements.

Note: to help you keep up with all the news in one place we have added a link to the LG15 blog in the right hand menu and also an RSS story feed so that you can continue to stay current with all the breaking news here on LG15 Today if you want to. We have always invited the Creators and cast of LG15 to participate in this blog (and other than Nikki B they have declined) but we undersand their desire to go their own direction.~mm

Happy Holidays from lonelygirl15 - insideLG15

Wishing you a happy holiday season from the cast and crew of lonelygirl15!

Song Credits: Still Friends with the Leaves
vocals betz28
music ~ words d4shawn, superfrodies and ournationalspace


Calling all redearth88 fans, please read the forum post here.

As some of you may or may not know, I’m an accountant. As such, I will be super busy starting around the middle of January through April 15. This leaves no time to do the Red Army stuff I have been doing these past few months. I will still be able to participate some, but the guiding and coordinating is what I will no longer have time to do. I will still be able to follow the series, and leave some comments. Just won’t have as much time.

So, Generals of the Red Army are needed. I need a group of people that will be willing to help coordinate and guide the Red Army. I will be stepping aside. Just respond in this thread of e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Much more posted here on the forum. I wrote a book. Please respond if you are interested.

The Year In Video - People of the Web

Video: The Year In Video - People of the Web (Yahoo News)
"Americans watched a staggering 100 billion Web videos in 2007. From 'The Landlord' to 'Chocolate Rain,' we look back at some of the best (and worst)." ... "What do the videos of 2007 say about who we are?"

ED: At the end of the video clip linked above, there is a performance by Paul Potts, a salesman from Wales competing on Simon Cowell's show "Britain's Got Talent." Since winning that competition this year, Potts is touring the UK and North America including Mexico, Canada and New York, released a CD, performed for the Queen of England, been on Oprah, etc. Here is the entire performance, and his "thank-you" to YouTube, including a link provided by Paul Potts where you can download a free copy of of the song "Nessun Dorma." This is a great story (click through to YouTube to for a list of links to Paul Potts sites).

Paul sings Nessun Dorma

Paul Potts Says Hello

(click to view video on YouTube)

"Paul Potts says thanks to YouTube viewers.
As a special thanks here is the first song off One Chance."

Download a free copy of Nessun Dorma.

Of course, it is YouTube, so there is also this version: Britain's Got Gas.

Update: OMG! Lonelygirl15! - historyoftommorrow

I'm bored and I don't want to talk about drama. :)

PS: No, I didn't cut my hair again, it's tied up. :)

NOTE: The lonelygirl15 channel commented on the video. I thought that was interesting.

KateModern Christmas Message

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/KateModernProduction

☺ These articles do not belong on LG15 Today

As a service to our readers, I just want to be proactive and list a few articles that do not belong here on LG15 Today (even though some may find them entertaining), just in case anyone is thinking about posting them here.

New Miss Belgium gets Flemish tongues wagging "Alizee Poulicek gets audience boos after admitting she doesn't understand Dutch."

Dad sells son's 90-dollar video game online for more than 9000 "After catching his 15-year-old smoking pot, a father sold the hard-to-get 'Guitar Hero III' video game he bought his son for Christmas at an online auction, fetching 9,000 dollars." ... "I came home from work early and what do I find? My innocent little boy smoking pot in the back yard with two of his delinquent friends. ... I am still considering getting him a game for his Nintendo. Maybe something like Barbie as the Island Princess or Dancing with the Stars ... I know he will just love them."

Video: Celebs Use Sex Appeal "Paris Hilton, painted gold, selling sparkling wine in a can. ... for charity ... I think that Trainwrecks sell more than anything."

Okay, I was just looking for funny things to post here, but I ran across this article (in video form) that might belong on LG15 Today since it discusses convergence of media:

Video: Video Games Meet TV in 'Leaving The Game' "What would a TV show made just for you look like? ... Kuma Games and the AFI (American Film Institute) Digital Content Lab have developed a storytelling device that merges personalization with computer-generated filmmaking."

I'm personally dubious that this is going to result in anything very good anytime soon, but I have seen some kids' shows that use video-game style graphics, and of course the big budget animation studios like Pixar have been very successful, so who knows? There may be a viable niche for this kind of computer generated content.

In his recent radio show on Bree.FM last Wednesday, What Time Is It : Live Coverage of Glenn, Glenn Rubenstein mentioned that he had dabbled in animation over the summer, looking at it as a way to tell a story he had in mind. Glenn used some of what he learned to create 3D animated titles using Adobe After Effects in his recent video, Aly Zarin!

I had similar thoughts myself earlier this year, experimenting with creating an animated version of Aunt Alex, but found the process very time consuming (and difficult to sync to real voice without buying additional tools) so set it aside. Here is a very short piece I created as a quick experiment with a free version of DAZ Studio, just to see how the images rendered and looked when placed on YouTube and Revver at a certain frame rate:

What do you think? Can individuals or small-budget independent producers use currently available digital tools to produce decent animated content for the online audience?

The Last Time - Charlie (KM)

Watch More Videos Uploaded by www.bebo.com/ChazOnToast

I can’t believe I could fall for Gavin’s lies. It was all just lies. - Charlie

Note: 4th comment on the Bebo page: I didn't have anything to do with it. . . - Gavin

Naughty, Naughty, Very Naughty - Zarbod

Zarbod thinks lg15 is using naughty names to get attention--and it's working just fine.

Music - The Shamman: Ebineezer Good

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Jonas, im here now. -Tenduza

I have hidden long enough!

Stay Until Tomorrow (ACO)

During our end of the year hiatus, ACO Productions would like to present you with the trailer for a wonderful film that was filmed in fictional Erica Pike's hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. It was written and directed by Laura Colella; a friend for over twenty years of the secretive Bill: the Creator of Erica Pike, Dreams in the Shadows, Gemma Crowley, Victor, Uriel, Truman and Acrowleyorder.

"Stay Until Tomorrow (2004)" [ http://www.stayuntiltomorrow.com ] is a funny and kaleidoscopic film-within-a-film that centers on Nina, a transcontinental drifter. The script was work-shopped at the Sundance Directing and Screenwriting Labs, and was produced with the assistance of the Sundance Institute.

Filming took place mainly in Providence, RI, and for one week, in Paris, France. While most filming was in 35MM, there are small bits throughout the film that were shot digitally in countries around the world, such as Italy, China, Kenya, Russia, Morocco, and Cuba.

This original and entertaining narrative is the second feature-length film from multi-award winning Writer/Director Laura Colella. It features a cast of compelling young actors, and a beautifully evocative soundtrack from Alec K. Redfearn.

This film can be purchased online at www.lauracolella.com

Retailers and wholesalers can also purchase through our distributor, Passion River Films (www.passionriver.com)

Or rented on Netflix at http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Stay_Until_Tomorrow/70070391?strkid=1590189768_0_0

After traveling the world, former teen star Nina (Eleanor Hutchins) decides to end her vagabond lifestyle and crash with childhood friend Jim (Barney Cheng). At first, Nina turns Jim's world upside down, but as time goes on, the quiet librarian reveals a provocative alter ego. Laura Colella's dramedy turns into a film within a film as the actor-character barrier dissolves and one cast member attempts to turn the tides by changing the story line.

Starring: Eleanor Hutchins, Barney Cheng,Alison Folland
Director: Laura Colella

On Internet Movie Data Base:


From Jessica Rose's MySpace blog:


On the second to last day well night of shooting 'Bloodcell' I will try to post some pictures as soon as I'm cleared to do so by production! It is being produced by '60 frames' and was written and directed by 'Eduardo Rodriguez' I'm excited for you all to see it!!!!! :-D


quarterlife - part 12

quarterlife - part 12

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"Compromise" - Danny and Debra break up. Brittany responds to Dylan in a surprising way. Jed and Lisa both upload reels on to quarterlife.com

Re: Assignment - Saffryn

Ask and ye shall receive.


This is the assignment given by WatchingOpAphid here

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