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Monday, October 20, 2014

LAdies Episodes 12 & 13: Champs & Sprinkles

In which the boys show to offer some moral support.

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Totally Trented - new episodes!

2 new episodes of a spoof hidden camera prank show

David Trent is a comedian who uses a projector and shouts a lot. This was enough to convince Turtle Canyon Comedy to offer him the chance to make a web series of his own. They had one suggestion: make a hidden camera prank show. In January of 2014 they went into production on the streets of Ruislip and are still not quite sure what happened. David Trent got himself a crew together, featuring the BBC3 star Nick Helm, the Fosters Newcomer and Main Award double-winner John Kearns and rising star Evelyn Mok, and started performing what he views as pranks, or "Trents", as he prefers to call them.

Turtle Canyon Comedy claim: "We pride ourselves on professionalism so we saw out the production day, filmed it as best we could and then set to work on the edit. Totally Trented is what we've managed to create from that day."

Unconfirmed reports have it that David Trent is convinced he's created the best TV show ever made. It's probably best to just humour him.

A Turtle Canyon Comedy Production

Saturday, October 18, 2014

"The Rainbow Salad" Season 2 Episode 1 "Feathers and Toast" by @feather...

Julia Childs meets Monty Pythonesque humor. Can Tallulah really cook? Well, that is up to interpretation by the participants of the show. No matter your opinion, you'll get some giggles.

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Confession 2

Breaking Trail: The Chuckwalla is a Sloppy Eater!

The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum is home to a number of animal ambassadors including one very unique lizard that can only be found on the Island of St. Esteban. Join Coyote for an up close look and see why he offers a lesson in breakfast table manners!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

What Is A Web Series: And Why I Like Them

In this new world of storytelling, where masses of creators are looking for an audience, they need only to look for a fragmented audience, audiences of one-on-one with a computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. You are not going to create a viral audience, you are going connect with an audience one view at a time and hopefully in the process have endearing conversations with an audience member like Vlogger- @Listersmate2 (YouTube channel), that has an understanding of what is a web series, and why he likes them. If you are a new web series creator just striking out in the art of online storytelling, this video will give you a place to start to gain an understanding of how and why people watch a web series. This video is charming, informative, insightful and comes from the HEART. Your personal connection with your audience will become just as important as the story itself. Being able to talk directly to the creators of a story is the most powerful component of being a web series audience, and one that "Hollywood" hasn't quite grasp yet; but they will. Storytelling has changed forever. Thank you @Listersmate2 for an enchanting conversation.

Ingress Obsessed 10 - Operation Solar Flare

Agent Wrenegade joins an Enlightened team from Texas to throw the largest field ever created over North America. This tight group of Agents camps out in the desert of Big Bend National Park and struggles with countless obstacles in their quest for green glory.

Taryn Southern: HOW TO SLAP FEAR IN THE FACE - Internet Therapy

Trips to the Boarder, Texting, Tanks, & Tearjerkers - MOVIE THERAPY

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